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A Connection Between Aliens and Angels?

Recently, in another story here (Alien Abduction in Arizona) the discussion turned to the idea that there is a connection between Angels/Bible (or other religious documents) and Aliens. Looking at the articles and stories on the site there are several that are related to the idea that extraterrestrials may have been encountered in the remote past and when written about were described in terms of what they knew and were familiar with at the time.

Personally, I think there are a lot of passages in the Bible that sound like descriptions of aliens or UFOs; for example the description of “Ezekial’s Wheel”. I think this is a fascinating topic and merits its own page here for thought and discussion. What follows here was originally submitted as comments to Alien Abduction in Arizona. ~ AlienUFOTruth Admin


I believe the true ‘Universal God’ is exactly that, the God of Islam, the God of the Jews, the God of true Christianity, the God of Jehovah’s witnesses etc. etc. however, God is separate from fallen angels (Christian bible) or ‘the sons of the gods’ who had children with earth women (Christian bible – genesis). It’s obvious for those who have their eyes opened and who have read much on the subject and, in view of where we (mankind) are, now, presently, that the biblical ‘fallen angels’ or ‘sons of the gods’, were and are what modern man perceive to be aliens, space travelers call them what you will. Therefore, biblical (religious) interpretations are synonymous with present day UFOs and alien abductions, except the aliens (almond shaped eyes) are of a different sort – that’s why I place (Christian biblical) religion in the paranormal category. There’s little difference between the Grecian, Hindu, Egyptian, South American etc. mythical stories about the various gods who came down from the heavens and mingled with man (in every sense of the word).


I agree it is possible that Jesus ( or whomever was the man behind all of the many ancient myths that map out Jesus’ life like an identical timeline) was an alien. I agree it is possible. But I don’t believe in the “fallen angels” or “Nephilim” to be aliens. The word Nephilim in Aramaic means great men of old, or warrior type heroes. And that is what I believe they meant by them.


I’m of the same opinion, from my interpretation of these phenomena, The label ‘fallen angel’ was given to the ‘sons of the gods’ by the ancient authors because they didn’t know any better, they were regarded as ‘fallen’ at the time because they were possibly a ‘pure’ alien race of ‘men’, and, had been told by their commander (the Lord), not to personalize their interaction/relationship (have carvel knowledge) with the earthlings. They were there to inform and assist and enhance the living standards of the earthlings only for the allotted period they were given whilst their commander (the Lord), was elsewhere (in space). When he returned some years later (it seems), he was furious when he found they were well settled and co-habitating with the earth women, having produced children with their chosen partners. These ‘fallen angels’ (space travelers) were men in the flesh, hence their attraction to earthly women in the flesh and ability to have carnal knowledge of them.

My religious understanding of spiritual ‘angels’ are of ‘light beings’ or other spiritual entities, not in the flesh, who normally reside in a spiritual realm created for them by GOD who is of the spirit.

If I may, for Jennifer’s benefit, quote from the bible to support my personal opinion as stated above.

In the book of Enoch 7:1-2 we can see “It happened after the sons of men had multiplied in those days, that daughters were born to them, elegant and beautiful. And when the ‘angels’, the sons of heaven, beheld them, they became enamored of them, saying to each other, ‘Come, let us select for ourselves wives from the progeny of men, and let us beget children’.”

Enoch 7:10-11 – Then they took wives, each choosing for himself…, and with whom they cohabited, teaching them sorcery, incantations and the dividing of roots and trees, and the women conceiving brought forth giants (Nephilim).

When their leader (the Lord) returned this is what happened – He was very angry and said to the ‘angels’ men who bred with the earth women. – Enoch 15:2-7. “Wherefore have you forsaken the lofty and holy heaven which endures for ever, and have lain with women; have defiled yourselves with daughters of men; have taken to yourself wives and have acted like the sons of the earth and begotten an impious offspring”. “You all being holy and possessing a life which is eternal, have polluted yourselves with women, have begotten in carnal blood, have lusted in the blood of men and have done as those who are flesh and body do”.

“These however die and perish”, (remember when the Adam (earthlings) were genetically created by them ( Adams Alien Genes – Did Ancient Aliens Create Us Using Their Own DNA? ), it was only for approx. 3 score and 10 years after which time earthings bodies should have aged and perished),” therefore I have given them wives that they might cohabit with them, that sons might be born and that this might be transacted upon earth. But you from the beginning were made differently, possessing a life which is eternal and not subject to death for ever, therefore I made not wives for you because your dwelling is in heaven”. Enoch; chapter-10. Again the ‘Lord’ (NB. not GOD) said to Raphael – high ranking ‘angel’ of the Lord, “Bind Azayek (one of the first 200 ‘angels’ who fell) hand and foot, cast him into darkness” and, opening the desert which is in Dudael, “cast him there where he may not see the light, where he shall remain for ever”. They where basically imprisoned for disobeying orders by having carnal involvement with earth women.

We can draw a parallel even today, with certain nations on this earth, who ostracize family members and in many instances, even resort to murdering that family member who dared stray from the ancient custom of marrying within their own kind.

I believe, we all have different interpretations of what we read and this is healthy.


Jennifer dear, no one doubts the spectacular experience you had, I for one believe you experienced something real and profound which I’m sure is linked with aliens (biblical angels) – as usual – messing about with us and, why shouldn’t they, after all we are an extension of themselves genetically engineered and created by them and later reproduced children from them (the ‘fallen angels’) We, human beings (scientists) are going on that same route, they’ve learnt so much about genetics recently that virtually – nothing is impossible, the only thing holding them/us back, is the perceived (religious thinking) morality which in real terms is quite irrelevant in the larger scheme of things. What was once perceived to be God’s domain and therefore immoral, (mankind’s tampering with nature)is now or becoming ‘fair game’ for scientists in that field, they are thinking like the ‘gods’ (their genetic creators and ancestry).

Interestingly, if I may quote from Genesis: chapter.11 – The Tower of Babel – When the ‘Lord’(their leader), came down to see the city and tower which mortal men had built – He said, “Here they are, one people with a single language, and now they have started to do this; henceforward nothing they have a mind to do will be beyond their reach”. What profound words especially for one knowledgeable about his own capabilities passed onto mankind through genetics.

We have dottered throughout the bible and other ancient literature, clear pointers of definitive proof of our origins. Biblical ‘fallen angels’, some other angels, the ‘Lord’ with his companions, they are without a doubt one and the same as a ‘certain group of aliens’ who still visit the earth and have been doing so for thousands of years.

That is my humble opinion.

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  1. I am not sure if you have thoughtfully read the koran and the bible. But Alla has abdolutely nothing to do with Jehovah, the God os Abraham, Issac and Jacob You are correct that, Jehovah or Yaweh is the God of the Jews and the Christians and you are correct that He is the universal God of all. But He is not the god of islam that mohamed talked to in a cave. If you read the koran, which I have, you will see that this god contradicted himself frequently. I am not bashing islam but you must remember that it did not even come into existance until 300 years after Christ walked the earth, was crucified, and ressurrected by God. Muhamed basically adopted the first 4 books of the bible and whatever he wanted from then on. When he died, he stayed dead and the leaders of islam were lost and did not know where to turn. That is why youy have sunnisand shiites and many sects of islam and many want to kill each other and everyone else. You could not pay a muslim cleric to debate a Christian or Jewish theologian for a billion bucks, not even an aetheist. They already know the outcome and will no risk it. It does not stand up to philosophy no matter what your world view is. If you are intersted in the connection between aliens and demonic fallen angels google alien resistence or ancient of days, Joe Jordan, Lee Mazulli. These guys have spent years comiling victom testimoies and research. There is no need to look at this as just a new theory. Google these orgs and researchers and you will see parallels that are astonishing.

    • There are also many different sects within Christianity and most of them disagree with each other vehemently and even go as far as saying that if you do not belong to their particular denomination then you are wrong. I am saying this not of you jk but in general.

      Religion is intrinsic to this particular post, however I do not want this to turn into an argument about the pros and cons of any particular religion.

      Oh, and I dont regard this as a new theory at all. It is a very old one.

  2. Is this question of whether Angels and Aliens are connected a question of entertainment or of science, or of something else? This site is presented as a search for Alien truth – is that “Alien” truth, or “The” truth? Even if someone happens to post something about “The” truth about Aliens and UFOs and Angels here, how would anyone know? If this then is just entertainment, can “The” truth ever be understood – might “The” truth be stranger than fiction AND entertaiment?

    If ALL THAT IS is completely relative, if ALL THAT IS has no absolute, then it doesn’t matter what Aliens are nor what religions teach – there is no truth nor lie, you should simply do and think whatever is good to you. Yet, isn’t it self-evident that a lie is not just a different perspective of the truth? Even a child knows how to tell a lie, for the conscious reason of NOT telling what is true! The truth has integrity, a lie does not. Lies and truths ARE empirical facts, not moral nor religious perspectives. What’s moral or religious about them is the personal choice to tell a lie or not. If you don’t agree there’s truth, then you do think ALL THAT IS is completely relative and this is all an “illusion.” But, if you do agree that the truth has an absolute quality to it, then you do consider that there is information that is more valid or valuable than other information. Now, how might you know such truth should you come upon it, especially in something as complicated as the possible connections between Angels and Aliens/UFOs?

    It seems only of entertainment value to contemplate this question since Angels nor Aliens nor UFOs are acknowledged to exist by world science nor authority. Anyone that claims to have experience with any Angels or Aliens or UFOs eventually become connected with mental illness by others. Even among those who have attempted to investigate these subjects with credibility and reason, the “experiencers” aren’t usually given a chance to offer an opinion on what they think is happening, as if their “experience” precludes them from being able to investigate the phenomenon because they’re a part of it. This question is fraught with pitfalls in all directions, so why ask since many of not most people will cry “unfair” if “a position” is taken by someone on the subject? But, What if there IS absolute truth, could you accept it – would you want to know it? Would your religious or moral or ethical beliefs, or lack of them, allow you to accept valid information about this question?

    Do you look to justify your own truth, or are you searching for “The” truth?

