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What Is The Truth About The Pleiadians?

I have been reading mostly and doing some research on a group of aliens called Pleiadians. I have some issues I’m going to share them with you those who read my postings.

This article is great and Jerry makes a lot of good points about the Billy Meier “story” experience. Continue reading through the reader submitted comments below. So much information to consider and such valuable viewpoints, opinions, ideas, and experiences!
The Pleiadians for the most part believe in creation without a God!(?)

Then when I dig into this more how do they think the planets got started this is what I get = wow! I sure learned a lot on that one avoiding the subject!

Then if this isn’t bad enough! They make claims they come from another Universe so many light years away!

Then you read they come from another dimension!

What? Let us keep our stories in order here!

If you ask you or me I could tell you these things: I live on earth! I’m from this dimension! I believe in a Creator! I talk to other people besides postings these sights like this one!

Then the Pleiadians tell Billy Meier (The Billy Meier Story: Spaceships of the Pleiades) that he is the only one they talk to correct? No, other people tell that they talk to Pleiadians also!

Billy Miere

Billy Meier

Then good old Billy said they can not put another arm on him he lost in an farm machine accident! Sounds reasonable correct? No!

Human medical science is working on things that can replace things lost on humans currently if the Pleiadians are so advanced by even a few hundred years than humans this replacement would be a snap course! Yet they tell old Billy they can’t.

No don’t give me this bull that he in a prior life he took peoples arms off and this is karma if this would be the case he would be born with out an arm!

PleiadesI’m posting this because I want all of you to do this: 2+2=in this case is not 4! It doesn’t add up! In a court case the Pleiadians would lose their case. I know this remember I was into law enforcement! I know for the most part what would win and what wouldn’t!

So, what does this add up to?

I could say the Pleiadians are telling lies!

I could say like some Christians seem to think they are demons acting like they have a physical body!

Maybe the Pleiadians are not allowed to tell certain things! Then too old Billy in his attic has models looking just like the UFO’s he has in those photos! Oh how interesting!

Why Are They On Coast to Coast?

When they have a guest on the Coast to Coast Show for the most part the guest has one huge big thing in common! What? They sell books, they go on a tour like thing charging people to come to these tours!

All of you including you PAT and myself are sure not making any money on this subject of UFO/aliens I lost over $25 dollars in postage trying to tell the governments and the media what was given to me by THEY regarding floods, drought etc. The last thing given to me I’m not even going there even though the information given was correct! Burn me once shame on you burn me twice shame on Me!

Spaceship of the Pleiades

Spaceship of the Pleiades

So, you have read my latest postings thank you for doing this. What does this all mean you might ask?

Again there is more to this UFO/alien thing then any of us could even think about!

What? I wish I knew and if I’m ever going to find out the REAL TRUTH and if THEY allow it I’ll share it with you!

Oh by the way Billy’s wife doesn’t even believe him. In case you’re wondering it’s on the internet and too they had this on national TV called 60 Minutes some time ago!

And too every thing the Pleiadians said would happen in 2012 guest what!(?) It never happened!

Same thing with that president of that so-called Christian radio station nope didn’t happen! Interesting yes I know!

Written by Jerry Eugene Biddle from the USA, Copyright 2013

This article is great and Jerry makes a lot of good points about the Billy Meier “story” experience. Continue reading through the reader submitted comments below. So much information to consider and such valuable viewpoints, opinions, ideas, and experiences!

Pleiadians – RationalWiki

Pleiadians, also known as elves Nordic aliens or Plejaren are humanoid aliens that come from the stellar systems surrounding the Pleiades stars, and they’re really really really concerned about Earth and our future.

Who Are The Pleiadians from the Pleiades Star Cluster

Pleiadians Come From The Pleiades Star Cluster in the Constellation Taurus. The Pleiades are a cluster of beautiful, dazzling stars located in the constellation of Tauru

Further Reading About Pleiades and Billy Meier

Spaceships of the Pleiades

Spaceships of the PleiadesThe case of Eduard “Billy” Meier has gained worldwide attention for his claims of being in “on-going contact” with aliens from the star cluster known as the Pleiades. Purported to be the most documented UFO account of all time, Meier has taken 1,000 photographs and 12 motion picture films of the visiting spacecraft.

Through thousands of pages of “contact notes,” Meier has “passed on” the wisdom and advanced technical knowledge from his conversations with these aliens, designed to help guide our evolution. In addition, it is claimed that 40 independent eyewitnesses have also seen the alien ships and observed Meier’s contacts with them.

The aliens also “left” numerous “landing tracks” in the ground, and gave Meier various rock, metal, mineral, and crystal samples as “proof” of their visitations.

Message from the Pleiades: The Contact Notes of Eduard Billy Meier

The Pleiadian Mission: A Time of Awareness


  1. Whilst I believe aliens(or whatever/whoever they are) in various shapes and forms are out there and able to access this dimension, with all the hi-technology camera-wise at our disposal and the photographs you claim Billy Meier’s has in his possession, why has he not video-taped these Pleiadians in and out of their vehicles, surely it would be more convincing to humankind, certainly worth considering as possibly authentic. The picture of the vehicle/ufo displayed beside the article is impressive but rather too small in my opinion – I’m not at all convinced.

    The Pleiadian Agenda

    Noted astrologer and spiritual teacher Barbara Hand Clow channels the voice of Satya, a Pleiadian goddess.

    Satya describes the huge cosmic drama taking place simultaneously in nine dimensions, with Earth as the chosen theater.

    The Pleiadians are a group of enlightened beings who believe that the end of the Mayan Calendar will signal a critical leap in human evolution; the Pleiadians will be there to guide us for that leap.

    This shift is the coming Age of Light, and the entry of our solar system into the Photon Band and the Age of Aquarius.

  2. I truly hope that next time you do an essay on anything you’ll be wise enough to quote more than a single source. Billy is by far one of the worst hoaxes I’ve ever seen, for I do not believe in a single word he says, despite my personal beliefs in Pleiadians. They are one of the co-funders of Mankind, along with some other very wellknown species, like the Annunaki (reptilians). Some factions of Pleiadians left their recked-by-war planet/star system to find other habitable places. They colonised Earth, with lots of dificulty at first, for they do not live as close to their sun as we do, so their fair white skin was a problem at first. Also, they had to struggle with varous diseases, because our planet was way to physical (3rd dimension) for them, as they do live in “higher vibrational dimensons”. They are a part of our collective conscience (Gaya´s theory), for they kinda are like our “founding fathers”, they were NOT discovered by Billy in tha 60’s. Their visits are well known and documented by american indegenous people who call them “brothers from the stars”, and when they were asked were they came from, the star system Pleiades was the place that they pointed to in tha sky. That’s why they are depicted in walls of caves, drawned by the indegenous people. That is also why the Egipt pyramids are aligned with that star system, as well as the Mexican pyramids(there are thore who actually believe that the location and distance between each piramyd its a depiction of that star system). I could give you solid proof of their influence in our civilizations, such as the knowledge of Sacred Geometry and so on, but the main difference about Pleiadians and others is that they do not care if you believe on them or not. I can assure you that at least 20% of your DNA is theirs. And the reason that they do not care if you believe in them or not its because they do not care about the creation of any fear-based stories, for their higher vibrationla status make them less interested in conflict. And that was exactly what’s wrong with Billy’s story. A LOT of people are in connection with outside of the Earth Pleidians, but usually they choose people who are not interested in fame or tv time, but truly heart connected people, for the information they pass on to these humans are very important for their personal mission. Pleiadians were here, from the beginning of our time, and they understand our physical body more than most doctors now a day. Their only interest s to help us, to assist us into raising our own frequency and do a safe passage into the 5th dimension, so that our Earth looks more and more like their own planet, were they used to live peacefully and with a great respect for the sacred Spirit of their planet. Next time you decide to criticise or raise hell about sotheng, all I ask is for you to actually have a well fouded opinion, with the use of SEVERAL resources, not only one which is the most unrealible source I’ve ever seen. Other mistake you did is that you say that the Pleiadins believe “in a creation without God”. That sir, is a lie. They do “laugh” at the christian conception of God (white bearded man, sitting up in the clouds, judging your every move and that some how “can’t handdle money”). They believe in the Creator of All there is. They believe in the Source, and that ultimatly that’s were we all wanna go(sort of Christan Heaven). They are ot pushers and they do not disturb anyone’s life who they know it wouldn’t “have the stomach for it”, and they only do it for very specific reasons. Most of the contacted people will never come forth, for they don’t have the need for it. When you’re confortable with your beliefs and you are a truly enlignted person, you do not have the need to convince others, for you are happy and satisfied with yourself. I actually pitty you, for you have the need to criticise others to feel good about yourself and worse, you have the need to share misinformation about them to have some kind of protagonism. I respect your opinion, I just can’t respect someone who writes about such a vast theme based on a single source. It’s like looking at a glass of salted water and to say you know the all oceans… Don’t do that, or I’ll have to conclude you’re a weak minded person, and I like to keep an open mind about everyone. This is not abou you having a different opinion than mine. This is about you only quoting a single source. That’s just lousy work. Hope any of this touches and opens your heart and the next time you feel compeled to write something, at least see 2 or 3 points of view and than MAKE UP YOUR OWN OPINION, ok?

