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Flat Rectangular UFO On Kentucky Interstate

Rectangular UFO in Kentucky?

I was driving south-bound on I-75 near Richmond, Kentucky. It seemed to get really cloudy. I mean to say it was a fairly sunny day and suddenly it seemed over-cast. Then I noticed some sort of shape up in the sky above the highway. It looked like a huge flat rectangular shaped ‘thing’ was just sliding across the sky. I couldn’t tell how big it was exactly but it appeared to be much wider than the Interstate, which is 6 lanes in that area. Traffic was fairly heavy too so there had to be a lot of other people who saw it!

It stayed in that position, going south-bound over top our heads, for a few minutes. I cant really say how long it was but it wasn’t any more than 3 or 4 minutes. Anyway, it appeared to rise a little higher and then it turned and went off toward the east.

It wasn’t until after it had gone that I thought about my camera. It never occurred to me at the time to use the camera in my phone to get a picture. There had to have been hundreds of people that saw this thing. I think pictures may surface because everyone has a camera these days.

James R.

Rectangular UFO

Rectangular UFO

James tells about his sighting of a large rectangular UFO or craft near Richmond, Kentucky. I was curious and did some searching and found that there are similar reports out there. I even found quite a few pictures/illustrations that were close to what James has described. Who knows what the origin of these crafts may be, extraterrestrial or not, but for our discussion they are still “unknown” so “rectangular UFO” is a fitting description.

According to James the craft turned and headed east. The Lexington Blue Grass Army Depot is just east of I-75 near Richmond. Coincidence? Maybe.

Unfortunately James didn’t get any pictures of the craft he saw. I found pictures of similar UFOs and included them here.

The photo to the right came from

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Student Pilot & Instructor Spot Rectangular UFO Over Tennessee

Rectangular UFO Artist Depiction

Rectangular UFO Artist Depiction

April 1988

“I was taking my 10th flying lesson at Tullahoma Airport in Tenn. After 30 minutes of completing the flying lesson the instructor told me I could fly around for the next 30 minutes.

As I was flying around practicing a turn I noticed a object that was rectangular in shape , dull black , 60-70 feet long , altitude around 5,000 feet flying towards Normandy Lake.

It was as big or bigger than a tractor rig , and flying in a horizontal position. It stayed the same path the whole time. It had no wings , rudder , lights , cockpit , engine exhaust from my view point.”


  1. I am probably the biggest skeptic here. I dont doubt the existence of craft like what is described. However, my guess is that these craft are being manufactured and manned by humans. “We” know so little about the true current state of technology…

  2. I think it sounds like you are describing some sort of freight hauler. Otherwise what would be the reason for the craft to be so wide and flat like?

    I don’t know, I haven’t heard of a UFO that was shaped like this.

  3. In October of 2007, three of us saw a large dark rectangular object fly nw to se along the St. Mary’s river that borders Sault Set Marie, Mi and Sault Set Marie, Ontario. It was around dusk with a clear blue sky. There was no sound and it appeared to fly in a direct line. Without clouds i couldn’t determine altitude but, would guess between 5-10,000 feet. Which would make it larger than a football field. We don’t have the technology to build such craft.

  4. Only a couple of days ago, I read that the CIO have owned up to at least 50% of UFO sightings. Craft being flown are advanced secret spy or military.

    • people are certainly free to believe whatever they want, but when you consider the millions of stars and planets out there, many millions of years older than earth, is it unreasonable to consider not only are we not alone but we are we are far from the most advanced. just look at how much we have changed in the past 100 years. what we we be doing in the next 1000 years or so if we do not destroy ourselves…………

  5. I had a similar experience back in 2008 in Germany,the second picture that is shown here in the part about the flight-student,shows exactly what i saw.
    the only difference is that the object that i saw had an orange light in the centre.
    I would like to know who made that painting cause,that person must have seen this object as clear and as near by as i saw it,can anybody help me with finding the name of the artist who made this?
    The painting is signed with SW ,but i searched and did not find anything about the painter.
    the Netherlands

  6. The artist rendition of the 1988 sighting was nearly exactly what i saw in October of 2007. What type of propulsion was this craft using? It came from the direction of Lake Superior and Canada. Was it analyzing the Soo Locks system? To them, were we the ants being probed? There are so many questions i have for whoever they were.

  7. Same here.because of the silence and the low speed of this thing.i am very curiuos about the propulsion system.
    I hope that this isnt something of the military,why would they keep this technology from us.
    How is it possible that something that large(footballfield-sized)
    is going unnoticed by the majority of the people.
    Whenn i saw this aircraft ,i was near a military base,near Aachen,Germany.
    Is this thing flying for a reason at especially that place?

