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A UFO in Spain

The following true story was written by Terry David Burgoyne, alias Lonecat

Whenever somebody asks me if I have ever seen a U.F.O. I’m never really quite sure how to answer. I did once have an experience in Spain which, viewed with hindsight, I tend to rationalize almost to the point of dismissing it entirely from my mind. And yet… And yet, one thing that I must admit is that the incident taught me an a important lesson.

One fine day I was standing at the bar of one of Madrid’s ubiquitous “Mesónes” enjoying a fine wine with an American friend of mine from New York, Tony Lugano, (not his real name) and our conversation turned to getting out of Madrid for a weekend. Tony was writing a “trilogy” at the time and he felt he wanted to give it a rest for a bit and I hadn’t been out of the city for months anyway. We both felt that a good walk somewhere out in the country was what we needed where we could breathe some fresh air after the heat of Madrid.

As we were both very much interested in archaeology I suggested we visit the ruins of the celti-berian city of Tiermes, the last of its kind to succumb to Roman domination. I told Tony how the ruins were out in the wilds and one needed a private car to to get there comfortably. Why didn’t we go there “uncomfortably” by taking a bus to the nearest town and then walk across country from there? Tony was all for it and proposed that we leave on the following Saturday. So we drank up and set ourselves to planning the trip.

Came the Saturday morning we met as arranged at the bus station, I rather overburdened with a rucksack stuffed with a warm, quilted sleeping bag and other supplies I considered essential and Tony very lightly dressed in safari trousers and sandals and a T-shirt. He carried a rolled blanket slung across his back by a length of ordinary string. He reminded me rather of one of those partisans you see in old news-reels of the Spanish civil war. The only other thing he had with him was a plastic bottle full of water. As I said, we took the bus to the nearest large town and it was mid-day or thereabouts before we arrived. There we were told that we had a good ten mile or so walk ahead of us even as the crow flew. We had a map which was one of my “essential” items in the rucksack and so we started out in high spirits.

The terrain we had to cross was rather like the kind an army would choose for an assault course for troop training. If you can imagine a scale model of the Grand Canyon or the Badlands or a mixture of the two with a bit of Death Valley thrown in and finished off with a touch of the scenery in “For Whom The Bell Tolls”, then you will have a general idea of the barren, stark lie-of-the land around Tiermes with its cracked, sunbaked rocks and waterless gullies, sparse vegetation and practically no trees at all. I mention this as it is a factor in this story. We walked across this moonscape under an unsympathetic Sun with the chirruping cicadas all around us in the still air. We didn’t talk much, in order to save our breath. For mile after mile we saw no sign of any living creature save the occasional eagle or hawk circling high overhead. Eventually we came to a small hamlet which really was little more than a cluster of simple, stone cottages and one or two baked, mud streets.

By this time the Sun had gone down and we were thinking about where we were going to spend the night. There were no bars or taverns in this rustic, and, I thought, rather Cervantine “población” so we knocked on the door of one of the dwellings and asked the lady who answered, (dressed all in black shawl and headscarf), for some water as our bottles were now long empty. She filled our bottles for us and told us that we might find lodging for the night at the next village which was some three, or was it four miles further on over that hill there and those rocky outcrops which we could discern in the distance. The village she told us of was not much bigger than this first one. It did have a small guesthouse but the people there told us it was fully booked. I then asked if there might be a barn nearby or some other form of shelter but here, it seemed, the locals were none too eager to welcome strangers and more or less told us to keep on walking.

With no other option, we decided to look for a field or some other open space free of insects and possible scorpions, in which to sleep. It was now getting very dark so we walked out of the village along a very bad, one track road that was full of potholes. As we walked, it grew so dark that we stopped and decided that we would have to rough it where we were for it would be to dangerous to continue walking and start blundering around in the dark.

The stars were now appearing and it was getting colder by the minute. Just as I began to unsling my rucksack to take out my sleeping bag, and through the gloom of nightfall, I saw a bright light that hadn’t been there a moment before. Tony had seen it, too and we looked at each other, puzzled. The light was about a hundred and fifty yards away in what appeared to be some sort of olive grove. Neither of us could think of what it might be. I can best describe it as a circular pool of light projected onto the ground as by the headlights of a car but this was one, single disc of light, not the two one would expect from a car’s lights. The light illuminated a patch of ground so that we could see the clumpy soil and large stones lying around at the base of some trees or bushes. We estimated the diametre of the pool of light to be about ten to twelve feet. We stood and watched it, wondering what sort of vehicle would be parked with its light ablaze at his time of night in the middle of an olive grove. We could neither see nor hear anything that suggested the presence of people. There was no sound of movement nor any voices. Tony was as puzzled as I was. We must have stood there, speechless, for a couple of minutes before Tony said in a low whisper “shall we go take a look?”

I nodded without taking my eyes off the light in the field. Then I whispered back, “O.K. let’s go”. I then picked up my rucksack again and we started to move down the slope of loose stones into a deep ditch between the roadway and the field which rose again on the other side. As we scrambled from the ditch onto the upward incline of this olive grove the light disappeared. Just like that, as if it had been quietly switched off. We halted for a space and turned to each other questioningly. We started forward again and then paused once more. I said in a whisper, “What now?” We can’t keep walking around in the dark”. We could now see nothing among the olive trees if indeed olive trees they were. However the sky was now a glorious panoply of countless stars and the Milky Way arched overhead. Jupiter was prominent to the south. The breathtaking milky light of the heavens made the landscape around us an inky blackness by contrast. Tony and I could see each other only as pale faces against the starlight. At a loss for a moment as to what to do next we stood and gazed in awe at the enthralling spectacle of the heavens above us.

It was then that we saw the lights: both of us at once. Approaching us over the brow of the roadway above us which was now an edge of darkness against the stars, we saw three lights, red, bluish green and white which formed a shallow triangle. The lights pulsated gently. Tony and I looked at each other open-mouthed. We were obviously thinking the same thing. We looked again at the lights which came towards us in complete silence, growing larger and brighter as they came nearer. If this was an aircraft it was big and it was low. It could not have been more that forty or fifty feet off the ground and there was nowhere in this terrain for even a small plane to land. A crash seemed imminent.

The plane or whatever it was passed over the field we were in to our right, as if about to touch down. It now seemed to be as big as a passenger aircraft though we could see no cabin lights, just the triangle of three, coloured lights that seem to throb silently. Then we heard a faint roaring, rushing sound and the lights disappeared over the brow of the hill. There was no further sound from the object. We heard no crash; nothing. We were as if stunned but at the same time I felt, (and Tony told me later the same,) only a sensation of elation, almost euphoria. We spent that night in the field, he wrapped in his single blanket, while I could get no sleep for thinking about what we had witnessed as I lay on my back contemplating the heavens.

The next day we continued our journey to Tiermes but our only subject of conversation was what we had seen the night before. Had it been an aircraft? If so, where had it gone to? It had been large but had made no sound except that rushing noise just before it vanished. It had not crashed, nor could it have landed in this area. What had the first disc of light among the trees been and what connection might there have been between it and the lights in the sky?

It crossed my mind that some form of smuggling might be the answer. Perhaps a “drop” was to have been made and the light among the trees a signal to an incoming plane but then surely only a very light aircraft would, or could have been used. Neither Tony nor I will ever know. For us it had been a flying object which was certainly unidentified and therefore must be classified as an Unidentified Flying Object…a UFO.

You may well ask what that “important lesson” I mentioned before might have been. For me it was the certain knowledge that if, in the near or distant future, I ever have the good fortune to be witness to the landing of an alien spacecraft close to me, I shall feel no fear but only wonder and elation, perhaps even joy for, in those first few moments, that is what both Tony and I really believed was happening, in a lonely field under the stars, somewhere in Spain.

Terry D. Burgoyne Madrid, 2005

  1. I have studied the subject of UFO’s/aliens some going on 66 years now, I have had contact with human aliens young LDS Mormon Church missionaries and one tall Gray lady alien who made claims her planet is on the other side of our sun. (sharing same sun) yes, our USA Government has by sattille seen this planet. She was tall and wearing a one piece uniform dark blue. Now the good question is this is God or was He an alien? Again don’t laugh at this answer keep in mind, my numerous studies on this subject and I almost had back in the year of 1975 a program like Coast to Coast Show. Now back to the point this is how it works: The Big God is invisable a Creative Force He creates lesser Gods if you please the God/Jesus Christ of this earth is called Elohim He’s similar in looks like the Pleiadians, Nordics, etc, He’s 6ft tall milky white complexion, blonde hair, blue eyes and smooth saving no wiskers like human males, Jesus Christ is similar in look but brown hair green colored eyes 6ft tall. They both live on a planet several light years away called Kolob. On this planet the people do not reincarnate as is the case in the other area humor has it the Moon is the meeting place so to determend who goes to Kolob or other areas. I know this sounds very weird but I have by communication with aliens, listing to shows like Coast to Coast Show thus putting the parts together one sees a pattern. I’m on the internet just put down UFO Alien Jerry Biddle keep in mind you’ll find several different Jerry Biddle younger and some older I too don’t know these others having my name. (?) As to God again keep in mind that Elohim had to work, win and do a good life as was the case with Jesus Christ, etc, also keep in mind that space keeps going on and on and no ending thus a Brother if you please or at least related to Elohim is a God in a different earth like place. This explains why the Reptilians look different and too do not like humans. Elohim doesn’t like the Reptilians either. If you read what I have posted it has more realistic science behind it because one could argue how can God be in one place (light years away) a simple answer is because He is God, this wouldn’t not go with people who do not believe in God like myself and millions of others. Do you have to belong to a certain religion to go to Elohim’s planet? I am currently working on this subject as it stands now I have several different view points to this. Also in the NDE’s near death experiences they the people over on the other side have given different view points on this. But again keep in mind I have studied this subject for going on 66 years now and it’s hard to try and tell me different idea when one has only studied the subject of UFO’s/aliens for only five or less years. No, I haven’t written a book yet, maybe in the future oh by the way I’m 71 years old but I look young enough to be either his son or younger brother! Thank you for reading my postings. Again you can down load my other postings as described above. Jerry Biddle

  2. Hello Jerry

    I’m sure there are many people like you who have been studying this UFO phenomenon including governments and brilliant authors who have written very interesting and technical books on the subject, many have linked UFOs and their occupants with biblical events and biblical charactors. Some say God is El or Elohim, others believe the word Elohim or El is a plural word which means Anunnakai or Nefilim meaning ‘those who from heaven came to earth’ or the sons of the gods who said ‘let us fashion the Adam in our image and after our likeness’.

    I’m of the same opinion as you in thinking God the Creator of all, somehow created the lesser gods, who in turn created mankind on Earth and other biological beings on other planets, Galaxies and Universes. But the question is what or who is this God – Creator of all and, how does this entity feature and work this unimaginable magic in keeping this magnificent engine working and churning out all that is seen and all that is unseen – this magnificent scenario is one of continual reproduction and expansion.

    As you are communicating with these beings we call aliens, what do they say about God the Creator of all? How do they describe this God? 🙂

    • Your response is rather scrambled – the question is – have these aliens you are in communication with enlightened you on the make-up and essence of the God Creator of all? Is this being tangible, if so where does this being reside? OR is this being intangible and an unseen consciousness which percolates everything in the entire universe, an unseen seed which is responsible for the existence of the all?

