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Where Are The Aliens Coming From?

I have heard several times not only on the Coast to Coast Show but other sources that the UFO/alien say they are either from the planet Mars or Venus yet our Science on earth states these two planets can not sustain life. Some people think that aliens are coming from another dimension. I want to share some thoughts with you those who read my postings.

“I’m from Mars,” said the aliens to the human! I’m not saying for sure but here might be an answer to this:

If the aliens have the abilities to time travel and yes eons of years ago their planet Mars, Venus did have life then this statement would be true they once lived on either Mars or Venus. I have read that when they say “I live on Mars and Venus” again they might be telling the truth. How can this be? Simple like earth which by the way in the following states USA they live under keep this in mind under. Where are these unders?

Western regions of the USA and too the state of Virginia under an old electric plant that has long been gone. Some think other places. So if you asked the alien where are you from he/she would say the planet Earth. In a book that most religions do not either know about or have not read because you’re religion doesn’t accept this book it talks about other earths. This book is called the book of Moses. It tells about some of these other earths being so wicked that God had to destroy the whole planet (that earth). What I have noticed in my many years of studying the subject of UFO’s/aliens we put a tag on them if we do not understand the situation. We call it for the most part either fallen angels or demons.



I have read on the internet that some of the grays have been killed with the aid of an angel. He the angel has stated THEY are sheer wicked and THEY mean noting to us (us being that angel and of course God/Jesus Christ). I post this because some individuals think because they say I’m from Mars, etc. that the aliens are deceiving humans. My answer to this is NOT! Let me back this up:

Betty and Barney Hill

Betty and Barney Hill

Betty and Barney Hill – aliens showed her a drawing of the planet they we’re from and yes our science know this planet and know that aliens live on this particular planet. The gray alien I had via-channeling and five nights she let me see her in the middle part of my forehead region she indicated that her planet was on the other side of our Sun. She wasn’t trying to trick me rather stated the truth. Several years later our science have found this particular planet. Keep in mind related to this we don’t know what is on the other side of the dark part of the Moon.

Now this brings up some issues do the aliens always speak the truth? Truthfully I do not know! Because they might say we don’t believe in you’re God/Jesus Christ. I have reference to a group of aliens called Pleiadians. They would in this case be telling the truth as THEY understand it. Yet you and this posting and myself we believe in God/Jesus Christ because of numerous reasons I’ll give you one only because this posting would become a book.

The NDE’s the near death experiences tells us that yes there is a God and His son Jesus Christ. Now let us dig into this idea that aliens are demons. What I have studied in the Bible and other sources for the most part demons do not need a flying craft or Flying Saucer/UFO. Also in countries on earth they have fallen UFO’s. The UFO’s are way way advanced but they are made out of metal. Area 51 in the USA is an good example of this. Other countries have fallen UFO’s also. Not only the craft but too the dead aliens. I’m going to share some thoughts with you:

My friends in my area know I study UFO’s/aliens. A young former employee told me some thing which might give you more insight about aliens: He the employee told me he was watching a Cable talk show and both not at the same time rather on another night, etc. Former President Clinton told the host that THEY rule the earth and THEY told him as President what to pass and not pass. Then on another night former President Bush stated the same information referring to THEY! Clinton stated that THEY could walk right by the Secret Service agent and put the papers which are to be passed or not passed. The secret service agent also told Clinton don’t ask who THEY are because you might end up like JFK! Now this brings up an issue as I can see with those reading this postings oh so THEY are invisible ha ha I’m right THEY are demons! Maybe yes then again here is another answer:

Some aliens have the abilities to make themselves invisible! Now you are say yes I agree THEY are demons! Another thought: These invisible aliens might just be that aliens not demons. Now the question you could bring up next are the good or wicked aliens? I have always been truthful with you who read my postings and my answer to this would be I DON’T KNOW! I can share some thing related to this:

This is a long story so I’m really going to make this short: A friend and me went to see this hypnosis after hours every for a while every Tuesday. One evening he told my friend and I that THEY here is that THEY again came to him and told several things about my friend and me. But he didn’t tell what THEY said we thought because at the time I didn’t know about THEY so we looked at each other as if to say THEY? What is with this THEY stuff? Knowing what I know now I could of used trick questions and thus found out more about THEY. You know we’re all smart on that hind-sight 20/20. So on this postings I too have brought up several issues. Yes I’ll be the first to tell you YES! So with this you might bring up what can we do about THEY those aliens! One thing I can truthful say is this: Don’t start trying to make them into a religion look what has happened with others who have tried this! Then used you’re good judgment on this! If by chance THEY told you to do some thing like kill this person or do every thing possible to make this person look bad etc. Again use good judgment on a religious issue one could say would Jesus do this or if you’re not a Christian would God if He was on earth would He do this?

