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Astral Projection and Communication with Aliens

Astral Body Projection and Communication with Aliens

My Stepfather used to do Astral Body Projection and communicated with Aliens

My Stepfather Richard was a German Scientist. He graduated from the University of Minnesota with a degree in Chemistry and Computer Science. He rose out of extreme poverty. His mother’s name was Sally Konkel, an evil woman with jet black hair, and piercing blue eyes. She was an alcoholic and would cook, for a living to feed her two boys. I do not know how she raised her son Dennis, Richard’s younger brother.

Richard did not talk much about his younger brother Dennis. But what I know from what Richard would tell me. Sally often would leave Richard alone as a child while she went out on drinking binges. He was abandoned by his father Victor Thompson. Richard was often left alone on the farm in Dairy land Wisconsin even as a small child to tend to himself. Sometimes Richard’s grandparents would take care of him. But they often left town for months at a time when Richard was a small boy.

Richard got strep throat in the 1940s, he was 10 years old. His mom had been gone for months and grandma and grandpa were gone for over 1 month out of town. Richard became deathly ill. He lay in his bed, in Dairy Land Wisconsin, ill. His throat was inflamed. Finally his chest was hurting. He finally over came the virus after many weeks of crying in pain. He sweated out the virus lying in bed he told me.

His grandparents came home months later. By then the damage had been done. Richard had damaged his heart. He had a heart murmur and the deadly virus had stunted his leg. One leg actually was shorter than the other. Richard did not know what had happened to him until he tried to join the Army, when he was 18. The Army doctor told him he had a heart murmur and could not join the service. The doctor told him he probably had contracted Rheumatic Fever and the devastating result was a heart murmur.

But living at his grandparent’s home Richard became self sufficient. He would walk ten miles to school. There were no buses in the 1930s in Dairy Land Wisconsin. The children would often have to walk to school in the brutal Canadian border climate. Cars were a luxury, and only a few families had them.

I had often wondered about Richard’s father. I had heard Richard’s biological father was a brilliant man. His name was Victor Thompson. I figured that’s where Richard got all his genius from because I know it could not come from Sally his mother the evil cook. Richard worked as an engineer for Motorola, General Motors, Argone National Laboratories and Gould Corporation.

Richard, as much as an engineer he was, was also very superstitious and believed in the paranormal.  As a child Richard would talk to me about Astral Body Projection. I always thought he was just a mad scientist. I had a little psychic ability myself and Richard recognized it. He would often ask me to predict events or what was gonna happen to him or mom.

Most of the time Richard would talk about space ships giving him secret federal information and that was how he could do complex formulas or help with fuel cell research with cars. He said aliens told him the formulas to develop fuel cells for cars. He showed me the space ship drawing and some little note pad. I really thought he was crazy. This was way out there. He talked about him and my mom being abducted by aliens in Duluth. My mom never agreed with him. But he really believed he was abducted by aliens and given secret information to do this highly complex scientific research for the government.

I would see my stepfather doing advanced calculus and highly complex chemistry formulas at the kitchen table.

Richard would go to sleep and wake up the next day telling me he did astral body projection. He would get secret government information sometimes. Sometimes he would go to another dimension, he would travel to far away lands.

I would always wonder how such a highly complex but yet brilliant scientist could have come from the poverty and horrible living conditions he came from. I thought how could Sally Konkel his alcoholic crazy mother have any intelligence in her. She was just a cook at a diner at Dairy Land Wisconsin. She never amounted to anything. Richard would get hundreds of phone calls daily from employers even in his 60s to hire him.

I never really believed him about astral body projection until 2000 when he became deathly ill. He came up to me after being diagnosed from Sherman Hospital in Elgin Illinois with 5 chambers of heart that needed repair. All the years of cigarette smoking and rheumatic fever when he was 10 had damaged his heart. He was only 60 years old.