    The Pleiadian Agenda

    Noted astrologer and spiritual teacher Barbara Hand Clow channels the voice of Satya, a Pleiadian goddess.

    Satya describes the huge cosmic drama taking place simultaneously in nine dimensions, with Earth as the chosen theater.

    The Pleiadians are a group of enlightened beings who believe that the end of the Mayan Calendar will signal a critical leap in human evolution; the Pleiadians will be there to guide us for that leap.

    This shift is the coming Age of Light, and the entry of our solar system into the Photon Band and the Age of Aquarius.

    • Well, well, well Tiffany, you seem to have fallen on your own sword.

      If you had taken enough trouble to read Jerry’s previous postings, he sites many sources (whether unreliable or not)is not the issue. He includes his personal experiences – though bizarre – never-the-less, is another source, Coast to Coast etc. No one can be absolutely sure that information obtained from books, the net, supposed personal accounts and the general public are 100% factual and reliable.

      So those of us who ‘do’ believe we are being visited on this planet by UFO/Aliens or inter-dimensional beings such as demons, light beings, angels, other categories of spiritual entities, keep an open mind, digest and mentally store this info.

      As if there isn’t enough confusion on Earth about what we should and should not believe – what with the tenets of Christians/Christ, Islam/Mohamed, Hinduism/Chrishna, Scientology/Ron Hubbard, Budism/Buda, Mormons/Joseph Smith etc. etc. Now the Pleiadians which is in its infancy – shall we temporarily name it ‘Frequency of Pleiadian Brilliance’/Christine Day.

      Tiffany, you seem to have 1st hand info of this Pleiadian race, who it seems ridicule the beliefs of those Earth Christians who depict God as a benevolent ‘white bearded’ old man residing in the sky. Have you had ‘face to face’ contact and chats with these beings? In your words, ‘they are beings of higher vibrational status than humans and therefore not interested in ‘conflict’, yet in the beginning of your post, you claim they (the Pleiadians) abandoned their planet/star system which they wrecked by war/conflict. This is a clear indication the Pleiadians are also beings of conflict as we are on Earth, therefore their disinterest in us as ‘war mongers’ is tantamount to ‘the pot calling the kettle black’. Why then do they lurk about undesirable lower vibrational creatures of ‘conflict’? Educate me please as my knowledge on these Pleiadians is very limited.

      What about the Anunnakai? In parethensis, you insert ‘reptilians’, one assumes you infer they are reptilians. Thus far, all the information I have on the Anunnakai says they are ‘human-like’, in fact they seem to be the biblical ‘fallen angels’/ sons of god/ elohim who procreated with mankind and, in actual fact – our creators having created us in their own image and likeness – the last time I saw myself in the mirror, I didn’t resemble a reptile.

      Anunnakai literally means ‘those who from Heaven to Earth came’. Please read Z. Sitchin’s book entitled ‘The Lost Book of Enki’, the glossery pages at the back clearly identifies who they are along with its very interesting contents as decoded from the tablets found in the ancient Sumerian region of the Middle East.

      On the subject of the formation of the pyramids in both Mexico and Egypt, due to their similar belief systems, these structures were built to mirror specifics sky features ‘above’ in the ‘netherland’, (the dwelling of the deities and spirits which they worshipped), and to align with important celestial events at the time – 1000’s of years ago, and ‘below’ on Earth, these ground features only co-incide with what they where hoping to achieve when scrolled back to the time of erection, however due to Earth’s movements – equinox, the alignment has to be adjusted to the time to make any sense. (See book ‘Heavens Mirror by Graham Hancock) for his expert research and knowledge.

      You also claim if one is comfortable with one’s beliefs, therefore truly enlightened and self contented, there is no need to convince others, yet, one couldn’t find one individual more enlightened than Christ who commanded/encouraged his disciples ‘to go out and inform/teach all nations’ the truth of who He was – Of course not everyone is convinced of these teachings, as they have their own version of Christ.

      We are all guilty of criticizing one another, – you, Jerry, myself and millions of others, that’s the nature of the beast, especially as we are individuals and make our own assessments and form our own opinions about what we learn, and then make informed or silly judgements.

      Your comments are eagerly awaited Tiffany and anyone else. 🙂

      The Pleiadian Workbook

      A direct transmission from the Pleiadian Emissaries of Light–Light beings from the Pleiades–who say it’s time now for spiritual growth, ascension, and healing.

      Through Amorah Quan Yin, we are taught to open our “Ka Channels,” which pull energy from our multidimensional, holographic selves into our physical bodies.

      These galactic healing techniques align us with our divine selves, raise our vibratory rates, and rejuvenate and balance our bodies, while accelerating spiritual evolution and stimulating emotional healing.

      • Spaceships of the PleiadesHello there! I have the deepest faith too in visitations and the shaping of our own society and belief systems were fundamentented by the encounter with other extraterrestrial races.

        I think it is fulcral for me to start explainning why Pleidians had to leave their original star system. Though they have a deep understanding of the spirit of the planets they “embrace”, we have knowledge about other races that only care about power. Throught time and allies, they learned how to keep their home safe, were ever they were, beacause there was a time they did not know what was to come of their race and many had t fleed to preserve and spread the seeds of their existence. For me, they carry out Light in a very special way. You say you “see” them mingle amonst dark forces. Are all humans good people? Or are they carry out their own Light Service. Their society is respected amonsgst all because the have the “perfect” balance between physical and interdimensional. They do not care for war because they know nothing good comes out of it. There’s no were to grow when you grow out of anger. As “founding fathers”, they taught us that lesson. That’s why we are always trying to reach out. We wanna come toghether and be the best we came be, as a race, as HumanKind, on Gaya.

        This is not about the “dark forces”, because they have been doing the same since our written history! This is about us. This should be about creating something absolutly new. This is the way that we renounce war. They have the power of weaponary, but we have the power of Creation. They do the same thing over and over again, because they don’t know how to do it differently I also must admit I felted guilty for what I said about Jerry, not because of what I said, I stand by it, but because he’s just one of “us”, seekers of the truth.

        On another note, about the Annunaki’s, I’m familiar with Sitchin’s work. I’m currently getting very interested in Jose Arguelles writtings too.