    Isn’t “religion” a form of “faith,” a way to hold on to a belief as if it were knoweldge or fact? Religion, by definition, has a form of faith where the follower should think that something is true that has not been proven as true to everyone else. Religions are attempts to disclose truth that is not empirical to everone, where each Religion has its set of disclosed “truths” of that faith to adhere to. Angels, even Aliens and UFOs, have become associated with Religions because people try to understand what is happening to themselves or others when empirical facts aren’t there for others to contemplate. Many people therefore have preconceived constructs in thier minds that have been “provided” by Religion, and so this question becomes a religious question with a religious answer – therefore probably restricting an answer they can accept which must fit within their interpretation of their religion, or lack of one.

    People to this day, and I have personally met one, claim to have been visited by what historically is called an Angel. The same is true of Aliens and UFOs, and yes, I have met someone who claims to have been visited by them too. Such testimonies have literally been recounted throughout all of human history, even with the same pitfalls of personal credibility attached to the witnesses then as well as now. Multiple ancient texts write of “Angels” procreating with humans which created a hybrid creature. Human knowledge today understands that hybrid creatures can not procreate: Mules, hybrids of a donky and a hourse, can not procreate amongst themselves but must procreate with a donkey or a horse to “make” another mule. If Aliens are some kind of hybrid between an Angel and a human, then the Aliens would need to procreate with Angels or humans to “make” more Aliens. It is well known that many “abductees” claim that their egg or sperm is harvested to make Aliens, and have even eventually been shown their “Alien children.” Might this be a connection between Angels and Aliens?

    • My concept and understanding of an ‘ANGEL’ is one of a spiritual supernatural being whose habitat would ‘ONLY’ be in the spirit realm. They certainly would not in anyway be able to or have the need to procreat with fleshy earthlings and produce a hybrid offspring like ‘the nephalim’, nor would they have the need to eat, drink and indulge in things relating to the flesh. That is one of the reasons why I don’t believe the biblical ‘fallen angels’, ‘sons of the gods’ or, for that matter the biblical ‘lord’ were in the true sense of the word ‘ANGELS’, as they were able to partake in and enjoy all things physical and of the flesh. This to me is a clear indication they were physical beings from elsewhere, who at some stage in our history, had a hand in our creation/genetical engineering (creating a hybrid of themselves and earth hominid as mentioned in genesis – creation of the Adam), also other lengendary/ mythical stories from other parts of similar experiments between themselves and the hominids.

      Ofcourse, as we are offspring of their creations using their own genes, there would have been some element of compatibility when they returned to find beautiful earthly women.

      NB. Take note, there didn’t appear to be any ‘godly women’ in genesis – procreating with earthly men, because, in my opinion their women were safely tucked away on their world/planet, very much like earthly men out and about having dalliances with other women whilst their wives are safely tucked at home with their families/children.

      • By the way, I don’t believe real ‘ANGELS’ procreat with other real ANGELS in their spiritual realm, their reason for existence have other uses but certainly not anything like we earthlings in the physical, so there should be no comparison/parallal between their existence and ours.

  3. Hi there,

    jk’s input in the main, throughout this forum, has a distinct leaning toward the ‘tenets’ of religion – fair enough. I won’t debate the belief systems of other religions or fragments of christianity as this strand is attempting to open debate on the possibilty of biblical ‘fallen angels’ or ‘sons of the gods’, who came from the sky and, obviously being men of the flesh, were sexually compatible with earth women, hence producing children. This begs the question, what made them come to planet Earth in the first place? The answer in my opinion is, they knew of the initial placement of the Adam (their creation with their genes) who would have ‘increased and multiplied’ on planet Earth, and popped round whilst in the vicinity on their space travels or (when their planet which has an orbit of 3600 years – ‘Sumerian ancient plaques’) to see how the Adam were thriving and to assist in their progress, isn’t that what we here on Earth do – re visit and check up on the progress of projects which we have created. The whole idea is to link these historical biblical ‘stories or myths’, with present day ufo phenomena and not to debate the depth of the pros and cons embedded in various religious belief systems.

    Another example is in the story of the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. Genesis:ch.19. Here again there is mention of two ‘angels’ who were invited into Lot’s humble home in the evening. He invited them in to spend the night, and, having prepared a meal of unleavened cakes which the angels ate and were preparing to sleep the night at Lot’s home, when “men of Sodom, both young and old surrounded Lot’s house – everyone without exception. They called to Lot and asked where the two men were who had entered his house that night. ‘Bring them out’ they shouted, ‘so that we can have intercourse with them'”.

    Obviously Lot was exasperated at this outrage as he knew these two visitors were not earthlings. My question is this – how is it that these two ‘angels’ ate unleavened bread, washed themselves, were prepared to spend the night at Lot’s home, and, worst of all were so human that they were fair game to be sexually abused by the men of Sodom and Gommorah? Take note, these men came during the night (as usual, the preferred time for ufos). My understanding of REAL ANGELS created by the Universal GOD would be spiritual beings and would have had no need to eat, wash and sleep.

    Let me ask a logical question – Who or what were these two biblical ‘angels’ who were in the flesh yet recognised by Lot as non-human beings?

    • (Fallen) Angels came to earth to sexually pleasure themselves with human women. Since you refer to Biblical references to Angels in your posts, I am doing the same, stating “God” created Adam and Eve, not “the Angels.” Lot’s Angels were of what I understand Angels to be, “inter-dimensional beings” who can exist in the “heavenly” dimension or the “earthly” dimension, that can take on any fleshly form at will in the earthly dimension. Lot’s Angels, in human bodies, can and did do anything human while “human,” including eat food offered them by Lot. Pam, it seems you think God IS “The Angels,” even as God in Hebrew is a plural word, perhaps because the Bible never actually EXPLICITLY states when Angels were created. If the Angels are heavenly creatures, which the Bible seems to describe them as being, also stating that heaven was made by God, then they ARE creatures, CREATED beings within heaven, not the ETERNAL God who made heaven and earth, etc. The Bible seems to indicate the Angels were to act as emissaries between the “Father” God who resides in heaven and humans who reside in the earth. It is my opinion that some of the Angels had sex with human women, and hybrid creatures were thereby created from which the current day Aliens have come.

      • You, ‘Seeking Treasure’ are espousing the tenets of the christian religion and belief system which was taught to christians. I’m fully aware of those tenets which place angels and God in certain forms, however, in my opinion there is a blurring and indistinction when one looks at the nitty gritty as to what/who exactly were these beings(angels & sons of the gods), and why or how they were able to procreate with mankind. Just like apes are not evolving into human beings today, neither are angels procreating with mankind today. Why? Because they the ‘angels’/space travellers, who are in the flesh, are/were not ‘ANGELS’ as I understand the nature of ‘ANGELS’ to be. I think we must agree to disagree on this question, the spiritual realm where ‘true’ Angels dwell is out of bounds for ‘fleshy’ mankind until the afterlife, there’s no way for instance, biblical Enoch, who was purported to have been taken bodily to heaven with ‘the Lord’ with whom he spent much time on earth, could have been taken to the spiritual realm in the flesh. If he was taken whilst still in his physical body, it was in my opinion, to another physical/tangible world. This therefore tells me, the biblical ‘Lord’ and ‘angels’/’fallen angels’ were not, in the true sense of the word spiritual ‘ANGELS’.

        We obviously have vastly different conceptions and understandings of the true nature of the universal GOD, ANGELS and the biblical ‘Lord’ and ‘angels’/’fallen angels’ and this is quite normal, that’s what being human is all about – not being sure of the absolute truth.

        • Pat, you clearly do not understand the use of reason and so you make arguments that aren’t logical. First, I stated up front that I was using Christian tenants so that I would respond within the same context that you used – then you “criticized” me for that! Second, I doubt you can prove that Angels are not procreating with humans today – it is extremely difficult to prove a “negative” theory. But, since in YOUR mind this CAN’T be happening, you imply that your statement to the contrary simply provides that “proof” for the rest of us! Through your disbelief of Enoch not being taken to heaven, you simply claim such is the “evidence” to the contrary too. Third, because YOU don’t think you know the truth doesn’t mean the truth can’t be known by ANY human. Who do you think you are to make such assumptions about other human beings? You would actually have to KNOW the truth to say that no one knows it yet! There are historical humans that have claimed to know the truth, so it may actually be more a matter of whether someone believes whomever knows it or not.

          • Hi ‘Seeking Treasures’,

            Whoops!! I seemed to have trodden on your toes too.:-( We are all very opinionated on this forum and that’s excellent in my view, and, we are all also very much groping in the dark to find answers to our questions and that is also the truth of the matter. I feel it’s rather arrogant of any earthling to presume to know the absolute truth because we don’t, never have and probably never will – that is the nature of things here on earth.

            I believe the main topic on this particular forum is a question for all of us – are aliens posing as ‘angels’? Do we really know? There are many books on the subject (the christian bible included) and, we are attempting to analyse/discuss what we individually understand from our readings.

            How can I presume to know if ‘ANGELS’ (spiritual beings) are still procreating with humans? OR if ‘angels’ or ‘fallen angels’ (not spiritual, rather aliens in my opinion) are STILL procreating with humans? My response to this question is – IN MY HUMBLE OPINION –
            1) ‘ANGELS’ (NB. capital letters) are spiritual beings and could never by their very Godly nature, indulge in these acts with fleshy mankind or amongst themselves. These are activities for creatures of the flesh/matter.

            2) The (NB. small letters)’angels’,’fallen angels’ who had procreated with earth women and produced children along with ‘angels’ who visited Lot, were called ‘angels’ by the biblical authors because they came from the heavens(sky) or space for that matter, they were in my opinion a ‘pure’ and advanced alien race (physical/fleshy) from another star system. Do I know if this type of ‘angel’ is or is not procreating with earth women at the present time? Well we know those who had engaged in those activities in biblical times, were reprimanded and then removed by their leader(the ‘Lord’) and imprisoned/ punished, and their offspring – the nephalim – were later destroyed in the flood.
            * Are there any ‘nephalim’ walking on our streets today – I think not.
            * Are abductees telling us they are being sexually assaulted by ‘human looking’ aliens – I think not.
            * Do we know of any humans claiming they are cohabiting with ‘angels’ aliens – I think not, besides, the ‘angels'(aliens) would experience the wrath of their leader ‘the Lord’.

            What we are hearing is the occupants of ufos today are of a different species, child-like in statue, in some instances features ressembling the chinese, large black oval/almond shaped eyes, some robotic in appearance, others – small in statue with shoulder length black hair, square jaw line, very small lips and very small noses and large heads in proportion to their bodies. Some reptilian in appearance but for some unknown reason, the good looking earth-like aliens (biblical type ‘angels’) are conspicuous by their absence.