Astral Body Flight and Difficulty Returning to the Body

About one month before Richard died, he told me he was doing astral body flight, but he wasn’t returning to his body. His soul would linger above his body. He said he would have his arms over his head and fall asleep that would put him in astral body projection. That’s how he would travel all over the world and into other dimensions. But what alarmed me when he told me his tale of astral body projection was the fact he wasn’t returning to his body. His soul would levitate for hours above his body. He informed me that he would float for hours after going on 3rd or 4th dimensional flights and not return to his body until 4 or 5 hours of trying to return to his body.

He looked at me hopefully, “Carri am I gonna be all right”. He always asked because he knew I had an ability to predict future events so he looked at me and asked the question, “Am I gonna live Carri?” I just looked at him sad then I would start to cry. I knew he was gonna die. I really couldn’t say anything to him, I loved him and would get all choked up knowing this was it for him. I prayed every day for God and Jesus to save him and let him live.

We were waiting for the University of Chicago Hospital to get a room for him. We waited a month. But sadly he died after waiting for 3 weeks. He died Friday afternoon. His open heart surgery was scheduled for Monday at 6 am but he died too soon. My sister Gina found him dead in his room, that Friday. She said when she went up to his room she heard thousands of whispering spirit voices she was terrified. She ran out of the house and called the police.

Gina never returned to the house to get anything. Later we decided not to retrieve anything out of the house. The house was later foreclosed.

Some of the secret information remained in that house. Some of the government scientific secrets my sister Gina took for herself. Some of those secrets included hydrogen fuel cell research Richard had done since the 1980s. Included in those documents were secrets for electric and hydrogen fuel cells Richard had worked on at General Motors.

My sister Gina took off with those secrets. Me and my other siblings have not ever seen Gina in those 9 years since she took the secret papers. Gina claims she did not inherit any money. But she kept the life insurance policy and other papers from us. But, Richard told me before he died Gina was supposed to take care of everything. He told me just to manufacture fuel cells and I would be a millionaire. But he couldn’t help me, or give me anything and he was sorry. He was too sick. Gina remains secretly hidden from her brothers and sisters. We figure she is wealthy. She never worked as a young adult and remains wealthy possibly to this day. She must have inherited everything.

Sent in by Carri, Copyright 2009

  1. What i beleve that the government abducted your sister. And now she work’s for them in top secret. But if the question is killing you to know where your sister is , Learn astralprojection. As much as you can , I practice it now , Im trying to communicate with my dead twin brother but in order to do that i must learn astralpojection. we both have unanswered questions but with astralprojection there no more wondering. You got acsess the universe secrets. There are many wonderful expirences to learn.

  2. i did astral body projection in 1984 and will never do it again it was a scary experience. I published the story called “my brother was killed and then haunted us.” The astral body experience was terrifying for me I won’t do it again. I did it by accident.

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    • You did your projection in 1984 then I would be so pleased If you can tell me how you did it.

      Take care

      • the astral body projection happened when I smoked pot at 19. drugs propel you into another realm sometimes like meditation. I was in a possible haunted motel. This is where I was put into another world. My brother died a week later in a car accident. I do not smoke pot since then. I was too terrified to be propelled into another world. terrifying experience. my dad the engineer would do astal body projection this way. it is simple. he would take his arms and put then over his head and fall asleep. since he had a heart murmor he was propelled into another world. he did this quiet by accident at first. but later he did it frequently. but be careful sometime when you are propelled into this other world you do not come back.

  3. Very interesting!

  4. Ive astral projected now three to four times and have done it by complete accident , i started off by listening to music on youtube called dmt realease , the first time it felt like i could see around the room even though my eyes were closed , the last time it got more intence i was getting electric feelings the whole way up my body it felt i was hearing a voice in my head my body was asleep but i was well aware of what was going on and can remember so much in detail it is just too hard to explain in words how ot ended was i was getting such a bad vibe i got pulled back into my body and woke up straight away and about 1 second at most as soon as i lifted my head up the phone was ringing , is this coinsidence ? Ive tried many times to do it again and has not worked i will keep on trying

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