  3. First off, thank you for reading my postings. I have several if you put on the internet UFO alien Jerry Biddle. The aliens I have talked to know and I get the impression they know about Jesus Christ and others (God-Himself, angels, etc) Also the one alien who really wanted to tell me things told me he couldn’t because the telephone I use is tapped. He was very much correct. I’m going to share some things I did get out of him: I asked him why do you speak good english, he stated that english and other known languages (ie: German, French, Russian etc) Are common in other planets and universes, etc. He didn’t seem to like humans for the most part rather seeming to just like me, he was an LDS Mormon Church missionary by the way. I asked him why they (the aliens) are here or another way why are you here to get more people in the LDS Church, he stated yeah, but we’re here for another reason then again he informed me the tapped telephone line deal. He told me they are here for another reason, I got the impression that some thing is in the making in the near future and they are getting ready for this. I have talked to several missionaries to the point now I know how to pick them out. As to aliens being demons, demons for the most part do not use an aircraft like UFO’s and some think the reptilian race are th devil himself. Let us look at it on another view point let’s say during World War II that the Germans would of won the war instead of Americans and our other countries, we could of stated especially if you’re Jewish that Hitler was the devil of course no one would of argued on that idea. But he isn’t he might be working for the devil even though he didn’t realize at the time. Now lets say that the bad Germans went to another planet and came back several hundred years to earth again did the same thing they did during WWII again younger people would say they are demons. What I have geathered through the years is aliens like humans and some animals they have the good,the bad etc. What I’m really seeing is that earth is slowly being taken over by reptilian aliens. Look how many children are missing per day, week and month and year! I believe this war is currently at it’s all time high. In Iowa to girls cousins have been missing for at least a month now. Does the FBI and CIA know about these bad circumstances? It depends on the Special Agent how high his/her clearances. The average agent he/she is just as ignorate as the rest of us. Is President Obama a bad alien? If you’re asking me this question I’d truthful say NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! What about the other former Presidents? Again NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I do believe they know a thing or two more then the average person does. One of the mean reasons people including myself do not understand the subject of aliens, UFO’s and related this might sound like a cop out statement but again I have studied this subject now for 66 years now. It’s too complex it doesn’t have one answer rather numerous answers. Like the Bible it has some details but it doesn’t go into complex stuff! Why? Think about it look how many religions and related now if the Bible was huge like some dictionaries can you see what this would cause in the standard religions! (?) The same is true with the aliens and the UFO stuff and related paranormal subject materials. I hope this might answer some of you’re investigative thinkings.

  4. Thank you for reading my postings, and too the owner of this sight postings, last night on the Coast to Coast Show the first guest stated about in the year of 1953 the aliens stated they are going to abduct humans and worse eat them and with a cockie attitude what are you going to do about it? Things have changed good aliens (hopefully have give humans advanced knowledge) to fight against them, etc. I realize by watching, listenings and doing personal research that some thing is going down. I started noticing this in the the latter 1980’s. Indirectly I’m involved believe this or not again, keep in mind I’m 71 years old as of this month of October yet, I look young enough to be either my younger brother or at times son. The emailing address I used is tapped along with the telephone I use. THEY have a huge interest in me! I haven’t figured this out yet, I was told by a former FBI agent and a local police detective. Do I like humans one might ask? For the most part yes, I have noticed one thing and now that I have brought this to you’re attention mostly movies stars and related they sure age fast! Look back at people like Ricky Nelson, Elvis and look at similar type of movie stars and singers. You’ll see that I’m correct they age over night it seems to be! The human looking aliens I have had direct commmunication with they seem to have above average looks. I haven’t figured this out yet maybe life style? Maybe drugs? For the most part humans are good and I’m on their side! Jerry Biddle USA

  5. I’m an LDS Mormon Church member, these aliens look and act for the most part human some differences which are these: They do not require the same amount of sleep as humans, they don’t seem to be able to laugh out loud like a human on this note their humor is some what different then humans (dry humor I believe one could call it) they are ALL BUSINESS younger human teenagers seem to really fall or like them more then they would a human. I asked one of them why are you here?

    I asked are you here to get more members like the human missionaries do, door to door stuff, he indicated no we’re here for another reason and because my email and too the telephone is tapped as he indicated to me he couldn’t talk about it. He wanted me to spend the night with him and his companion but this is a no no when they are on a mission. His companion was a similar to being a young MIB (Men In Black) he would not let him talk on the phone and other things related to this but this young agent or MIB did require sleep and indicated that he liked me and wanted to be my friend but I had a bad feeling about this never did take him up on his offer. My former supervisior indicated they are here on an exchange program my sup was Catholic but was in Army Intelligence and knew about this program which is paid by both the USA Government/LDS Church.

    They looked very much human but above average looks and two of them could of been movie stars that nice looking. They eat human food except one of them another missionary told me he had special food the paticular missionary was my first encounter with this alien thing. He only required 3 1/2 hours per night my human friends had encounters with aliens in LV the missionaries had a weird sleeping pattern also him and his former wife lived next door to them. They would go on for several days then rest on the rest for again 3 hours of sleep up more then sleeping this was true on all of them even the ones I had direct contact with. Yes I could touch them human the first one as mention in the above was colder the others warm. The one that had a young MIB couldn’t get along with humans so they replaced the human comp/and sent the MIB in his places.

    I did have contact with my mind with a gray alien who made claim her planet was on the other side of our sun. She was a tall gray wearing a one peace type of uniform and making claim that she was a retired doctor one night in the middle part of my forehead I got to see her for 5 nights straight. She indicated that her planet did not abduct nor do the cattle mutilations. A few years ago our science with the aid of a satttlite seen her planet because the sun blocks it out. She told me they do not trust nor like our earth governments and that the governments know about her planet. They live to be 2000 years old her religion was similar to the Mormon’s but with out Jesus Christ on her planet. They have a device that can tell the past, present and future of earth.

    On Roswel they took a similar device from one of the aliens still alive it was held in his hand and was black with a yellowish screen. I have not met any missionaries that are alien currently. I just wish I could of done things different with them knowing what I know now. Numerous questions and other things would of happened. They seem to be guarded on what they can say and do, etc. Jerry Biddle from the USA also thank you for reading my postings.

  6. For the general readers of my postings, I did answer one of them which came directly to my emailing address, as to the direct contact with aliens, did they enlighten me? NOOOOOOOOOOO! Some of them tried to act totally human, thinking that they we’re smart enough to do this! WRONG! I know what to look for now, and too the other missionaries (humans) tell me and because of what I know along with their tipping me off, I can tell who total human and who isn’t. As I’m posting this post for the rest of you to read and thank you by the way for doing this, I don’t really know why they are here some have stated it’s an exchange program. As I look at it in a real situation, I don’t get this impression, because they would already know the how comes and why nots. Just like UFO reserachers in the past stated the reason humans are abducted they want to know more about humans make up and related factors. Geee guys how many bodies do they need! Yes I medical schools new students have a new deceased body to learn on. What I have put together is this: Some either in the near future or distance future some is going to happen and they are getting some people perpared for this, or they might want to know who to take away from this traumic situation. What I really think is they want to take over earth. They the aliens have given themselves away and I want to share this with you, they make claim that in the future mankind would kill all animals and other related life forms. Then after they do this the planet they live on because a planet of deadness! Why because regardless how small or how large every animal has a purpose! Kill one of them then you’ve kill the other who relies on them for food, etc. As to the reptilian aliens who by the way I have read and heard they eat humans, do you really think they are going to let mankind kill themselves? If a pig in the pig pen was to start killing off the other hogs how long do you think the farmer would allow this? That killer hog would find him/her in the meat manufacting plant real fast like or on the dinner table of that same farmer. Same with humans, why they show a huge interest in mankind! They need their prey alive not dead! The helping hand would with humans standpoint look like they love us and want only the good for mankind! But looking deeper you would find out it’s for their own best interest. I realize that not all aliens are bad nor mean harm for mankind and they the good aliens would want us to live a life with out abductions and being on the alien dinner table. This is one reasons why the Governments shall never ever tell the truth regarding UFO’s/aliens. Can you see what would happen if they did this? People would be killing others thinking they are bad aliens, people would live in total fear! In Iowa they are having complains about others trying to abduct children on a regular bases, two gilr cousins have been missing going on several months now! They use to put photos on milk cartons but so many photos and too not good to look at while eathing ones meal. So they do not do this any more! So, if you ask me what can we do? I wish I had the answer to this good question! (?) I don’t know! Keep an eye on you’re children for starters don’t believe those so-called UFO researchers who make claim the all aliens are cute and fuzzy on our side because they may not be! You’re next door neighbor could be a bad alien you would never know unless he/she told you or you figured it out on you’re own. Remember folks some body is marking that cattle who is going to get cattle mutilations the very night prior markings this was brought out in a movie called Invisable Government no don’t try and find it I looked for this movies once seeing it with a former friend for several years. If you find it you’d be doing more then I could do! Jerry Biddle USA

  7. The former speaker of the house said this: THEY want Obama for President, the average person would read this and not understand what the meaning of this statement is! I’m going to share information I received from a friend several years ago about ten. On a cable talk show, the guest was former President Clinton, he told the host that THEY run the country he indicated that THEY could walk by the secret service agents and not be noticed. The secret service agents told Clinton don’t ask who THEY are because we don’t want you ending up like JFK. Clinto went on to say on his desk to piles of papers what to pass and what not to pass. Then on another cable tv talk show former President Bush talked about THEY he went on to say that THEY run the earth and THEY told him when to sh—– and not sh—— keep in mind this was late and too on cable talk show. So, if Obama wins the election after hearing this from an individual who watched both of these talk shows and what the former house speaker stated I shall not be too surprised. What I have geather through the years is that reptilian aliens are the ones running the earth and too currently a war is going on the ones looking like humans are on humans side of the war. Also the grays have been told they got to leave planet earth on you’re own or with force. We’re living in interestting times by the way. I didn’t tell you not on purpose but that book Frank Edward 3rd edition wrote was called Flying Saucers Serious Business. Lately I haven’t had any contact with young human looking aliens. I know what to look for now and if I run across one yes, I shall ask him a million questions that’s for sure! Thank you for reading my postings and too thank you for this sight so I can share my information with all of the readers of this postings. Jerry Biddle USA

  8. I TOLD YOU SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! T H E Y wanted Obama as the former spearker of the house stated that it was already figured out who was to win! I hate to be this type of person, but again when he the speaker of the house stated that THEY wanted Obama again as President I knew what he was getting at and I’m sharing this information with you. THEY RUN the earth they cause all of these bad circumstances we all witness, tornados, floods, wild fires, and etc, etc. I told you what was going to happen look at my prior postings I told all of you this long before the electon! I know the style of THEY I know them better then they know me. And speaking of me they do not like me and too THEY have fear in one Jerry Eugene Biddle of the USA I just hope the readers shall take my postings more serious because this proves I know what I’m talking about! This proved it! Thank you again for all of you that read my postings. What’s next when I find out I shall post it for all of you! Jerry Biddle USA

  9. Now the question is! What is going to happen in the next four (4) years? (!) It should be interesting to see! I wonder what THEY have in mind! (?) This idea of the gray aliens have to leave or else, folks I have heard, read this several years ago! Don’t put to much stock in this these gray aliens have been doing the things they do for several years now. The Native Americans called them the ant people I believe if you look at the head of an ant they do look some what like an gray alien! I wish I knew more too share with you! I’m not holding back as you can tell by reading my posting on my other posting they have dropped what I told you in the posting before this one. I’m glad this posting isn’t censoring things, thank you for this. I do believe sooner or later because the way things are going I think we’ll understand things more. I hope we don’t find out the hard way like the Jewish Community in Germany found out during World War II. I would agree too many questions and not enough answers! Jerry Biddle USA

  10. The other night on the Coast to Coast Show with host John B. Wells his guest stated that we’re winning the war against the bad UFO/aliens. I wished he was correct! But people who read my postings do not believe this! In the past years the state and city I reside in the USA they have had several individuals trying to abduct children! They did abduct two girl cousins they have been missing for at least two going on three months now! The bad aliens want them you’ll have to put on the internet reptilian aliens what they do with them because I love humans too much I’m not going to post what they do to them! I’m just glad the Elohim on the planet Kolob doesn’t like them and would kill them with out blinking an eye! Yes, I know some humans are jerks we all know this but for the most part they are good! Again I like them and love them! So how all this is going to end is some thing I too wonder! (?) But right now I do NOT AGREE WITH THAT GUEST ON COAST TO COAST SHOW! It would be nice! Yes, but folks I’m not seeing this. Either on Yahoo or Google put down UFO/alien Jerry Biddle read my prior posting on other sights. Also the individual on this sight thank you for not censoring me. Jerry Biddle USA

  11. Next month is December! You’re saying to me because it’s Christmas? Nooooooooooo, because it is the last of 2012! On other sights I have posted that in January of 2013 I shall say I TOLD YOU SO! Let us not forget that on that Coast to Coast Show all of those books, etc, saying the world shall change and turn over complete darkness!etc. I stated the same thing about that other joke Y2K remember that one? People in the eastern regions of the USA would sure say the end is near but they have had hurricanes before not this bad! But the 2012ers think this was going to happen when isn’t it to be December the 21st of this year! Again I’ll say told you SOOOOOOOOOOOOO! More and more I’m starting to see a pattern on some of these things! Oh the other fairy tale the bad aliens are told to leave earth! I did read on a sight that the devil made the reptilian aliens, now that one I can believe! But even more then that they were made from another lessor god. I lean more that way humans God what I have read and studied I don’t think so! So, let us watch after reading my sight if next month and the other month January of 2013 if one Jerry was correct! Keep in mind people love to write books and people buy them! Jerry Biddle USA

  12. The lady who was in the ufo and she smelled chemicals the chemicals are put into a vat and they jump into this vat and this is how they eat. They have dead human parts along with cattle the chemicals is used for mixing the O2 with the body parts. I wonder just how long has this been going on? Some are saying that the UFO/aliens have to leave earth or else! Meaning we’ll use force to remove you or kill them! I have studied the subject of UFO’s/aliens as stated 66 years now. I get the impression that they do these things to humans for several reasons. One they know they can and who is there to stop them. They do theses things because they do not like the humans God Elohim and this is a way of getting back at Him.