            I think ‘Seeking Treasures’, we are at cross purposes in our perception and personal understanding of ‘ANGELS’ (spiritual/light beings) in the Spiritual and supernatural realm, and ‘angels’,’fallen angels'(physical beings) in the physical realm.

            Let’s discuss this issue – why not. 🙂

    • Angels created by God. For the rest of the ramble, time will tell, but by then it will be too late for those who choose to worship their own puny intellect instead of almighty God.

  4. Daily Mail newspaper 25 January 2011, article headed ‘FORGET ABOUT ET, WE REALLY ARE ALONE’.

    A leading astronomer Dr Howard Smith senior astrophysicist, has concluded there probably aren’t any aliens out there – meaning we are entirely alone in the universe, there is very little hope of discovering aliens and, even if we did, it would be almost impossible to make contact.

    Gosh! That really has burst my bubble!!!!

    • OK well I suppose that settles it then! Thanks to Dr Smith we no longer need to wonder…. 🙂

  5. I believe it is possible that many of the Biblical accounts are reminiscent of alien encounters..when Moses came down from the mountain, apparently exposed to some form of radiation, “Ezekial’s Wheel”, the Ark of the Covenents ( very real )electrical powers, The Star of Bethlehem and the immaculate conception, the astrologers who followed the star, and even the ressurection via the Shroud of Turin. Lastly, the exit of Jesus from this Earth and how he had disappeared into the clouds.

    It is food for thought. I don’t know if we will ever find out, but I do believe that if anything were to happen on 12/21/2012 it will be a full frontal connection with an alien world. That is the most intensely life changing event that would be so dramatic as to be something possibly foretold by the Mayans. The Mayans have certainly alot of evidence of alien encounters technology.

    • On the question of the ‘shroud of turin’, I recall seeing a documentary on the subject last year 2010 which concluded – it is a fraud and not the image of Jesus the Christ but possibly that of the artist himself. Who knows – I’ve always had my doubts about its authenticity.

    • Well Jennifer, we must never forget Christ apparently also promised that he will return in the flesh to rule mankind for a while. According to the biblical seers, the 2nd coming of Christ will be a spectacular event and will be witnessed by everyone in every part of the world. Just imagine thousands of ufos gracing our skies – gently swooping down to earth and hovering above in the air whilst we observe in absolute awe.

      Could this event be one and the same as the Mayan prediction on 21/12/2012 (if the date is correct), I say that because according to the biblical prediction – no one knows when it will be, it will happen when we least expect it – ‘like a thief at night’. SO PEOPLE – BE PREPARED!!

      • I assure you…..I won’t be climbing into a space craft and I am a believer in what Jesus the Christ did at the cross. Is it possible that many would think that this would be the rapture?? maybe– but still, I feel deep with in that it would be a tragic mistake to go with them. suit yourself.

        • Hi Anonymous – It was all said tongue in cheek 🙂

  6. seeking Treasures, I don’t believe that peole are still connecting alien encounters with mental illness anymore, however there are some stories that do seem to be coming from some mentally disturbed people, and especially with those who were sexually molested as a child or young adult.
    The Phoenix Lights are taken very seriously, for example. I was not in Arizona at the time of the event, and knew nothing of it when I had my UFO sightings and experiences of missing time, and other sensations and physical peculiarities.

    Anyone here had any experiences similar to mine?

    • I have woken up undressed in the morning, not remembering having gone to bed, with my cloths wrapped up like they were rolled off me, my pants and underwear together, with my underwear “wet” from a watery slippery substance that stayed “wet” for almost three days. I have been implanted at least three times that I am aware of. Especially as a child, in the 60’s, I was repeatedly “told” that “The Second Coming” would happen later in my lifetime. I was told I was brought to the moon, but all I could tell was I was in a subterranean “base.” I was taken to the Horsehead Nebula as a child after I’d learned about it in school, and I do mean in space in a craft where the Horsehead Nebula is. At 35, after I’d moved to MO from MA, I was taken on a long nights excursion somewhere I only vaguely remember, but came back with marks on my body, including a “scoop mark” still easily discernible now at 50. At 43, myself and six other people saw a class paneled sphere in the sky using a telescope that was revolving a rainbow around itself in waves of light. We looked because we’d seen a “big star” moving with the star field but none of us had ever seen a “star” like that before. The night after I woke up with what a week later was a “surgical” mark in my right eye making it blurry to this day. Ophthalmologists have never seen anything like it, and won’t take a picture of it. It appears as if an “asterisk” was etched into my cornea, diagnosed as “unknown.” Jennifer, you can decide for yourself if any of this is like anything you’ve gone through. BTW, I have been both told that “Christ” is real (the only begotten son of God) and that unless I change to “their” side I will be tortured through eternity when “they” win. Also, I suspect that different Aliens visit me, some repeatedly, but the Praying Mantis “own” me.

      Jennifer, seriously, what do you think people think about someone like that?

  7. Pat, if that were true, and there was some inbreeding going on, we sould have seen dramatic genetic changes. We have nothing like that sort in Biology nor Genetics.

    • Hi Jennifer, it is my view, the genetic manipulation between the hominids and the ‘gods’ aliens, took place in the first instance, in the beginning – Genesis – ‘Let us make man in our own image and likeness’. The Adam was in my opinion, the result of genetical engineering between hominid/god/alien, creating a hybrid and, interpbreeding between the offspring of this creation took place when the ‘angels’ or ‘sons of the gods’ or for that matter, ‘the space travellers’ visited this planet later and found the women to be beautiful and appealing and the rest is biblical history – the nephilim were products of the procreation between these two species. I’m also of the opinion, the ‘powers that be’ (the heavenly gods), manipulated the weather, creating the floods to wipe out/drown any traces of the
      nephilim (which was the ‘dramatic change’ in the offspring which was produced and, who knows as ‘Seeking Treasure’ asserted, the Nephilim would have been like mules unable to produce offspring with the Adam), leaving an unpolluted lineage from the original Adam creation – Noah and his family.

      Obviously, these are my personal thoughts and opinions from what I’ve read.

      If there is any further genetical experimentation going on during the process of present day abductions, it could be for reasons unknown to us.

  8. JK, I agree with you that the God of the Bible and that of the Koran are not one and the same. If the Koran is true, than the New Testament is false, and vice versa. They can not both be true, because they completely disagree with one another. And there are no prophecies in the Bible referring to Muhammed.

    • Hi Jennifer and jk, have you had an informal chat with people who embrace Islam? They believe as Christians and the Hebrews do – in one God – the creator of heaven and earth. Anything else in between are their tenets perculiar to their religion very much like the Christians.

      • Pat, the God if Islam is not the God of the Judeo Christian faith. As I said before, they can not ( the Koran and the Bible) both be true. The Koran contradicts most everything in the Bible.

        • That is correct and in addition if you read the kiran carefully you will see the koran contradict itself many times. Like in the beginning M would go in the cave and come out saying that the Jews were their brothers (M tried to adopt the old testament from the Jewish Bible in order to have some history, when in reallity M started it 200-300 years after Chrsit was born, crucified, ressurrected, and ascended to heaven, so it is not an ancient religion)the jewish merchants were the only folks around that had any money and he knew he needed to be friends with them. When they laughed and scoffed at him and kicked him out of Medinna, he just went back into the cave and emerged saying that allah said that if the jews would not convert tax them and if they did not pay the tax kill them. Mean while they were converting the pagans left and right by the sword because they had no strong spiritual ties but the jews would not comply. At this point M goes into the cave and he conmes out with the verse of the sword that tells the brothers to kill the monkey swine jews at every turn, to hide and lay in wait to kill them (terrorism). See how in a short period of time M says that Alla continually changed his mind based on what was going on with Mohamed. Jehovah God has never changed His mind or changed anything, he has never contradicted himself. and He is the same then now and in the future. I think M was just writing many of these verses himself in order to get his followers to harass the jews and most of them did not want to, they were killed if they did not obey. Sound familiar.

        • Jennifer, forget about the Christian bible, the Jewish Torah or the Muslim Koran – believe me when I say, the UNIVERSAL GOD is the same for them all and acknowledged by all of them as the creator of heaven and earth.

  9. Hello ‘Seeking Treasure’,
    I doubt if the biblical stories of ‘angels’, ‘fallen angels’ and ‘sons of the gods’ are meant simply and just for entertainment, bearing in mind the bible is meant to be a book of truth and history. Are we to discard books on present day history even though they contain elements which are entertaining or because we imagine centuries down the line, people won’t believe what our history books say?

    What is the truth about present day ufos, aliens and angels? It’s as you say , the truth is stranger than fiction, nevertheless, it is one’s individual truth if it isn’t just an illusion. If you told me you tripped over yourself and fell down whilst walking in the woods, it is your experience and therefore your truth (no illusion), I wasn’t there nor was anyone else there to witness this incident.

    Mankind is generally very cynical about dramatic or unusual occurences or stories which don’t fit in with the norm., on the question of mankind ever being able to truly understand the existence of God in Spirit, Angels, Demons, the Universe, Life after death, even UFOs with their angelic occupants, or UFOs with reptilian or large almond shaped eyes, ghostal apparitions, Angelic or Light Being apparitions, ESP, Witchcraft, the art of Cosmic Ordering, Travels out of the body, etc. etc., I would like to tell a story which was told to me when I was a ‘Doubting Thomas’ in my youth.

    This is how the story goes. ‘A wise and holy man was walking along the beach deeply pondering the mysteries of the universe along with all things Godly, when he noticed a little boy on the beach running to and fro – from the sea to a little hole on the beach(which he had made) filling his pail with sea water and emptying it out into the hole on the beach. After observing the boy for some time, the holy man approached the boy and asked him what he was doing. The boy replied “sir, I’m trying to empty out the water from the sea into that hole which I made”. The holy man replied – ‘It’s impossible to do that my boy’. The boy then replied “sir, so is it impossible for mankind to understand the mystery of God and the universe”. We are not equipped in this physical life to take in ‘All that is and All that is not’, we can ponder, speculate, debate yet the Truth will evade us, perhaps until the afterlife.

    At least that is my personal opinion.

    even if someone happens to post something about “The” truth about Aliens and UFOs and Angels here, how would anyone know? If this then is just entertainment, can “The” truth ever be understood – might “The” truth be stranger than fiction AND entertaiment?