    • My son and I witnessed a black/dark grey metallic craft fly silently over the house just above the tree line, going west from the east. The craft was the size of a school bus. It had 12 round red lights underneath, 3 across × 4 down. This happened either the last weekend of January or the first weekend of February 2013 on a Friday night at about 11:30pm. I could not believe this ship was right above the house, just gliding across the sky. My son who alerted me to go look out the window at the back of house said he thought a plane was gonna crash into the house and it had one huge round light with two small round lights on the front of it. My son is now 13, we have seen other lights in the sky when visiting up in north western Ontario. However this particular craft was spotted in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. I’m suspicious of this sighting , because the craft was so structured, unlike the multiple orbs and lights in the northern part of the province.

      • At night around 11pm on Sept 4th 1998 this is two nights after the Swiss Air 111 crash near Peggys Cove Nova Scotia I seen a retangular dark object aroumd 70 feet long with 6 blood red roumd lights that were not blinking. It was travelling just high enough to dissapear over the buildimg next to me and did not make a soumds. The night was clear in Halifax where I seen it and looking at map that night the direction it was travelling showed it was travelling directly to Peggys Cove. I have spent 20 years in the Canadian Navy and have never seen navigational lights like these before. Those lights were definitely not by use by our aircraft or ships for that matter. The object was only in my view for aroumd 5 seconds before the building next to me obstructed its view. Amazing to see this thing silently moving above me around for those 5 secomds not changing direction. Its speed seemed to be 100kms/hr but who knows…hard to tell its altitude but seemed pretty low.

  8. In Late 1986 i was living in Central Victoria Australia (near Moe )…… 1986 UFO Sighting Central Victoria Australia

    • These large silent triangular aircraft which appear to grace our skies at night in various parts of the world are probably USA or other terrestrial spy aircraft. I believe they are also used to chart the layout of cities, towns and habitated centres in parts of the world which are of interest to them. Hundreds of people observed one in the mid 1990’s in the Southern African region. This particular huge and silent triangular craft came from a southerly direction flying very low and had a very bright single white light up front with a couple lateral coloured lights. This powerful spot light lit up large ground areas and many people were petrified as they thought it was about to crash to the earth. Within minutes, it was seen 100’s of miles away – having flown over the city of Bulawayo in the South of the country and proceeding in a North Easterly direction of Zimbabwe towards Lake Kariba and was seen by some awe-struck nocturnal fishermen as the powerful search light lit up a vast section of the lake and then made a sharp right angle turn towards a south easterly direction. This report can be verified as I was in Bulawayo at the time but was indoors at the time (approx. 8.30pm +). The local newpapers were buzzing about this incident, whilst many witnesses phoned the papers and were interviewed on radio and tv. One of my work colleagues was in direct path-line of this aircraft and ducked under their vehicle which was stationary at the time. Others were in their back garden enjoying a barbeque. The strange thing about this event is – witnesses who were 5-10 miles apart felt and said the craft was directly above them, it must have been a huge craft.

      • Pat, how can an aircraft that large with no sound be from Earth. We don’t have the advanced technology or propulsion systems to equal these sightings. What i saw was as large as a football field very solid and shaped like an enormous I-Pad. Not triangular but rectangular. No lights observed and it moved in a steady straight line for about 1 minute at about 5000 ft.

  9. Hello Mike,

    I understand your dilemma in making sense of my conclusion regarding this triangular aircraft. Whilst I do believe these phenomena are real and puzzling, and for a very long time, I did believe in extraterrestrial aircraft gracing our skies, yet with all the believable reports, we have no actual physical tangible proof of the existence of these craft. With so much secrecy in technological advancement in certain countries, one wonders whether these are terrestrial craft rather than extraterrestrial. Failing this, there must be another option and that is from a religious point of view.

    • Hi Pat, You’re analysis of the Southern Africa sighting was very interesting. However, implying they were terrestrial and charting layouts of cities and habitats at night, makes no sense. It’s much easier and accurate to chart locations during the day. Why use, by your logic, multi-million dollar soundless experimental aircraft for cartography purposes? Military or Space travel is more logical. The sure sizes of these aircrafts that show speed, turns or hovering are decades if not centuries beyond our technology. Religion is a belief with no actual physical tangible proof so, illogical and ridiculous. An extraterrestrial visitation has several problems one is distances between stars and the propulsion necessary for such explorations. The other is duration of travel and cost, which would possibly eliminate biological travelers. Maybe most if not all visitors are robotic or computerized vehicles. Most UFO’s are explained as hoaxes, Venus, lighted air balloons, satellites, helicopters etc…but, then there are those few that defy logic. That’s what i observed and i’ll always wonder where they came from and why. No way was this a terrestrial vehicle unless they can travel back in time.

  10. I used to be a skeptic when it came to UFO sightings. That was until my husband and I saw one ourselves at our home in Alabama. I wish I had gotten a photo but it’s like I was in shock & I couldn’t move. It was more parellelogram shaped. It was huge. It floated right above the tree above us. It was quite. This was not man made. When it left , it had speed as fast as the speed of light. It was unbelievable the speed & size of this thing.

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