        There are some who are here too keep us blind, some to keep us down, like sheep. Acording to the Stinchin’s work, that’s what we are, are we not? Working sheep?! But when the king of the Annunaki came in to destroy us, his daugther told him that “God has given us the breath of life”. We had mastered civilizations, by ourselves. Are we not part of the creation? The Pleidians came and loved us for who we are. Creatures of Gaya, of Urantia. And they came as one of us. In these bodys, in these terms. With their knowledge and compassion. With their message of Love.

      • My name is Aiden and I have experienced something that ties together this MK-ULTRA the greatful dead, the mayan dissapearence, I am confused and scared and I need to talk to someone who has an understanding of the ethereal plane, purgatory (earth), and the veil of lies that surrounds us every day. Please help me I am 18 and need to understand what it is I have gotten myself into…

        • Beware of anyone whom does not know..the power of god..
          And that god is within you..
          If you have fallen to the fallen..warn others..
          Sorry that they know not god..and the personal relation ship which you have with god..
          Now god can send any animal..stop the wind or bring upon..
          The known as walking in The garden of eden..
          Dont believe the pleidians..they are outside of you..
          God is inside..of you..

      • Lucifer is the light bearer so the light beings 144000 light beings are his followers so you guys are worshipping Lucifer without knowing what you’re doing how hypocritical

  3. Oh Dear! Tiffany, I’m thoroughly confused by your utterances!

    I gather the Pleiadians’ home/planet and they as a race, had been threatened by other planetary races and it seems, had to move from time to time.

    They fled to preserve their seeds of existence, then I quote you – “You say you ‘see’ them mingle amongst dark forces”. Are human beings ‘dark forces’?? I asked – ‘why then do they lurk about undesirable lower vibrational creatures’? after all you did say they were beings of ‘higher vibrational status than humans’.

    You claim Z.Sitchin categorise humans as ‘working sheep’ Really! are we working sheep?

    I’m rather confused and intrigued as well by many of the things you are saying. Where are you sourcing all this information? I asked in my last posting if you have had first hand contact with these Pleiadians, how, where, when? (You claim as founding fathers, they taught certain lessons). I’m really interested to get to know more about these Pleiadians. Of course, I could and have read articles about these beings, but as there are so many ‘crack-pot & weird’ ideas and stories circulating on the net, one is bound to take a sceptical view.

    I detect an element of ‘Gnosticism’, are your lessons from them aligned to this belief system? and, is this belief system something new and still in its infancy?

  4. I have read the above postings from the two of you. I find both of you’re postings informative and too interesting. I want to give you two my 2cents worth. I want to have both of you stand back away from the tree and see the forest. First thing both of you seem to have high IQ’s and have done like myself a certain amount of research. Now I’m going to lay down some points to make all of you THINK this stuff I’m about to point out to all of you might have you thinking even more I hope! Yes I have had contact with human looking aliens I could give you times dates descriptions and put under a lie detector I wouldn’t even make the needle move because I don’t lie especially on serious stuff like the aliens, God/Elohim/Jesus Christ etc. Now I hope we’re all adults!

    Lately I have been given this UFO/alien thing serious thought and because I like all of you including Sara none of you for the most part shall ever see me. But still I like you’re postings so you have the right for me to post some thing you all need to realize! Here we go: If UFO/aliens came to earth starting in the year of 1947 and made contact with our Governments all goodie, goodie stuff and were just visiting earth then leave never abducting humans didn’t kill nor do any harm to again humans, didn’t do cattle mutilations etc, etc. Most likely after several visits the Governments under presure would come out and say: Oh by the way we’re having this press conference to let all you know that earth was visited in the year of 1947 they left and went back to the planet they came from! They like all of our good religions especially those who do no harm towards others (other religions) they left us instructions for the 21st Century to do this and do that for the betterment of mankind! They think we’re all for the most part good! Now all of you reading this posting say yeah this might be the case. But now let us use a microscope and reall read between the lines.

    First hand: I asked the young LDS Missionary why are you here? To get new members? That’s not the real reason rather I can not tell you because you’re telephone is tapped. Then here comes some more aliens missionaries trying to keep it from me that they are aliens. (I found out any way). Aliens tell good old boy Billy we only visit YOU NO ONE ELSE! (Pleiadians) yet I read and hear about them visiting other here in the USA!(USA) So, did old man Billy get his facts mixed up or what?(!)Then I hear and read about all those children per year come up missing and worse an FBI agent tells me they shall never for the most part ever be seen again! Then in old Billy’s house up in the attic he has models made just like the ones he shows all of us in those UFO pictures. His wife repeat his wife has been saying he a liar!

    Let us put old good old Billy under a lie detector like you could me! He would fail his test very badly! Harold Camping on the Oakland California Family Radio Station told ALL OF THE LISTENING AUDIENCE stop going to Church because in his so-called Bible coding only he could understand told him not to go to Church any more only listen to his radio stations. He was wrong! Enought on this old 90 year false teacher! But again folks read think! The Pleidians are telling those who they have communication with stop believing in God and Jesus Christ because you’re governments want to use religion for control and those big bad reptilian aliens are the ones that invented religion for mankind even though that have humans abducted and eat them they are giving humans a good religion that teaches love, respect for one another!(?) You see what I’m getting at?

    So why doesn’t the governments tell the truth regarding UFO/aliens you might ask? If it is so good why not? So in my many years of investigating UFO/aliens this is what I have come up with: I’m going to share this with all of you! Here we go: The UFO/alien is a very complexed situation for starters, it doesn’t have just one answer by this I mean they are from another planet and have been and are visiting earth. It’s not that simple! Yes some of them are from other planets. But not all of them so what then: This is going to be real wild folks I’m warning you! Again get away from that tree read think like I have been doing in 2012-2013! Other dimentions could be?(!) Us from the future maybe?(!) I’m not sure about this one???? Dopper ganger which is a German term meaning the other you! Lately I sure lean on that one! Why? It is a known fact they see grays hanging around gaveyards why? One could say oh they are seeing the grave markers of themselves millions of years ago (a form of reincarnation) I doubt this. It’s like they are looking for lost sould hanging around the grave yards most likely.

    MIB’s they sure are not humans uncle John telling people not to do this or that with UFO sightings and too contact with aliens! I met one young MIB he didn’t want the young missionary talking to Brother Biddle that’s for sure! Yet in a sinister voice telling me he wanted me to call him the next day and be his friend. No before you ask I didn’t call him! So, now we know this from reading this: Billy a liar for the most part. Pleiadians wanting mankind to stop going to churches, temples, etc. Believe in creation only and not a personal Creator (God) and be nice to one another and when you die you won’t go to Heaven rather reincarnate that’s how we believe and if we take over earth you humans shall stop going to Church and stop believing in that God/Jesus Christ stuff! Are they demons? Again I have have studied demons and similar things. Again get away from that tree folks!

    Demons: First thing they do not require a flying craft to go to one place to another! Same principle to ghost. Demons have the IQ of a child yes you’re reading this right a childs thinking abilities! Even the devil himself finds them lower class and weird! Are the UFO/aliens trying to take over earth? I sure looks this way in a rather slow settle way! How just watch TV or movies what do you really see? Murders, sex not normal just we’ll stop on that one! He/she is rich wouldn’t you like to be rich like them? After watching that program do you really find out some thing worth while? No I’ll give you one I was in law enforcement for the greater part of my life on TV: Bad guy saying to the Cop put down that gun or I shall kill her/him so what does this FBI or Marshal or police officer do yup you guest it he/she puts down the weapon(gun)now that bad guy has two weapons to use his and that ding bat police officers so what does he do he kills the police officer then most like he would kill her/him. So so unreal!