Shall we ever know the truth? I think so, I’ll tell you why: Posting sights like this numerous books, and the Coast to Coast Show with some repeat with some of the guest. Don’t laugh also by praying! The answer might and might not come right on the spot but some time later.

I’m not trying to degrade you on the demon idea rather maybe it might be some thing else. One during World War II could of called Hitler a demon and I bet no one would of argued on this one! Yet 70 some years later we’d call his type power hungry at any price! Don’t think Hitler was the only one on earth that did horrible things to humans. If you get on the internet you’ll find out this type of stuff is currently going on right now!

With the subject of UFO/alien the biggest problem is like going to a highway and seeing several roads about five of them! Then you want to know which road to take! But the problem is no one is there to help tell you which of the five is the right road leading to the right place you’re wanting to be at!

Do I believe the President and others know all the answers about UFO’s/aliens? No, but I bet they know more than you and I. I hope this might give you another angle on this complex subject and too thank you for reading my postings.

Written by Jerry Biddle from the USA, Copyright 2013

  1. Wow. Reading this just made me feel awkward. Please, re-read your work before posting, half to most of it is not comprehensible. This seems completely jumbled and jumps from one subject to the next. The title says or implies one subject, but then the beginning, middle, and end have nothing to do with the other. Have read most posts by this person, and it is always is very very strange. I like this site because it used to have people telling their personal encounters with UFO sightings and other types of encounters. It does not seem to be this way anymore. So I am going to request to not receive anymore email notifications. Not trying to be rude just speaking the “Truth”…and when you try and speak your opinion, the author above gets really mad/defensive. This is my opinion.

    • Sara, the articles on this site are written by many different people. Just because you dont care for the ones recently published doesnt mean you will not like the ones that come in the future. Also, this article just like all the rest on this site is written by a “regular” person and not a professional writer! Just goes to show that you can’t please all the people all the time 😉

    • Well there you go Sarah, you’ve been warned as I’ve been, don’t ever contemplate seeking out ONE Jerry Biddle because the FBI will pounce on you. 🙂 🙂

  2. Sara: If this above is replyiing to what I wrote I do not under any circumstances want to bore the other individuals by singing a long boring song on the same old thing like they do on radio talk shows and some TV talk shows. Why? I have enough information to write 3 books. This postings could be me writing on one subject giving the readers the idea that one Jerry knows it all and YOU don’t know any thing! I only give people some facts why? This I can tell you in these statements: When Sara was a little girl in school she was taught by her teachers this and that and if this wasn’t enough by her government! But just because the teachers who I later found out oh boy have you got a lot to learn! The subject of UFO’s/aliens if you read my other postings is a huge big complexed subject to the point the average person could not under any circumstances not only understand but too because of their religious beliefs and related would have a VERY HARD TIME WITH THIS! Also, Sara if you don’t like the way I jump from doing this=================== ================ oh yes can you wake me up! I was reading this thing about UFO’s/aliens it went on and on the same old subject I wished Jerry Biddle would of writen it at least he gives a huge amount of information in a short time period! So, Sara I’m not getting paid for doing this! So, Sara it doesn’t matter what you think about my postings! If you ever got the idea of finding me and too made a remark that you’re coming to my residences and do a number on me I have been told by the FBI if I knew you or others would try some thing like people like this they would be waiting for you and that type of person in general! Also Sara I use to be a Marshal and a regular police officer in the past! Jerry Biddle for those who want to read my non-boring postings!