    They need humans DNA and other non skin parts but the chemicals with in. If you noticed that either a cat or a dog licks you you’re thinking to yourself or he/she really likes me! True to a point but the main reason they like the salt that comes from us with/in. Maybe this is the same thing with the grays. The only aliens and even at that not all of them are bad, I have reference to the grays and the reptilians. I’m not sure if the human God made them or did they come from another planet many numerous light years away! (?) I believe some of the higher-ups in some larger governments know the real truth regarding this. As to the demons mentioned in the Bible could these so-called demons be in fact bad aliens. In the New Testiment they talk about demons being in a tree jumping down upon some young Christian missionaries almost killing them! Peter was so surprised because he felt that being a believer of Jesus would bring no harm from demons! He Peter had to stop them before they could kill the tree young men. Later he talked to Jesus about this incident and Jesus went on to say to Peter these demons are a special type and require alot of prayer and faith. Meaning the young men were too young yet and didn’t have the right tools if you please! It’s interesting to say they where hanging around in the trees this would indicate they were physical in nature. Some demons of coure one can not see them, maybe this is the ghost of them when they are killed or an astral body type of situation.

    Looking back we know more about UFO’s/aliens then we did 10 years ago, why? Because of sights like this one and too talk radio shows like Coast to Coast Show and others like them, not to forget TV shows dealing with this subject also. TMI Too Much Information on my part no one has ever set down and told me the truth regarding several issues. If they did I might know more then I do now! I stated TMI what I do know brings up numerous issues. But maybe I can state some thing like this: Look at World War II all of those Jews, Germans, etc that the Nazis killed why didn’t an angel step in right from the start and kill Hitler, another one in the Bible again I believe it was King Herold that had all the young baby boys 2 years old and under killed even his own son! What did the angels do they came to Mary and Joseph and warned THEM to leave! Did the angel kill that bad King? NO! Many numeroous examples are stated in not only the Bible but other places in other books. It makes one wonder.

    Then this thing that happened on 9-11 some people had a flat tire, some we’re sick etc couldn’t go to work others had either a bad feelings or was told in that small voice not to show up to work that day. Again many issues! I just wish some one would tell me more about myself so I might have again TMI. Thank you for letting me post things on this sight. Jerry Biddle USA

    • Hi Jerry

      I think you are overly obsessed with UFOs and aliens, your imagination is running away with you – don’t you think so?

  13. Pat! This is one main reason why the Government along with other things shall never tell the real truth regarding UFO’s/aliens. I have three book publishers interested in my knowledge and understanding of the subject of UFO’s. Long before the Coast to Coast Show I was on local radio stations talking about the subject of UFO’s/aliens and one national radio station talking about the same thing UFO’s/aliens. Besides UFO’s and aliens I have vast knowledge in other things like big foot, ghost, religion, NDE’s near death experiences, people who make comments like you have I find funny! Because you’re scope of learning is very limited. This is one thing that bothers me about some religions they think if they do not understand a subject it has’t to be the work of the devil thus being demon. This way of thinking is old and very much out dated. Pat if this is you’re real name I would strongly suggest that you too do research on other things and widen-you’re scope of knowledge and understanding. Oh Pat I’m very much involved in music and several record companies are interested in me. So, Pat if any thing I believe I’m more into music then UFO’s. I find the subject of UFO’s interesting because I understand them and know that not all of them have humans best interest in mind. Remember have you’re friends close but have you’re enemy even closer. You make comments about me even though you haven’t a clue of who, what where and related about me. Jerry Biddle from USA

  14. Dear Doctor Pat: You seem to know every thing about not only me but the others! Where did you Dr. Pat get you’re medical schooling. Also what type of medician do you practices in other then telling people who know more about the subject of UFO’s/aliens, etc. Maybe Pat instead of playing doctor you might consider writing a book on subject that you know all about that being not only me but too others that know more about UFO’s/aliens and thoses of us who have had contact with UFO/aliens. If you Doctor Pat do not like what others and myself post on this sight I have even though I’m not a doctor like YOU I have a great idea starting now instead of waiting for 2013 I think you might be able to do this even though you’re so busy with patients and the like. Stop getting into this sight and others sights similar to this! Now doc wasn’t that good advice! (?) It wasn’t as hard as you thought it might be it’s similar to TV and radio if you don’t agree on things you don’t understand nor like or left-out because aliens are not interested in you, you can change channels or turn to another radio stations. Then others like myself might think you are a real good doctor and listen to you but as it is now we feel you’re a doctor want to be! Oh start this up now why wait for Black Friday or all of next month. What is Santa Clause going to give you by the way? Jerry Biddle USA

    • 🙂 🙂 🙂 Mr Biddle

      You seem to be enjoying yourself, I’ll leave you to it. Have an enjoyable Christmas.

  15. Pat: You have a good Christmas and too the year of 2012/2013 as to this month of December the 21st all of us going into the 4th dimention. Do I believe this NOOOOOOOOOOOOO, as to enjoying myself. Yes, I enjoy good people (humans) like you and others for the most part. What I do not enjoy is the fact that bad aliens who have a bad attitude towards humans. They treat the humans like the Nazis did to the Jews and others. If this isn’t bad enough, the so-called reptilians have humans especially children abducted why? Slave labor, and worse for food! I have a very hard time accepting this. Pat, you seem to think I’m really into UFO’s/aliens I would say this Pat, they the aliens are more into me meaning they make contact with me and they seem to think I’m some thing special. (why I do not know). I’m more into music and doing research on various subject this can range from old telegraph, telephones, ambulances, fire departments, funeral homes eariler days as to why they made things black in those days (so the dead won’t beable to follow them home) in case you’re wondering. As to you Pat I don’t know you, but I would have a higher opion of you and take you’re side rather then the bad UFO/aliens. Not all aliens are bad some of them have humans best interest in mind. Currently if you look on the internet you’ll find out a war has been going on for some time now. Once by sheer accident I was looking up on the air and seen a shell type of UFO being chased by a circle type of UFO later I would find out that what I was seeing was as stated a war going on! I just hope and pray the good guy UFO’s are on the humans side! You Pat need to put down information about yourself Pat is a general way of saying the first name of either sexes. Don’t put down personal stuff on the sight about yourself keep in mind that many people world wide are reading this sight. Pat, I’m not what you think I am I’m not a meeeeeeeeeeeee, meeeeeeeeeee individual! I’m the youngest of three boys in my late father and mother’s family. My two older brothers are much older then myself. When I was in grade/school still playing with toys they were in high school. I first got into telecommunications and then into law enforcement most of my life now I’m into music several record companies have shown huge interest in my singing. I have a recording contract not signed by me yet, still active. I sing all types of music. This can range to Country to Classical music, golden-oldies, gospel standard Christian music. I’m not into the rap nor hard rock stuff. I hope this gives you some idea about me in general. Do I find UFO’s interesting I’ll say it this way= Have you’re friends close but have you’re enemy even closer! Again not all aliens are bad. For the rest of you reading this posting have a good 2013 and I bet if I was a betting person we’ll still be here on earth in 2013 in this dimention not the 4th. Jerry Biddle USA

  16. Last night on the Coast to Coast Show they had this guest from Austria he was talking about the gray alien and they have humans best interest in mind. As he stated! His telephone connection was bad so George Noory had to let him go and have another guest a man who doesn’t believe in God, this is a can of worms. My viewpoint on this one is some thing doesn’t come from noting! Now back to the grays he was making them sound good. What I have heard and read they might be so-called good in Austria but in the USA those young children and some adults that come up missing yup you guest it they are abducted by the gray aliens doing the diry work for the reptilian aliens who use them for slave labor and worse food. Now, does this sound like good guys? Frank Edwards in his 3rd Edition of the book called Flying Saucers Serious Business told things that we today are seeing he stated it was the bad aliens doing them. I’ll give you some listings I know these things are going on in the USA, here we go: Tornados, floods, wild fires, drought, ship wreaks, train included in this, plane having more then average downings (wreaks) diseases, this list could go on and on, also he stated about people being missing (abducted) why? As I have stated there is a war going on and the bad aliens want humans and too some good aliens dead. I again I hope the good guys win. So, Pat as you can see and read I take this situation very serious. For the most part I like and love humans because for the most part they are good keep in mind that not every human is a Hitler and his type. Not some religions we hear about not all of them are bad either! Pat for the most part I do not enjoy the studies of UFO’s/aliens but repeat but because I have been drugged into some UFO circumstances I do research as much as possible. As stated in the above posting. Pat I do not know you and I do not hold any thing against you. But in the future try and not come to a fast judgement because as I have stated I like these things in life: God/Jesus Christ, religion, music, people in general good UFO/aliens, animals, art science, reading research on several toppics. At one time Pat I teased you about being a doctor and was taking pre-medical courses but the music shown more interest in me and too I’m not young enough and rich enough to go to medical school. The music singing thing in my life came to me on my late mother’s side of the family. I like most parts of music, I’m not into rap, punk rock, hard rock but other stuff I’m open too I even like that stuff one hears on the elevators! Boy that is really taking it down to the last drop I know! Again readers of my posting thank you! I hope good things to you and you’re families and friends. Jerry Biddle from the USA