    What would happen in real life they would have a stand-off and when that police officer knew he/she had a good shot bang goodby bad guy! Now back to the alien thing they seem to think they are from the future! Again I find this one real funny! Look at earth with all of it’s human races they haven’t changed that much not only for hundreds of years rather thousands of years! I sure hope humans do not look like grays million of years from now! So they come back for what reason to abduct humans for the reptilians for food and slave labor?

    I sure hope not I would hope mankind would learn a lession on slavery how the poor incident black race some of which was treated like sh———–t even worse then that word! No it’s much more complexed then any thing we could ever of thought it could be! Thank you for reading this real long postings I hope you’ll see what I have been seeing in the last few years. Jerry Eugene Biddle USA

    • Sir, your comment “Demons have the IQ of a child yes you’re reading this right a childs thinking abilities! Even the devil himself finds them lower class and weird!”

      Its a most intriguing statement! I would like to know more about how you came to this conclusion. How have you come to this knowledge and how would you defend or demonstrate it to a skeptic?

      Rgds, Learner

  5. Dear One,
    I’m not truly allowed to say how I channel these infos, for I do not want any undiserable people(or not) taking too much interest in me but I can tell you that it “Flows from the Source” and it is achievable for any human being to get to it.
    Now, when they “lurk with the dark forces” it doesn’t mean they are like them. They do not snatch us in the middle of the night. They only have contact to you if they feel they won’t interfere much in your life (as if you’re ready to receive their masterings into your life), because usually they connect with people who understand their truth. Going back to the dark forces, have you never helped a friend by picking him/her at the wrong neighbourhood? Have you never loved anyone who always seemed to take the wrong choices? Did you ever stop loving him/her or trying to help?
    I like to believe you’ll say “no”, and just then you begin to understand. Our Fathers, always stay by our side, loving us, no matter how deep in the rabbit hole we are. They always stand by us.
    Some think that we do are simply “working sheep”(not Sitchin, but read all the way through, and that’s how I felt! some genetically modified chimp to seek out gold for the Annunaki =/ )but they, as good parents always denied us interference. Some of them still come, to teach us more, to show us new ways, for our own nature has been so corrupted by the System/Fanthom Governamnts/Unfair War/etc for so long, we do not know who we are anymore. We do not know how to share Love, how to smile. My anthem is “do a random act of kindness everyday”,and no one know about it. That’s something I was taught by them, but I do not wish to be anything else either than myself.
    I admit I do not know much about Gnosticism, but I will research so I can speak my mind about it.
    As a belief system, Pleidians do give a lot of importance to their “home planet’s spirit”, much like once was the celtic tradition on Europe (I also believe they were responsible for a lot of their ritual holidays, like Beltrane and Sahmain). We looking at Pleidians is much like a medieval man starring at a XXI guy. The medieval guy would not understand his cellphone, his hair and clothes, most of the science surrounding that creature. But he would see it is a Man, just like him, and most likely, the two of them would be christians, so… What I mean is that because it’s something we do not yet understand, it’s hard to explain when you have no comparison from. Their belief system seems fair at my eyes, for no Pleiadian is above other. You spend most of your time perfecting yourself, your knowledge, your profession. From the outside, their society seems perfect and unatainable for us. But if they can, so do we! We just need to have someone to show us the way, to teach us =) And that’s were they came in, again. Reaching out for those who are ready to listen. Here they are, preparing the hords of indigo. crystal and rainbow people, for we are “battling” for the Golden Age of Earth. For the fair society we deserve and that truly respects Gaya spirit, no matter what religion, race or social-economical background. All in One
    (I’m sorry Pat, for the long absence. I thought awsring the e-mail would automaticly post my response)

  6. Hello Jerry! I think you make excelent points in your speach. For instance, if Pleidians are free ang good aliens, they wouldn’t say “stop believing in your God”, and real Pleidians don’t. They are the fabric of our own DNA. They haven’t been visiting us since 1947, because they have always come and gone as they please. So many of them have chosen to reincarnate here, as one of us, as many of us, earthlings have choen to reincarnate there, as Pleidians. Why? To bring back to Gaia, our Mother Earth, some of their knowledge, their peaceful ways of life. They do not snatch anyone in the middle of the night against their will. Its similar to you going into the bedroom of our child in the middle of the night and kidnapp him. It doesn’t make any sense, does it? Besides, Pleidians use frequency imprints, kinda like an ID. They give us peace and encourage us to grow. Dark ones make you feel frigthfull. What I believe happened to Billy was that he was so eager to see, or feel something “extraordinary” that he endend up being a channel of disinformation and fear. As I previously stated, Pleidians do not talk hill against Christ. They understand what a great master he was, perhaps there’s more to the story that I know they know, but choose to keep hidden, to protect us. Like anyone who as eyes to see, they understand that the Catholic Church twisted all of Christs thoughts and teachings, and they, as our parents what us to live in a Heart-Based-Society, much like they do, and unlike what the dark ones tell you, we can live like that. “Lacking, suffering,anger” it is something not naturally ours, we are just in a “game” that makes you believe that judging others because their different it’s the right thing to do, it’s the right way to be, but you know that is a lie.
    I’ve always believe thy would stand back, and just watch, but the truth is that I’ve learned that they are here, to actively help us. A long, long time ago these people made a contract to Gaia and to us. They are here to honor it, to take care of it, to take care of us because it seems unfair to their eyes that were standing blindly against an phantom enemy… Tales like Billy’s spread fear against their real message. People who actually are connected keep their discretion to an high level, because they are not driven by fame purposes. If you want to understant more about the real pleidian messages, I recomend you the Alcyon Documentaries, on the youtube. Thank you for you sharing. May Light and Love be with you. “We serve the Humankind, not the other way around

  7. Tiffany and Pat: Yesterday I thought about mostly Pat I would give him smart a——-s answer by doing this ================== but the more I read both of you’re postings you two bring up too many GOOD POINTS! So, one Jerry is not going to be a smart a——s because I’m not a smart a in the first place. The more I read you’re postings (the two of you) it brings up several issues very important issues. This is what I’m going to share with you two and also others who read this posting. Yes I’m half reptilian and too human but in this posting I’m not going to defend myself for several reasons one I DON’T HAVE TOO FOR STARTERS AND TOO I want to bring up more things then the life of Jerry Eugene Biddle USA. If you lived in my community and could witness things first hand like others then you’d know the things that I have stated are true. Why lie? I’m not publishing a book or making personal appearences and make money what is you’re job Jerry? Oh I go all over the USA and other countries and sell books hoping they’ll make a movie out of it and I make money for doing this you can hear me tonight on the Coast to Coast Show tonight etc. No this hasn’t happened and for the most part shall not! I strongly believe as stated numerous times regarding the UFO’s/aliens is too complexed. When you read my postings you’re understand what I’m getting into. If they came visited talked then lefted no abductions, not cattle mutilations, no human mutilations etc. The our Governments would be more then happy to talk about them. Believe it or not in the 19th Century this did happen. You’re all too young to remember on TV don’t ask what network I was only 16 years old at the time. The show was called: You asked for it. One summer of 1958 they had this whole neighborhood in California visited by aliens very much human looking and went to every bodies house talking to them the thing they like most was as they called them our sports car what they we’re calling a sports call was a Ford T-Bird car. The aliens were both female and male dark hair very young looking and spoke good english. They the aliens didn’t tell them where they were from. The neighbors in California seemed to feel save around them and too liked them. Both sexes very nice looking. I have met in later years a few of this type of aliens. But they do not tell me where they are from and too why are they here. This is why Pat, Tiffany and Jerry doesn’t have enough answers. Yes I believe very high level of MJ30 I found out this MJ does go higher then that PBS MJ5 or MJ6 on those made for TV English programs (which I like very much by the way better made then USA shows). Back to the point if we knew what they know then maybe we’d know more thus answering several questions and too issues. But again reading those UFO Books and Magazines etc. They have MIB’s Men In Black I met one in all of the years being here and too investigating only met one! He wasn’t weird looking pale white in color like we read and hear about rather above average looking in looks but some thing about him I DID NOT TRUST! It was his job to keep others away from the LDS Mormon Church missionary read my prior postings. He lost my trust. So I didn’t call him the next day and make friends with HIM! I’m I sorry noooooooooooooooo! So, Pat you can post things about me but don’t think I get all of my information on Coast to Coast Show a female alien told me not to believe every thing I hear no that radio talk show! I agree. Jerry Biddle USA