  3. Sara and Pat: First thing this sight is not a book! I have been to 7 different colleges one being a huge University. If this sight was a book not a posting sight because I have take COLLEGE COURSES IN ENGLISH don’t you think I would write the information different? (!) I over look both you two because first thing if I was a beting person I’d bet the UFO/aliens have no interest in the two of you! Why? Several reasons: I’m going on 72 years old and I have done things seen things that the two of you shall never ever see or witness! Why? First thing it’s you’re attitudes my next to the older brother became a Catholic Church member like I once was prior a Presbyterian Church member, he my brother has the wrong attitude he doesn’t want to have any thing to do with his family, friends and others. Now when you read the Bible you’ll see that the Lord Jesus Christ WOULD NEVER HAVE THIS ATTITUDE! We have in my state a religion that keeps to themselves and doesn’t have any thing to do with others and if you’re around them they act like YOUR SOME THING ELSE! Again Jesus would not like this type of actions. Yes Pat the FBI would do a number on some one if they tried doing some thing to me yes this is correct. Seeings that 3 individuals have lost their lifes on similar situations! When I post things on this sight I realize that not every one is going to agree with what I have posted and too mock some of the postings! But, repeat but what you or others and myself think and related factors it’s not going to change things! If you two stand back and read what you have said to me then you’ll realize why the Governments not only in the USA but other countries shall never ever tell the truth about the subject of UFO’s/aliens. Unless the general public changes it’s attitudes it is going to be standard procedures to keep this under the led! As I have stated before I’m not getting paid to share my truthful information with all of you who read these postings! I’m not writing a book on it! I really don’t believe the governments would want me to write a book because I have found out too much regarding the subject of UFO’s and other paranormal material! So Sara you and Pat can poke fun! Make you’re sly remarks but it’s not going to change things! I’ll still have communication with UFO aliens, still see them they’ll still have a huge interest in one Jerry Biddle and Sara and Pat is still going to set home wondering why and how comes why Jerry not me? Because again it’s you’re thinking attitudes and you have closed you’re minds! I’m not posting every thing on this sight but I have told higher officals and too government officals every thing I have witness first hand can be substantuated! Others have seen and witness it also! Sooooooooooo, when you two finally grow up maybe just maybe things in you’re life might change until then you’ll be readers and mockers only! Jerry Biddle from the USA

    • If it’s any consolation to you Jerry, I’ve been mocked mercilessly for narrating true and extraordinary accounts experienced,but, it’s ‘water off a duck’s back’ as far as I’m concerned as I fully understand the saying – ‘seeing and experiencing is believing’. Having said that, it doesn’t erase completely the ‘doubting Thomas’ element within me as one isn’t privy to the mental state of the narrator of far-flung alien/ufo stories. So Jerry, my mind is certainly not closed but ‘ajar’ and quizzical in your case.

      Your on-going tales of current ufo/alien – Pleaidian and reptilian activities are rather difficult to swallow because they are without doubt – ‘out of this world’.

  4. I was just stating how certain people do not make any sense in their subject matter. My point has just been proven. (the above screaming contest) Stop being so defensive. See, you have proven my point to perfection…Wow. Lay off the narcotics. Get some sleep and quit being so paranoid. This site used to be super cool to read the different “experiences” of others. But this guy. Wow.

    Sara, AKA FBI Agent. USA.