  17. I’m getting severl comments on what I post. Keep in mind, that the materials I post comes from either individuals knowing more about the subject of UFO’s/aliens then I know. This comes from the show in the USA called Coast to Coast Show or direct information from soures like an FBI agent. Things I have witnessed myself. I realize as I found out seveal years ago, the subject of UFO’s/aliens that all aliens like humans are not good. Some of them do not believe in a Creater, some of them feel that Elohim is an alien thinking He is a God. This list could go on and on. The more I study the subject of UFO’s/aliens the more questions come! Why? Where? How Come? How is this all going to end? Earth governments are not repeat not going to tell the real truth about the subject of UFO’s/aliens. Why? Because of several factors, religion, science, fear, what we learned in school is not what it seems to be. They are puzzled on some things as you and myself! (?) Again sights like this one is one sure way we can share what we know! What I have geathered is this: Yes there is a God read my prior postings, some aliens like humans, some don’t! Some aliens as I have been told by a reliable source indicated that they are in some ways 5000 years advanced and on some other things 565 only. Look at our current things, a watch that Dick Tracy wore was in that time period science fiction. Now they watches that are smaller to communicate with. Fiber optics, so you the reader when I put some thing down doesn’t mean that I either like nor dislike rather what I have been told by peron(s) with more knowledge them myself. Yes, I know the idea of reptilian aliens eating humans sounds way out. But look at all those missing children and adults that are never to be found again. I know things about aliens and the UFO’s I shall never post! Repeat never post why? First some of the information would offend some, some of the information would cause me to get into trouble, my telephone is tapped along with my emailing. I was told this by again reliable sources. I wish things could be different yes, but I’m not the one in control of things. Again look up on other postings that I have posted about THEY. So when you send me emailings telling me that I have went bonkers and the like no I not hurt, because 15 years ago I would agree because I didn’t have the information that I currently have now. How is this all going to end? I can only hope and pray it is going for the betterment for mankind! Keep in mind that not all aliens are bad. Just like that punk that killed all of those children 20 of them again, not every one carrying a weapon is bad. Not all persons having weapons are again bad. It takes all types. Just like World War II not every German felt bad towards Jews and others like Hitler did. Whys and how comes, when the angel of the most high came and told Joseph and Mary get out of this area Herold the bad king is going to kill all 2 year olds and younger including his own son! I didn’t hear or read that angel said I’m going to kill him so don’t worry every thing is going to be better. Yes, at times angels do step in! Humans think every thing should go the way they feel it should go! But in the real world it doesn’t work this way! Several reasons as to why! I give you one and I’m not going to post this information again. Rather other stuff. In Heaven eon of years all of us lived in Heaven and it was nice and real nice. If earth was as good then the idea would be this: Why come down to one nice places to another? When bad things happen like killings, tornados, floods, etc. Even though we think it sucks (very bad) we deal with it! People come together rich, poor famous and etc, but we come together we help, we change laws, we get better warning sirens and weather indicating equipment, etc. We see other countries that are worse off then ourselves, so what do we do? We count our blessings! Yes, I don’t like the idea of bad aliens abducting and eating humans but just because Jerry doesn’t like it doesn’t mean it’s going to stop right now! When I found this out several years ago it was like a child finding out he/she was adopted or no Santa Clause, etc. But then I realized this is the way things are and we have to deal with it! We hope and pray that one day these bad aliens are removed from the planet earth. Again, not all reptilian aliens are bad! Not all gray aliens are bad! Not all humans are bad! Not all animals are bad! It is like a huge battery as I have stated on previous postings we have + and – just like a battery we have to have both or things won’t run! Have a good Christmas and too a good year of 2013! Jerry Biddle from the USA

  18. WHAT? (!) Jerry Biddle was correct! (?) The December the 21st is here and we’re not into another dimention? (!) We’re all still alive! He was correct saying that don’t put too much stock into those date putters! Maybe just maybe we’ll listen to him! At least he is playing with a full deck! We’ve had Harold Camping telling people not to go to church any more then wise all said that the end was coming keeping in mind that was a year ago! A lot of stuff has’t to happen before the end times. I’m not a date putter on’er person and guest what? (!) I was the one correct! Gee how did I do this? Simple don’t believe all of those date putter on’ers that the first lesson! These date putters have been doing this clear back in eariler Bible days. Yup! Yes my posting reader friends this is how old this is! So, what is new? Keep you’re eyes more on THEY if any thing shall bring the end times it’s THEY. I too realize that things are not what they should be but to put a date on these circumstances no! Leave the dating to God He knows more about it then we do. Have a Good Christmas and now that we’re still all alive a good 2013 year! Jerry Biddle USA

  19. The World didn’t end I was correct! Don’t put too much stock in those date putter on’ers! They’ll fail you every time! December the 21st just another day! Now maybe some of you might start believing what I have been posting all of this year! I was right the date putter on’ers were wrong and WRONG AGAIN! Merry Christmas and a happy New Year of 2013 Oh by the way this 4th dimention is acting just like that yesterdays 3rd dimention. Gee Jerry Biddle was correct after all! Jerry Biddle from the USA a lot of snow yes and went with out TV and computer it just turn on an hour ago, so the world didn’t end after all! Keep in mind folks that the calender we use is not correct so this December the 21st thing either happened ten years ago or it might happen 10 years from now! Either way I don’t buy it! Jerry Biddle from the USA

  20. Hi Jerry,

    What are you crowing about? I get the impression you were waiting with bated breath – not sure either way 🙂 🙂 – were you hiding under your bed Jerry? And, it was mischievous individuals who misinterpreted the unfinished Mayan calendar which caused all this hysteria.

    Just remember the words of Jesus Christ and you won’t go wrong – ‘no one knows when the end will come – not even Jesus himself – only God the creator knows’ because it will sneak upon us like a thief at night 🙁

    • Pat, Pat we’re on the same side! I used to be a Presbyterian Church member, singing in the choir. Later years I became a LDS Mormon Church member I have been going on 24 years. I was shocked at first then when you started putting in scriptures seeing that you believe the same way I believe in some ways. Yes! Pat no one knows the day or the hour not even the angels and the Son of God (Jesus Christ) you’ll have to read my other postings. I’m not putting any faith in those date putter-oners. When one puts a date on things pertaining in the Bible then I put up a red flag! Knowing that they sure don’t understand the Bible! Harold Camping of Family Radio stated that the end would come back in spring May and then changed it to October either way his predictions never came true! I wrote the Family Radio Station in California and I told him in advanced that I felt what he believed in wasn’t going to happen. What did I get for a responce yup an envelope wanting me to send them money. If this putting dates wasn’t bad enough he (Harold Camping) was telling the listening audience not to go to Church any more! This again is against the Bible because the Bible makes it very clear to Assembly yourselves together not to say away from Church rather meet, etc. Read my stuff again Pat and you’ll see that I’m for the most part on you’re side! I do not put stock in again these date putter-oners! Now they in the USA are saying that the Pleiadians are coming and doing away with the bad reptilian aliens who have humans abducted for slave labor and worse! For food. The trouble Pat with this UFO in Spain sight I’m putting stuff in it but they are not letting it be posted. If they did I believe you’re comments would of not been sent to me. Seeing that I do not agree with some of these date individuals. I hope this might shead some light on my view points. Thank you Pat for sending and better yet read my postings. Jerry Biddle in the USA by the way have a good 2013

      • Hello Jerry

        Have you been watching some fictional alien reptilian movies? It would appear so, as you seem to be obsessed with these reptiles. 🙂

  21. I have replyed to Pat, about what I think, I feel that Pat felt I was putting stock in these so-called date putter-oners! No way Pat I hope you’ll read my email which was sent to you answering basically the same thing I’m posting now. I felt business as usual with these wild predictions. To clear the air once and for all those reading my postings on this sight if you want more information on what one Jerry Eugene Biddle from the USA believes put this in either or and put this in UFO alien Jerry Biddle you’ll read numerous sights besides this one. Telling what I have experience personally and too, what I have geatherd through the years by reading, talking, research and etc. You’ll understand because of numerous things I have had aliens, FBI agents and others talking to me. All of these individual are taking the UFO thing very serious and rightful so, because it is a very serious situation that being the UFO/alien subject. I just hope this sight does let this be put on the postings. No Pat I don’t put any stock in the date people and too I do not put too much stock in the pyshic and those making claim they see and talk to the dead. What I have noticed on those talk shows they FISH FOR ANSWERS. If they are really seeing the dead as they make claim they wouldn’t have to FISH FOR ANSWERS. I had a so-called pyshic tell me in the month of Novermber of 2012 I was to receive $8000 thousand dollars funny! I’m still waiting! Thank you for reading my postings Jerry Biddle from the USA

  22. Pat:The gentleman who puts things in directly to me. He told me about basically his Bible beliefs. Then Pat asked me what I think in other words do I agree with his Bible ideas. My answer to him is Yes! Yes I do. But Pat even though I agree with you and too because I’m older then you have had many more direct contact with aliens and too what I would call demons. Now here is the differents: Yes in some ways I believe demons come from anothe dimention. We could also say they the demons are on a different frequencies. This technical issue is not that important. When reading the Bible and taking it for word for word you get the impression of demons are: Invisable like you have stated this to me. Then, you keep on reading I believe some where on this posting I tell the Bible story about demons being in a tree and young would be either missionaries or new to the Christian Church they the demons leap upon them, etc. One gets the impression they could be seen by any one. Why is this? I believe I have the answer to this: Now keep in mind like the one who has this sight and lets us share this sight (thank you by the way) I’m not going to make this a religious issue. Rather I’d like for all of you who read this paticular posting with religious undertones be the last. (Thank you in advance) Now let me tell you some thing I have figured out and too common knowledge would make some type of sence. When the angels left Heaven not only did angels have a war with God/Jesus Christ but would be humans joined the in the fight. Keep this in mind because this is going to be the KEY ISSUE:

    All angel even in Heaven are not the same! Those dealing with humans look like humans! Others as in the old testiment seem to have a different look and even though they are the good angels a remark is made by a good person and he’s afraid of their what? Their looks. Peole on again the Coast to Coast Show have talked numerous times about two different things. The MIB’s (Men In Black) and too the shadow people black no face, etc. I had some time ago in my bed room while listening to yes that CtoCShow a shadow thing I’ll call it tried to get on top of me and was in my face! Oh brother! Did it do the wrong thing! I must of been in astro projection maybe either way I got a hold of this thing and threw it across the room. In another posting recent I told about seeing one of these things. It told me in a voice “What do you want”? If my postings on this matter are on this sight you can read more details about this. So, what does all this mean? What I have geathered is this: Different bad angels can do certain things and other can not and they can only do certain things etc. Look at humans some people can do this while others can not! I can sing good but I couldn’t play the piano like my late mother and some of my friends. Snakes don’t bother me but some of my friend if they dreamed about snakes to them this would be a type of nightmare! So, what is the answer thinking in a realiable way? As I have stated numerous times studying the UFO/alien situation it is too complexed it doesn’t have just one BIG ANSWER RATHER IT HAS MANY! Why? I again think repeat think it has some thing to do with how things in the Universes work as I have stated before like a huge big BATTERY it has’t to have a + and a – other wise the battery wouldn’t work! Don’t believe this? Take out the – on you’re car battery and try to start the car! Now you see what I mean! So, now that you can understand this let us use this on aliens. I’ll bring up situations: Grays have been seen in grave yards! Why? Some people are never abducted while other report this has been going on from child to adult again why? Both former Presidents Clinton and Bush tell about this invisable force walking right by the Secret Service Agent with out him noticing THEM! How come and why? Some children are abducted and the grays say he belongs to us! Again why?

    In the Bible it tells about an angel telling both Mary and Joseph Harod was going to have boys who are 2 year old and younger put to death even his own boy! Did the angel said oh this would of happened but I did a number on him! (No several don’t know how many Jew boys and others were killed along with non-Jews) Why? Why didn’t the angel do this? Maybe because of freeagencies? I could give you numerous situation similar to this! So getting back to UFO/aliens what I have again geathered different this and that and then some! What does this mean? The way I see it we put labels on things we do not understand nor have enough knowledge on! If we for example knew what the Governments who know more about UFO’s/aliens then our way of thinkng would be different! Here is another one why are some of the LDS Mormon Church young missionaries UFO/aliens? Why are they here? To study earths religions? How many alien missionaries is it going to take before they fully understand things? Again I have given much thought to you’re ideas Pat and others besides my ideas and this is what I really think: Some time either in the distant future or sooner some thing is going to happen and some of the aliens know this and they either want to witness this or warn the general public! I believe I again posted some time ago, it happened one night while I was half asleep and half away some one in color no less gave me complete instructions on how to stop: Floods, drought, wild fires, low rivers, and making area have water etc. I spent keep in mind this was over 10 years ago, over $25.00 dollars of my own money to mail out to the media and too the USA Government what type of response did I get? Bush this gives you how old this thing was sent a form letter. Oh geeeee! Then that same week I was shown a truck with a weather radar and again THEY showed me with this statement: If they listen and start taking the flood drought thing seriously then we’ll give you again intructions on how to stop tornados!