  8. Jerry,
    once again, excellent points. In my personal perspective I have to admit that I keep myself away from that kind of shows “who kinda seem to know it all”, right? I rather delight my mind with what’s already here, on Earth, like ooparts and such, mostly because I don’t want anyone making up my mind about aliens, or different kinds of it. There’s tooooooons of misisformation, and I like your insight as an officer, because you can reach and see points of view that I can not. I had to come here, defend and explain some things about them because they are very dear to me.
    Yes, there are several different species right here, in this world, right now, and although I believe we deserve an open knowledge and disclosure about this, I also choose not to care for “internal affairs”. I have my truth. It’s not Universal, it’s mine. And I have chosen to live by it.
    But it nice for me, to openly talk about this. These “existences” in and outside Earth, and to talk about how real they are, while the outside world just trys to look aside.

    • I’ve become rather confused about these alien Reptilians and Plaeidians. Some reptilians are good and some are bad – Jerry claims he is half reptilian! Oh dear! I’ve seen a film about reptilian aliens many years ago so have a visual picture of what they could look like – not very pretty. Yet Jerry states he is handsome, young looking and obviously not anything like the reptiles depicted in this film. So what do these alien reptilians look like?

      I’ve read about other ‘supposed’ aliens, very tall in stature, good looking, some fair whereas others dark haired – very human-like but rather un-threatening – placid in nature. Could these be the Plaeidians? If they are so concerned about the direction we humans are taking and wish to help, surely the direct method would be most effective – come out into the open – dazzle us all, show us your wonderous gifts – surely their super abilities would be very impressive and in some instances would scare the living daylights out of those hard core disbelievers or those sitting on the fence. Shock us all into towing the line.

      I go back to what I’ve said before – seeing and experiencing in mass is believing.

  9. Pat: You’re very confused about the UFO’s/aliens! Welcome to the club! When you study the UFO/aliens it’s like studying humans think: Different sizes, different view points on religion and governments voting system Democrat or Republicans etc. Different view points on believe my way or we’ll cut off you’re head! Believe my way or you can not become a member, etc. When you think about it the aliens would be some thing similar to humans what I mean by this if we could visit their planet all over that planet not just one area I wouldn’t be too surprised if they too have different view points on those mentioned in the above. If every one of the aliens believed on that planet the same things same religion (if they have one) all eating the same foods, etc. This would and should put up a HUGE RED FLAG! It would be like that movie made several years ago in the USA it was about BIG BROTHER 1984 I believe this is it’s name and too that year. God doesn’t want this! This is how the devil became to be. He wanted this to be on earth and because Pat, Tiffany, Sara, Jerry didn’t go along with his ideas 1/3 of Heaven did. The rest of us knew earth would be a hell hole! But keep this in mind! If it was like another heaven why come down? Look at the hell earth has to offer: Wars, bad weather, enslavements not only the black race but others like the Irish,Jews, etc. Then if these things aren’t bad enough look at the sickness muders, etc. Boy by the time we get done with this place no wonder we would like HEAVEN! Pat you ask some good questions I’ll give you this, but keep in mind that Jerry from the USA doesn’t have all the good answers. I wish I did! Only slowly do I get information and even at this I have to do the most work on it! Jerry from the USA

  10. Dear Pat, Jerry
    as I previously stated, I’ve been loving to ave this “intelectual” discussion with you two.
    I’ve only now started to state how important a full disclosure would be for the people of this world, because on the other day i was having a conversation with a friend, and his very skeptical and agnostic, so I asked “would you believe in aliens if Obama said they are real?” to what he anwsered “yes, yes I would”. I have my own convictions about God and the Universe, and I don’t care about what others believe (as in that doesn’t really affects my judment). Yeah, it’ true, we don’t have all the answers, but we might get somehere throught the exercise of critical thinking. People always opose God to the existence of other inteligent beings, but isn’t it possible for God’s grace to be so imese that creates other creatures besides us? That for me doesn’t contradict God’s existence, it just makes me see it’s true grace and imensity. So I would like a full disclosure about everything, but since the “higher powers” decide to keep everything else away from u (like Monsanto, the truth about vacines and cancer, the HIV,etc) I also believe they will keep this hidden until it’s impossible. Pleidians avoid an “grand enterage” because they do not need it. They are not here to force us into anything, they are not here either to conquer or conquest or enslave. They are here to help us, just like they’ve always done…

  11. Hi Tiffany,

    Please tell us – how are the Plaeidians helping humanity particularly as if they do exist, they seem to keep their distance. We have billions of people on this planet and 99.99999+% are oblivious of their presence. Obviously they can’t be physical beings – what is their make up – do you know?

    What is your concept of the Universal God and what roll does God play in mankind’s existence? Does this God interact with us mortals – if so in what way?

  12. This question was mostly sent to Tiffany. It has strong religious over tones to it. I’m going to make some 2cents worth of comments. About the Pleiadians I’m not sure there is a group of aliens called Pleiadians. I only heard about them on the program called 60minutes on the USA CBS Network. It was about this one arm guy called Billy Meier. It first I found it interesting but when 60min got to dig in and found repeat found models in his attic the same ones in his so-called UFO/alien photos this put up a huge red flag. His wife repeat his wife you know that lady that has been with him all of those years thinks he is a phony. Pat I get the impression you like to prove it or you just like to make claims. This fact about you on my posting doesn’t matter. Tiffany yes I believe you are having contact with UFO/aliens it sounds more like channeling more then physical. Okay let us get back to old man Meier’s. He was told that they (the aliens) could not make him another arm! He lost it in a farm accident! Again red flag! Even mankind medical science is currently learning on how to reinattach a missing part of the body. The Pleiadians make claim they are 25 or 50 thousands years more advanced then humans! Duh putting on another arm with a hand using his DNA would be like a kid putting a childs puzzle together! About God, aliens, etc. Just because you Pat right now haven’t seen any aliens or God Himself this doesn’t mean He isn’t present with others. My late parents seen angels before their death others have had angels saving their lifes, one was described as a young male wearing only shorts and went into the ice water 99% nude and saved an old man from the icey river. They went to over to thank this young man but he was gone! Many numerous examples of similar things. UFO/aliens and angels are not for the most part going to the local newspaper and annouce themselves! Why? Several reasons too long to get into on this sight. Not here for here I’am! Look me over! No not going to happen. Pat and others need to dig into the internet like I stated before under UFO aliens Jerry Biddle USA on these other sights I have dug into the several issues and questions asked on this sight. About God He has shown Himself to humans some if need to be done so. Some times people well tell about an invisable force taking over the steering wheel thus stopping a would be accident or a voice in the head saying things needed to be said. When you get into religion you’re opening up a can of worms! Why? Because every body has his/her opinions on what is truth to them or my religion is the true one and the rest of you too bad! In the NDE’s (near death experiences) they find out that God thinks this way and to say one religion is the only way and the rest are going to hell it just dosen’t work this way! Some religions feel you should believe our way or we’ll kill you or cut off you’re head! Jesus Christ when He was on earth some odd 2000 years ago had problems with this same issue. Finally they got their way and killed him. But this didn’t go the way they wanted because He then was put into His glorified body which they couldn’t kill any more! I have wondered in the past why is she/him saved and that other she/him not saved? What I have geathered is this: He or she has work to do yet and it isn’t their time to leave! Numerous things that all of us wonder on whys, how comes? We know more now then we did 20 years ago! As time goes by if we take the time to do our research we’ll find out more and more on a personal bases. As to the UFO/aliens in my congreation the members have had direct communication with UFO/aliens and they do not know this until either some other missionaries tell them or yours truy after finding this out tells them. Even at that I don’t go around broadcasting it! Why? Several reasons when some of my so-called friends found out about me they couldn’t handled this as stated in again previous postings. For the most part what I have noticed is humans are only geared to things they have learned in school, what the governments want them to know or their Church. If the circle of knowledge get out of that little circle they can not handled it! Some go bonkers! Some change friends to ones who do not know what they have just found out, etc. Now about aliens UFO type they could be you’re next door neighbor and you would never figure it out! A movie which had real people and not actors called Invisable Government some one was putting black light paint on the steers which were ear marked for cattle mutilation that night! Long story not going to get into it too long but the bottom line was this: Some human looking person was using the spray paint on the back of these would be cattle mutilation stock! That rancher it could of been his so-called employees or some one else he knew or maybe who knows? Life I have found out isn’t like this: 2+2=4 no it’s much more complexed then this! It would be like 2+2= 0 or 2+2= a million! I’d rather go along with the million answer deal! The USA Government currently can not pull the a hood over the average persons head (covering the eyes)! Why? Because people are more educated on con artist stuff and mass communication in seconds! The THEY that I have mentioned on previous postings it isn’t easy for them any more either! I hope this posting might shed some light on things. I have asked in a prior posting this: Pat tell us about you? You’re really good about asking us now tell us about you! Jerry Biddle USA