  5. For those whom it may concern. First off I’m clean I do not use drugs, I do not smoke, I do not do any thing against the law! In my community I have a huge respect! If I dial 911 because of an medical emergency they send out 10 different units. A long story about this as to why! Classified! Now Sara about you if you remember you’re the one that started this bickering! Sara this is as I have told you not a book! I can only type so many things that I know either first handed or what I have heard or dug into in the form of research etc. I have three different book publishers who are interested in my writing 3 different books about UFO’s/aliens and other paranormal things! Also Sara you and I share one thing which is this you really don’t know me and I doubt if you ever would know me and this is the case with you! This shall be the last time I shall post any thing pertaining to this situation why? Because this post sight is not for the purpose of me defending myself on people who for the most part do not know me and too me defending myself on people who I do not know! We have some things in common that being wanting to know the real truth about UFO’s/aliens. I back in the middle of the 1970’s taught an adult education course at our community college it made the news not only in my area but other areas even other states. I have been a guest on several different radio stations in the area one being national back in the 1970’s again. I’m going to share with all of you what I told the students 75 of them what I have learned about what aliens and UFO’s might be! Now after reading this assuming that you read this don’t get on my case! 3 individuals started doing some thing similar they got killed I wouldn’t want this to happen to you and the other reader! I don’t go for bumping people off it’s not in my best interest! Yes the FBI has talked to me about if I should ever get a death or similar circumstance on the internet directed towards me! Now what I told my students some odd years ago: About the aliens: 1. Coming from another planet 2. From another dimention 3. Humans thousand or million of years from now coming back either to correct or just monitoring things 4. Aliens living in the hollow earth idea and have been in control for eon of years 5. Bad aliens coming from either another planet they destroyed because they have made remarks about humans way way into the future would kill every animal because of fear of the animals killing them etc. 6. Some think it might be either demons or the devil himself 7. Some thing we do not understand and can not put a name or handled on it yet. 8. the dead coming back not in the form of a ghost rather in another form like aliens, human looking and etc. Which one do I lean towards? I do not think the demon thing demons do not need a flying saucer to go from one place to another! Another dimention? Could be! Humans eon years from now again this could be! Hollow earth one time I thought so but on our PBS channel they showed the earth showing south and north poles didn’t see any so-called openings so I have for the most part been ruling this one out! It has too many loop holes think about it the ocean would be going into the hole and too instead to sky they would be seeing ocean! I do believe that earth might have good and bad aliens living in earth by means of caves etc. The idea about the dead and coming back! Because of several circumstances I’ll give you the German name for this: Dopper-ganger which means the other you! I wouldn’t be too surprised on this one might be correct! Now I’ll share more information on this: What ever it is the governments under no circumstances want the average person to know! Why? Seveal reasons: 1. religions do not have this into their belief system. 2. So wierd that the average person could not handle this one! I know this is true because of numerous things that I have witnessed first hand and too what I have been told besides again research. 3. They the aliens do not want humans to know! (if I knew why then I’d know much more wouldn’t I?) The MIB’s the real ones not that Hollywood make believe movie which is dumb not even close to the real truth about MIB’s etc. Now I have shared information with all of you and no I’m not going to defend myself any more it takes up too much of the posting sight and too I DON’T HAVE TOO! This is not my job I haven’t writen any books (yet) you don’t hear or see me making the UFO circuits and talking about things I know etc. First thing I don’t think the USA Government would want me too why do I say this? Simple: Numerous different circumstancs have occured! I’m I going to post them? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Jerry Biddle USA

  6. Sara: You made you’re comments and then you put down this: AKA FBI agent. Keep in mind I was once into law enforcement and if you’re putting down you’re an FBI agent and the real FBI finds out you’re doing this and if you’re living in USA I would strongly advise you not to do this why? It is a Federal Offence several years in Federal Prison and too a huge big fine! Again keep in mind what I once was so what does this mean it means I still have law enforcement individuals as personal friends. I doubt that you are an FBI agent you’d have to really prove this one to me and too the individual who has this sight! First thing real FBI agents would read this if they are interested in the paranormal and too they sure in wouldn’t be advertisting it! Again it takes one to know one! When I was a Marshal and then a police officer I sure didn’t let every body know about it! So, I’ll give you what you have been giving me prove it! Jerry Biddle USA