    • Hey Pat,

      I think that you are right on, except Christians just use different terms for the participants. God did not create angels when He created earth and the galaxy. We do not know for sure when He created angels. What we do know is from the Bible as you stated that the angels were with God when He created the earth and when He created man. It sounds like God may have even given angels a hand in creation while He was forming it all together. It was not the angels that God was talking to when He said “Let Us make man in Our image”. Angels were created by God to worship and serve Him, He did give them free will but they were not created in God’s image. You must understand some of the nature of God and the Holy Trinity to understand what He is saying when He said. Us amd Our. These are normally capitalized in the Bible. If you understand the Trinity, then you know that God is Jesus and Jesus is the Son of God and the Word and other names for Jesus. The third portion of the Trinity is the Holy Spirit. We know from the Bible that Jesus is the Word of God, and the Word of God was with God in the beginning and has always been with God just like the Holy Spirit. God, is God in Heaven and everywhere, Jesus is God with us and the Holy Spirit is God in us. So God as He said Himself is the Three in One. So when He said “let Us make man in Our image, it was God the the Almighty Father speaking to the Holy Spirit and to the Word (Jesus). We are the only creation that God made in His image. That is part of the reason many of the fallen angels rebelled because God had elevated man above the angels and put them in charge of watching over us. Some angels resented the fact that they were so powerful and God had made them first yet now God had made feeble little man and woman in His Own image. The angels are 100% spirit and do not have an image of their own. They had images that they had to manifest in when in God’s presence and used many manifestations to deliver God’s message to man and could create vivd visions of how they wanted to manifest to human beings, but still have no image of their own. They were actually created to mirror God’s glory back on Himself. Some angels, with their free will, chose not to watch over man whom was in God’s image but they felt were inferior to them. They were cast out of Heaven and have been working for Satan, an arch angels ever since to bring about the downfall of man and to deceive as many as possible into not choosing God and going to Hell. They let pride come between them and God and it cost them eternity seperated from God which is the same fate of the unbeliever. Then you had the group led by azzazel or one of them, they told the humans many secrets including how to make steel weapons, they did sleep with women and somehow fathered the nephs, that is definately a mistery of how they impregnated the women, I don’t think they had the equipment but the certainly had a full understanding of invitro fertilization and other technology that we have not discovered yet. They were working towards getting the nephs to destroy man and man to kill off himself for several reasons including cutting the pure bloodline from King David. Noah was in David’s lieage and a righjteous man, so alla the arc and the flood which God sent to destroy the abomination that the angel group had created and to preserve David’s bloodline to Jesus. azzazel was chained and buried under boulders in the desert to await to be sent to the pit on judgement day. The rest of that group of angels was sent to the lake of fire or pit until judgement day when they will be cast with satan into the lof.

  10. I’m telling you people, that the bible has not one thing to do with aliens. The Bible is a composition of various Jewish histories and legends, that is all. There ARE alien life forms out there that are beyond our imaginations. I have had NUMEROUS experiences with them. They are NOT hostile to us. They DO study us, however, just as we study wildlife and other species. They WILL reveal themselves to our whole world in due time. They want us to be more advanced first. They do not want to ruin our hopes and dreams. They understand that we believe in God(s). It is understandable given all that we do not understand. It is like a child being afraid of the dark, because there are soo many unknowns to us. Soon, I believe, things will change dramatically for us all. I yearn to go back to Arizona where I can reconnect with them again, hopefully.

    • Jennifer, las post for a while. I just discovered that there is and extremely intelligent person like yourself that was way down the path that you are headig in and it took her a lon time and some serious events for the truth to come out. Please read her story. It is right here on this website. I know that she would be the most awesome reference for many of the question that you have because she has been there. Deeply in contact with aliens and I know that she would be more than willing to answer any questions that you might have. Her name is Lynne Dickie and here is the link to her story on the site.

      • The overall tone of her relationship with the aliens is familiar, yet i have not had those kinds of experiences with them. I’ve seen multiple UFO’s, had missing time for about 6 hours, and I had a goodbye via these star like objects that appeared in the sky around 5pm, and they each magnified and magnified until they became these very large beautiful geometric shapes of light, and then they would disappear. There were three of them in all. Watching them, I had never experienced that kind of utter elation and awe in my life!

    • Jennifer,

      That’s your personal opinion and we must agree to disagree there.

  11. Jennifer, there is no doubt in my mind, and I think in the minds of the folks following this discussion, that you have had experiences with aliens. What you are not comprehending is that the very nature of these entities is hate and deceit. What you are experience is a very common deception that they have employed and sharpened over thousands of years and that is APPEARING benevolent to humans. It is nothing more than a show, an induced trip, like dreaming that you are in a realistic B movie. There can only be one reason that you can come on a public site like this and make such bold statements, you are already deceived. You have already bought into the bullsh_t that they are feedig people. They appear benevolet to you because you are no threat to them anymore, you’ve bought it hook, line, and sinker and you are doing just as they have instructed you to do, whether you remember them telling you or not. As I have mentioned before, most if not all contactees or abductees go through the entities propaganda about no Jesus, or they created Jesus, they created us, we are their experiment, God is the king alien. They never, ever mention other religions, just Christian. Why, because God, Jehovah God, the God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob, their Creator and our Creator, has already defeated them. They are operrating on their hate for all things Christian to take as many people’s souls to hell as they can before God exacts their final judgement and they already no where they are headed for eternity. They know that they cannot defeat Him. They know that He loves you and He loves me and He loves all of us and each soul that does not choose to love Him, inflicts great pain upon Him. Yes He is a feeling God and He is Love. He did not create us as little robots to you Him by command, He gave us free will so that we would choose to love Him or be deceived into not loving Him. I am going to pray for you now that it is evident that you have fallen for this deception. I will pray that your eyes will be opened to the truth before it is to late. They know for sure that there is a hell and that they will spend eternity there and they operate as the epitomy of “misery loves company” and “if I am going down I am taking everyone I can with me”. This deception has been finally tuned for thousands if not hundreds of thousands of years. It is difficult to see through this deception without the discerning of the Holy Spirit. Your fate is not sealed, you can still realize that there is nothing good in this, not even neutral. These beings hate the fact that our hearts are still beating and that we have not reached hell yet. They know that everyday that you are alive is a day that you will seek the Truth and you will meet Jesus Christ in person. They hate more than any human being can comprehend. That is why their deception is so hard to recognize, it is more than most can process. Now, please hear me out here Jennifer. There is something that you can do to test these beings to tell if they are actually benevolent ET’s or evil entities bent on your eternal destruction. It sounds like you know enough about Christ and Christianity to be able to discern their reaction in a way that you will know immediately if what I am saying is true. Say, “what do you think about the Blood of Jesus Christ”? Your encounter may very well end right then and there. If it does, you know that they are evil. If they become aggressive in their communication just say, Jesus rebuke you”! and they will disappear and you will know that they are evil. Your eternity is at stake here and the eternity of those that might believe what you are writing. So if nothing else, you owe it to yourself and to your family and those others that you love to test these spirits, it is the very least that you can do. They can sometimes say Jesus in their conversations, which are mostly telepathic, but only when they are speaking His name in a way that demeans it or attempts to make it less than it is. Like they may say, the prophet Jesus is and alien, or the priest Jesus is one of us, or we created the one they called Jesus. They do it in this way because Jesus was not a prophet, priest, and they did not make Him so it is a play on words that allows them to get by withit. When you say, verbaly or telepathicaly, “Do you understand the blood of Jesus”? or ask the entity, “Do you know Christ as Savior”? It is coming from your knowledge of the real Christ and it will riocket them out of there in a split second. Again, if it does and they attempt to come back, all you need to say is “Jesus rebuke you”! and they are done. Do not believe those who say that you have to be a Christian for the name of Jesus to work, that is simply false. The power of Christ and His name is universal and if you speak to them of what you know as Jesus and what you know others believe, they will beat a hot trail away from there. If you see a UFO or any sighting, rebuke it in Jesus name and it will sisappear as well. It only works for one reason, His name is the name above all names. Please, I beg you to test these thing the next time you encounter them. If they are not evil they will not do anything and may even ask you who He is, so no harm no foul. But if they react negatively we are all here to help you deal with that.

    • What makes you think they are evil???Because they have opened our eyes to the Truth of the universe??They mention Christianity to Christians because it is their dominant religion, and I’ll bet the every abductee who has ever gone through this change to atheism thereafter, were all of the Judeo Christian faith. They would be dishonest if they allowed us to continue with the disillusion of believing in the Judeo Christian God. That is what is false and is holding us back from advancing.

      • Also, you have to remember that I asked them about God, or they may have never mentioned the concept. In fact, I’d bet that every average person who comes into contact wth aliens or UFO’s want to know, “Where is God?”
        Aliens create beautiful crop circles. They live in a peace that we can not imagine.

  12. Jennifer, another question. If these beings are who they say they are, why would you have to go back to Arizona to be in conact with them. If they are extrterestrial they should be able to contact yo anywhere. My belief is that they are interdimensional and that they should be able to make contact with you. I apologize for not paying a whole lot of attention to the end of your message. Now that I have looked at it closer,I am extremely concerned with the zeal at which you want to reconnect with these beings and for wishing really really hard that they are just nice little ET’s. Defending them is quite disturbing. Would you give the benfit of the doubt to some 6 foot 5 human intruder into your bedroom at 3 AM? I doubt it and I doubt that you would be open to whether his intentions were good or bad. You know that they are bad or he would not be there. There is no difference in these so called aliens, but somehow you trust them and miss them like some long lost friend. I think that it may be time to step back and really evaluate the reallity of your situation. The last paragraph in your last post is very close to obsession and that is not a good sign when dealing with this subject. Pleae be careful and as I said, the first opportunity that you get to at contact with these beings, test them, you must test them. We know way too much about them for you not to test them.

    • Because what they showed me was the most beautiful thing that I have ever seen or experienced. I consider it to be an honor to be chosen by them.

    • Yes, I think they either can not find me in Maine, or don’t want to take the time for it to look. I’m not that important to them. But Arizona has a remarkably high incidence of UFO sightings and activity. It is unusual. I would like to think I could reconnect with them if I could, but I don’t obsess over it.

