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  • The Anunnaki – Ancient Aliens Debunked?...

    Did the Anunnaki come down from the “heavens”? Many people believe they did. Theories range from them guiding and teaching mankind to them creating human beings, perhaps by modifying indigenous early humanoids with their own DNA.

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  • Alien Hoax Coming to a Sky Near You

    The History channel along with others, is starting the global panic directive. There will soon be an all-out initiative to set the people of the world in a paranoid confusion through media reported alien invasions.

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  • Should We Try To Contact Extraterrestrial Life?

    What would happen if we did make contact with an intelligent life from out there is space?

    Will they be friendly or will they not?

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  • Do Reptilians Control the World We Live In?

    Could the Anunnaki be a race of reptilian beings from another planet?

    Could the Earth have been visited by a reptilian race... part of a special blood line that creates full bloods?

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  • Ancient Chinese Alien Theories...

    Ancient Chinese legends indicate that there was a concept of outer space and life on other planets.

    There was the belief that extraterrestrials played a part in the creation of Earth.

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  • Ancient Aliens: A Reasonable Hypothesis Supported By Facts...

    There exist technologically advanced extraterrestrial civilizations well in advance of humans.

    Whether it is ten or ten thousand such ET civilizations is of no consequence for the scenario that follows.

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  • The Zone of Silence Mysterious Phenomenon in Mexico...

    About 400 miles from the Mexican/US border is an area known as the Mapimi Biosphere Reserve. Overlapped in this region is a parcel of land that has brought much speculation and theory due to reported malfunctions with electricity and communications.

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Since ancient times mankind has looked to the stars and wondered. Extraterrestrials, visitors from the heavens or the stars, have been represented in artwork and in the mythologies of cultures around the world. Were all of these tales, traditions and beliefs mere imagination and fiction? Or were they based upon some bit of truth perhaps long forgotten?

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