  7. I’m here as Sara would say sing a song! Yes, if the FBI knew you’d come to the city I live in and wanted to bring harm upon me yes the FBI would get you along with the city police department. But this postings isn’t about me rather the subject of UFO’s/aliens. I have been studying this subject for several years now. Some say they are coming from another dimention others saying from another planet, etc. What I’m starting to figure out are these situations which I strongly feel the UFO bad aliens are the cause. How could they cause all of these bad circumstances one might ask? Okay let us start by this sights postings I put some thing down instead of giving more into the subject what do I get? Yes! You’re correct slack remarks this list could go on and on. In the USA and too the city which is larger then the community which I reside in has either murder by gun, knifes, etc. You’ll say one of two things oh this has always went on! My answer to this: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Then some might say TV with all of those so-called police shows again: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Then what? Keep in mind that the aliens living in the western and eastern regions of the USA with their bases underground they’re 25 or 50 thousands years advanced then up on the earth. They want the planet earth for themselves so when they inslave or kill humans for food they could care less! Same type of feelings wild animals have when they kill another animal or worse a human. Soooo I could care less attitude. So, how do take over the planet earth? Good question isn’t it? Simple using advance technologies they have HUMANS DO THE JOB for them. How knowing the lower frequencies of that person and giving mind thoughts. Numerous individuals who kill say I don’t remember doing this or I wasn’t in my right mind at the time. So these are isolated cases but what IF you did this on a larger scale doing it with the advance science they have! Start by causing the earth with it’s cities have lack of electric for a few days. Then have once the power is on go on TV and say the aliens have taken over! Then (the aliens) set back and watch the mass killings and other bad situations take place. I do know for one thing how it would take several pages they do abduct and replace this individual not only with implants but too a newer body! If they the aliens would only do this one by one yet doing it daily it wouldn’t take too long until again they’d have what they want which is the planet earth! I have stated several times the aliens have recked their planet so they can do one of these things stay on the planet and die or because they’re advanced have UFO go out into outerspace and look for a planet that hasn’t been completely ruin! Yes planet earth! What about the bad grays and reptilians who have mostly children abducted how would they feel about it? Again a war with UFO/aliens is currently going on even as I’m posting this sight! What can humans do you might say? Pray? It wouldn’t hurt! Put on a home made hat so the aliens won’t read you’re minds? Be real! Maybe just maybe the larger countries like the USA, England, Canada, etc might have already the means to stop this! (?) I have strong doubts to this if they could they would of done it along time ago. Some people think that the NWO (New World Order) is behind this! (?) Could be but I believe it goes more sinister and more advanced then this! So, to tell you the truth I don’t know how this is all going to come out. I do know one thing for sure! Some aliens in the past have given the impression we’re here to help you! I doubt this! As I have mentioned I have studied the subject of UFO/aliens for several years now! What about remarks from Sara and Pat okay what about this! (?) Do they have some good suggestions to give mankind? Other then showing they have an attitude of a little teenager making remarks on things they fully do not understand? I think all of us know the answer to this one! Yes, it’s true I have several FBI agents who are personal friends and too local police officers who knows several things regarding UFO/aliens. Jerry Biddle from the USA

  8. Well Jerry,
    I see you’ve been watching more ‘human eating’ alien films in your recent break! Why would these aliens need to take over the world/planet Earth, when they’ve been in situe for donkeys years. Perhaps they are in league with ‘our makers’ who encouraged us to increase and multiply to feed these gluttons – food on tap. Predators will hang about all the time there is abundant tastey prey, so they have/had already, subtely taken over as we are powerless to stop them. 🙁

    This brings me to this question Jerry. As a Mormon, do you believe Jesus Christ will return, take over and rule the world/Earth some time in the future? If you do, the cannibalistic aliens can’t take over the world – can they? What’ll happen to them?

    • i can sum this up pretty fast for u on what i know..the aleins would not allow us to hurt anyone around us nor ourself as we become telepathic and r able to comunicate wirh is a birth place for humans just like on a planet called earth they are from. We all call this planet 3 rd rock from the sun earth. No matter what galaxy nor deminsions they are from…they are here to help us become aults. To move past jeoluosy. Crime.and poverty becuase why just like our parents they have been their and done that. They know what works and how to help just like who! Our parents at least most of our parents. We are babies of space travel. They dont play mind games to hurt people they want to teach us the right way to use our minds and to help us as a planet..agian i am telepathcaly comunicating with aleins as i type and all day everyday. I understand much of what they are here for and i have seen how other planets can dominate ours thru mind games but that is why we are abducted and messages put in our minds so the older ones can b contacted to stop this mind war of other planets and what these other planets have been doing to ours…

    • look at it this way…a daycare with babies
      to pre teens. Put them all in one room what is going to happen….yes bullies will bully. Older ones taking toys from younger less stronger ones. Older ones picking fights with yoynger ones. We ate babies and they are the teacher or parents of that day care to sepperate and have everyone get along and share things. Put the ones that act bad in time outs just our planet does now wirh jail and prison but we wont need them in about 50 years or so as we can comunicate with them as i do. Everybody in jail and prison will get a nother chance as they become telepathic also. No need for hurting people nor killing people just that they know what works as parents.

      • Wouldn’t that be marvellous if, in 50 years there would be no need for prisons, and humanity could/would live in harmony. You say this could be achieved via telepathic messages with these aliens, which would in time have a tranquill influence on us all? This would then be a utopian planet.