  13. Hello jk,

    Firstly, I must say religion is a topic which has fascinated me for many years and I think more so because finally, I do not fear an open discussion and expressing my mind or thoughts, especially, having lived and experienced some rather extraordinary events which have affected my ‘independent’ thought processes. Thank you for your thoughts on the Christian tenets which have been drummed into my psychic for many years as I was brought up in a staunch Christian family and was schooled for over fifteen years in a Roman Catholic boarding school. I have only given you this background because there is no need for you to explain any tenets relating to Christianity, I am fully aware of them BUT am a fierce free thinker and not bound in any way by my background. In essence – I am not a blind follower of the Christian faith and therefore do not swallow all that has been banded around for centuries. All my thoughts expressed on this forum relating to biblical ‘angels’, ‘sons of the gods’ etc. and their relationship to ufos will remain with me as a free thinker until an ‘ANGEL’ of ‘GOD’ (my understanding of who/what an ANGEL is) graces me with His/Her presence and advises be to the contrary.
    Please, no more explanations of religious tenets.

  14. Of the hundreds of abductee cases not sightings that I have studied none of them were believing Christians. They became believing Christians when they found out that the name of Jesus was the only thing that stopped the contact permanently. Many of them still wished that it was not true that is how trapped they were but once they learned what these beings are and what they end up doing to you after all the beautiful light shows and space ship rides to other planets, they wanted nothing but out. Please read Lynn Dickie’s story on this site. Ask her how their deception works and what happens after the fun is over. She has been where you are headed. I am not arguing religion, or doctrineor life and death. I am just trying to get you to hear the truth. It is about eternity not about advancing, advancing to what. When they are don with you, I can guarantee your destination will not be advancement. It sounds like they are already talking through you. Contact Lynne Dickie or Joe Jordan. They are easy to google, please.

  15. JK, I’m sorry but I don’t believe you. Maybe many of your “cases” that you’ve studied had some mental disturbances. You are saying that there is some conspiracy gong on and it all has to do with the Judeo Christian God. Now, how likely do you really think that is?? The Judeo Christian God is a man made myth. It has nothing to do with aliens.

    • Wow, you got it bad. I have never read or heard an alien account as pretty as that. They get the ability to create awesome displays of beauty, they did not lose that when they fell. If they are really good at anything it is deception. There is no myth in Jesus Christ, there is enough phsical hard evidence proving He is who He says He is to win a decision in any court in the land. It is not reported on ABC and CNN. Talk about peace, you give your life to Christ and I guarantee you will experience real peace regardless of what is going on around you. As the Bible says, the peace that surpasses all understanding. It is awesome and supernatural. If the Holy Spirit were no with us now we would have already killed each other off. These beings, as you will find out quickly, do not have the capacity to love or care and the more you communicate with them the more you will see it. They can talk about love and peace but they cannot experience it, it is just another topic of deception for them. They are not what you think they are, they just appear as you want to see them. I know they make you feel special. They seek out people that have this need and exploit it. They are masters of pumping people up and stand around and laugh like mad when they jerk the rug out from under you. They will not do this though until they have fully seperated you from all that you love. My bet is on the billions of Christian her and in the past. Sonn all of the old prophesies will come about and I bet the ?alien? will be right in the middle of it. I am starting to wonder if you are just playing a joke on me just to get a rise out of me. Nobody coulod be that focussed on something that they have no proof of.

  16. And I mean advancing in all respects…in science and in our cultures. Religion is the number one cause of most bloodshed in our history, whether it be the advancement of one particular religion over another, or the lack of belief on the other, ( or disputes over various laws and Truths within a particular religion.)We’d do well to be without Religion and be unified as secular humanists. That is the way to real world peace.

    • He Jennifer,

      The main causes of bloodshed/death on this planet are firstly natural’Godly disasters like floods, earthquakes, draughts, volcanoes, deseases and other natural elements. Also wars between nations for various reasons, colonisation of one nation of another, land disputes, natural resources, internal disputes -domination of governments over its people, tribal disputes, cultural disputes. I believe religion is a factor but is way down the ladder for human bloodshed/deaths.

      • I agree with that Pat. Many people say that most wars are started because of religion. I do not believe that at all. Treu religion is often used as the “scape goat” or as a tool to manipulate but wars are fought mostly for ONE purpose and that is power. It may seem like it is about money sometimes but that just boils down to power and control.

  17. OK, you wore me down, but at least the moderator has let me speak and the information is here for those that are seeking a solution to see and know that there is hope and a Solution. If you don’t mind I will pray that the Holy Spirit opens your eyes and heart to reveal the truth to you and that you receive the peace, love and blessed hope in knowing that He died so that you could live.

    • Thank you jk, you have seen the light. 🙂

      • Believe it or not, but i understand your feelings towards Christianity. In fact, i was a new born Christian and went through that same miraculous conversion that totally changed my life. I was very involved in my church that was a more open minded branch of Church of Christ. I loved it and I was so sure of my faith. The UFO sightings and alien communications started at the peak of my conversion. But it wasn’t until I started to go to school for Theology and was majoring in Biblical Archaeology and Judaism/Christianity of the 1st century, that I started to have some doubts. I then studied Evolution and Biology, Physics, Ancient Mythology, Anthropology, and Astronomy and had to become an atheist. Or atleast in so far as the Judeo Christian God.

        I suppose there could be a connection between my alien experiences and my Christian spirituality in the form of some kind of spiritual warfare. I never really put the two things together. But now I do have to admit that I was a very passionate New Born Christian when it all started. I told my Pastor about the magnifient 3 lights that i had seen that expanded and expanded to become these large, breathtakingly beautiful and awe inspiring geometric shapes. As I watched all three of them, one came at a time followed by another for a total of three, I kept thinking that surely people in the nearby interstate must have seen these things. It was only around 5pm and was not fully dark yet. Anyway, my Pastor thought I was having a spiritual manifestation and not an alien one.

        • Oh, and that was also my last experience with them because I had moved away from Arizona that very week. And then just recently i had the experience that I explained in my Alien Abduction in Arizona experience. That is what UFO Alien Truth named it, but the dream ( or whatever it was ) occured here in Maine. That is why I feel the need to return to Arizona to have more experiences with them, as most of them happened in Arizona, and Arizona has so many documented cases there. Ever heard of the Phoenix Lights?? I believe there is something about the geography there that attracts them. It is either the geography or the people. I don’t know. I seemed like I had seen unidentifed flying objects there all the time. I even reported each one of them to The Arizona Republic newspaper.

  18. One last thing for Jennifer. I copied and pasted Lynne Dickie’s story from this very website. Please read her story and contact her with you questions or concerns. She has already been where you would like to go.

    Disguised as Angels of God

    I have to say this. As I have said I have had a lot of experiences with these so called aliens. They came to me, I didn’t try to find them. I was a medium and was talking to spirits from the other side and was talking to a group of spirits called Abraham and was not even thinking about aliens and UFOs. They came as the Arcturians who later said they were Angels of God. This was just a hook to get me to do what they wanted me to do which was to surrender my life and body to them. What better way than to come as the messengers of god? I did exactly what they wanted and I agreed to go with them at night so they did not have to abduct me. I went willingly……. Disguised as Angels of God

    • I’m sorry, but I do not believe her story. It is just too hard to believe that these incredibly advanced beings would care anything about our religions.

      • But if they did care about our religions then that would be some strong evidence that God really exists – just a thought

        • If they were evil, and hated our God after being rejected by God. Then they wouldn’t be taking such pains as to not disturb our civilization. They would have pronounced war upon us and blow us to smithereens and taken our resources. Think about that.

          • That’s a mold-breaker. Great thninikg!

          • Jennifer,
            It’s all to do with the individual interpretation of ‘GOD’ and ‘god’ 🙂

        • Hello Alien UFO Truth
          Not sure if you read the whole of the Serpo report. I’m plodding through and am intrigued by the information in ‘Release 29e'(Our Universe: Creation – An Extraterrestrial Perspective). If this is true, it should give us some insight into God, the universe and what one sees as EITHER the ‘final product – “tangible matter” which includes stars, planets, earthly creatures including mankind’ found in a particular zone or stage of creation OR, is the “tangible matter” only a waste product after squizzing out all the ‘finer energy’ in the zones before?

  19. To Pat regarding your 9:06 am post from this morning. Let me make this clear, I have not written a response to any of your post here nor addressed you in any way. I did read your first post here and have not read one since. You are free to post anywhere you like just like everyone else but I have not followed your post, so please do not accuse me of crucizing youwhen I have not even considered your posts. Jennifer is the only one that I have addressed here. You can call me whatever you want and false. Christ taght us that if we were doing His work that we would be persecuted, He also said that His Gospel offends and convicts those who refuse His love and His truth. Looks like I am doing OK. The message is not mine, it is Christ through me that compels me to help Jennifer. I understand that she does not want help. She doesn’t think that she needs help and you don’t either. But I know that she is searching for the truth and I know where it can be found. It is our human nature that is our worst enemy, I, I, I, and the devil knows exactly how to best use it against us. By goodness do what you please but do not try to influence others to some speculation where there is no hope of eternity. Also,know that God has a special place for eternity for those that mislead others and become stumbling block for others when they are seeking His truth. I know His truth and so do a couple of billion others, believe what you want but don’t argue for others if you have no alternative to offer.

    • I understand you are saying you want to help someone but this page is a discussion on A Connection Between Aliens and Angels? and not the place for you to do “his” work. Please do not use this site to preach and to spread your doctrines. The above comment I am replying to has nothing to do with the topic at hand. I understand your passion but this is not your pulpit.

      I do not say that religion or Jesus is not allowed to be mentioned but I dont think I am the only one who would say that you tend to try to hijack the entire article and preach. Sometimes being the moderator is a difficult task…

    • Hi jk, Sorry 🙁 , I just couldn’t resist responding to your religious rantings and to be honest, it did kinda liven things up a little – didn’t it? I think the moderator was very kind and considerate to have given us leeway on this strand to jibe at each other. Now that we’ve deflated each other – 🙂

  20. Why are you people prosteltyzing on this site? I wonder if it isn’t you who create these conspiracies in order to blind people from communicating with these aliens. That should be a number one priority.

    • ‘Prosteltyzing’ that’s a big word and a new one for me!! 🙂 What does it mean Jennifer?

      • It means being an evangelist of sort. Trying to persuade someone into following their religious beliefs.