    • Hi Jerry,
      This strand is about ‘What is the truth about the Plaeidians’ and, as my knowledge is minimal, I recken my questions are valid – don’t you think?

  13. Pat: In the movies mostly made in the USA Hollywood do you really believe these UFO/alien movies are for real? Is this you’re idea of doing research? Wow! I got a reply on my emailing address about you! You’re either trying repeat trying to be funny or some thing else! I have several issues and questions regarding you! Boy I have studied the subject of UFO/aliens for several years now. And I can truthfully say you’re one of a kind! I strongly suggest again read books on UFO’s and aliens internet, etc. Boy the questions you ask! (?) I’ll give you credit for one thing! If I’m sleeping or not feeling good after reading you’re postings I can say I’m truthfully awake! My questions about you are these: 1. Are you for real? 2. Again what do YOU do for a living or job what ever you want to call it. 3. Are you being put up to sending these questions? 4.Wow! What can I say? other then judging by the comments if I had to put an age to you, you wouldn’t want to know! Let us just rest the case with this! Again Wow! I wonder what others are thinking? Those who read this paticular postings sight! Again Wow and another Wow! Jerry Biddle from the USA boy I’m glad I live in the USA if you get my point!

    • 🙂 🙂 🙂 ,
      What more can I say Jerry other than, all your alien/reptilian chatter is obviously taken from USA fictional films or an active imagination. There you have it. What alien/reptilian research are you alluding to Jerry? Perhaps I need pointing in the right direction.

      All you need to know about ‘little old me’ is, I’m interested in UFO’s and their occupants, the paranormal generally, as this topic is related, and will ask all sorts of questions to arrive at a reasonable conclusion.

      Perhaps Jerry, those questions should be pointed in your direction 🙂 !

  14. Dear Pat,
    Pleidians are just as real/physical as you and me, and they wouldn’t strike you as weird, probably just amazingly gorgeous (they are mostly blonde with light eyes, but some are brunette with green eyes), they are also very tall.So far the only non-physical entities I can “trust” are the Arturians, but that’s a different issue. I’ve refered that Pleidians do are more atuned than what we(as Humankind, as a species)are right now, but that is the transition they are helping us to make, communly refered as Ascencion, the Golden Dawn of Mankind, the renacense of ancient Lemurian Values. They are, right now, also activally helping us by submining some critical parts of the “phantom governemnt”, because they finally understood how hard it was for us to “fight” something we don’t fully understand. “Keep them happy, keep them fat, keep them entertained” that’s how the “elite” treats you, like cattle, so that you don’t have to worry your lil’ head with such arguments, when “the big boys are playing”. If they can keep you busy, struggling with your daily life, strugling to pay your rent, you’ll go by your life living off tone. I’m not saying that’s wrong. I’m just saying that we are not living life to the fullest, because living like this, like cattle makes it possible for you to see terrible things and just not say anything, cause you don’t want to get noticed. Pleidians figured this out long time ago. They struggled with a similar cenario to ours, long long time ago, and they came out on top, which means that “in the end” the created the “perfect” society they we´re looking for. Now, Pat, I don’t care about your religion. And it not that I don’t respect you, it’s just because for me you are a person. And that’s really what I’ll look up first. It’s not in my place to judge you for beliefs and choices (we probably wouldn’t look eye to eye on everything), but it is in my place to respect Life as an intrinsecat value, and to protect and cherish it as most as I can. Somehow, more than looking at us as “their children”, Pleidians look upon us as their past but also their future. In the beginning they had quite a hard time adapting themselves to this planet (their skin was too light and Earth is closer to our sun, which lead to skin complications and a lot of illnesses). Many good Pleidians lost their lives “conquering” the planet.
    I will attend now to your “God issues”, as I can feel than this is what’s really shacking your faith.
    Is it impossible for you to believe that God created others like ourselves (or not so much) out of here?! For me it would be like buying a big, big house(Universe) and just to live in a small closet. Now, this doesn’t make any sense, right?
    There are various “sublevels of God”(and I think if you can get through the “Urantia’s book” you’ll understand it a bit better), but the way I see it there is All there is aka The Source (the center of the universe, were we all want to return, that’s what we call home). A “subdivision” of that you might say is Yahweh (wich is Urantia’s/Earth’s God). Now, you think very carefully before calling me names or heretic and research this name first: Yahweh is the first name of God. It’s hebrew. Yes, it is also Christian.
    Dear Jerry,
    pleaseeee promise me you will learn more about Pleidians, but not from Billy’s stuff (this just reminded me about a picture os Asket I saw the other day and they were showing the model it was taken from and as she worked in a american tv show in the 60’s/70’s). They were here loooooong before Billy said anything, your proof is the knowledge we have about sacred geometry (flower of life as been fund since the sumerians), but to truly understand them, I have to suggest that you became accuinted with the Ancient Lemuria, for that was the first civilization based upon their teachings. Pleidians are exeptional healers (maybe due to the adversities they first faced here on Earth, they seem to have a very profund understanding of our body, and our energetic field) and usually they like to work closely with discreet, very spiritual people. They “avoid” very religious fanatic people because they do not wish to break it down, but they understand how powerful religious programming can be. The first time i saw Billy’s story it just stroke me out as strange, and up ’till now, no one came claiming to have contact with them, wonder why is that?! In fact, as I told before anyone can came in contact with them, if you please, and an even more interesting fact is CE-5 (human iniciated contact) which they claim is also acessible to anyone who wants to.
    To answer another of your questions Jerry, no I no not have physical contact with any of them this time yet, and as far as I know. If I had to openly talk to any species, I would probably choose an Earth reptilian, for he would be able to tell me acurently the real Earth History(the commings, the goings, etc), but I feel they resent us a bit and I respect that,only I am fascinated with extreme IQ’s, and Earth reptilians sure are great examples of it. Other thing I would like to ask one of them is if they have ancient rits to honor Gaia’s spirit, and to understand a bit more of their own spirituality. They always try to pass themselves as “evil, dark”, but they were our God’s once in the ancient world, and I always believe there’s some good, so…
    Whatever the factions, I came with one mission only and that’s Service. The Service of Love and Light, and I don’t look at any of you, judging because you’re diferent, so that’s how I know I wouldn’t judge an alien either. I would like for them to step ot of the dark, into the Light, so we can finally move on and fully became Galactic citizens. In the words of Dr.Greer “the infancy of Mankind is over. It’s time for us to became adults”, and I think we are almost ready…