        My question is, why now? There is more to human beings. There’s the inherited violent genome which we carry – bestowed upon us by our violent creators. One only has to read the bible, from the very beginning of human creation, Cain displayed violence against his brother. Where did he learn violence from? Throughout the bible, ‘god’ attempted to control humanity via bribes, threats, punishment, killings through various violent means. The biblical god encouraged war and assisted his chosen tribe in the annialation of enemy women, children, lifestock etc. and encouraged daylight robbery of their enemies possessions.

        If you do not believe me, please read the following: 1 Samuel 6:9, Exodus 32:26-28, Numbers 25:6-9,
        2 Chronicles 13:15-18, 2Chron 28:6-8, 2 Chron 14:8-12, 2 Chron 1:10-14, Judges 1:5-7, Jeremiah 25:33, these are only a fraction of the documented instances. These aliens you talk about would have an awful lot of telepathic work to do and still fail because of our genetic make up.

        Please understand, I don’t set out to negate your thoughts, but, I am a realist and we would need a powerful miracle to turn things round or eliminate all existing mankind because we all carry the violent genome in our make-up. Perhaps these aliens who are in telepathic contact with you, could then step in and create another human species without the violent genes of the previous gods.

        Please respond Robert.

  9. these humans are human. They oly want peace in outer space. They have been here all throughout time aand has told us about such things that would happen. Things change as humans get older. They dont see themselves as a god just parents… They use monet and credit cards like debit cards. We all will move to having a better life…i will tell you one thing about what will happen. Say that you were able to have the money for all new stuff from dishes to t.v.’s and cars would you give up everything u own to have new stuff. Ur things would go to other countries less fortunate than us. I am an american.. Say yoy were giving the option for brand new things only to donate ur old stuff and put it in use in other countries. Would u or would u stick with ur stuff u allready have.. Some will agree fast others would take awhile as they see more and more people do it so they dont think its a trick or something…that would be one way of it going..anorher is that what if we only worked 4-6 hours a day. More people working. Less time at work. Family time. Home time. Everyone works for the things they will recieve..we coyld travel more to bring the econemy back. As we travel can help other people. Say like the east coast needs people cleaning up shore lines.creeks and so on.. Take a travel week and just do a part. Take a vacation for a week for frree but to help clean a shore line for one of those days..just some things they have in mind that has worked for many planets..we all have to help one another and move past hate,violence,and jeolousy. Money wouldnt be something to fight over… Child support is another biggie too. They dont want us putting weapons in outerspace it should be a safe play ground for everone to enjoy and exsplore. Just some things i know about

    • Hello Robert,
      What if, What if, what if??? That would be a utopian world on Earth. Not everyone would clean up the shore line, only a hand full of naturists and those obsessed with climate change would, everyone else would do their own thing. All these materialistic things you talk about are a part of who we are – sadly, because they make our lives easier, comfortable, entertaining and more attractive. Yes, those in third world countries welcome goods discarded by those in wealthier first world countries, yet the same thing applies – only those who can afford to purchase those discarded goods, will buy them. The discarded goods are not handed freely to the poor in 3rd world countries, Robert, these poor folk have to pay for them as well.

      This is a materialistic world we live in because we are creative physical beings. Will these ‘supposed’ telepathic beings, whom you say are human, change our mind-set? I think not, because only we are human and named as such by our creators. The telepathic beings you talk about are what I would call amorphous beings OR perhaps only in ‘your’ imagination.

      Gosh! Now we add the ‘Greens’ to the Greys, Reptilians, Pleiadians, Annunakai, Demons, Angels etc. etc.

  10. on the why now is because our planet and a few others will be telepathic and will indore a mind war and telepathic wars just like physical wars we fight today. We wont have to go thru this war alone with no help. The greens and greys are here to end it before it starts on a global scale. I am the first person to have contact with the greens and greys thru telepathic…but for your question of why now is becuase we will beccome telepathic all of us on earth. Imagine a war in the minds like we fight physical that is what the bible talks about.. We all have to learn the right way to use our minds.. We can hurt each other in our minds just like we do with words but it hurts our bodies not just our feelings..

