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Should We Try To Contact Extraterrestrial Life?

Should we be trying to contact extraterrestrial life? What would happen if we did make contact with an intelligent life from out there is space?

Which of the following would be more likely?

  1. Contact is made with a beautiful, benevolent extraterrestrial life form. Everyone will be great friends and soon aliens will be working on TV sitcoms and helping out on the front line at McDonald’s.
  2. Contact is made and the extraterrestrials invade the Earth. They loot and pillage and strip the Earth like we would a forest or a coal field. Those who survive will be slaves or food.

There are other possible scenarios. But basically I am saying will they be friendly or will they not?

There has been a lot of “talk” about the discovery of an Earth-like planet 560 light years away. I have read a few articles around the web about it. So far all I have really seen that could be remotely compared to Earth is in reference to its weight, “17 times the weight of Earth”. I didn’t read, as I had expected, about how much water it had to what the composition was, or even how near it was too a decent star.

The planet is called Kepler-10c. It was discovered, along with 961 other exoplanets among 72 star systems (Imagine that!)

So why the big headlines “New Planet Brings Hope Of Life In Space”?

Seth Shostak ~ Should We Try To Contact Extraterrestrial Life

Recently Seth Shostak said, “…scientists could very well discover extra-terrestrial intelligence within two decades’ time or less.”

Shostak is not just some UFO nut. He is Senior Astronomer and Director, Center for SETI Research. He was speaking to the U.S. Congress when he made this statement.

Dr Shostak wasn’t guessing or expressing his gut feeling. He came to his conclusion based upon information and technology within his grasp. SETI software/programs, databases, labs, the Hubble Space Telescope and the Kepler Space Observatory are all his playground. Shostak certainly has credibility. But is it possible that he is correct?

“Kepler’s discoveries mean there may be 40 billion other ‘Earths’ in our galaxy alone. Given such numbers, the probability of alien life has increased enormously.” – >

Should We Try To Contact Extraterrestrial Life?

What do you think the odds are that we will make contact with an extraterrestrial culture?

Will they be more advanced than us either technologically or spiritually?

Will they wish us harm or see us as prey?

I think about the Native Americans. Would it have been better for them if they had been sending messages and signals toward Europe hoping to make contact? Perhaps the end result would have been the same. Yet it might have come much sooner.

We are sending out probes and signals via SETI, NASA and so on. We have also been sending radio signals out into space for much longer. Radio waves leaving the Earth cast out into all directions just waiting to be discovered by some alien benefactor or conqueror.

I do believe that life is out there. I also believe that if we happen to find some of that life (or it finds us) chances are that it will be just as advanced if not more than we are. I also believe they will be greedy and materialistic just as we are. I think it best that we stay hidden as long as we can. I say, lets not rattle the cage.

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By Rodney, copyright 2014





  1. I would not contact them.

  2. There is something to be said about remaining unobserved. An advanced people may see us as unimportant and not decide to mass exterminate us.

  3. Planet Earth seems to be tucked away in a remote part of our universe and probably for good reason. Why shouldn’t we satisfy our innate curiousity and attempt to find intelligent beings in other worlds – assuming they exist. Would they be benevolent, human eating creatures or hostile colonialists? Surely, they couldn’t be worse war mongerers than we earthlings are. Look at the mess we are in.

    In any case, the Universe is so vast – beyond our imagination and expanding as we speak, why would intelligent, technologically advanced extraterrestrial beings feel the need to colonize an over-populated planet with beings who are very territorial and prepared to fight for their world when there are surely numerous unihabited habitable worlds out there presently.

    We seem to be sure that sending radio waves through space should alert intelligent beings on other worlds of our existence, perhaps not – what about mental telepathy via advanced technology. Perhaps if they are out there, they know of our existence and aren’t interested in us at all and have no wish to tangle or associate with us because of our general violent demeanor. Or perhaps, we are a laboratory owned by some ancient space travellers who trade specific dna with other worlds or use their dna stock to populate other planets which they colonize.

    Remember, we are – to all intent and purposes, prisoners on the Earth and that’s no mistake – believe me. We managed to crudely land on the moon several times – dangerous trips. We are planning a trip to Mars and that’s the best we can do presently and by the time we are ready for that, we’d probably have destroyed ourselves and much of planet Earth. That’s what I believe has happened in the distant past.

    If we can make contact with extraterrestrials, it would be something special and exciting – that’s why people who claim to have contact with UFOs are inwardly excited – but ofcourse, there’s a paranormal element to this both physically and otherwise.

    • The universe itself keeps expanding and expanding,
      In all of the directions it can whizz,
      As fast as it can go,
      At the speed of light, you know,
      Twelve million miles a minute,
      And that’s the fastest speed there is,
      So, remember, when you’re feeling very small and insecure,
      How amazing unlikely is your birth,
      And pray that there’s intelligent life somewhere up in space
      ‘Cause there’s bugger all down here on Earth. ~ Monty Python

      From one of my very favorite songs!

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