  21. Thank you Alien UFO Truth!! Yes, let us be free from proseltyzing on this site. I do not need to be “warned” about these aliens. I do not believe in your “theory” that they are evil and trying to take us away from the Judeo Christian God. There are billions in the world with other faiths, yet they seem to be of no consequence when it comes to aliens according to you, JK. That is absurd! Where are you getting your ideas from? You have to leave your religious beliefs out the door in order to communicate with them. I don’t believe that they are even interested in our “Gods”.

  22. This is a perfect case of read the Bible, it all ties together and it is impossible to seperate the two no matter how disappointing it may be. I would thinth you
    know the answer to this question. God ia, has always been, and always will be in comete control of everything. He does not cause evil but does allow it to go on for now. They have never attacked us like that, straight on oblitorating, because God will not allow them to. They are under His rule and He restains what they can do, especially to His people. He will allow them to do more during the tribulation and then totally restrain them again before finally casting them into Hell permanently.

    s people

    • Jk, OK, so you have absolutely zero proof for what you are saying. This is all conjecture on your part.

      • That is true but likewise none of us have any proof either. If we did then there would be no question about others believing or agreeing with what we say about the issue. In fact, if anyone had actual proof I believe it would change the world more than it has ever been changed before. We all have our evidence and our personal experiences and convictions but not a one of us has proof.

        I have encountered ghosts – but I cannot prove it to others. I have witnessed and received miracle healings – but I cannot prove it to others.

        • Oh we have proof alright. See “The Phoenix Lights”. People elsewhere were just not paying attention.

          • I see all that as evidence and not proof. I do believe there was something going on in Phoenix but what? We have plenty of evidence all over the world that extraterrestrials have visited the Earth but I know of no proof. Proof is something that would stand up in court of law or in a chemistry lab. Proof is something that cannot be refuted. That is why I say we have plenty of evidence but no proof.

  23. Alien UFO Truth, go ahead and try to rip it apart. There is absolutely no other explanation than it being a Bona Fide UFO. The government has no explanation for it and thousands of people witnessed it and had it on videocam. That is undeniable proof in my opinion. There is a great deal of UFO activity in Arizona. I think there is something about the terrain there that attracts them. It’s either that or the people, but I think it is the environment. It could be a combination of both.

    • Jennifer, I am sorry but I am having trouble getting you to understand what I am saying. My statement was NOT about the Phoenix Lights. My statement was about ALL UFO and ET encounters. We do NOT have proof. We have evidence but we do not have proof. If you had proof then the world would believe you.

      In fact, if anyone had actual proof I believe it would change the world more than it has ever been changed before. We all have our evidence and our personal experiences and convictions but not a one of us has proof.

  24. Excuse me, but yes we do have proof. The Phoenix lights is proof. No one has ever been able to negate it. It certainly is proof, but it is up to you whether or not you want to believe it.

    • I cant believe you still dont understand what I am saying. This is not about the Phoenix Lights ok? I never said one thing about my believing or not believing.

      I m talking about UFO and ET encounters and sightings in general and not any particular incident. If any proof is in fact “out there” then it is hidden away from us. My opinion is that you or I do not possess any proof. Evidence and proof are two different things. Evidence, there is plenty. Proof, I have never seen it. I even witnessed a UFO on two different occasions yet I have no proof to offer you do I?

  25. Here is a little hint as to why there is no proof. Because they are master deceivers and even after they make official contact you still won’t know their true origin until it is too late. You need to understand what they most likely are now and stay extremely skeptical of what they are and what their real agenda. You can choose to think that they are here to usher human kind into a higher level of enlightenment, bullsghiot. They will ultimately tell you that the only way that you can be one of them is to die first. What they don’t tell you is that you can never be like them. They know what their eternal judgement is and they are deceiving people into getting the same eternal sentence that they are facing. They are the very escence of evil.

    • jk – What? You dont have any proof either man. Where is the proof that God exists? You have no proof of anything that you are saying yet you want to point out that someone else has no proof? In fact the very nature of what you are saying precludes any proof whatsoever – that is why it is called FAITH

      • Yes – FAITH can literally move mountains, yet, REAL FAITH and not blind faith becomes a reality after a number of very real personal experiences – tested personal experiences which cannot be regarded as coincidents.

  26. UFO Truth,
    What you are saying is that we have no proof, and I’m telling you that we do. Apparently, you don’t even believe the proof that has been given you via “The Phoenix Lights.” And if even you won’t accept that as proof, how do you expect anyone else to? As far as I am concerned, the documentation via videocams, the thousands of witnesses and NO explanation via the government, IS proof in my opinion of an “Unidentified Flying Object”. What is not to understand?? It’s up to you whether or not YOU accept THAT as proof or not. I DO. I don’t know why you do not.

    • Jennifer, I doubt that you will ever understand what I am saying as you still want to argue about the Phoenix Lights. Proof is not up to an individual like me to accept or not accept. I can prove to anyone that 2 + 2 = 4 or that gravity exists. I can prove that water consists of hydrogen and oxygen, I can prove that there are 12 inches in a foot but I cannot prove that I saw a ghost or that aliens are visiting the earth can I?

      Do us both a favor and look up the definition of “proof”. And while you are at it why not produce the proof that you have concerning the Phoenix Lights. If you do in fact have that proof then you can change the world. No one will ever doubt it again because it has been proven.

      I suppose in the end our disagreement boils down to one thing and that is the defintions of the words “proof” and “evidence”, but you continue to insist on trying to make it about what I believe or dont believe.

      The funny thing is I havent even told you what I believe (or do not) about the Phoenix Lights have I? No I have not, but you assume and you want to concentrate on that when I have stated plainly that isnt what I am talking about.

  27. What do you want? Do you expect aliens to come land on the White House Lawn??

  28. I’ll say this one more time…You said I had no proof, thus, I mentioned the Phoenix Lights. I recommend you research it fully and you can come to your own conclusions, and as I said thousands of other people saw this craft as well. They have it on videocams. The government has no reasonable explanation. I think that the world just doesn’t really know about it or they are just in denial. As I said again and again, to ME, that is Proof! You may not accept is as so and why? because you think that the world would all know about this if it were true, but I say that is a false assumption. You are assuming that the government would welcome the evidence/proof and be open to the whole world about it. I say that is extremely naive. But we’ll have to agree to disagree. You don’t have to accept it as proof if you don’t want to, but I DO. And btw…proving that 2+2=4 is certainly proven. Math is one of those ultimate truths that we know of. Gravity might still be a theory, as evolution is a theory, but in science, as I am a scientist, when a theory holds against the tests of time and all of the evidence supports that theory, over time and time again, we consider that theory as Truth.

    • Perhaps I should just accept that fact that you are unable or unwilling to understand what it is I am saying here. You are still assuming you know what I think about the Phoenix Lights even though I have said nothing about my beliefs on that incident. You are creating an argument with me about the truth of that incident when I have not once stated my views on it. You seem to refuse to see the simple point I am trying to make and instead drag out things only mentioned in passing.

      You assume what my stance is and then argue based upon that assumption. The only point at which we have really disagreed is in our definitions and usage of mere words; “proof” and “evidence”. So odd how such a small difference could lead to all this 🙂

      Think about it – you do not know what I believe about the Phoenix Lights, you don’t know how much I have read or researched, or even if I were personally present when it happened, you know nothing about me in regards to any of that yet you are arguing with me as though I had said I didnt believe it was anything unusual or that it didnt happen. Why is that?

      • Hello Alien UFO Truth,
        Sorry for chipping in, I think Jennifer has dumped jk 🙁 and found another sparing partner in you, she’s like a dog with a bone – IN THE DARK. I fully agree with you, there certainly isn’t any tangible proof presently – so many people witnessed the Phoenix lights – do we really know what they were or who was responsible for that display. They are not there for me or others to see presently and, neither is there a captured craft which we can feast our eyes on. We hear about crashed ufos which are being held by the USA in some secret hanger in the Navada desert or somewhere in the vicinity and yet, these claims are made by ‘remote’ individuals, the USA government denies their existence and still no one can produce these crafts for the whole world to see.

  29. Btw…we have undeniably more “evidence” as you say, for the existence of UFO’s than we do have of the Judeo Christian God.

    • That is true so I would have to agree. It is a fact that there is more evidence for ETs than for God. There is plenty of evidence “out there” unfortunately a lot of it is sequestered away or even destroyed.

      • I think there is less proof of ETs than the existance of GOD. Are you all blind??? Look around you and beyond, there is so much evidence of GOD the creator. ‘There is none blinder than he who wishes not to see’.

        • Pat please realize that I am talking about proof or evidence that can be show to others not to ourselves. Also I did not use the word “proof” but “evidence”. I do believe in God but if there is someone who does not believe I can hardly say “look at that beautiful sunset, that is proof that God exists…” They would not be convinced by that. However if I were to show a nonbeliever all the videos and documents and ancient mysteries (although none of that would be proof) I could probably convince them that aliens existed.

          Remember I approach this from an “outside view point” and not from within myself or based upon my own beliefs. Personally I believe there is a strong amount of evidence that shows there was some connection between what are referred to as “aliens” and the fallen angels, demons, or nephilim of the Bible. I am not saying that it is so, or the truth, but and interesting thought and a possibility. We dont really know what an alien looks like and especially so after so many years of movies and TV and comics and magazines etc. Do we really think they would look like what we expect them to? My guess is that they may like much more similar to us than we might imagine – if they are in fact physical beings.

  30. You are the one not making sense here. What does your opinion matter regarding whether or not there is proof? You told me that there was no proof for Aliens or UFO’s and so I told you about the Phoenix Lights. I get your idea of what YOU think proof is or is not. I was giving you proof, in as far as I see PROOF enough for me.

    • It is not what I think proof is that matters, it is what proof actually is. If it were about what each individual person thought then it could not be proof anyway. Proof is universal. You may have things that prove it to you personally but you do not have proof that you can present to the world at large and everyone say “OH I see”

      I see a UFO and that is proof for me, I experience a ghost and that is proof to me BUT I have not a shred of proof that I can show to the world. I know 100% without any doubts whatsoever that ghosts exist but how much proof do I have to offer you? Zero. “PROOF enough for me” is fine for a single individual but when you go out and try to prove it to others beside yourself it is different – and that is true for all of us.

