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Ancient Aliens and Gobekli Tepe

The “Ancient Aliens Theory” holds that at some point in our distant past extraterrestrials interacted with human beings. These ancient aliens taught humanity about medicine, mathematics, science, astronomy and much more. The evidence out there that extraterrestrials did in fact visit and interact with human beings is immense. The mysterious structures unearthed at Gobekli Tepe may have been planned and constructed with the help of ancient aliens or some as-of-yet forgotten/undiscovered technology used by mankind in our distant past.

Gobekli Tepe is certainly an interesting place and whether you believe in ancient alien involvement or not this is a fascinating glimpse into our own ancient past. ~ David Slone

Gobekli Tepe: The Greatest Story Finally Told?

Gobekli Tepe Map - Ancient Aliens?

Gobekli Tepe Map

The beginning of civilized humankind  has been studied by archaeologists, historians, and theologians for centuries. Generally though, it has been assumed that civilizations began to evolve long after the advent of the Neolithic Period (sometimes called the New Stone Age). There is evidence of human habitation during the Stone Age of course, but it has been believed to be a period of survival and self preservation. Civilizations, which consist of human beings living in societies of religious worship, scientific advancements, and a political process have previously been thought to go as far back as the Sumerians (around 5000 BC). In 1994 however, a chance discovery by a Kurdish shepherd and the forgotten notes of a previous archaeological survey led German archaeologist Klaus Schmidt to the find of a lifetime. A series of megaliths located in Southeastern Turkey known as Gobekli Tepe indicate civilization may have existed much earlier than previously thought.

Gobekli Tepe Megalith

Gobekli Tepe Megalith

These megaliths are not just random stones, but rather shaped and sculpted into pillars pointing toward the sky. Engravings and carvings depict animals both familiar and unknown, and there is some indication of cuneiform style writing. Carbon dating, a method that determines the age of something by measuring how much of the radioisotope Carbon-14 is remaining, places the earliest time of construction at 11000-12000 years ago. That being the case, civilization has quite possibly existed much longer than previously speculated.

Gobekli Tepe, which literally translates to “potbelly hill” is located on a mountain ridge just northeast of Sanliurfa, Turkey. Looking south, one can see the border of Syria, which was once part of ancient Mesopotamia, or the Fertile Crescent. Did humankind evolve from the top of this hill? More than fifteen years of excavation and study haven’t brought us much closer to the secrets of this structure that challenges every theory presented in modern history.

Gobekli Tepe Megaliths

Gobekli Tepe Megaliths

Klaus Schmidt has been overseeing the excavation of this area since the German Archaeological Institute was contacted by the Sanliurfan Museum in 1994. A shepherd had discovered the tip of a buried stone structure, and upon seeing the extent of what appeared to be underneath, he informed the museum. It didn’t take long to see that this would be a major undertaking to dig and find what was underneath. Further investigation showed an American archeological survey had been done of the area in 1964, and had noted the stones underneath were not natural. For reasons unknown, there was no further attempt to find out what lay beneath, outside of a few speculations. Before that chance encounter by the shepherd who just happened to glance down at the right time, there was no further consideration given to the area.

Since the discovery, there have been many theories about what these megaliths have to tell us. Was it a temple of some ancient religion? Did the pillars that remain once support roofs to house the people in the area? What of the animal carvings on nearly every surface? Many of them show animals and humans interacting along with depictions of snakes and reptiles that appear menacing. Upon closer inspection, there is writing on the stones that grace the hilltop. This writing includes several dingirs, an ancient cuneiform sign of the star. Were the stones engraved with this writing at a time later than its construction, or has the writing been around longer than originally thought? Do the star signs in the carvings speak of the gods and goddesses this temple may have been built to worship? To take it even further, is it possible that the writing tells more of the Sumerian beliefs in extraterrestrials?

Ancient Stone Henge Like Structures Gobekli Tepe

Ancient Structures Gobekli Tepe

As with other ancient structures such as Stonehenge and the Great Pyramid, there is the question of how the building could have possibly been done with what was available at the time. One theory has been that humans didn’t build these monuments, but rather a race of extraterrestrials that had marked certain areas of the Earth for habitation. The late Zechariah Sitchen believed he had translated the Sumerian texts to reveal that humans were created by the Annunaki or “those who came from the heavens” If the translations are correct, the Sumerians believed the Annunaki came to Earth to mine its resources. They created human beings for the purpose of doing the work and the building. Could this structure have been orchestrated by these beings, using humans as slave labor?

Schmidt believes that for this to have been done by human beings, it would have taken a minimum of 500 workers who would have had to have supplies brought in from elsewhere. There have been intact huts found inside Gobekli Tepe, which indicate possible housing for laborers working on the structure. It would have taken hundreds of years to complete, and the construction shows that time and intricacy was put into its creation. It is possible for humans to have built this monument, however it should be noted that at this time, no remains of tools have been found to show how it was constructed. It’s simply there, a testament to a time that changes everything we thought we knew about “how it all began”.

As the excavation continues, the question of why it was buried in the first place has also puzzled many. Very shortly after the last of the structure was built, it seems that it was buried deeply enough to hide its very existence for thousands of years. What would cause the builders of this ancient temple that obviously took a lot of work and detail to bury it so far beneath the ground that it could not be seen? Theories range from the structure being hidden from the Annunaki out of fear of their return… or an attempt to preserve the site in case they did. Burying the temple certainly succeeded in preserving it. After 10,000 years, the pillars and engravings are still in very good condition.

Gobekli Tepe

Gobekli Tepe

In modern history, we have struggled to understand what these structures could possibly mean or who was responsible for building them. Our minds automatically look for what similarities and common threads they all have. They all seem to be built in circular patterns, and they are all built high above the ground, as if the intent was to be seen from the sky. Were these specific points possibly marking territories or energy grids? What of the  possibility of landing strips? Such large structures with little evidence showing how they were built ask far more questions than they answer.