  11. yes 3 rd world countries will have to pay but money will be provided for the whole planet…money is something that we will always use all of the demons,greys,greens,and tall whites still use money.. Im just saying that we would change a lot by becoming of age just like we do now as kids to teenagers to gettimg married and starting a family. We grow yp even more take more steps in life to better our whole planet not just richier countries but the whole planet.. Say building a house for takes months to complee right? A planet to complete the process of all countries being equal takes years 50 years or so.. Not months like one house..

  12. pat……..we just the world in a whole new way..only reason we have wars right now is money and power of countries. Usa.russia.china.and so on. Its a dollar that causes this along with the technoligies that get bought out…remeber a comercial on t.v for a car that runs on hidgrygen basicly water and only emits water out the tail pipe..yea toyota or honda already had that but big oil put a stop to it quickly never seen that comercial anymore. Hardly dsee any about the electric ccars or even the gas and electric cars that run on both becuase they cant advertise and market them anymore.we have all this good tech. And its put back blindedly so money and power can still rull our planet. We all will have to work together as a planet like a rock or country band work together to give us music in harmony. We will have to llearn a whole new way of life. From men and women alike about cheating or adultry..these things will be forgotten as we all work together..why say cheating its not cheating its only a sexual (love) act..showing someone they are at least worthy enoufh to be part of it..i just understand more about what we will overcome…we grow up. We act like babies in a daycare… We all have love in our hearts and it realy comes out after we become telepathic. Our minds see things in a whole new perspective about life abd what we do to make it better for everyone….

    • Hello Robert,

      It’s all well and good to say we have to work to combat the negative aspects of the human character, these characteristics have been there since the year dot and are firmly in place in our dna, even ‘god’s our creators had to annihilate mankind to achieve this aim AND what have we got today – no improvement at all – perhaps even worse than before.

      You talk about infidelity amongst humans yet in ancient times and even today, men took/take upon themselves servants/concubines/harems to satisfy their animal sexual desires even though they were/are married. It has to do with what is acceptable in one’s custom. It is unacceptable today because man-made laws for marriage, espouses faithfulness to one partner in the Christian Western world. What would happen if the laws were changed and men were allowed to take on concubines as was customery in the early days? It wouldn’t be a sinful act.
      My belief is – the ten commandments were a sensible and healthy ‘guideline’ for harmonious co-existence between humankind because without these guidelines/ or rules, what with our free will, we would gayly do what pleases us without fear/favour or accountability.

  13. The need to be in control, have power is only one of the reasons human beings have battle with each other. In this day and age, ideology, different religious beliefs, hunger for land, greed, ethnicity etc. are reasons why humans go to war as well. We inherited the violent genes of our creators who had a violent nature as well as other more gentle qualities.

    The truth of the matter is we spend much of our time speculating about our origins, our future on this planet and termination of life. Yes we read much about what is, what should be, what could be and what will be – all very interesting and impressive – yet the truth is, we don’t really know, so we pick and choose the things we find appealing.

    Are we being subtally contacted and, our lives manipulated and, minds influenced telepathically by unseen beings or an unseen consciousness, I believe so. Has this always been the case since the beginning of our creation – Yes, one only has to read the Christian bible to realise this has been going on. Do we really know why and what is going on? No, I’m certainly NOT sure, perhaps we’ll only know when we pass on.

  14. You make no sense. Your statements are out of order and aren’t defined; I dont understand what you are saying at all… In addition, you’re grammar is atrocious and you are discussing several things out of order as if we know what you are talking about. You don’t appear credible or knowledgable from this. You claim that we “Know the planet,” that Betty Hill saw, “has aliens on it.” Are you idiotic? There are no telescopes that could even see a planet where supposedly Ms.Hill indicated these beings originated from…. All we know is the constellation exists… Nothing more. And for your ridiculous, poorly written, atrocious entry that none of us can understand, I am not going to begin entertaining any of the ideas I could barely piece together from your fabricated accounts. Some of us have had experiences. Some of us have researched this and clearly your “defenses” are both innacurate and don’t make sense. I hope you go back to school, you obviously need it.

  15. it is impossable to talk sense with paranoid-schizophrenics,
    because they do not realize they are ill(ok, very few do understand,and seek medical treatment),
    unfortunately is the topic ufo s (and ghosts and new world order like theories)
    a theme most paranoid-schizophrenics experience episodes/hallucinations about.
    i still believe there is more to the ufo-experiences people have,butt it is wise to watch for mentall illness wenn people start talking about this stuff!

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