    Wow! Here in the USA we sure have our share of tornados! (yes before you ask I have seen and been in them) I use to chase them by the way! It is rumored that some aliens wanted to give our Governments a little white pill this white pill would be a cure for cancer! How did our governments respond to this? NO THANKS! Why? Oh I don’t have to put this down because you who read this posing sight are smart enough to understand this one! Doctors, AMA AOA FDA Social Security, population, hospitals, etc, etc and those who make big bucks on cancer and med’s in general. Several different times aliens have given this little white pill to some abducted individuals and the cancer is gone they had to take one per day a whole week. I hope my information has given you some ideas to this huge thing called UFO’s/aliens. I’m still learing things! Even about myself! (?) So, Pat and others I hope this gives you a different angle or view point! Yes numerous questions and not enough answers I’ll be the first to state this! Thank you again for postings this and too for you that read this. Jerry Eugene Biddle USA

  23. Pat, Pat I wasn’t going to even send you an answer! But the more I read you’re foolish statements the more humor it became! Why? For the others that might read my postings and too thinking why doesn’t Jerry answer his dumb————–s remarks so for them I shall. First thing Pat if and I repeat if you came to the USA which I doubt would ever happen. First about my physical looks again humorous why? Because you haven’t seen me! You don’t know what I look let most likely you’d look old enough to be my father! Secondly it was 26 years old not 25! I don’t know what you’re game is I doubt that you’re an Government Official! Now about the Pleidians and reptilians again you need to investigate them using the internet. Billy that guy who makes claim he has contact with the Pleiadians this might give you some insight on them. Now about the reptilian again Pat stop being a jerk and read again on the internet. Next thing you’ll be saying my friends and too I have never had contact with the FBI and others! Where do you think I get some of this classified information! From Big Foot? This is it Pat you have really turned me off! I strongly think you might for once look at yourself in the mirror! Then after once doing this you need to stop worrying about one Jerry Biddle in the USA! If you did find out where in the USA I live and I found it out you’d have several police officers, FBI agents right on the spot to have a friendly talk with you as you’re being exsorted to the airport. Just because you DO NOT KNOW AS MUCH AS ME WHICH TOOK SEVERAL YEARS TO COLLECT THIS INFORMATION AND TOO BEING PART OF IT YOU THINK YOU KNOW ME AND OTHERS. YOU DON’T KNOW ANY THING! I don’t know yet what you’re game is other then you have a huge big chip on you’re block! Weather you believe it or not it’s not going to change things! It is what it is! One Pat in England so you make claim isn’t going to change things! If you get real mad at me and send death treats to me I have already been advised by a member of my religion turn this over to us we’ll take care of it! I don’t know what you’re trying to prove! (?) !! I do know one thing I’ll never answer any of you’re smart____________________s questions why? Simple I don’t have too for starters and too why waste my time with the likes of you! You’re type shall for the most part ever have direct communication with these: UFO aliens, angels, dead relatives, etc. Why? Because in you’re mind it is already closed how can you open it up? You can’t tell Hollywood who has seen my video that I look 71 years old tell the National record companies Pat doesn’t think I can sing and too he must be 26 years old and just saying that I’m 71. Pat I have what little respect I had in you it’s gone! So, this is what you’ll get from me as to emails============================================ Jerry Biddle still finding you’re email some what child like it had the remarks of a 12 year old!

  24. Oh Dear Jerry!

    Tsa – Tsa – Tsa, calm down now! Have I been so provocative again? – 25 years OR 26 years – negligible difference. What more can one say, I had hoped by now you would’ve sussed out and accepted my personality – sorry – cannot change. 🙁

  25. To all the readers of my postings, as seen in the above I find this humor not FUNNY! Yes you’re not going to change and just because you’re not going to change doesn’t mean I have to go along with it. I don’t know how the others find it but again I hope you’ll be like me! What I mean is this people I have been studying the subject of UFO’s/aliens for as stated 60 some odd years and too just because I don’t look 71 doesn’t mean people some odd thousand miles away know all about me. I want to share some thing with the serious readers. Three people in my area has lost their lifes in death yes it’s because of a situation with me. I have told the Bishop of my Ward (Church) that I do not approve of this! The subject of UFO’s/aliens as the late book writer on this subject Frank Edwards in his 3rd Edition stated: Flying Saucers Serious Business. He told in the 3rd Edition that things we’re all seeing would happen: Train wrecks, airplanes,ships, wild fires, etc. I for one have taken this subject very serious unlike Mr. Personality who by the way this is my answer to you’re comments============================== as I told you this would happen and too stop sending me emails because I do not want you too for starters and too I have lost all of what little respect in you. So, I hope the person in charge of this sight might take my request serious. If and when you can take serious subjects of UFO’s/aliens serious like others and myself maybe things shall change (?) What others and myself have noticed geathered is they want humans dead they want earth for themselves. They only want humans for slave labor and food! I’m strongly against slave labor and too eating them (humans)! In some other regions on earth most likely you’re not having the problem of missing especially children like what is happening in the USA. Why I don’t know they the reptilians seem to like to abduct English speaking people don’t ask why? Maybe English is easier for them to understand or because their underground bases are in the USA! I take all of this stuff very serious! This is why the above individual I’m sorry I can not see the humor harssement and the likes funny! What can be done about this? I wish I knew! Hopefully the good aliens those who look more like humans are going to help mankind with this bad situation! My late mother who too was interested in the subject then at first called Flying Saucers now UFO’s told me that she felt the UFO’s because of the sneakey ways and dealings only for the most part are not good and shouldn’t be trusted! She died in the year of 1986 and what she had thought is coming true for the most part. So, as the serious readers can see now, the above person I’m not at all humored! Jerry Eugene Biddle

  26. About a week ago, I was given while in my half wake half asleep stage instruction on how to bring back the olden days in the USA after World War II things in the USA started popping numerous rail roads drive in theators, business and the record industry in the city I reside in had record distributors Capitol Records, Columbia, and a independent one from Min/Min Pickwit International. Numerous fast food places. Then after the Vietnam War I started notecing things go down hill. Right now in the USA they want to rase the min wage to $10.10 this would work find for the first one or two years yes, then when we do the math we can understand this is going to be another hell brought upon all of us! $80.80 perday! Some if not most of the business could never afford this! Some business small yes, bring this in per day and this is their gross pay! Some time ago, again in the western regions of the USA were experiencing wild fires drought and etc. Some time ago over 10 years again complete instructions were given to me on how to stop this and too help the economy at the same time! I spent over $25.00 worth of postage and the local library in my community helped type the envelopes I didn’t have the computer at my residences and they too took an interest in this I was shown what type of pumps and motors and filters and how the pump stations along the rivers would be located etc. I sent out several ($25.00) worth of mail to the media and others. I did get a form letter from former President Bush this again tells how long ago this happened. The media responce was a huge big ZEROOOOO! I told THEY don’t be giving me instructions on things again because I’m not a Justin Timberlake or Justin Bieber (etc). So for over ten years I hadn’t received any detail instructions! Correct? WRONG! Last week again half awake and half asleep THEY gave me complete instructions on how to make thing for the most part like it once was! THEY informed me that the min/wage deal is going to be a huge mistake and have huge effects on the economy! Right now
    as I’m typing you this posting I dug prior into the place I buy vitamins they have reward cards, yup you guest it! It was if you bought $20.00 dollars you’d receive a $30.00 card then when you had atotal of 10 cash them in for $30.00 worth of supplies, etc. So, you can see this has started already oh by the way the cards a few years ago were worth $50.00 instead of $30.00 so this situation has started already. I call them THEY both former Presidents Clinton and Bush referred to tthem as THEY and indicated THEY rule the earth some people think the super rich run things yes to apoint but then who rules the rich? But this is another subject. What is weird and I’ll be the first to agree both instructions because of my educational background I agree with THEY but unless Ibecome super famous rich and fameous who is going to listen? (!) Some like maybe Pat would ask me hhave you ever been contacted by the MIB’s? (Men In Black) my answer would be this: Yes and no! I
    met a young MIB a few years ago but his assignment or mission was to keep this young alien and others from telling me too much! The young MIB yes I seen him in person no he didn’t look like a pale white zommie like Hollywood protrays rather human looking to a point he didn’t have hair on his arms nor legs I was watching him very closely in case you’re wondering remember I was once a Marshal and then a regular police officer. (Once a cop always a cop as they say!) What I have geathered in general is this: Two types (maybe more?) of aliens: Those who have humans best interest in mind! And those who would kill you on the spot and wouldn’t blink an eye! I say maybe other types but for now I haven’t that I know of ran across THEM maybe they are just watchers. (?) Now this thing about the money what I’m I going to do with this information? Right now just post it on posting sights like this and set back and watch! The only thing I can do for now! Thank you again for all of you (even Pat) for reading my postings and sight. Speaking of people who THEY feel could bring me harm in the past they’re all dead at a young age! This is why certain people I encourage to think yes but don’t let it go any futher! I have seen what has happened to 3 individuals who by the way one young boy, one young man and one middle age man! Long story and I’m not getting into to it! I hope this posting might make you think! I have been doing a lot of thinking in the past few years! Thank you! Jerry Eugene Biddle USA

  27. I have been reading mostly and doing some research on a group of aliens called Pleiadians. I have some issues I’m going to share them with you those who read my postings. The Pleiadians for the most part believe in creation with out a God!(?) Then when I dig into this more how do they think the planets got started this is what I get===================================wow! I sure learned a lot on that one avoiding the subject! Then if this isn’t bad enough! They make claims they come from another Universe so many light years away! Then you read they come from another dimention! What! Let us keep our stories in order here! If you ask you or me I could tell you these things: I live on earth! I’m from this dimention! I believe in a Creator! I talk to other people besides postings these sights like this one! Then the Pleiadians tell Billy Miere that he is the only one they talk too correct? Noooooooooooo, other people tell that they talk to Pleiadians also! Then good old Billy said they can not put another arm on him he lost in an farm machine accident! Sounds resonable correct? No! Human medical science is working on things that can replace things lost on humans currently if the Pleidans are so advance by even a few hundred years then humans this replacement would be a snap course! Yet they tell old Billy they can’t no don’t give me this bull that he in a prior life he took peoples arms off and this is karma if this would be the case he would be born with out an arm! I’m postings this because I want all of you to do this: 2+2=in this case not 4! It doen’t add up! In a court case the Pleiadians would lose their case I know this remember I was into lawenforcement! I know for the most part what would win and what wouldn’t! So, what does this add up too? I could say the Pleidians are telling lies! I could say like some Christian seem to think they are demons acting like they have a physical body! Maybe the Pleiadians are not allowed to tell certain things! Then too old Billy in his attic has models looking just like the UFO’s he has in those photos! Oh how interesting! When they have guest on the Coast to Coast Show for the most part the guest has one huge big thing in common! What? They sell books, they go on a tour like thing charging people to come to these tours! All of you including you PAT and myself are sure not making any money on this subject of UFO/aliens I lost over $25 dollars in postage trying to tell the governments and the media what was given to me by THEY regarding floods, drought etc. The lastest thing given to me I’m not even going there even though the information given was corect! Burn me once shame on you burn me twice shame on MEEEEEEEEEE! So, you have read my latest postings thank you for doing this. What does this all mean you might ask? Again there is more to this UFO/alien thing then any of us could even think about! What? I wish I knew and if I’m ever going to find out the REAL TRUTH and if THEY allow it I’ll share it with you! Oh by the way Billy’s wife doesn’t even believe him. In case you’re wondering it’s on the internet and too they had this on national tv called 60 mins some time ago! And too every thing the Pleiadians said would happen in 2012 guest what!(?) It never happened! Same thing with that president of that so-called Christian radio station nope didn’t happen! Interesting yes I know! (?) Jerry Eugene Biddle from the USA