Many of these ancient monuments have carvings on them that indicate at the very least a belief in life outside the earthly realm. If that belief was a reality, perhaps the knowledge of physics that these beings may have possessed could actually reverse magnetics, nullifying gravity and thus making the enormous stones easily maneuvered. That is simply a theory of course, and the very discovery of this structure proves that previous theories were wrong. It may be we have underestimated what people of the Neolithic period were capable of doing.

Gobekli Tepe was the only one of these monuments that seemed to be deliberately hidden. Why? How did it remain undiscovered for so long? The survey that was done in 1964 by the University of Chicago (along with the University of Istanbul) did note that there was something underneath the ground, but they had no reason to suspect anything other than an ancient cemetery or a possible former monastery. For thirty more years, the mysteries of its existence stayed underground until a shepherd, a museum, and a dedicated archaeologist started the journey to unearth what could be the first religious oriented structure of civilized man. Or… another piece to the extraterrestrial puzzle.

It will be many years to come before the excavation of Gobekli Tepe is completed. Schmidt doubts highly he will see the end of it in his lifetime and has left some of it intentionally untouched for future archaeologists with more sophisticated equipment to work with. Perhaps when all is said and done, more answers will be revealed as to how humans evolved, and what (if any) connection there is to planets outside Earth.

Written by Angela Sangster, Copyright 2011 all rights reserved.

  1. I Like your article;

    Just some thoughts to share. What if neolithic people came upon theses structures. ( no construction tools found so far on site)

    Were neolithic people capable of understanding the flow of political events among populations
    and groups. (Beliefs and moral structures change.) Were they capable of foreseeing deconstructive or hostile events tearing at the fabric of their beliefs?

    Were the monuments buried for preservation from a society incapable of what the monuments represent. Therefore was it buried by neolithic people or the beings of construction.

    Were neolithic people capable of performing an enormous burial event? Did the constructors see changes and determined they must be buried and preserved for another millennium of greater intellect and understanding.

    Seems the greatest concern was preservation. A thought and idea not considered or advanced in a society that was structured around survival.

    Could it be that history is completely wrong and intentionally hid from us as it was at Gobekli Tepe. Are we advanced enough to truly understand the emotional and intellectual gestalt that will result.

    • Thank you so much for your comment, canton..and you bring up some very good points. I’ve often wondered if a structure such as Gobekli Tepe was intentionally hidden. I have also thought of the possibility of a huge sandstorm that could have buried it as well. So much has been lost to time though, and it really is speculation..but you have brought a lot of good points up to speculate on! Thanks for reading!

  2. Yes, all these artifacts which have been unearthed in that particular vicinity (Sumeria in particular) over the past few years along with findings and legendary stories which originate from the ancient natives in South America point to visitations by men or gods from the sky in ancient times. These gods taught the earthlings many things including more advanced methods of crop cultivation. In addition, certain stone tablets which were found in Sumeria contained ancient scripts which were deciphered. There’s mention of an advanced race of people who are in orbit – who by-pass planet earth every 3600 years and whilst in the vicinity of our planet earth they drop by to see our progress and impart more knowledge for our further advancement.

    The ancient natives of South America also had legendary stories whereby the gods specifically created little black headed beings for the purposes of mining minerals in the bowels of the earth, and, when mankind developed, (being a product of those created and possibly a mix with the natural earth inhabitants), the black headed ones felt as they were the direct descentants of the gods, they had dominion over the others and felt they shouldn’t be doing the work and passed the hard mining work onto the earthlings. How much of this is fact – is the big question. There seems to be a mixture of stories about the creation of mankind, however one thing seems to be clear, we were the creations of ‘gods’ from the sky. Note the plural in the word ‘gods’ and according to the Christian bible in Genesis – “Let ‘us'(plural) make man in our own image and likeness”, and to me it is logical to assume we were genetically created by these gods (extraterrestials). This poses many questions for the conventional religious teachings about mankinds original ancestral parents – Adam and Eve and their first sons – Cane and Abel. When Cane killed his brother Abel, God threw him out of the garden of eden where he seemed to have some protection against ‘those’ outside of the garden of eden. Apparently, Cane said to God, please don’t throw me out because those others will kill me if they see me, and God said, alright – I will put a mark on your forehead so that no one will kill you. (Who were those others outside the garden of eden, who by the way – Cane did take one of them as a wife and multiplied the human race). If Adam and Eve are our ancestral parents, who were the others and where did they come from. Could Adam and Eve have been a creation of one group of the sky gods and their offspring(the Israelites) as mentioned in genesis, whereas the ‘others’ a genetic blend of pre-historic )neolithic) men and other lesser creations? I ask the question because the offspring of Adam and Eve seemed to be favoured by their creators and, it seems
    some of them even walked with and kept company with the ‘Lord’ for a while, obviously, they were being instructed in the art survival and many other aspects of life.

    • Thank you for your incredibly thought out is obvious you have done a lot of research on this, pat, and I respect that a lot. To me, it has always seemed that with all the answers religions try to provide, they all have similar elements and stories. This tells me that they all have their interpretive pieces to a much bigger puzzle. Thanks for reading!

  3. This article is amazing. I really enjoy reading the comments posted. I myself have been observant to these ancient civilizations, crop circles, prophecies, and messages. Even in religion, everything seems to be connected. To reveal that our understanding is not obsolete on the age civilization shows how much we do not know. We should be open to putting time and energy into looking into these matters as priority of all nations. I am very aware that every religion talks about we were created from the god(s) in the sky. To think that we were merely created for labor, is a bit daunting. I wander though why would they care to educate us if we were workers?

    • Hi Amber, the ‘little black haired’ people, who no longer reside on this planet, were created by the ‘gods’ explicitly, to work underground or as was stated – in the bowels of the earth (in my view – mining). These stories are legendry/mythical. I believe many of these mythical stories (which weren’t taken seriously in the past) are being unearthed by authors with enquiring minds today and, examined in the light of the possibility mankind is being tampered with and manipulated by mysterious & illusive beings (ETs).