  15. This is going to be the last time I’m going to put information on this sight. I do wish to thank the individuals who have made this sight possible. I have learned some things from this sight but for the most part what I have geathered those putting into this sight are no more smarter then myself. What I have told all of you is true. If you tell a lie then you have to have another lie to hide the former lie. With my life several issues have occured though the years. Too many questions and not enough answers. I know that the USA Government knows along with my religion but both are candied not to tell me the truth. What I do find funny all humans including some aliens seem to think they are pulling a wool over on me but to tell you the truth THEY are only fooling themselves. What do I feel this is all about I’m going to give you my truthful answer based on what I have read, heard and seen for myself. Some thing isn’t right! What I mean by this too many questions and not enough answers! My two older brothers couldn’t handled what you and I have figured out. This is how both the governments, religion and most of all THEY want. On the Coast to Coast Show they blame these individuals: Super rich, the Freemasons, religions, governments controled by the rich. A long time ago I would of gone along with this, but again because of numerous studies, research and as stated what has happened to me personalily I’m going along with former Presidents Clinton and Bush who make claim that THEY are the ones really incharged. THEY come in forms of aliens, MIB’s Men In Black and invisable aliens. Regarding the aliens called Pleiadians. When I first started doing research on aliens they didn’t call them Pleidians reather Nordics because they resembled people from Sweden etc. Now they call them Pleidians. What ever. As time goes by a lot of people are not believing one Billy Meier’s stories. One main reason I do not believe him are several but I’ll give you the main points. He has models in his attic looking just like those phony UFO photos of his. His wife tells every body he has made all of this up with hopes to becoming rich. One big huge thing he lost his arm in an farm machinery accident the Pleiadians stated we can not medically put another arm on you! Wrong as I have stated before our (USA)maybe other countries are making strives in replacements on arms that are taken off legs, eyes, etc. If the Pleiadians are so far advanced some odd 25 to 50 thousand years puting on another his DNA grown arm would be a piece of cake! Do I believe there is an alien called Pleiadians? Yes too a degree did you know that Hitler was contacted by aliens similarly described as blonde hair blue eyes. Look how this turned out! Yeah ask the Jews and others this! Then if this isn’t bad enough the Pleiadians do not believe in a personal God/Jesus Christ/Elohim like most humans believe in yet in the NDE’s all people who have went to what is called Heaven have not only seen Jesus Christ but God Himself! The Pleiadians want humans to believe in creation only and not the Creator and too believe that we all reincarnate after death! Oh? Why then did my late father and my favorite aunt along with my nephew along with my older brother who died at the age of 3 1/2 come to my late mother’s room at the hospital on Thursday she died the next day! Keep in mind my older (would be older brother died) some odd 30 years prior he sure didn’t reincarnate. I only believe in things that has happened to me personally or from a relable source. As to Tiffany having contact with UFO/aliens yes I believe her because of several different things she has stated. She hasn’t made models of the UFO’s she isn’t trying to make a fast buck all these things so-called Billy Meier is currently doing! But you can only fool the public for so long sooner or later they’ll get wise. Like I’m currently doing. If repeat if I became famous not because of UFO’s/aliens rather my talent I would never go on those talk shows and tell all about my UFO/alien contacts and experiences. No way! Pat wheather he knows it or not has given me a peak perview of how things could go wrong! No thank you enough people have lost their lifes already. Some other police chiefs and others have went bonkers already enough of this! If by chance I was on a radio talk show or TV they’d bring up UFO/aliens I’d say some thing like this: Oh I find this subject interestings but let us talk about this some other time or just change the subject if the host got to be digging in then I could always walk off his/her show you know! I doubt this would ever happen. Thank all of you for reading my prior postings I hope we’ll all find the truth some day hopefully it won’t be too late! Jerry Biddle USA

    • No real ‘Alien/UFO truth seeker’ with any sense of the present, would be that gullible to believe ‘everything’ published on the subject of UFOs and Aliens written in thousands of books, on the internet, documentaries and numerous documented personal accounts as there are many additions, embellishments and exaggerations.

      A Truth Seeker would be reasonably well versed and informed on the subject matter before making their own conclusions after ingestion and filteration before mental storage.

      Only last week, we viewed a channel-5 TV documentary on alleged UFO abductions of UK citizens. Although I believe these activities are occurring, I was disappointed and unconvinced by the alleged abductees statements which I felt lacked credibility. One witness readily undertook a lie detector test and rather embarrassingly failed comprehensively. These documentaries which are veiwed by thousands of viewers, enforce the view that UFO/Alien believers are cuckoo/bonkers and delusional.

      Then we have numerous cases where hypnotic regression was carried out on the alleged abductees (a well documented case decades ago, was the account by Betty and Barney), to many skeptics and medical scientists, this method of extracting information is not credible for a number of reasons which I won’t go into as there are complex facets to consider. However, visitations to Earth by a number of alien species is regarded as fact by a former Minister of Defence for Canada. He is the first Cabinet Member of government ranking in the G8 Group of countries to publicly admit this fact unequivocally, when he said at a recent symposium at the University of Toronto “UFOs ARE AS REAL AS THE AIRPLANES FLYING OVERHEAD”. He claimed there were up to +- twenty of these aliens species visiting Earth and named some of their origins as the star systems of Zeta Reticuli, the Pleaides, Orion, Andromeda and the Altair star systems and others, he added because ‘They’ are not an amorphous mass, they are a different species with differing agendas. He believes presently there are “Two live and Very Tall White ETs” working at the Gunnery Range, Indiana – Springs, Nevada and they reside on US Air Force property whilst cooperating with the US Air Force and sharing advanced technology with them.

      Jerry mentions the Pleaidians are 25-50 thousand years advanced compared to us Earthlings, I estimate it to be considerably longer as in their dormain, we are talking between 7-14 of their years.

      On the topic of re-incarnation – his late brother not having re-incarnated after 30 years being dead is no time at all as their energy/essence resides in a spiritual timeless zone.

      Clarity must be made on the word ‘Elohim’ which is plural for “Those Who From Heaven to Earth Came”, that’s probably the reasons the Pleaidians are quizzical about our beliefs.

      There are thousands of interesting UFO reports on incidents in both UK, Africa and other parts of our planet, some of which have been documented thousands of years ago. The Greys are thought to be an advanced type of biological/ethereal robot (unlike robots here on Earth), which are created and therefore controlled by the blonde/brunette aliens of human ressemblance. My guess is, they are the Anunnukai/Elohim our creators – who were the first colonisers of this planet some 500000+ years ago. This species are our affiliates and creators (having created us in their own image), hence their need to help us attempt to overcome problems we created, as well as with help in advanced technological cooperation.

      And to Jerry, there is nothing cagey or sinister (as an UFO enthusiast), about my interest in you and your numerous postings on this site. Knowledge of you as a person and your activities have been gleaned from what you have publicly posted on this website. Who wouldn’t cock up an ear if one is told that Jerry is half reptilian/alien, and in addition, at age 73, still resembling a 23-25 year old without the use of botox and plastic surgery, and, as well – glows in the dark and adopts the attributes of total black eyed entities/aliens (as seen and reported in USA) – when he gets angry. Not forgetting that his late mother did in fact tell him, he was swapped by aliens as a young child and, not really a biological offspring of his mother rather that of an alien.

