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1986 UFO Sighting Central Victoria Australia

In Late 1986 I was living in Central Victoria Australia (near Moe ) and was working on my car in the garage, in the evening. I finished up at approx 9.00 p.m. and had started walking into the house, when I noticed a strange phenomenon. A perfectly rectangular patch 0f the night sky had Zero stars in it, on a cloudless night.

I stopped to quiz myself about the concept, and realized that there was a totally black object of unknown size moving slowly, and silently from west to east.

I was a tad unnerved, so called my wife out to have a look, but she was too late to observe it properly, as it was by now moving into the distance.

I cannot determine size, as I do not know its altitude, or its speed, as I have no reference points to even roughly calculate one. but id did seem to be quite slow.

All I know is it appeared to cover approximately 25% of the sky above me, and I do not know what it was.

No Lights at all, No sound at all, Only a Black rectangle blotting out a multitude of stars.

I don’t talk about this, as I knew folks would tend to disbelieve me, quite simply because I still find it hard to believe myself!


  1. It came from another dimension. that is why they appear so quickly.

  2. My grandfather had almost the same exact experience as you spoke of back in the 1940s. He worked and retired from the Bethlehem Steel, and him and another co-worker one night were on their lunch break and my grandfather said they both looked up and saw a flat rectangular object the size of a football field hovering above them, making no sound what so ever, completely silent, then just like that it was gone. They both looked at each other and said did you see what I just saw, they both said yes and decided not to tell anyone else about it because back then you really would of been scrutinized and no one would believe you and would think you’re crazy for talking about UFO’s, my grandfather is the most honest man I have ever known and would never fabricate a story like this, I believe him and you 100%. When I read your story it sent chills up my spine, because he described it exactly as you did, that’s why I don’t doubt it one bit that it happened. This thing was hovering above the Bethlehem Steel back around WWII era, and if you know anything about the Bethlehem Steel is that it supplied and manufactured a lot of weapons for WWII, shell casings, bomb casings, ammunition casings, cannon barrels etc, Whether this thing was extraterrestrial or possibly man made I don’t know but I find it more than a coincidence that this thing was hovering above a place that was fueling weapons for WWII, , who knows maybe the Germans were spying on us or it was ET’s, I would of freaked out if I saw an object like this!!!

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