      Ofcourse, it’s not a pleasant thought that certain ‘godly’ creations of early earthly human creatures were made to toil underground but let’s ask ourselves this question – What are we doing on this earth and, REALLY why were we created? We spend most of time CREATING/WORKING to provide for ourselves and families. We prepare for this eventuality from very young, being educated in school, then onto tertiary education and training for what? TO WORK and mostly for somebody else!! What’s the difference Amber, creating little ‘black haired’ humanoid creatures to mine underground and creating mankind to procreate and produce people to eventually work to survive and then die. At least, according to myth, the little ‘black haired’ creations did in fact join their creative ‘gods’ in the sky leaving the lessor creations – modern human beings to continue working in order to survive.

  4. I found this whole article very interesting and because humans are the only species on this planet that are capable of advancing in technology aside from all other life on Earth then I have to say that there has had to be some intervention from a more advanced alien race at some point. To think we were created by aliens to do hard labor work is not to difficult to accept. My biggest question to this article and others that I have read about Gobekli Tepe is why would anyone or any group of beings would want to bury this site? Think about it. Of all the acient sites around the world, why was this one buried intentionally. Are archeologist certain that it was in fact intentionally buried or is it possible that after 12,000 years floods and drifting sands did not naturally bury Gobekli Tepe? Let’s be honest, a lot of changes can occur on a particular location of land over a period of 12,000 years. All I want to know is how have they come to this conclusion that it was buried intentionally?

    • It has to be speculation, deliberately burying these sites makes no sense at all, my opinion is floods or a massive flood at some time in the past. I believe there is ample information to uphold this theory.

      • Yes I to agree with the massive flood or multiple floods theory that could have occurred in the past twelve thousand years. Do you think if that was the case is there a good chance that this could be the reason why they found no tools that were used to build this site during the excavation process due to them being washed away? Let’s be realistic; when a large body of water washes over a part of land many smaller objects and also large objects are relocated to other locations usually very far from their original location.

        I’m not an expert in this field but large quantities of water can do this. It’s easy to relate to this due to tsunamis and floods that have occurred in the 21st century and seeing the effects of man made objects being relocated. So maybe there could be a chance that these tools used to build this site are several miles away buried under tons of sand at another location that have not been found and if they were found maybe there is a chance that no one has made the connection with these tools and the Gobekli Tepe site. Please let me know what you think. Thanks for responding back.

        • Just a thought Cord, why would the tools be expected to be in the vicinity or washed away, surely when the buildings are complete, the tools are removed with their craftsmen onto another site for further usage, maybe many miles away.

          An example in modern-day construction is, when buildings are complete in a newly built housing estate, all the tools and construction equipment are removed with the construction company and their workers to another site – maybe 10 miles away or even 100 miles away. So when/if a devastating flood occurs, the building tools wouldn’t be found in the vicinity – would they?

          • Your probably right but if you dig down into the ground far enough on residential and commercial properties, you will likely find pieces of or broken tools that were left behind along with materials that were discarded.

            I myself have found this digging around in backyards of properties I lived on in the past. Sure there is always a clean up process during and after the modern day construction process but not everything is completely picked up. For instance, archaeologist have found tools buried deep in the sand that were used to build the Egyptian pyramids. Sand can easily bury small objects very quickly. All that it takes is wind which will blow sand over small objects and eventually cover them up creating a time capsule if they are buried deep enough.

            From all the photos I have seen of Gobekli Tepe it appears that there is quite a bit of sand in that particular area of
            Turkey. Also the documentary done by Discovery pointed out how strange it was that no tools were found around the sites. So I do think maybe it is very possible that a great flood or multiple floods did in fact possibly wash away any tools and materials left behind.

            There could be other logical explanations however but many sites that were built all over the world by the ancient peoples usually have tools found somewhere near the site buried deep in the ground or sands.

            So why would Gobekli Tepe be any different unless massive flooding did occur?


          • And I’m in full agreement with you Cord, I was merely sticking a spoke in the wheel basically to say – yes a flood or floods in the past is the most likely explanation, however the craftsmen removing ‘most’ of the tools could’ve been another.

  5. Obviously there are still many unanswered questions about Gobekli Tepe that one day will hopefully be answered to unravel the mysteries behind it. Perhaps, many years from now when the excavation process is complete, many of them will be answered. There being no tools found at the site is just one of many mysteries. Thank you for your input.

    • Hello Cord. Personally I do not think it a natural situation for there to be no tools found. Contractors taking their tools with them, water flooding moving them, etc and so on would not account for the complete absence of tools. Of course there is still a lot of excavating left to be done (as you said) so it is a bit too early to really say what happened but I would never think that the complete absence of tools would be a natural situation.

      • Hi Alien UFO Truth Seeker, you must have personal thoughts or ideas on the question of the absence of tools, surely any remnants of tools should be found more-or-less on the same level where excavation has taken place – What are your thoughts on the subject?

        • What I meant to say above was that I DO think that tools should have been found. But I also say that we havent excavated enough yet to be able to say whether or not tools are absent. So far none have been found but that doesnt mean there are none to be found.

          • I have read all the inputs about what possible reasons why there could have been no ancient tools found at are around the sight. I am no expert in this field but here is one question I have and I hope someone can answer it: Of all the ancient megalithic sights around the world, has there ever been a documented recording in archeological history indicating no ancient tools are parts of tools being found at a particular archeological sight at some point during an excavation process? If there has not been a case with exception to Gobekli Tepe then obviously there is something very strange about this. Someone please let me know if there has ever been a documented case of this occurring somewhere else.

            Perhaps if ancient aliens did use their technology to build Gobekli Tepe then they were very thorough at removing all their tools so that their technology would never be discovered by the much less advanced humans existing in that time frame or future
            more technological advanced humans that could have hijacked this technology and used it for themselves at some point. A prime example of this is present with current government technology being classified to the general public to avoid it falling in the hands of our enemies that could eventually lead to it being used against us. If one day human astronauts travel to another world and discover a less advanced intelligent race of beings it’s almost certan that we would teach them some things but not too much to the point that they could learn our technology and possibly use it against us or eachother which could lead to an early extinction of their species. With great technology comes great responsiblity.

            Of course again this is only a theory.

