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Alien Hoax Coming to a Sky Near You

The History channel along with others, is starting the global panic directive. There will soon be an all-out initiative to set the people of the world in a paranoid confusion through media reported alien invasions. They have been subtly setting us up subliminally for years now with all the doomsday movies about end of days apocalyptic scenarios from space invaders to meteor strikes to zombie diseases that decimate mankind, etc. You must have seen it and I wager there are few people that have not scratched their heads and wondered at this.

The Disclosure Project’s Dr. Stephen Greer (google it) has been bringing this to light for over two decades and has taken the Disclosure project to Washington along with about a hundred highly acclaimed scientists to get our government to spill what they know about extraterrestrial beings and technologies.The good Doctor and his compatriots have largely run up against a wall of resistance and denial (who would have guessed?). But Greer reports that while D.C. is reticent, they are gearing up for a world-wide stage play regarding a global invasion of hostile aliens. Take heart… it’s NOT going to happen. It will ALL be smoke and mirrors… literally.

The Globalist initiative will be meant to throw us into a panic and when multitudes panic they invariably look to their “leaders” to lead and protect and these pricks are going to be right there to play the part. But there will be NO threat. Greer states that there are indeed extraterrestrial races watching our progress and guiding in what ways they can but their input is VERY minimal and they are in fact, more cautious about what horrendous planetary blunders we pose ourselves. In short, they’re more scared of us than we are of them. Greer states in no uncertain terms that the various species watching us are subtly trying to guide us to a future when we might “qualify” for to join them in the colonization of the galaxy.

All this may or may not be true, I honestly don’t know. But, my research points to there being at least some credibility to the idea.

The globalists are promoting all manner of confabulation. If you’re not living under a rock or deep down in some cave, you’ve no doubt seen and heard some of it. The odd noises coming from the skies; horns (of the avenging angels), loud metallic and scraping sounds, holographs in the clouds, the Norway spirals, large holographic cubes and mother ships and so on.

It’s a prelude. There is a technology known as Bluebeam that will be employed to put on a global show in the skies. It is a way to make things appear skyward that will shock and astound. We have ALL seen the controversy over chemtrails and regardless of what you believe about them, they DO “thicken” the atmosphere. If you know anyone in the entertainment field such as those that put on rock shows and so on, you know that for a hologram to be effective , it must be projected onto a mist, fog or smoke. There ya go. Hove you looked at the sky lately?

Soon there will be an all-out global chicanery and depending where you are geographically and how religion-imbued the area is, it may take the form of apocalyptic end-of-times angels, Christ, Mohammed, crosses and so on…OR…it will be space ships and all manner of boogeymen, but it will be frequent and the MSM will report on it ad nauseam (probably).

There also will be photos and doctored videos flooding the internet of “holy” happenings ostensibly ushering in the Rapture, end of times, religious “signs to the faithful” to go along with every conceivable type of alien visitation scenarios and this has been going on for years now. You can’t possibly ignore them if you go to Youtube or Facebook.

Do NOT be fooled. It’s going to be all bullshit and it will be there to throw the collective population off balance in a world-wide panic. When that happens (if we let it), the general upheaval will result in such universal fear that there will be global degeneration of societal mores and collapse will follow. At this point global authorities will step in to restore order by ostensibly offering THEIR brand of protection and the world will be at yet another war against a truly invisible enemy making the proprietors of the military industrial complex even more obscene wealth subsequently providing them even more power.

Deprive these freaks of their power. Fear not and laugh off their pathetic attempts. I know one thing; I’m going to enjoy the light shows at the globalists expense and go on with my life. I refuse to give over ANY power to these demons disguised as saviors. Fuck them where they eat and shit all over their attempts to gain control. Why do you think they have been spending TRILLIONS on thousands on elite, luxurious subterranean bunkers the world over? They KNOW that their efforts may well result in nuclear annihilation for much of the population (which , incidentally, is a major facet of Agenda 21; getting the world population down to 500 million.)These bunkers, while they certainly may withstand natural calamities such as vulcanization, meteors and comets, earthquakes and the like, they are more precisely, proof against man-made threats and are there for when the shit hits the fan.

One of our chief defenses against the Globalist’s plans is, not to take the bait. Deprive them of their plans for general panic and ignore them out of existence.

Also, enjoy all the end-of-times, Armageddon and apocalypse / zombie media entertainment, but DO NOT take it to heart. We CAN defeat the elite’s plans by simply ignoring them and sapping them of any consequence.

Written by George Yesthal
Brodheadsville, United States

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  1. The media is abuzz with suddenly released FBI and CIA declassified info on UFOs. I am sure that we are and have been visited by aliens,but what’s taking place now is a NWO machination for a specific purpose and it’s sinister. We have to keep our heads in the months to come.

    • I agree with this and have been saying similar things for years. Yes, I believe there are “aliens” out there and it is very likely that they have visited the Earth and even living among us. BUT I believe the gov will take advantage of anything including a shooting, global warming, and so on.

  2. What a brilliant way to subvert any interdimensional event, whether it be the arrival of aliens, the Apocalypse, the dawning of the Satya Yuga, the Singularity, or some combination thereof. Oh, it’s just Project Bluebeam, just dismiss it, or better yet, view any and all entities from such an event with fear and hatred. Consciousness co-creates reality, and these programs ensure that you dismiss or doubt any supra-normal phenomenon. Brilliantly negative mind control. Visualize better.

  3. In the next few months and years there will come MUCH more “official” confirmation and open media coverage of the alien phenomenon and will actually include some religious “miracles” in the more religious areas of the world. It’s meant to reflect on the whole “End of Days” scenario.

    We might ask ourselves why the official sources are suddenly so forthcoming where they have always been highly guarded.

    It’s because this is the advent of their plans to throw the world population into a state of fear bordering on panic. A fearful population is more controllable; more likely to gravitate to “authority” for protection and subsequently, more vulnerable. Make no mistake; this is how they want us and the timing is by no means arbitrary.

    I have no doubt we are and have been visited and that the CIA and FBI have been withholding information because it served their purposes to do so. A populous panic did NOT serve their means at that point but it does now. The Globalists will do everything in their power to drive populations into more controllable urban areas and there are many who, if fearful enough may just seek safety in numbers and actually pull up steaks and make the move voluntarily.

    Don’t fall for it. We are in no more danger now than we have ever been. Truth be told, we are in more danger from our “leaders” than any spooks.

  4. 2019 now, cant wait for this to happen..

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