  28. Pat: Because you made a statement in a nice/way out of respect for you and the others I’m going to post some thing which really bothers me: When I was 5 years old I got interested in the subject of UFO’s in those days called Flying Saucers. My late mother was interested also. She would buy those Flying Saucer Magazines, we’d listen later years to those TV talk shows with guest talking now called UFO’s and having contact with human looking aliens, etc. Now she is older and of course I’m older also. She told me in her latter years she didn’t believe UFO/aliens were up to any good. I asked her why? Because the Governments are to secret about them for starters, secondly they do their deeds in night time. Later years after her death in 1986 still kinda interested in the subject I got involved with missing children numerous of them on USA the area I reside in on milk cartons photos the FBI stated that 500,000 are missing per year they if lucky solve have of them. An FBI agent because of this paticular missing boy took me under his wing and told me that they the FBI think the CIA and black ops abduct these children. I just listen to his remarks not saying true or false either way! Later years about 4 or 5 on the internet in the USA some former CIA and others started posting UFO information telling why the children are abducted stating that they the bad aliens live in the western regions of the USA, underground and too they have bases underground. On the Coast to Coast Show numerous people would call in to then host Art Bell telling him they hear durning the night drilling etc. Then several years later on the internet former military and again CIA told who and why this drillings. Bases run by both gray aliens, humans and worse a race of aliens called reptilians. They the reptilians eat children and the grays eat the children and adults by having both cattle and human parts in vats. They jump into the vats and take a eating bath if you please. Other aliens looking more like humans do not like this idea and currently a war is going on! As I have posted before either on this sight or others that I hope the good aliens are winning the war! Over 17 years ago I seen in the sky a huge UFO being chased by a smaller UFO it gave the opinion that a war was going on! The large UFO looked like the logal Shell Gas Company use to use. Several others in NASA have told about this war type deal going on also. Now Pat I’m very religious as I have mentioned before so I too have a very hard time with this idea of reptilians having children abducted for slave labor and worse end up eating them! Several years ago this family I knew his older brother was involved in the Civil Air Patrol as was the case with me his younger brother had a paper route one day his grandmother seen a little light spot and she opened the window just enough to look outside and seen this same big car with it’s hood opened. She told her grandson not to go on this Sunday Paper route just yet. Later he did then Pat again the following Sunday same car with another car a little ways behind it. I later found out by watching I believe 60 Minuite what this all was about. The first car would ask him hay can you come here and see what is the problem on this car? If he would come over to the car this guy had a cloth with clouraform (my spelling sucks on this word) and would of knocked him out the other car would of drove down they would of put him in the trunk of the car and drive away! But after trying 3 different times they didn’t try any more! His grandmother in her following up on that little spot of light looking out of the window etc put a stop to this one! Her grandson was very nice looking at the time I don’t know if this had any thing to do with this or not! (?) Now for my answer to the reptilians who have people abducted for the sole purpose of eathing them. Like you Pat I have never seen any gray aliens nor reptilian aliens. My friend told me about the idea of me glowing and I believe he stated 3 grays seen him and me I believe both of us were in the astrobody stage (soul) and the gray aliens seeing me glow they ran away fast like! I told my friend I hope so! I’ll be 72 years old come fall of this year. What I have noticed maybe this is just an American thing not England or other countries that things are not what we think they are! Has it always been this way? I think some but not always what I understand is America when they would test the H Bomb this opened up other dimentions and brought in weird things! In my studies I have noticed that these weird things started in about the time these test were being done. Some UFO/aliens told our USA Government you must stop these H Bomb test because you don’t understand what you’re causing! You’re opening up port-holes to other dimentions and bring in what some would call demons, werewolfs and other things not normally on earth! Now Pat do I believe this? I would say this: Now should I know? I haven’t seen them but so-called reiable people do. They had a thing several years ago about this black race guy who turned out to be a zombie they showed him on TV and told the story about the people buring him I believe it was 37 years ago! He came back didn’t look 37 years older rather just like he did at his funeral and he didn’t talk, didn’t require sleep nor eat. The younger people in the village didn’t think any thing about it! But the older ones did! Because they knew his name and too remember his funeral! Then this thing called dopper-ganger which is a German word for the other YOU! I have seen 4 of them. I knew these individuals before their deaths. One of them had an attitude and his personality wasn’t like the guy I once knew who they found dead in his apartment he was nicer and wasn’t snotty like this guy! Now given you and the other readers this information what do I believe? It doesn’t mean any thing if I believe it or not who cares!(?) I know what I have seen, read and heard I’m not out trying to convert people to see things my way! When that religious radio station so-called President stated the end was around the corner did I believe him? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, why because I know the Bible too much and no one knows the time nor the day not even the Angels. Also with Sara stating I jump around this postings too much what brain child Sara doesn’t realize if repeat if I wrote a book I’d have an introduction and then chapters etc. This sight isn’t a B O O K ! So yes because of the space and etc I do jump around to give out as much information as I can! Also Sara I have read books numerous books who stick to the subject as you’d like it to be and one should use these boring books for reading after taking a sleeping aid or pill because these boring books puts on to S L E E P! Also Sara I hope you read about trying to hint you’re an FBI agent! If you told you’re real name full name and too if you live in the USA if you started bothering me which you haven’t by the way I’d just call my local FBI Office and they’d take care of this situation! I have seen as stated in the past 3 individuals lose their lifes over this UFO/alien and me situation! I don’t not approve of killing them! Live and let live is my model! Thank you for reading this postings by the way! On Coast to Coast Show with George Noory his guest is trying to have the USA Government tell the real truth regarding UFO/aliens I’ll be like Pat I’l believe this when I hear and see this on national TV why? Because it is not going to happen! Why? Read this posting sight then judge for yourselves! Jerry Biddle from the USA

  29. Pat: You’re questions to me brings up several issues! Good ones at that! First off the LDS Momon Church on like some other religions do not believe earth shall be taken over like a paradise JW’s believe this and have for some odd hundred years now. As to the reptilians eating humans when I first found this out by the Coast to Coast Show and internet, etc. This really bothered me not in my faith but it brought up so many, many issues! What I have geathered is this: They have been doing the on other planets long before earth millions of years now. Pat put stuff in the internet regarding reptilians and grays under eating humans. You live in England in the USA children go missing every day. The FBI believes it is 500k or more per year. A FBI agent some time ago told me over the phone that they (The FBI) believes the children are not taken or abducted for sex books, films, etc. Rather he the agent told me they now believe it is some type of black-opts operation including the CIA. As time goes by I lean towards his idea. Why do they eat humans? Some humans eat humans and too animals etc. A young Mormon was in his bedroom several years ago, I have read this numerous times before back to the story: 3 grays came to him and he tried fighting them off and too using his priesthood (A Mormon Church Deal) but didn’t have too much success with it. An Angel from God came in and told the grays you have been bothering him for years now this must stop! The Angel helped kill the 3 grays one by one. They the young man and the angel took the dead bodies outside and the Angel took out a sword and chopped the top of their heads a sphere came out each time and went flying towards the sky (Heavens)then the Angel looked at the young Mormon and said: “They are sheer evil they mean noting to us!” I believe what he met by this is God (Elohim/Jesus Christ) do not like them and glad they got killed. I have in my numerous studies read similar stories regarding some thing similar. Pat you bring up a lot of main issues I do not have all the answers I wish I did. Let’s stops picking on the reptilians and do this one: Werewolfs, vampires, zomies, etc. As I posted in a prior posting this has been going on for thousands of years. The Native Americans have long told about these shape-shifters. Because of the bad circumstances I shall refrain from going into details about the Royal Family. Keep in mind like you Pat I have to be shown before I believe any thing this is how it has’t to be! Rather I hear this on talk radio shows besides the Coast to Coast Show or TV talk programs dealing with these as it is called paranormal subjects etc. Now Pat I believe you’re over 21 years old. So, let us put 2+2=4 situation and this is for you too Sara! If repeat if the UFO/alien visiting thing was just that back in 1947 and they the aliens we’re all so good (some of them are by the way) I strongly believe the Governments on earth would come out and say: We have alien brothers and they are nice and don’t mean any harm to earth/humans. But repeat but because this isn’t the case they shall never tell the real truth. I’m indirctly involved in some of this first handed. I don’t like it! I would never go along with it! But who cares what Jerry from the USA thinks especially the Governments (in my case USA). I have a hard time with some of this stuff! More then you or any one else could ever believe! My two older brothers do not know the truth about me it’s better this way because they couldn’t handled it! Some police chiefs in my area we’re told the truth regarding me and related. Guest what!(?) They couldn’t handled it either they are no longer police chiefs or in police work any more! 3 Book publishers wants me to write a book. I have enough material to write at least 2 books. Pat I strongly believe the Mormon Church nor the USA Government would ever allow it! You in a kidding way pock fun at me you can do this! Why? 1. You have never seen me 2. You do not know all the circumstances 3. Numerous other reasons. When I ask some of the young missionaries how old do you think I’am? One a few months ago said: I know you’re 23 years old. I laughed and told him in a few years I’ll be 80 years old! Another missionary told me: Brother Biddle this is how they know you’re not fully human this age thing is what gives you away! Besides this missionaries talk between themselves and relate it to others. So,how is all of this going to end? In the book of Rev it describes satan and others going down a valley and fire from above kills them. Some NDE’s non-Mormons have been told by the Angel showing this taken place I sure hope so! As to the LDS Church believing in the New World like the Jehovah’s Witnesses seem to think no this is not in our belief system. What you Pat and Sara need to do instead of picking me apart do as I do research get on the internet listen to those talk shows on either the radio or TV. Then again guest do some research on him/her. This is what I do! Do I believe every thing I hear on those talk shows let me answer it this way do I believe in the tooth fairy? Some might argue yes he does exsits! The more I found out the more complexed this subject of UFO/aliens, werewolfs, vampires, zomies, shape-shifters it brings a lot of issues. It gives the impression that eon of years ago that God/the Creative Force let spirts before putting on flash had too much fee well! When the flood occured it was caused for several reasons. I could list them but this posting would become a book. Let me tell just one: Humans started mixing DNA and etc with animals look at the the Preimids and related. God/Elohim does not like this mixing stuff because it isn’t in the plan of things and too it has depermental effects. In Northern America they are seeing what effects this stuff has cattle mutilations, and that ghoat sucker in Mexico, etc. Jerry Biddle USA

  30. Hi Jerry,

    Poking fun at you?? OR attempting to make light of some of the bizarre things you have said on this site?

    Why not collaborate with those three authors, surely if you have truthful(which can be substantiated), interesting and important information to impart to mankind, what’s holding you back especially as you are already talking/writing publicly about it on this site. Imagine the amount of money you could make selling these books if it is all true.

    Surely your ‘very’ youthful appearance [23 years,(no longer 26 years)] – it would appear instead of looking older as a 73 year old, you are looking younger, would be of interest to all and sundry. We’ve seen on film and read as well about the tallest, smallest and fatest, fastest, strongest,etc. person on Earth, why don’t you capitalize on your youthful appearance, I’m certain we would ‘all’ like to get a glimpse of you.

    In one of Z.Sitchin’s books, he talks about the Anunnakai who aged much quicker whilst on Earth. It would appear – one Nibiru year is equivilent to 3600 Earth years and as the same individuals inhabited the Earth for thousands of earth years, they were able to carry out their task quite comfortably without fear of aging like their creations (mankind). He talks about the Nibirian leader Anu, father of his two sons Enlil and Enki, who looked years younger than his two sons who had spent thousands of earth years on Earth. Also, if one compares the age difference between present man and those biblical characters who had genes once removed from their biological fathers, one is able to see a marked difference – from approx.900+ years to present day 100+ years. I believe the genes which control the aging aspect weakened over time.

    So Jerry, if there is substance in your utterance about being part alien – hence your youthful appearance, the whole world should know about it – don’t you think.

    On the question of werewolves, human vampires, shape-shifters and Zombies, if these creatures do indeed exist, there must be an element of witchcraft/magic involved. As we are aware, the biblical god, used devastating magic to flip the hardened heart of the Egyptian pharaoh, it could have been an illusion – who knows, but it made lives of the Egyptians very uncomfortable. He was able to cunjer up all sorts of creatures, and, if these historic stories are to be believed, why not today. Personally, I have not encountered any one who has seen a werewolf, vampire or shape-shifter, however in Africa, Zombies are talked about by some of the indigenous people.