      This information – if true, is ‘Dynamite’ for UFO/alien enthusiasts. So my feeling is that Jerry is being unnecessarily sensitive with his criticism of my reaction when engaging in this very controversial topic of UFO/aliens, furthermore, there is bound to be sticky questions, sneers and pooh-poohs from various quarters, after-all-said-and-done, until these beings – publicly and sensationally advertize their presence and cease to operate in a clandestine manner, we are still in the dark and questioning their existence.

  16. I didn’t think I would be answering these numerous other comments regarding me and UFO/aliens in general. A lot of things have happen but because the lake of cooperation from the Governments, Church and other things. I have decided to not try and find out things about UFO’s/aliens for the most part. First off Jerry (me was a full human) secondly he the real Jerry and myself are totally different in thinking, physical situations. He the real Jerry judging by his two older brothers, cousins and friends etc. They all have some thing in common, they look much older then me! Also if the fell and cut open the left side of the eye area on the head it would of taken several days before the healing processed would of ocured. I could go on and on. The telephone is still tapped, I don’t know about the emailing being tapped. I have learned a lot of things by posting things on this paticular sight. I have learned to keep that thing under my nose quiet! This sight like Pat and others do not mean harm, but what would happen if I made a foolish idea and start going around in public making numerous claims about myself. Who would give me protection the Secret Service? The FBI? I would most likely be contacted by them telling me stop this foolish idea. Why? Because we live in a world kill first and maybe ask questions later! Law is meant for humans total humans. A good defence lawyer would say Mr. Biddle makes claim that he isn’t full human the law is made to protect humans I don’t see what is in the law books regarding other life forms like aliens? The worse they could get on a conviction is killing an animal! No it’s not worth it! Do you know that several of the guest on that talk show started by Art Bell called Coast to Coast Show for you who do not listen to this program starting in at midnight until 0400 hours some of the guest all have one thing in common! What is this? Kill died of mysterious situations, etc. And too Pat the tranformation of the real Jerry started when he was 26 years old. Prior to this if he got cut it would be like a normal human taking several days or weeks to heal. The only thing I do not like about this circumstances is I have to take sleeping aids every 2 hours. When I go to the hospital for health reasons the hospital staff treats me like I’m a movie star long story! I can understand this I guest! (?) On this paticular sight it has become a Jerry, Pat Tiffany, Sara sight. On other postings I’m just another posting sight informer. As to the Governments telling the real truth regarding UFO’s/aliens it’s been too long now. The USA Government found out too much and what they found out for the most part isn’t GOOD! The Pleiadians what if they took control over earth? What would happen? THINK ABOUT IT FOLKS! They do not believe in a a Creator nor like religions. Can you see what this would bring to earth. Look back at Russia after the World War II and too China did you know what happend to so-called religious individuals let us put it this way they went to Heaven real fast like! Believers in those countries didn’t fair too well! If in doubt look it up on the internet or other research means. So, I’m still in the lost like the rest of you about UFO’s/aliens and too myself because I know me better then you and I have seen, witnessed first hand been directly and indirectly involved I know some things. About reincarnation recently on the Coast to Coast Show are starting to have different view-points regarding reincarnation basically they do not believe in it as once did! Look at the numerous ghost thousands of years old why not reincarnated? But I’m not postings this sight for defense againts or for reincarnation. Just what I have read and heard from others who make it theirp point to know about this subject. Jerry from the USA

    • Hi Jerry,
      The fattest; tallest; cleverest; smallest; strongest; prettiest/handsomest etc. etc. none of these freakish attributes in individuals warrant protection of any sort for the person as is obvious from those who are paraded for us normal people to witness on TV or via other means. If you, Jerry were to publicly show your ‘alleged’ unusual quality of youthful appearance, why would you need protection, after all, hopefully, you are not a criminal and have not harmed any other human being.

      This freakish attribute of appearing as a 26 year old when in fact you are 73 years old is – if true – a genetic wonder and would be very interesting to science. The alien aspect (if true) most certainly wouldn’t provoke hostility but intrigue – don’t you think?

      This site is available as a platform to post one’s views on pertaining subjects of UFOs/Aliens/Paranormal, for anyone who complies with requirements and the rules just like any other site ie. (The global Lithuanian net UFO ….) which you support from time to time. Holding one’s tongue about personal details is sensible Jerry – banding about one’s address etc. on the net indiscriminatly, is not very sensible – although with recent reports about certain agencies in USA, Britain, China etc. who are spying on emails etc., we are all defenseless against this very advanced technology – don’t you think?

  17. The more I read the more confused I get. Each “Story” contradicts other stories.
    Each story becomes more and more surrealistic to the point they blend into each other and even FURTHER conduction each other and become increasingly more and more unbelievable.
    At some some point the stories become absurd and so contradictory that no sane person can continue to believe even the basic premise of “Said” stories.

    I believe what I can see, what I can prove, what is reasonable and logical.

    The more I read the less I can see except the fact that SOME people WANT to believe something so they instead believe everything.

    The more I read the more absurd the stories become and become even more outlandish than the worst of the worst science fiction books I read. I read science fiction because I have a great imagination and love adventure but what I read on this subject in well beyond belief and is actually silly.

    I have grown out of the Billy Meyer story and the Peledian legends and now rely on physics and logic to guide my visions of what the universe is really made of. For one thing I do (DO) believe that there are many ET’s out there that are not related to our species and there are some which are (to one degree or another) related and more evolved then we are. Others that are related may/or may not be related but evolved independent of us and instead evolved parallel to us.

    Believe what you want. Get the facts first then make a decision. Don’t believe everything you read or hear. Believe ONLY what you “see” and can “prove”. The rest is pure B.S..

  18. I started researching the Peladians, Billy Meyer and everything that went with it. In the beginning I had a totally open mind and tried to separate fact from fiction. The more I researched their facts? and claims the more things just didn’t jive.
    I continued on digging deeper and deeper and the more I dug the more contradictions kept popping up. I eventually come to the conclusion that these 60’s Hippies throwback were just trying to make a buck on their books, videos and lectures. There is SO (let me repeat that) – SO much crapoloa coming from these people that when you read and listen to them one starts to see that they use made up words and terminologies that is obviously used to confuse and also to impress the truly stew ped – stupid.
    I went into my research with a open mind but it was (TRULY) a chore to not throw down the first book or two and walk away so I stuck with it. The more I read (or listened to) the whole story not only started to make sense to me.
    These people have nothing to believe in so they make things up and they do it very poorly. They actually believe most of their crap and in the process they get overconfident and start stretching their unbelievable stories even further until they approach insanity.
    I enjoy a good science fiction story and grew up on them but I knew they were not true and were just intended as “Fiction”. These people have started to believe their own lies to the point that they just pore more and more lies upon previous (bad) lies.

  19. ok it’s 2016 any new info on the Pleiadians ? have they visited yet have you changed you mind about it all tiffany. or are you still a strong believer ?

  20. We are being given disinformation from every source, and the best safety is to believe in nothing, but keep an open mind. There are many books on aliens and all of them do not have a common theme one group sad another, the reverse, so who do we believe ???????????????????????????? This makes it hard for humans who are trying to wake up, toss everything out the window. These aliens should have the courage to land among us and if there is panic, with their technology, they could put those who will panic into a sleep for a time. Nothing adds up and the more you read and hear the more you doubt.

  21. No thier here..but dont believe anyone whom knows not..that god is
    Within you..and the spirit of truth.
    They are not..and do not know the personal relationship..with god that we do.
    Hence..the source. Crap..
    Not that father is not the source.
    But they dont know..what we know..
    I think thier a dimentional trap.
    But could use us for the ride…
    So thats a step in.
    Id say beware.
    Course i could be wrong..
    But im ok with that..
    No other gods but one..
    And that one lives in me.

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