          • Hi Cord,
            I wouldn’t fret too much about whether tools have been found in the vicinity because if the Gobeki Tepe structures were that advanced, it would follow the tools would have been more valuable to the craftsmen and therefore carried away by them as in modern construction sites, however, in the case of less sophisticated ancient structures where rather crude and some-what primitive tools were used, one would find remnants of these during excavation.

            Do you have some idea lurking in the back of your mind Cord as to what you really think happened to these tools – other than possible floods or their removal by the craftsmen?

      • Thanks for sharing your tgouhhts! I’m not sure I buy into the argument that humans can’t be good without religion (I have morals, and I’m guessing you do too, despite being atheist ), so I think security can exist in a completely secular society. But, our society is still a long way from achieving that. I think we need a better way of inculcating empathy in people, which I think is ultimately the source of my ability to live peaceably with others (Do unto others as you would have others do unto you). We’re inherently selfish, and religion has helped a lot of people to set aside their selfish tendencies.

        • Are you saying that you don’t believe in God or are you saying that I don’t believe in God? If me, you’re wrong I strongly believe in God. I get the impression it’s not God you have a problem with rather religion. If this is the case in some ways I agree with you! Some repeat some religions have an attitude my way or else! Some to the point we’ll cut off your heads! Jesus Christ when He was on earth would never say this to others. If you really study the Bible He made fun of some of the so-called religions because they felt they we’re so much better then others. Some religions police their own members. If that member doesn’t fit what they seem to believe or etc, they disfellowship or excommunicate them or they have groups and if you don’t fit that group you’re not into the end crowd. So, I believe this answers my standing on religions. Yes some non-believing individuals have higher standards then so-called religious individuals I again agree.

  6. Hello Alien UFO Truth Seeker,
    Where is everybody??? 🙁 For some reason, this sight has been abandoned – but why? I thought it was very lively.

    • Hello Pat, I dont know. The traffic on the site is normal, that is there are a lot of people visiting and reading but the regular commentors dont seem to be present or active. Perhaps it is because we need some new articles… Thanks for your comment 🙂

  7. Remember the story of the tower of babel? when Zacheria Sitchin recounted the sumerian version, the people were not trying to make a ‘name’ for themselves, but a SPACE craft!
    If you look at photos and drawings of this
    temple, you can see that the circular structures are the size and shape of ‘flying saucers’! they are missing their domes roofs. The center pillars would have held the domed roofs and allowed them to taper down and meet the side pillars. The entrance to the structures looks like the ramps to enter the craft. I think the gobekli structures ate an attempt by the humans at the time to create their own crafts based on what they had seen landing around them. I think perhaps several had been allowed to enter te real crafts. They even put entrance ‘portals’ on the floors of their creations which would have been under a real craft. They were buried by the ‘gods’ because, as the bible and other writings state, ‘god’ did not want the humans even thinking about going into space.

    • I would love to comment more on this mystery of no ancient tools being discoverd but I really cannot until someone can comment on the fact if there has ever been a documented case in archeological history where no ancient tools were ever found at other ancient sites around the world. Can anyone accurately answer this question? If Gobekli Tepe is the only site that this has occurred at then this is very strange.

      • Hey man there were tools found. Lots and lots actually. You should read the nat geo article by Charles Mann. He interviews klaus schmidt who actually has been there for 15 years excavating. If anyone is worth listni g to it’s this guy. The one thing they actually didn’t find was any evidence of permanent dwellings, the one thing that the above article says there was. To date they have unearthed no firepits, hearths, houses, postmolds, or any other sign of a house. A little research goes a long way bro

      • Cord, the Sphinx famously has no tool fragments left (or markings, for that matter) leaving no indication of what tools may have been used in its construction. In fact, atypical of the surrounding structures, the Sphinx bears no signature markings of its builders at all.

        There is growing support for the suggestion that the Sphinx is not a 3000 BC era building, but dates back another 7,000 years beyond that date. This conclusion is based on an interpretation of the erosion on the Sphinx that geologists are coming to agree were caused, not by wind, but by precipitation, requiring a volume of water that was not known to have existed in the area within the last 10,000 years.

        In short, about the only thing the Sphinx and other structures in the vicinity have in common is their proximity. Who, and when, they were all built, may in fact be separated by thousands of years, joining other structures (Gobekli Tepe, Yonaguni, Dawarka) as mounting evidence that the story of intelligent life on this planet is much different than the status quo views that rule academia today.

        • “It has long been assumed that the Sphinx and the Goddess Sekhmet were constructed under the command of an Egyptian Pharaoh, but what if these two objects are much older than Egypt? In fact there is much evidence that points to these massive structures being around 13,000 years old……..”

          Is The Sphinx Much Older Than Egypt?

          “The Great Sphinx of Giza, Egypt, has long been thought to have been carved de novo by the Fourth Dynasty pharaoh Khafre (Chephren) about 2500 B.C. Recently I have determined that, in fact, the Great Sphinx was built in stages and I have estimated that the earliest portions of the statue (the core body of the Sphinx) date back to the period of 7000 to 5000 B.C. My redating of the Sphinx is now well ? established.” Dr. Robert M. Schoch

        • Was there any prehistory writings or hieroglyphics pointing to the Sphinx being there already?Surely the third dynasty would have paid homage to such a feat and definitely fourth dynasty Snefru would have threw as many trial and error, with he had built,yet no indication if THAT SPHINX,why,because it wasn’t there.

    • Well Mardha, thus far the ‘gods’ have failed to ‘totally’ curb the capabilities of mankind – haven’t they? We managed a few trips to the moon and have other space vehicles travelling far and wide transmitting photos of planets and other activities on route through deeper space back to Earth – that’s quite an achievement.

      Having said that, they (the ‘gods’) must’ve known this would be a possibility in time when these words were uttered by their leader ‘the Lord’ – “Here they are, one people with a single language and now they have started to do this; henceforward nothing they have a mind to do will be beyond their reach”. (genesis ch.11 vs.6 – I take it he meant, mankind has now matured to a point where they can only advance technologically in areas they choose.