  31. Pat, Pat what are we going to do with you!(?)First off let us get thing in the right place! It’s not me that’s saying you look 26 years old or 23 rather OTHER PEOPLE! As to writing a book as I have stated before I have 3 different publishers wanting this. Let us use a microsope and really look at you’re ideas: Write a book, make personal appearences. Sounds good at first until again you listen to the Coast to Coast Show do you know what happens to SOME OF THEM? Let me fill you in real fast like: You’d have people in the audience that you may not to have any thing to do with for starters thinking under the idea of religion kill that alien. Then if this isn’t bad enough let us again go back to the Coast To Coast Show and what both Art Bell and George Noory has said about those so-called UFO/alien book writers and people going around talking about the same subject: Here we go: (This is not Jerry’s idea or what I have seen rather what I read and hear about these individuals): They have heartattacks at a young age, they get shot at a robbery even though no one else is bothered, they so-called kill themselves, they get hit by a car hit an run accident deal, they mysteriously vanish no one knows what happens to them, MIB’s come calling at their house and tells them stop or else and the MIB’s mean business not to be played with this I have have indirectly seen as stated on preivous postings. I could go on and on. Maybe this UFO/alien thing as to making money on it isn’t MY THING! On prior postings I mentioned some odd over 10 years ago THEY gave me complete instructions on how to stop floods, droughts, wild fires, etc. Then THEY informed me if that big if word they listen and do this we’ll tell you how to stop tornados! All of these things given to me when humans have tornados and floods wild fires, droughts and etc. If they knew what was given to me they’d most likely wish the media and governments would of read and letters and taken more interest. So, this is how it’s going to be Pat you can read and if you have questions ask, do I have to do what you have suggested? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, I find you some what interesting but too you’re seeing things in a country several thousands of miles away from my area in the USA you’re only taking my postings on a faith bases because you haven’t seen me in person. One Book Publisher in the USA who writes about UFO/aliens wanted me to send a current photo of myself. So he can put it in his new book? Pat I don’t know you, but what I read between the lines I get the impression that YOUR A GOOD CHRISTIAN PERSON. But Pat not every one has you’re values or my values. I have witness as posted before 3 persons one child lose their lifes over me not that I asked for it rather it’s what they did to me! I HAVE TRIED MY BEST TO INFORM YOU AND OTHERS THAT THIS ALIEN THING IS VERY SERIOUS! THEY don’t care of one Jerry Biddle doesn’t like the killing of humans because of crossing me. I feel this punishments is way way to strong! Pat read my prior postings before putting in you’re 2 cents worth of remarks or comments. Police Chiefs have lost their jobs went bonkers, other things like this happens. How do I know? Because other police officers and an FBI agent who went over to the CIA has told me this! Pat! Things are not what we we’re told in school or what the governments and religion are telling all of us! It much more complexed and serious! No wonder I have to take sleeping aids per night! The things you have brought up yes I can look into the mirror and see what others see but I don’t comment on this only what others see and say! Now Pat you have home work to do! Read my postings of prior listings and other sight postings. No I’m not going on the UFO/alien circuit talking about them. Thank you for you’re comments. Jerry Biddle USA

  32. We’ll call this posting part 2 just for fun. Years ago back in starting 1975 long before Art Bell with his Coast to Coast Show believe it or not in a minor way I started doing some thing similar. On several radio AM stations in my area. Because this was different and some thing different the radio stations telephone they called the black older phones key system with it’s five buttons and one red holding button. When I would go to the station every light on the phone would be lite up!Askings me questions about UFO’s/aliens. In those days I didn’t know the real truth about two main factors. First the truth about me I didn’t learn this until summer of 1975 even at that I didn’t think any thing about it. Not until latter years. LDS Church and the USA Government both Federal and local. Getting back to the radio stations one because of high ratings had me come several times. One other station AM had me on every night Monday——-Friday. No Pat I’m not going to give out the area or city any thing related to my area. Because I was so as in slang went well-read about UFO’s/aliens the community college had me teach an adult education course which went on for several weeks (I did get paid for doing this). Again it was one of a kind for this time period. During graduation time it made the late night TV Newscast. The next day I received numerous telephone calls from people wanting me to talk about UFO’s. I accepted this offer with out pay. I received several telephone calls and letters believe it or not people knew how to write letters in these earlier! So, Pat asked why not become a circus freak rather you believe this or not that’s what you’re really indicating. What would happen if I took Pat’s idea on? (Which by the way is not going to happen). I see what you’re trying to do in some ways on the surface it looks so innocene but knowing how HUMANS OPERATE seeings that I have around them too much! This would have very depremental effects and I KNOW THE USA GOVERNMENT WOULD NEVER ALOW THIS! How do I know because of related situations. If I was Pat knowing what I know I’d drop saying things about one Jerry Eugene Biddle living in the USA! Again Pat read my numerous postings humans come out the little end of the horn even DEATH! Don’t laugh! I’m very serious on this! So much Pat because I do not want any thing happening to you this is going to have to be my last postings answering some of you’re sly remarks. Pat you haven’t studied the subject of UFO’s/aliens enough this is some type of a game or a hobby with you! As stated I have witnessed first handed people losing their lifes, being abducted and never seen again, dropping dead on the spot at a young age! Pat I’m just giving you a stern warning and you too Sara you’re messing with some thing that isn’t for fun or some thing to poke fun or make again as stated sly remarks. READ THIS: Both former Presidents Clinton and Bush has made remarks saying T H E Y are not to be messed with! Pat you’re getting to the level now that strongly feel is dangerous! I would not want any thing happening to you! Even though I find some humans jerks for the most part they are good. The stuff you wanted again in circus showing is not going to happen not now not tomorrow or ever! The USA Government isn’t tapping my telephone and emailing which takes place in the State of Virginia by the way as stated on 60 Minutes and too a missionary told me all about it and some things about myself. So Pat read and take heed! Not going to respond to any of you’re personal remarks or related I’m not here to prove any thing to you or others rather it’s more important and too serious! Jerry Biddle USA

  33. Pat this is how it’s going to be answered from hence-forth: Jerry I think you should do this or have them do that my responce to this=====================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================That’s you’re answers to you’re questions Jerry Biddle USA

    • Oh Jerry, that is disappointing, my hopes of at least getting a glimpse of you have been cruelly dashed.

      Were you lecturing people on UFO/aliens when you were 35 years old? Did the Police force etc. allow you to talk publically on the subject? I’m assuming you were in the Police force at the time. You claim you didn’t know you were half alien until later in life, how old were you when you were informed and by whom?

  34. Where do I get my UFO/alien information? The answer:1. First handed what I know learning by what has happened to me personally. 2.What I have read in UFO Books and UFO magazines though the years. 3. Talk shows like the Coast to Coast Show and other related programs. People tell me directly what they have seen and know.4 On the internet 5. Figuring out using some common sense 6. UFO/alien talking to me using the mind I was able to do this because a friend and myself for seer why not attitude went to a professional hypnosist every Tuesday after working hours. This enabled us to open up that part of the brain. Many years later a female alien making claim her planet was on the other side of our sun. She was a tall Gray alien and after just communicating with me with out any form of vision etc. One night she told me that I would see her four nights I seen her that’s how I knew what see looked like etc. She told me not to believe every thing I heard on that Coast to Coast Show (like I needed her to tell me that) she also informed me these things: Her grandson visits earth (using a UFO) that seven different aliens are visiting earth. Not all aliens are good and do not have mankinds best interest. Her planet does not engaged in abductionof humans, cattle mutilations and related factors. She was a retired nurse doesn’t trust our governments they have had contact several years ago with earths governments. She told me several things about not only myself but others. When she would communicate with me it was in the middle part of my forehead regions. All things she told has came with one that hasn’t with me yet. She could tell things regarding my friends and the people I was working with, etc. I asked her how do you know all of this information? She told me they do it by these means: They have a device that can see the past present and future of earth. If they get stuck on some situation they asked Elders like in a conference room and then they are helped with the complexed questions and related. I’ll tell you right off right now the area and individuals who knows this which means I can prove it I’m not going to give information on them etc. Why? In case you haven’t noticed I read on the internet when people post opinion the remarks are smart a—————–s showing ones dumbness and too the area of the USA I live in not my city rather others high crime rates, Pat you have brought up several things like in so many ways go public go around making claims and related things to this. There are so many nut cases they’d try sooner or later try to bring harm to me thinking oh well the USA laws do not pretain to his type so they wouldn’t do any thing to me! Oh boy what a bad mistake this type of thinking is! They’d be the ones killed! I again know this first handed! And too I’m not interested in going on that Coast to Coast Show nor writing 3 different books, or going around telling all about meeeeeeeeeeeeee, meeeeeeeeeeeeeee, I have some thing else in mind and it sure isn’t UFO’s/aliens. I find the subject interesting to a point what has happened to me to a point bringing up numerous questions with out answers. So Pat you can laugh along with Sara all you want about all what I have mentioned. I’ll say this much knowing what has happened to others who in an indirect way what would I do? Read it drop it and move on! THEY could do a number on you and wouldn’t give it a second thought! So, do yourselves a hugh favor read it ponder on it and then drop it because I do not want any bad circumstances happening to the two of you even though I do not know the two of you. Jerry Biddle USA

  35. Tiffany: I received you’re kind responce to the above posting. I would like it if you would post information on you’re personal contact with UFO/aliens. Yes, I agree that not all aliens are bad I have found out that some of the reptilian aliens do not like what the bad reptilian aliens are doing to humans. Keep in mind that all dogs even cats are not nice or worse treating humans very badly. All humans even during World War II we’re not (German people)bad towards the Jewish Commnunity and too others including some Germans. A question was asked during a NDE’s to directly towards God Himself! Question: Why is there evil? God: Because there is good. I have posted this similar views prior I stated it’s like a battery + and -. My next to the oldest brother has become a Catholic Church member (I’m a Mormon of course) and I feel it is good that he has decided to becoming a Catholic Church member. But his attitude towards others including me sure isn’t Christian and even not Catholic he informed me on my LAST telephone conversation that he doesn’t care any thing about our late parents nor the relation or me and sure doesn’t care about my music abilities and related only the members of his Parish no other ones. So, you’re asking what are you getting at? His oldest son got killed in an auto accident several years ago. I have had communication with him he informed me he likes Heaven because it’s fun as he stated and they do fun things. I have an idea what he was getting at. (knowledge and more understanding) my next to the older brother shall never have contact with him! Why? Because of his bad attitude! Now let us relate this to the UFO/alien situation people who for the most part argue over others contact with aliens or the UFO in general doubting questioning things rest a sure you’ll never hear nor see an UFO/alien. Attitudes have a lot to do with having communications with ghost, aliens the deceased. Open up you’re thoughts and too the mind! I’m not saying you have to believe every thing you read or hear and you don’t have to believe in the tooth fairy or Frosty the snow man! No attitudes mean a lot let us reason together I call my brother I tell him oh by the way you’re son had communication with me last night! Do you really believe he’d believe this? I think we all know the answer on this one! When I share the knowledge which is limited because I’m not a CIA or MI30 agent I try to give all of you the things I know! Things I have witness first handed! I’m not in a court of law to prove what I say! Oh yes if it had to be which shall never happen by the way! I could prove every thing I say! Why? Because my late mother wanted one thing from us 3 boys tell the truth! If we did the punishment was oh gee I have to set in this chair for 15 mins do you think I can handled this!(?) But repeat but if we lied oh you don’t want to know what a tree twig can do! I like this posting sight I’m on several of them put in UFO alien Jerry Biddle using either or Google.Com and bingo it’s me! Pat means well and for the most part what little of him I know he’s a good person but one thing he has described about me making personal appreances no. Why? Several reasons as stated in prior postings. I’m not interested in this idea. In the city I reside in we have this lady older then me she teaches an adult education course on UFO’s/aliens she couln’t come close to the infomation that others and myself have given for FREE she gets paid for doing this! Oh yes Pat I have for fun thought of putting down $40.00 and use a false name and be in her class! She couldn’t handled me! I bet she’d have me remove by the police. I have talked to her in the past over the telephone I’ll give you an example of what happen you be the judge! Me: What do the aliens look like? Her: change the subject Me: When do they come to you? Her: I never know (this part is correct)then I asked can you have them come over to me? Her: duh—————– no response! Oh gee isn’t this just great! I know the wisedom is just over whelming! She is an so-called agent for one of those rinky dinky UFO research groups for the state that I live in and she was once on the Coast to Coast Show they had her once repeat once! I can understand why not some other times. What do you learn? Oh the flying saucer was sighted in this city————- oh gee youi think! How many aliens including MIB’s have you had direct contact with? As me! I could give you names times places and situations. Pat you’re correct on one thing I think I’d have more audience attenting my class! I can not tell on this postings what I’m really into and currently doing to get into for obvious reasons! You’d be surprised maybe the militen people out there! No Pat or Sara I’m not referring to the two of you rather another postings sight and too another subject not related to UFO’s/aliens. So, now you have some more information change you’re thinking and maybe just maybe you’ll be rewarded like Tiffany and me. Jerry Biddle USA

    • Hi Jerry,

      I’ve read all your postings on this site and as stated before, it’s all a mish-mash of double dutch and threats to anyone who dares question your utterances.