      AND you are changing my words. How can we discuss or debate if we change the others words? I didnt say that there was no proof that aliens or UFOs exist 🙂 never said that! I said we do not have proof – you and I. In fact I mentioned several times that if there is proof it may be hidden or destroyed.

      Maybe you think the statement that “we do not have proof of Aliens” means the same thing as “there is no such thing as aliens” when it does not necessarily mean that at all.

  31. We only have our personal proof about God, Jesus, and what we think aliens are in truth. You can test anything that you know is true and its absoluteness can be challenged effectively. You better know everythind about your truth when its your eternity is at stake you also have to go with what you know best. The key is you must spend a portion of your life on learning where your eternity will be spent. There are only a couple of ways to go. For the sake of this argument what will it matter to me if it is aliens ruling the world when you are dead and no longer here, but what if they are fallen angels controlling your life and you have blindkly followed them and you die? That is a questuio we all must ponder. We will all die and if like so very many believe, what if you do have to stand before God in judgement. What would your answer b

    e when He ask why yyou did not believe.

    • jk – who said that I didnt believe and who are you to judge me anyway? There is no proof that God exists and there is no proof anyone will stand before God in a judgement. There is no proof regardless of what you or I believe or dont believe about it. The belief in God and Jesus and all of that are FAITH based NOT PROOF based

    • Calm down jk, don’t get hot under the collar, you don’t have to fight GOD’s corner, there’s ample proof of the living GOD and, does it really matter, it takes longer or, even more than a lifetime for atheists and heathens to see the light – ultimately the truth will be realized.

  32. Well, I still say that the video footage coupled with the thousands of witnesses IS PROOF of an unidentified flying object! What more do you want? I take it you want the whole world to believe the proof we have in order for it to be proof. But people will always try to deny it, for whatever reason. But that doesn’t make the Phoenix Lights any less an example of the fact that we do indeed have “proof” of UFO’s. I don’t understand why you can not see that. Put the video footage under a microscope if you wish. Interview all of the witnesses if that will suit you.

    and P.S. we don’t have any proof that ghosts exists because one has never been caught on tape that is undisputable. We do have proof of UFO’s but the government will never allow that to be shown to the world with any enthusiasm because of all of the panic that would ensue.

    • Yes it is absolutely proof of an “Unidentified” object BUT it is not proof that there are aliens. Were there any extraterrestrials in any of the videos?

      You go ahead and think whatever you like. I already said there was no proof that ghosts exists didnt !? AND I already said if there was proof of extraterrestrials ‘out there’ that it was hidden or sequestered away. Are you trying to argue points with me that I have already said myself?

      You seem to be trying to convince me on what I should believe when you dont even know what I already believe in the first place. I have already tried to tell you that before but you dont seem to catch it.

      Proof doesnt require anyone to believe for it to be proof. Anyone is free to believe that 2+2 does not equal 4 but that does not affect its validity because it can be proven,

    • Ghosts have been heard and caught on film especially with the very sensitive equipment we have these days, even the violent activities of troubled entities throwing objects about have been filmed as well. There is more acceptance of ghosts and poltergeists as being a reality in scientific circles than acceptance of UFOs and ETs.

  33. Alien UFO Truth,

    You’re exhausting me. Yes, now you finally get what I”M saying. We have proof of UFO’s. You had said that we do not, thus I argued with you and brought up the Phoenix Lights as an example. We both actually agree then? That was all I was saying.

    P.s. Guess what? Coincidently, last night I woke up around 1:oo am and a segment on the Phoenix Lights was on t.v.! They were trying to say that the Maryland Air base was conducting test flights in Phoenix on that night and that they were flares. That is total B.S. That “thing” glided across all of Arizona from the north all the way down to Tucson that night. So this was a clear cut case of government cover up which I know personally for a fact, is untrue!

    • I did not finally get what you are saying. I saw it all along. You just wrote “We have proof of UFO’s. You had said that we do not”

      I did not say that proof does not exist. I said you and I do not have it and we do not. The Phoenix Lights incident is NOT proof that Aliens are here. Do you see any extraterrestrials anywhere in any of the videos or photos? NO! You see craft and lights. It is proof that there was some sort of craft there but it is not proof of what or who was piloting or controlling the craft. Remember, UFO means Unidentified Flying Object – if we dont know what it is and it is flying then it is a UFO but that doesnt mean there are aliens inside.

      AND as I have tried to say before the only real thing that we are disagreeing on are definitions of words! I think you are mistaking evidence for proof and certainly so on the PL thing.

      Now please dont come back and try to convince me that there were extraterrestrials flying the craft because that is not my point and it doesnt matter one way or the other what I believe about it. The fact is that we do not have proof of who or what was inside that craft.

  34. Alien UFO, For God’s sakes man!! I NEVER said that we have proof of aliens!!! I said UFO’s!! And I mean that in the most benign sense, and unidentified flying object! Are you crazy or something??

    • You haven’t been listening to my words and have tried to argue points I didn’t bring up or state. You assumed that you knew what I believed or didn’t believe about UFOs. I have stated my position on this over and over yet you seem to misunderstand me more each time.

      I try to make a simple and accurate observation that we do not have proof of the existence of extraterrestrials ALL because you stated to jk “Jk, OK, so you have absolutely zero proof for what you are saying. This is all conjecture on your part.” while at the same time having absolutely zero proof for what you are saying yourself.

      Also, I did read back through our comments and it really doesnt seem like you were talking about a benign unknown object not associated with extraterrestrials… in fact you have been telling us about your encounter with aliens.

  35. When you referred to “we” I assumed, as anyone would, that you meant “us” as “the human race” not “us” you and/or I individually.

  36. Sorry, but I’m not going to argue with you anymore about this.

    • I hope that you are not angry or upset with me as I am not with you. We don’t have to agree to get along.

  37. Oh yes, I have more proof that Jehovah God is real. that Jesus is His Son and that Jesus died on the cross as a once and for all sacrifice for all of our spiritual lack and sin and that He was raised from the dead and His return is coming soon. My faith is in the proof that I have seen, felt and heard. The Christian faith is not blind faith, billions have placed their faith on the same proof. I have not judged anyone. I am simply saying that you nay have enough personal proof to convince others that ufos are real when you only have anomilous lights in the sky on film. I have seen thousands of peopleOs lives changed permanently in the same moment. I could show you a video of that. Yoy believe and have the proof to believe what you want to. I along with billions of others believe in God and that we will all be judged. I will have Christ as my lawyer. When satan accuses me Jesus will say to God, My blood paid for his sin. Iff we are right how will you defend yourself against satanO accusations. Because you donOt believe will not keep you from this judgement if the proof I have seen is correct.

    • You have got to be kidding me?! 🙂 I have told you before that I believed! Yet you say I dont believe? Excuse me for saying so but I think that is typical of most church goers I have known. I never once said that I didnt believe I SAID THERE IS NO PROOF – do you assume that because I can recognize that there is no proof then I must not believe – Isnt that what you call judging someone? You assume things and judge folks when you know very little about them which inevitably ends in error. I have seen you do the same thing to others here 😉

      If you can come up with actual proof to present to the world then you will have no problem converting billions of people to your beliefs.

  38. AT, don’t get your panties in a wadd. I did not address you or anyone else specifically so the majority of your last note came from some other conviction not me so I will not respond to the rest of it and I know that you told me what you believed. And for my last timne I have judged no one, I have all of the proof that I need that fallen angels and aliens are most likely the same thing, I have enough proof to approach the subject very very cautiously. Even when contact is made and if I am still around I will treat it with much skepticism. What I mean by that is I will take no mark, no under the skin chip, nada that they have to offer. Thats just me. As far as proof in Christ, there is your real suppression of proof and satan has been at it for centuries, but I can stand as a witness who knows the nature of Christ, if you know Hin, truly know Him, He reveals all truth to you. You must seek Him but He promised us seek and ye shall find, and He keeps all His promises, good enough for me. I am afraid that they will make clains that are far from the truth but easy for psople in turmoil to believe. I will put on the whole armour of God and I will stand and waiting for God to finish it.

    • Maybe you think proof is about some personal experience or enlightenment that an individual has. Well, it is not. You see that experience convinces the individual but it does not prove anything to others. I know that God is real and I also know that ghosts and “UFOs” exist. I cannot say for sure what their nature is but I know they exist without a single doubt because I have “encountered” them. Yet I cannot go out and prove this to others. You see I have no proof.

      But why is such importance being put upon ‘proof’ here anyway? The idea of this particular page is to discuss ideas and thoughts. Hey I think Jesus basically scoffed at those who were demanding proof didnt he? When I read the Bible it speaks about basing our hopes on faith and not what we see.

      You insist that you have proof. Well test it out. Go out to the streets and present that proof to the people. If it is in fact proof and not just personal experiences and convictions I guarantee you that many many people will convert to whatever it is you are preaching. Please dont misunderstand me, that is not a personal stab at your beliefs or what you preach and the statement is general and would apply to anyone. If you have proof you could even establish the reality of God right in a court of law! If we had proof that God were real then faith would no longer be needed at all.

      PS the more I think about it the more interesting I think a site that actually discusses this sort of thing would be. I realize it can be difficult to communicate via keyboard instead of face to face and often things get mixed up or misunderstood. I do want you to know that I bear no animosity at all.

  39. No animosity here either and I think part of the problem with speaking on these subjects tend to lead to confusion in terms and symantics. I guess my point in posting anything on this subject is more of a warning to be very careful and skeptical when it comes to the origin of these entities and their light shows and that whether you are Christian or not that you cannot seperate the two. If you do not want to be a Christian but you want to know a very plausible explanation of who and what they are and what their goals are as a group then you cannot ignore the Bible and that would include some of the non-canocal books like Enoch. Even if you just resd Enoch I think it would interest people enough to see how it is tied all together. What I am trying to say is that based on what we are seeing now the two subjects are running a very uncanny parallel.

    • Yes, I think that the Bible and some of the other books, especially Enoch, are very interesting and I do enjoy reading and studying them. While the world may not find proof in them there certainly is a lot of very thought provoking stuff and I agree that the “two subjects are running a very uncanny parallel” absolutely.