  8. It was hidden to cover up the real history of Earth. Aliens came here and found an existing advanced civilization and went to war with the real HUMANS and won. We were more than we are now and that’s the biggest secret!!! They didn’t help us evolve they shut all our natural gifts off and made us weak and easy to kill. It’s basically the same idea as taking a wolf and breeding it down to a poodle, we got ef’d over. Don’t believe the lies…

    • Well Shadow Crow, they aren’t killing us having weakened us as you assert, they even allowed us to visit the moon and even send robots to Mars and, explore our solar system and beyond. And still, they remain hidden from us. I always thought when you subjugate a people, you make sure you have a strong physical presence to maintain control.

      If what you say is true, they have imprisoned earthlings for eons allowing us immense freedom without actually harming us – that must be a good thing at least. There must be a very good reason for holding us- puny earthlings prisoner, I wonder what it could be??? 🙂

  9. last comment July 4th any one here?

    • Yes Sue – still around skulking in the dark awaiting interesting stories on UFO’s. 🙂

  10. Well I’m sorry to say but there are many incorrect statement in your article. Sounds like somebody needs to do more research. The site was actually burried because they continuously rebuilt over the old, and funny enough they kept getting worse. There were many stone tools found on the site along with flint knaps and chips. There were actually more stone and flint tools found in and around gobekli tepe in a square meter than many other Neolithic sites total. And remember this is 6,000 years before written language. The sumarians had nothing to do with this. I am actually a supporter of the AA theory, but reading articles like the above only hurt the cause. We get people running around spouting false truths and it just makes us look like idiots. I urge you to read manns article the birth of religion, in nat geo, and there’s a good article in smithsonian mag online. Both have good interviews with klaus Schmidt who has been excavating for over 15 years on site. They have only excavated maybe 10% of the site and ground penetrating radar shoes another 16 stone ring patterns under 22 acres of surrounding land yet to be unearthed. Just check it out please.

  11. I think excavations have clearly shown Gobekli tepe was deliberately and systematically covered up, not buried by sandstorm or flood.

  12. I have read you’re postings and find them interesting. I have studied the subject of UFO’s/aliens for 65 years now. I have had contact with some young aliens in the Mormon Church, I have had contact with a female alien who made claims her planet is on the other side of our sun. Recenly our governments have found this paticular planet. What I gather is this: Aliens like humans have the good and the bad. It is thought that a war is currently going on between the good and the bad ones. If you have night vision scopes (green lighted type) series number three you can look to the skys and see this war going on. Coast to Coast Show George Noory has seen UFO’s using this number three latest series of scope like the military uses. I seen several years ago a smaller UFO chasing a larger one that looked like Shell Gas logal both white color this was in the summer time. Over 15 years ago. Yes, I read you’re postings you can put my name in UFO alien Jerry Biddle then down load it.

  13. All these ancient sites are heavy lifting / labor, what if gravoty was different in the past where a ton of granite, for example, didnt weigh “a ton” by present standards? Dinosaurs couldnt survive in current air pressure/quality etc.

    • Big foot is an alien? (!) They have photos of the planet Mars it too shows a thing looking like Big Foot. All of those wild fires, floods and etc. Yet they do not find the remains of an Big Foot. Why? Because in my numerous researches and related I’m starting to believe that things like Big Foot and shape shifters, aliens, etc. Come from another dimention! Why? MIB’s are seen then they seem to vanish right in front of the person seeing them. Back in the eariler years Truman and Ike were both told by good aliens stop tesing both A Bombs and H bombs because humans do not have enough knowledge of what they are really doing and you’re opening up port holes and things from other dimentions are coming to earth. UFO’s/aliens isn’t really some thing new, yet after and just before World War II we have really seen a huge amount of sightings, abductions, etc. Native Americans have long told about some of the things white man and other races are just now understanding. I could give you a huge list of things but this is a posting sight and not a book. Yes in the past I have had three different publishers wanting me to write a book or two. Maybe some day but right now no. I believe in God/Jesus Christ and related I’m a member of the LDS Mormon Church and too the Freemasonic Lodge. Even though I becack organized religion for the most part I feel that we don’t have all of the answers more now then well say 50 years ago. Things we thought was science fiction or fairy tails are in fact true today! What I have geathered about Big Foot they along with shape/shifters are for the most part not humans (mankinds) friend. In China they call this the snow/man and what does this big white hairey thing do? He takes a female under his arms and pokes his hand inside of her to take out her liver they like eating livers! In my prior postings I mention about Elohim yes he was once like a man and the creative power or what some might call the invisable God because he (Elohim) was rightous and faithful became a God of this Universe along with His Son Jesus Christ. They do not like bad aliens I again did some personals studies on this finding out that an Angel of the Elohim came down and helped this young Mormon guy kill three gray aliens He told the Mormon guy that they are sheer evil and they don’t mean any thing to us! (To US meaning Elohim and Jesus) Currently rumor has it that USA, China, India and other countries are having a huge secret war with the bad aliens. I have seen this in the sky several years ago. I posted this on another sight similar to this sight about this circumstances. I just hope and pray that the good aliens and the good humans (mankind) win the war against them. I get the impression this has been going on long before earth eon of years similar to Star Wars Movie.
      They have in the past on TV non-fiction programs telling about shape shifters Werewolf hitting this community in India taking the child out of the house, etc. Again this stuff has been going on for eon of years. They talked to God and asked him why the negative stuff why create this? His answer because I created good what He was saying is that the Universe runs like a huge battery having a + and a – He indicate you have to have both to make things run. If one doubts this diconnect the – wire on you’re car and try to start the engine. Life is very complex and because of the I really do not believe the Governments shall ever tell the truth look how many times guest on the Coast To Coast Show has indicate this is the year! Yet the general public is still in the dark regarding the ttruth! Again thank you for letting me share my information and too posting of information to the ones the read them! Jerry Biddle USA

  14. Bigfoot is an alien. That’s why there are no remains of dead ones.

  15. Ought Thoughts, you have some very valid points about the Sphinx structure in regards to finding no ancient remains of tool fragments buried in the sand around it or even markings on it from tools used to construct it. Although very interesting, this really isn’t the center of my interest anymore though. Enough time has passed since I originally posted my comments about this that I have come to the conclusion that there are a few reasonable explanations why no tool fragments have been found. One reason could be because sights like Gobekli Tepe and the Sphinx are very old and tools used to build these sights would most likely not stand up to lasting the length of time that these structures have lasted even if they were buried in the ground or sand.
    Or of course the classical one is that an advanced alien race built most of these megalithic sights and made sure no tools were left behind after the construction process was completed.