      Oh dear Jerry! what shall we do with you??

  36. Pat: You need to do you’re home work. What I mean by this some of the questions I have received on today’s emailing which is a transfer from this sight. I get maybe I’m wrong you’re single-ing me out. Police: Could care less no I wasn’t a policeman yet. How do I know about me again read prior postings my late mother told me for some time after I dropped the subject. It was the USA Government by other means letting me know and also again the young alien themselves LDS Mormon missionaries. On my arms the other side of the hairy side I have little bumps like a lizard would have. About my youth look again Pat you’re not doing you’re research all of this is posted on by putting this in: UFO alien Jerry Biddle using either or Now this is going to be real weird for you! I have heard that they royal family are aliens (reptilians) again shape-shifting. (I don’t know if I buy into this one!)I would rather not go into details about myself because this would take up space and my time. Again do you’re home work! On you Pat because you seem to want so many questions about me I could put up a red flag regarding you! I’ll give you an example: Why isn’t Pat doing his home work regarding me? Is some one putting him up to doing this? Or is he just bored and having fun? Why all the million questions about me all of the time? Pat I’m going to say this once again! I have seen what has happened in the past and currently with young missionaries doing similar things! They get transfered on the spot to another location! This has happened several times. Again read my prior postings on other sights if you can dig into this one you can dig into the others mentioned in the above. Also Pat I take this thing about me very seriously! Why? Again read the other postings on this sight it leads to depermental effects not on me rather the others. Also Pat if I woke up one day all green colored and looking like a huge big lizard I couldn’t handle this one! But I’m not going to advertise what I would do! You’re asking me numerous questions which I too wish I had a truthful answer from my USA Government local, State and Federal branches! Also again the LDS Church. But what do I get this=============================! What little I have been told by research some LDS missionaries I’m not alone there are several of my types! For you Pat: Me: Why am I here? What is the purpose of this? What happened to the real Jerry? Why the big secrets? On my young looks I have been told by missionaries and others if I tell the truth about my age THIS IS THE HUGE GIVE AWAY! I’ll be 80 in a few years! No way? Again all of this is explain in prior even on this sights postings. Now I have some questions to you! How old are you? What do you do for a living? Why all the so-called trick questions to me? Is the English Government putting you up to this? Why the big interest in me? I have been giving in the past several things which would be good not only in the USA but the world in general complexed answers but no one has any interest. This one I know why! Because THEY want our a————–s dead! I found out a few years ago two things: 1. Not all reptilian aliens are bad and like humans. 2. Some reptilians are wageing war on the bad reptilians who abduct and eat humans. Pat no I do not eat humans rather humans seem to like being around me because I throw off a good physical feelings! I have been told this one many of times. I hope you’ll do you’re home work and too answer my questions and more then this take my warnings more seriously! Jerry Biddle USA

  37. What I get a kick out of! On this sight not other sights we have people living several thousands of miles away from me these individuals keep in mind they have never seen me! They do not know for sure where I live! If in a croud and I was with several other individuals they and told pick out Jerry! These individuals response would be duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Yet these individuals seem to know every thing about me my local government my state that I reside in and other basic information! Yet these wonder guy/gal seem to know every thing about me! Oh how interesting this is! Do you know what time I got up today? What did I eat? Yet these same individuals seem to know all about me and what was told to me by the local and federal governemts! Oh gee maybe they dial the psyhic 900 telephone numbers to find things out about me!(?) Either way I find all of this humorous! I wonder if they know what the USA President is having for lunch today? Reason I ask these individuals seem to know every thing. What I need to do is ask these high IQ individuals when the Power Ball gets big like it did eariler this month what are the winning numbers for this next day Power Ball drawing!(?) What? You don’t know? But you seen to know all about me! Even though in the community I reside in knows these things I post can be proven! What? NO you can not contact them! Keep in mind you seem to know every thing about me so you wouldn’t need their assistance! I rest my case! Jerry Biddle USA

  38. To all that read this posting sight: I have studied the subject of UFO/alien as stated for 60 some odd years now. Even THOUGH I DO NOT LOOK LIKE A 71 YEAR OLD. This is another subject with in itself. Now this sight has become a glorified Pleiadians which I can understand thanks to that phony Billy Miere guy. Up intil now I never heard of this bunch of so-called aliens called Pleiadians nor has any one else. In my prior postings regarding him and what WHAT HIS OWEN WIFE has said about him. I have heard about a group of aliens called Nordics and investigators have done an extensive research on them. The Billy Meier thing has huge big loop-holes in it! What I have geathered on my studies of UFO/aliens. Grays, ones making claim they come from Venus (human looking) invisable types running earth as stated by both former Presidents Clinton and Bush. If you really study the subject of UFO’s and the aliens starting back in 1947 onward you’ll see that things have changed with not only the size shape of UFO then called Flying Saucers but the aliens themselves. What does all of this mean? I have seen in the past a huge UFO flying away from a smaller UFO like a war type dog fight as it was called in the Air Force. I truly do not believe the governments shall ever tell the truth as I have stated numerous times before. Why? As stated too complexed not just one answer to this subject. As to Pat wanting me to go public and say Hi my name is Jerry I’m not fully human! Do you really think this would happen? I can tell you right now! No! Because in the USA we have too many kooookoooos and religions to match! I would have to have secret service agents around me every hour of the day for that reason. Pat you make claim you’re from England okay that’s cool I watch those TV programs on PBS (public broadcast stations) did you know that out in the UFO community they make claim that the royal family along with the USA Bush etc are in fact reptilians. How do I know I’m reptilian simple if I get a cut in a few hours it’s gone, the other side of my arm the non-hair side I have the skin of a lizard those bumps. Does this effect me? Yes in some ways members of my Ward some know it and I’ve asked them how they feel about it? Answer: We look at you as just one of us (fully human) and then the subject is dropped. Even if the Royal Family are indeed reptilian I still like them. Being not fully human has some advantages more of a + then a – one thing I don’t think like a human rather independent thinking long story on this one. Now let us get back to the Pleiadians for the most part I don’t think there is any! Yes you’re reading this corect nope not never too many loop holes. About Tiffany having converstation with aliens yes I really believe her and she is not alone! She can prove her stuff but old Billy Miere for the most part no! He makes claim I’m the only one false others have made the same claim. He makes claim they are telling the religious truths again humans have been doing this for thousands of years now. The New Age stuff like reincarnation has sneaked itself into so-called Christian religions. So, what does all of this really mean? My viewpoints? Deseptions for the most part! Why? Simple to make you Pat and some others think Pleiadians, this Pleiadians that. This type of getting one off the real truth isn’t new read the Bible other books this stuff has been going on for several thousands of years now! No, the real truth about UFO’s/aliens is far more then all of us ever exspected! Again on the Coast to Coast Show I wish I had two million dollars every time one of the guest said this is the year! The year the governments are going to tell the truth! Oh boy how many of these years is it going to take? Nope don’t believe it! I’m going to post some thing for all of you to consider this guy dead yet what he said in his book has come true! His name is Frank Edwars in his 3rd Edition Flying Saucers Serious Business he brings out things I have witness along with all of you! What he said: In the future the bad aliens are going to cause these things: Train accidents, deseases, wild fires, ship accidents, UFO investigators dying looking normal yet actually being killed, droughts, numerous abductions, airplanes crashings, I could go on and on. You’re too young for the most part when I was young yes SOME OF THESE THINGS DID HAPPEN but this is a common thing today I see people on those tv shows winning a ship cruse and acting like oh BOY! I wouldn’t yes you’re reading me correct I would not go on those programs before you ask or say but they have not asked you?(!) Oh yes they have! So don’t go that route! I simply refuse. So what does this all mean then as stated in previous postings some one wants us dead! And THEY want earth for themselves. Do I believe they are going to beable to do this? THEY are sure trying making out like owning a gun is some type of huge sin for starters! Many numerous ways they are doing their actions. One thing that bothers me is Pat why because he wants to know about not only me but others I have asked this shall make three different times now: What do you do for a job(living) how old are you? Have you done what I have told you about independent research? Why are you so interested in one Jerry Biddle knowing first hand you’ll never see me in person? Do I like you’re interest and comments to a degree yes but you don’t listen or read my suggestions about more research. As to that Sara lady oh wow I’d expect this from her and some others. Tiffany I believe she is telling the truth and is sincere. So what does this all add up to be? Simple: The UFO subject is just as mysterous now as it was several years ago! Too many questions not enough answers. Billy Miere guy several factors too many to list on this one! Jerry Biddle USA

  39. First we’ll get on to Pat! Pat the more I read from you’re so-called comments the more I DO NOT TRUST YOU! Keep in mind I was in lawenforcement several years. Why? Several reasons: I ask about what do you do for a living? Pat:===========================, Pat you need to dig into other sights and read about UFO/aliens. Pat:=========================== You make comments about not only me but what the former CIA, NSA, FBI agents in the know regarding bad aliens,etc. Pat: Duh=============== So you see I don’t trust you nor do I like you! I could just ignor you! But why tell a lie! Again I do not trust you and some one like YOU WOULD NEVER BE MY FRIEND! END ON THIS SUBJECT ABOUT Pat. Also people reading this sight I wouldn’t be too surprised they’d agree with me you avoid too many things. We have people like you in the USA and they are on SSI. Tiffany: Your next! When USA individuals started having communication with UFO/aliens they made claim that they lived in the planet of Venus. Not blonde haired rather white individual with dark brown hair. I have posted so many postings not only on this sight but others. I suggest that you read my prior postings because if I get into this again I’m going around in circles it’s bad enough having that Pat guy doing this we don’t need me. What really bothers me about the Pleiadians are these: The do not like Jesus Christ and religion in general. Yes, I agree some repeat some religions are bad we all know this! Then again look at the good ones! Pat states he is from England what happens in the USA may not happen in England. This has been the case with UFO’s starting way before 1947 but openly started in 1947 we all know this story about the crashed UFO’s etc. It’s hard for me to believe in the Pleiadians when we have some one like old man Billy. Loop-holes his wife thinks he is a nut case! Yes while being abducted some blonde haired men have been assisting the grays and others with the human that was abducted. They seem to take orders, do not have too much to say etc. As I have stated going on a million times now I have studied the subject of UFO then called Flying Saucers way back in the year of 1947 onward. The Pleiadian alien thing is a newer idea and for the most part most serious UFO investigators do not make any claim or comments on them. I’m open what I mean by this they might be new to the visiting earth situation. They believe in creation but not a God Creator this brings up issues: How did things get created if not by a God/Creator. They believe when one dies they go to this place and either a few hours or so on they reincarnate. In the USA this believe system which is what the Pleiadians seem to promote we call it NEW AGE RELIGION. They have given strong hints they’d like all other UFO/aliens like the one Pat doesn’t understand because England doesn’t have their bases, and the grays other types to leave earth! Okay lets look into this idea: If they have complete control now because of other aliens gone and too because they are so advanced then mankind what would they expect? Good by religion! Good by God/Jesus Christ, etc, if this is the case their no better then the other bad aliens. As stated again a million times I have had direct communication with UFO/aliens they believe in our God which they call Elohim and THEY believe in Jesus Christ. What I have noticed THEY have a low opinion of humans and wouldn’t bat an eye on doing some wrong to them! Again I have posted this a million times now. So, this brings up issues! This is why some UFO/alien researchers believe they are not good calling them fallen angels and demons! I can understand why they would think this way! The aliens I have contact with have never told me directly to stop believe-ing in God (Elohim) Jesus Christ, mainly because they know this would be a lost cause. I wouldn’t stop believe-ing in THEM! About Pat again you’re up to some thing I have an idea but for security reasons and others I’m not going to go into this what I feel what is going on! Keep in mind I wasn’t born yesterday maybe the day before. I’m finding you very boring! You do not have any good on you’re own information. I find this humorous because as stated prior you seem to know all about the USA and me! Even though you make claim you’re from England. Are you ashamed of to tell us what you do for a living? I’ve told all of you! Again you’re red-flag material! Jerry Biddle USA

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