  40. May I chip in and have my two penneth 🙂 🙂 , how very exhilarating!! Actually, i believe the perfect place to have such a debate (the forbidden social subjects) is on a forum such as this, because we can thoughtfully write our comments without being interrupted instead of screaming like banshies at one another and eventually throttling each other physically. As a contributor to this forum, one is able to read your input with interest and agree or disagree with comments which have been made. Wonderful!!

    jk, I honestly do not believe anyone need fear retribution from the ‘powers that be’ for not believing in their existence. If anything there is full awareness of the skeptical nature of mankind, bearing in mind they’ve been around eons before we were even thought of. So calm down, it’s a cat and mouse game 🙂 , what we need to know is ‘do unto others as you would unto yourself’ because we are – to all intense and purposes – brother and sister. Remember what Christ said ‘what you do unto others, you do unto me’ and you can’t go wrong. Forget about threats to unbelievers – it doesn’t serve a purpose.

    • Hello Pat! And often the comments become more interesting than the original article or story!

      One of my favorite quotes – “The company of those seeking the truth is much preferred to that of those who think they have found it” Terry Pratchett

      • Many believe they have found the truth in its entirety and good luck to them, unlike one 🙂 who shall remain nameless, dangling precariously between truth, fiction, speculation etc., yet always looking, listening here and there hoping to hit the jackpot for ultimate knowledge. I sometimes think that is why we are here in this life, groping in the dark to eventually uncover the conundrum.

        • I believe I have discovered some of the truth, or truths, but I am still thinking, considering and searching. I note the similarities between religions and myths and legends from all around the world and think ‘hmmmm’ if you know what I mean.

          I say that I believe in a God and I also believe in ghosts, demons and angels. I do not doubt that they exist but as to the question of what they are or their nature I cannot say for certain.

          Even in the Bible it tells us if we want knowledge and wisdom we should seek it as though it were treasure. How much effort people would expend if they thought there was a hidden treasure of silver and gold to be found. But when it comes to knowledge and wisdom too many people want it spoon fed from a TV or a pulpit. I believe that is humanity in general but doesnt describe all of us.

          • I suppose the biggest ‘treasure seekers’ are the scientists in every field. I understand they’ve got the hydron collider going again yesterday which they plan to keep going for two years with hopes of creating ‘that ? particle’ and, if they fail to generate/create ‘?’, they will conclude – IT DOESN’T EXIST. I remember when I was little being told by our religious teacher – ‘that God made all things out of nothing’, which brings me back to my comment in a previous post ‘ God is the all and the nothing’. This is the biggest challenge for mankind in my view, with all the evidence, yet the treasure chest is hidden from us so well. 🙂

  41. See, this is proof that writing cannot convey one’s intent and emotions sometimes. I don’t use lots of exclamation points for that reason. At no time during these exchanges have I been angry or meant to be curt. I have actually written each post with caring, concern, and as much of the love of Christ as I can. Calling someone lost is not a complement, I know because I too was once lost. You may not want what I have and know what I know, but He and I desperately want you to have and know it. You have to be patient and wait on God sometimes but He always answers. Too many people today want it exciting, all of it, and now. That road only leads to destruction regardless of who you are. I did not mean to convey a threat to anyone either, Jesus said that the Gospel would offend. He has given us all free will to react to the offense of the Gospel. When people hear it they are offended then convicted to seek Christ and be freed from the offense and conviction, some are just plain offended and fight against it tooth and nail because it offends their intelligence, others are offended until something else comes along and offeds them. One truth about the Gospel, it forces a reaction. It is up to each individual as to how they react. It is a choice that everyone who hears it must make. Everyone who reads these post will have heard it and reacted.

    • “Everyone who reads these post will have heard it and reacted.” such is true for any post or interaction be it about religion or other subject 🙂

      I certainly agree with you that people need to be more patient and wait. Too many people just want everything spoon fed and fast and dont want to actually work for it.

    • Hi jk, I would say rather than being angry or curt, there is more a flavour of dogged desperation to get your point across so that others will accept and adopt your christian view point. Personally, I don’t feel it serves a purpose, as to most people it comes across as heavy indoctrination. It’s very much like a certain sect of christians over here who used to stand in a public square every lunch break on Wednesdays (for many years) and preach their brand of Christianity at the top of their voices. Most people have limited time during their lunch break and, as far as I was concerned, it was a futile exercise – no one took a blind bit of notice (bar one – myself). I felt sorry for them and often stood close by listening intently with hopes that passers by would show some curiosity but, they were ‘deliberately’ blind to it all. I wanted to approach them several times and suggest there may be another way rather than subjecting themselves to such public humiliation. Perhaps they’ve finally got the message after years of being ignored, because I haven’t seen them for the past three months.

  42. Pat, I guess you are talking about past experiences, I have a very real charge on my life and God wishes that no one perrish by the free will that He Himself gave us. I don’t have to win souls to go to heaven, I am in just by accepting the gift that Christ died for me, a free gift to all from Him. The enemy is real and they hate Him, believers, and non-believrs with the same horrendous hate. I came to this post to discuss the connection between angels and aliens and as expected was immediately put on the defense and heard all the same crap that I always do that is planted in the heart of us by the deceiver. Nothing new, no real debate jut stop cramming your religion down people’s throats and not everyone believes what you believe. Debate is a great tool of testimony. I read a factual account just the other day where a sizable portion of a university audience of nearly 300 made committments to Christ based on the outcome of a debate between a Christian theologian and a leading aetheist. It is all elementary if you are willing to test these alien and ufo visions and dellusions. If you are encountering sightings or abductions or visitations and you care if they are evil or not simply say “Jesus rebuke you” whether you are a believer or not. If they are not evil then it should not offend them. if it is still there just apologize and say where did that come from. If they immediately leaver then you will know what you are dealing with. You must know though that they wil come back and test you to see if you really are a believer. If the process does not prove Christ to you then you will never believe.

    • “stop cramming your religion down people’s throats and not everyone believes what you believe” is not crap and perhaps there is a good reason why you hear that all the time. How would you feel about an atheist trying to push their beliefs on you? Or a Hindu or a Muslim? Now, I am not saying that you are in fact cramming your religion down people’s throats but it seems that many people feel that way and have expressed as much to you. You see an atheist, muslim, or whatever are also convinced that they are right and that everyone else should believe as they do.

      You feel as though you were immediately put on the defensive by others, well my guess is that others feel the same way about you. Those who have said that they didnt believe or that had a differing opinion about the question presented here “A Connection Between Aliens and Angels?” may very well feel as though they have been put on the defensive by you. I am not taking sides nor am I trying to quantify this, I am just saying that it is all relative.

    • Hello jk,
      (From a religious point of view), I’d often thought about these words ‘free will’ which mankind are supposedly blessed with and which has to be used in a particular way in order to gain eternal salvation or be damned for eternity. Can you imagine what an uneventful and boring world this would be, if we all went in the same direction like a bunch of zombies. What then is the whole point of endowing mankind with a ‘free will’? If we were all good – using our ‘free will’ only for the good, there wouldn’t be good and bad, as you need one to recognize the other, and, most importantly I found we need to learn lessons in this life and this is mostly achieved after falling flat on one’s face after making a bad decision. This world is about protons and nutrons,matter and anti matter, negative and positive, up and down, light and dark, on and off, etc. One neutralises the other causing a balance.

      Having said that jk, even you will accept as we are individuals, we have weaknesses perculiar to the individual. I may choose to steal, commit adultery, murder, or for that matter have inborn heretical views religious-wise etc. because I have an inherent weakness no matter what, so I would use the God given free will in persuit of my leanings/weaknesses. Why should I be damned for eternity for using my God given gift of ‘free will’ in whatever way – that defeats the whole object of the exercise of being alive. You will also accept, Christianity is one of the minority religions – why should we assume the only way to eternal salvation is through this route, through the unconditional acceptance of Jesus Christ when Islam (majority of people) are equally sure theirs is through Mohammed?

      Just chill out jk, there is a lot more to our existence than religion, don’t allow yourself to get bogged down and squizzed into a Christian mindset as it is a corner with less maneuverability, because you will shut off your life and miss everything else before you. This is an awesome, marvellous, dangerous, beautiful, ugly, mysterious etc. world – don’t shut yourself away. 🙂

  43. Thanks Pat, I understand, it is not the most appealing or popular ways to go about it and not where I intended to go initially. But if it reaches only one person who is suffering, confused, and/or tormented by something of this nature, like many others who have already testified that the name of Jesus was the only solution that could stop these unwanted encounters.

    • jk, from my point of view – reading your input, you are the one who appears to be tormented by what you believe is the ignorance of non-christians.

  44. I agree with Pat. The Bible never mentions any alien life forms from other planets. That doesn’t make them non existent. It’s just not anything that the Bible discusses. As I prefer to keep my religiousity out of the conversations regarding ET’s or UFO’s. And I certainly would never say they were evil! I would love to have another encounter if I could! Once I started seeing UFO’s in Arizona outside my balcony in Phoenix, I used to sit on my balcony and watch for their return.

    I do not believe that there is any connection between aliens and angels, or demons for that matter.

  45. It may not say the word alien and you are right it never said anything about extraterrestrials, why would it. But it goes into pretty good detail aout satan and his minions and the noncanacal books like Enoch really do a good job explaining why they are here and where they came from. Not being allowed in the canon just means it is not God breathed it does not mean that Enoch’s books are not true and needed by some. It just means that the books of the Apochrypha are not needed to direct us to salvation and a living Christ like life in order to better please God. If you want to learn about angels and fallen angels read those books. I know you already did and blah, blah, blah. As far as another encounter, I would pretty much bet the farm that you are going to have another one. And as deceived as you seem to be about this you may get more than you bargain for. I will pray for you though.

  46. Jk, Honestly, I really don’t think you need to worry about this. I think you are the one who doesn’t get it. What in God’s name happened to you to make you believe something like this??

    Oh, and as far as my having another encounter…I certainly hope so! But I don’t think there is any activity around where I now live in Maine. My post on here was probably just an intense dream. I really do not consider that as one of my encounters. However, the dream was so intense that my skin was tingling for about an hour after I awoke. I kept having the urge to touch my face as it just seemed like wherever I was, my body felt different. But as I said, I think it must have just been a dream. As far as my encounter in Arizona?? I haven’t even posted those on here. Those were absolutely real.

    • Please Jennifer, could you relate your Arizona encounters, I’m sure we would all like to read them.

      • Jennifer if you would like to have your story posted anonymously let me know. This is “A Connection Between Angels and Angels” and I really think your story/experience should be on a separate page to be fair to the story here.

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