    Although the information you have posted about the Sphinx possibly being older than 10,000 years due to erosion caused by precipitation does interest me. I would not be suprised if this turns out to be true.

    I already believe that ancient aliens did play a vital role in the Egyptian culture’s development and tribes that existed in ancient Egypt during the time of the Egyptian period when they were very strong and had much power over their neighbors and enemies. You may have heard the story about the Dogons? They were an ancient tribe in Egypt. These people where chased out of Egypt due to religious indifferences with the Egyptian Empire. The Dogon people still exist today in West Africa where their ancestors originally migrated to escape prosecution from the Egyptians. These people still live like and practice many of their ancestor’s ancient ways of life and customs. For anyone interested, look them up online, The Dogon Tribe of Mali, West Africa. Now the thing that captures my interest is that these people have been passing information from generation to generation since they originally lived in North Africa, ancient Egypt, stating that humans were genetically engineered by ancient aliens called the Nummos that came from a star called Digitaria that scientist have named the Sirius star system which is about 8.6 light years away from Earth. The Dogon people claim that there are 3 stars in the Sirius star system which is in the Canis Major Constellation, The Dog Star. Only one star is visible to the naked eye which is Sirus A. Sirus B, which is a dwarf star, was discovered back in 1862 by astronomers.

    Sirus C, which the Dogan people claim also exist still has not been discovered yet but is most likely to exist also. The big question is is how did these people and their ancient ancestors, who have been telling this story for thousand of years, know how these 2 stars exist since you can’t see them with the naked eye? Only until 1862 was Serious B dicovered which was only a 150 years ago. 150 years ago is very little compared to over thousands of years that the Dogons have been telling this story to their people. When the high priest of the Dogons was asked how he and his people know this information, the answer he and his predecessors have been giving for thousands of years is that this information has been passed down to us from previous generations all the way back to ancient times. Here is a tribe of people that has no hard science to prove their statements but with proof created by a 19th century astronomer’s discoveries of Sirius B. This tells me that this information was given to these people’s ancestors thousands of years ago when human beings did not have the technology to build telescopes powerful enough to see Sirus B 8.6 light years away. This is not just some crazy story. It actually has hard core evidence to support it. This factual information had to be given to them by a source of higher intelligence and definitely not from our world. Yes I do consider this to be very very possible of having some truth to it. How can a tribe of people over a period of 5000 years in existance have been telling a story of where there creators came from when they couldn’t even see these stars with the naked eye besides Sirius A knowing about 2 other stars that cannot be seen without the aid of a telescope and Serious C that has still not been discovered, but yet the Dogon’s claim it does exist. I do believe that we humans one day will eventually gain additional technology to view Sirus C further supporting the Dogon’s claims. The statement that the Dogons made about Serious B existing impresses me alone significantly. Now the Egyptians had a slightly different but similar view as to how they came about which ultimately led to a disagreement with the Dogons causing them to leave Egypt.

    I truly find it difficult to believe that we are the only intelligent life in the universe due to stories like these that have been told for thousands of years by a tribe of peope that still exist today unlike many other ancient societies that are long gone which only can give us some answers in their literature left behind. Now maybe some facts have been lost by the Dogons passing information down to each generation, but I still have to give them credit for their claims about the Sirius star system.

    Overall, the Dogons are an incredible people due to the fact that they have great knowledge of the constellations without any evidence showing that they discovered this on their own. You can’t dismiss this as being coincidental.

    Also, keep this thought in mind. Humans are the only species on this planet that have shown the ability to advance their knowledge by creating technology that makes our lives easier and gives us more power to ensure our existence. Most people in the 21st century seem to think humans have advanced all on their own. I truly think this did not happen without help. So either we were made by God, given help by ancient aliens to advance ourselves or created all together by a superior much more advanced race of beings. It’s been said by some great minds that the chances of humans evolving naturally by nature alone is about as coincidental as a hurricane blowing through a junkyard and creating a fully functional 747 jet liner. This is very unlikely and the chances of this occurring naturally are at least 1 in a million. I think we had great help on making us who we are today, in the present. Think what you want, but there are so many things that the ancients did that we cannot do presently. We are a great species, but we did not come about all on our own. There are so many other species on Earth in which some have intelligence but are not advancing like humans have. The closest species that showed advancement capability in intelligence compared to humans were the Neanderthals which no longer exist because most likely early humans outsmarted them and killed them off with more intelligent killing tactics. The apes, although very smart for animals seem to show no signs of advancement capability either; and how long have they been around? Humans are indeed, unique beings not made by nature alone.


  16. Hey Cord,

    The Dogon do present an interesting contribution to the question of the origins of humanity.

    To me, the sum total of inquiry points simply to the conclusion that indeed humans are not the product of random unintelligent nature.

    I’m polishing off a manuscript that demonstrates that the scientific community has been coming to scientific conclusions in support of non-natural sources of life for a long time…but just prefer to keep looking for evidences that support their presuppositions.

    This site is interesting, glad to have found it.

  17. Three points to not be “impressed ” with the Dogons.1.the universe is expanding so 5000yrs ago the earth was closer to Sirius. 2.No light pollution so more stars were visible to ancient man from all parts of the globe.Stars like Beetlegeuse might not be seen 5000yrs in the future but present man knows the red giant star existed and eventually be a dwarf star.3.T Dogons were darker skinned like the Nubians and you know how the Egyptians oppressed them! Its just that the Sahara dried up and the Dogons weren’t a serious threat. Its like the Russian and Afghan wars,Russia lost but who still are a stronger country.

  18. This is Just amazing, I actually googled about the archaeological sites located in Turkey for writing a script for my college play. But after reading this whole theories and stuffs about this place, I have started writing a fictious story( A Book ). For accomplisihing my task i need more insight about this place and its history. Kindly please do me a favor by sharing your known facts about this place..

  19. Guys, seriously this article and the above mentioned comments have given me a lot of insight about Gobekli Tepe and am ager to know about this site and can anyone else please help me with it ??? It is for my book. If i finish this project then this will be my memorable one forever, forgot to mention this will be my first book as well 🙂 I have a lot of questions to ask about this site.

    1) If this was built by normal ancient people, why all the stones in that stone circle is facing towards the sky ?? what does that mean ? We all know that engravings and sculptures of God dates back to some 2500 B.C but before that ?? what was there ?? why is it facing towards the Sky ??

    2) If it was built by man not an by any alien civiliztion, how was he able to built it that big ?? It is higly impossible for people of that time to build something this big.

    3) Why did U.S stopped its excavation on this site without giving any proper reason for stopping the expedition ?? …

    I am no expert in this field am just 20 year old kid trying to write his first book.

  20. its a very interesting artical and it seems to me that the reason that the site was underground, is because of the great flood that engulfed earth at about that time.the way i see it the annunaki were not slave drivers , they were star seeders.

  21. As to the tower of Babel, I have read the Bible and associated books, Book of Mormon, Enoch, Book of Moses, etc. A long time ago on the Coast to Coast Show the guest came up with some thing which really made a good point. He indicated that the Tower of Babel was a huge crystal if you understand crystals in the electronics you’d understand what he was getting at. Long before the IC circuits and too in some radios crystals are still used. Each crystal has it’s own frequencies those eariler police scanners used little crystals for each police, state police, fire dept and etc. About the size of ones little finger finger-nail. As to this being made to reach into heaven itself be real! Heaven itself is many light years away, how do we know this NDS’s near death experiences. So what would they want? Communication maybe? Either way God (Elohim) didn’t want this would be transceiver to be made so you might remember the story about changing languages, etc. The more I study eariler things and the Bible numerous other things my thinking about God Himself and related has really changed I believe it has more of a physical and science ways about it. As to evolution and it’s ideas they are like an Model T Ford out dated and more and more modern science believe in a God/The Creative Force. Read my prior postings on this situation. My main thing which I can not understand and after reading this you’ll agree with me. Reptilians have humans abducted for what purpose? Numerous reasons but the one thing is for food! This brings up numerous issues, guardian angels? Where were they? Etc. On a science answer I believe I might have the answer! From another galexies thus from another god who is not real friends with our God earth and surrounding planets. I have read and seen UFO’s fighting themselves I just hope the good aliens and humans win this war for mankind. I also know that things are not what we have been told in grade school and too colleges more complexed then we could ever figured!!!!! Jerry Biddle USA

  22. For those who have been reading my postings, it’s time to share some information which is not good, currently but you need to know: As to the bad weather distruction that hit the eastern coastal regions of the USA I’m not surprised here is why: Along time back in the earlier 70’s Frank Edwards wrote a book some of you might remember, this book 3rd Edition stated that the bad aliens in the near future which I believe is currently now he stated this: Train accidents numerous, airplanes accients numerous, wild fires, earthquakes, tornados, bad diseases now, floods, ship wricks, etc, etc. He indicated that the bad aliens which we would call them reptilians and the grays are the ones who would be doing this! Why? Because they want mankind dead only a handful left for slave labor and worse food for themselves. About ten years ago some good aliens gave me complete details on how to stop floods, droughts, wild fires and low rivers I spent over twenty five dollars on postal stamps and the community I reside in helped me type the envelopes to the news media and too President Bush, for the most part I got zero reponses on this. They system would of worked because as I stated they gave me complete details on the huge size of the motors and the pumps, other things needed for this to work. As they stated to me in my half/sleep awake stage the size of the motors not currently made and the pumps had to be of these sizes to make the operation work. I know enough about things like this that I would have to agree with them. Then, they stated when mankind if they do listen and make this system work we’ll give you more instructions on how to stop tornados. This system because of the nature of it and too the materials needed to make this world wide would bring the jobless and other things related to these bad circumstances to an end. My friend who is into computers told me this idea is great but it’s more like some thing you’d see in the 25th Century, he Mark might be right, but humans can not have things happening on a regular bases as we witnessed on TV the Sandy deal. I mentioned in the previous posting that a war is currently going on with the good aliens fighting the bad aliens. I hope and pray that the good ones win this war and too I hope what we call the good ones are on humans side on this war. I know speaking on a world wide viewpoint that things are going to have to change if not mankind and the nations around the world is going to have very bad circumstances as we’re currently seeing! I wonder if the UFO aliens making claim they are LDS Mormon Church missionaries are here to help mankind they never did tell me the whys and how comes on this issue. Knowing that the telephone and my emailing address are both tapped. I was warned about this tapped deal from a former FBI agent now working with the CIA and too a local police detective, I haven’t figured it out nor have I been told why the huge interest in one Jerry Biddle in the USA I do know those UFO alien missionaries have a huge and respect for me. More so then the human missionaries, this tells me some thing which I have not yet figured out. Sooner or later I might be able to put a finger on this as to why and related things to this situation. Thank you by the way for reading my postings. Jerry Biddle USA

  23. Hi! I found the article while surfing about Gobeklitepe. I’m from Turkey and want to mention a little thing about it. There is a very informative documentary about it but unfortunately it’s Turkish language. What i want to mention here is the floor of this temple is waterproof. There must be rituel here about some liquid thing. it might be blood, or sperm maybe, wine etc. but it’s spesifically has a waterproof floor. this is i think very critical information and symbol here. For author candidates here in comments, you should use it in your books.

    in the documentry i watched, two stones on the middle are most probably symbols of female and male. there are also symbols of these two big stones are “holding hands” while they have a crowmn symbol on them. well now it’s called a crown symbol because originally it’s a solar eclipce figure so there is a theory this rituel (maybe a sexual intercourse) is made in a certain time (which might be solar eclipse or first moon) in front of crowd. Also in ancient indian stories, there are three different cities, one of them made of gold, one is made of silver and other is made of iron (if i remembered correctly) one day some disease species capture the iron one and other cities asks the god to save iron one. She (god) tells she’ll do it only in a certain time and use only one arrow. this story clearly has symbols which i think is very common with Gobeklitepe. In the story, iron city is earth, silver is moon and of course golden is sun and the only time she can use only ONE arrow and kept them all together is solar eclipse time. visualize the positions of the sun, moon and earth same diagonal.

    Surely Gobeklitepe, i personally think has some source of every other religions in the world. After the burial, maybe people or some advanced race people from Gobeklitepe (which i think there must be evolutionally advanced people on Gobeklitepe) delivered about it nearby humans or societies. A very smilar object with Gobeklitepe was found nearby cities (Adiyaman and Catalhoyuk) only they are later from Gobeklitepe Temple of course. Later about 2000 years. And after 4000 years later from Gobeklitepe in Laxos, Greece very smilar drawings was found. T shaped human drawing which Gobeklitepe’s biggest stones symbolize. And after 5000 years later fomr Gobeklitepe in Menorca, Spain almost same stones was found but they don’t have symbols on them like Gobeklitepe
    And after that stonhenge. i think, Gobeklitepe is part of a religious evolution of first human beings and how it spread over the years and how deformed when you look at the Menorca stones.
    Also if you want to have Gobeklitepe center of your book (to book writing candidates) also Quran has two folks in it. History and story of two folks. In Quran God says like this to this folks “Remember, God sent you as replacement of Noah’s folk and made you stronger(superior to them)”
    “we gave you the power and possibilities that is not given to them”
    “do you have fun with building every upper hill a significant building?”

    i love science fiction and in my theory, with today’s astronomy knowledge we know the sun gets closer to center of galaxy every certain time period and when it gets closer in every time there is, as referred in religious books; an apocalypse. actually there are some theories there were civilization cylces in the world’s history (smilar to planet of the apes but not destroyed by humans) and our civilization is 12th one. in some periods they were completely destroyed and other civilization cyle began. Maybe it’s connected with Atlantis also. and i think the source of all today’s and ancient religions are based on these things. Remember how it’s deformed in Spain 5000 years later. In gobeklitepe it’s obvious evolutionally superior people made it or planned it. We see it from snake symbols on the stones. A snake commonly refers to visdom waking up (visualize the standing up snakes) and in the stones there are snake figures which i think represent people who is upper step of the evoulition. Surely Gobeklitepe will reveal lots of things in the future and we’ll see it withy a big excitement.
    documentary i mentioned:


  24. Ahmet said “The floor of this temple is waterproof…”

    Coupled to the observation that all evidence indicates the entire Gobekli Tepe complex was intentionally and carefully buried to protect it, it would seem to me that this waterproofing and burying could very well have been done in anticipation of a deluge, a flood.

  25. As in any society, the tools used in construction would not be found by a completed project. Look for these at a central “tool storage” and/or at the worker’s residences. Perhaps the areas where the tools are located are yet to be unearthed. Secondly, landing strips would not be necessary for alien crafts capable of speeds far beyond man’s present potential. They would probably land and takeoff much like a helicopter, with much greater agility and speed.

  26. Aliens coming down to earth to enslave us and mine resources seems like an unlikely scenario. Why is it not plausible that ancient civilizations were quite capable of construction and problem solving. It’s only 10,000 years ago or so. We had the same sized brain back then. Many religions have some notion of gods that transcend the earthly realm. It doesn’t imply aliens, (perhaps wishful thinking).

  27. I found this very interesting to read both the site, and the comments. I think at this point everything is purely speculation. Some take things very literal in ancient literature, and some of us take it metaphorically speaking. My thoughts are, that when you look at how humans have evolved with technology, you must understand something that seems to go unnoticed. When you see anything being made today, there is a model before that. Before that was another that was worse and bears resemblance to the new one. Why? Because as humans, it is easier for us to replicate something, than to completely create something. We learned to advance through replication and reflecting on ourselves to improve our next replication. The question is, where did man get the idea to make such shapes? Such as straight lines, trimmed edges for art. (Seen in Ahmet’s picture) You can see the largest pillar has a line down the center that creates an edge. Seems like they got it from a piece of landing gear with edges for strength and or design. The purpose it serves for this pillar isn’t really there. Another question is why are they circular formations? What in nature has straight lines? Humans started off painting animals and other things from nature. Replicating that as well. But to make actual structures that are completely abstract from what is provided in nature is illusive to me. I’m an artist, but most of my inspiration comes from things I have already seen. Not to mention trying to get everyone to work together like this to build it in the first place. You would assume that humans of that time would find it hard to cooperate with each other. But some questions can be answered in our human nature to want to socialize. As for the tools being “washed away” or “Taken away” – I cannot say which is true. It would be easy to find them if they were washed away because you’d simply have to look at the geography and find the path of least resistance for the water. You’d still find tools here and there as well. If it was a flood or buried in time from dirt and sand being blown in the wind; you’d think that it would be severely eroded by now. This is why we can assume it was purposely buried. The motive back then probably was none logically speaking. Preserving it for us to find once we had a higher intellect makes sense. But for what? There must be a message there for us to uncover. I find the art very detailed for it’s time period as well. As I have seen UFO’s, I can still say that God is not an Alien and I still believe he is the one who motivated humans to do many of the things that we have. Aliens may simply be another creation of his. The supernatural realm of death is real and has nothing to do with Aliens. I think that Aliens may have had a lot to do with bringing man together to build certain structures. What we should reflect on is how man built everything as a whole from around the world and how they relate to each other in build, design and styling. Not to mention purpose. That’s enough rambling for me. If one of you can help put this scrambled mess together to make a good conversation out of it, I’d appreciate it.

  28. Theory:
    Gobekli Tepe is a large astronomical telescope. Outer pilars held reflectors onto the center reflector. It was buried after the peoples observed a large pending doomsday asteroid they buried the site to preserve it for the future. Some where buried on site will be found the reflectors (if they survived the ages).

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