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Alien Abduction ~ Fact or Fear?

Probably the most disturbing factor to emerge from the entire UFO phenomena is the recurring idea that these alien visitors are forcibly taking humans aboard their craft and using them as experimental test subjects.

While the cases of Betty and Barney Hill, Whitley Strieber and Travis Walton are by far the most well known and documented cases where people have claimed alien abduction, the occurrence of humans being temporarily taken by extraterrestrial agencies have turned up throughout the ages. Even the biblical accounts of Enoch and Elijah exhibit many standard aspects of the “abduction” phenomena.

Travis WaltonAccepted medical authorities state unequivocally that there is no such thing as “alien abduction” and that anyone who says they have been taken is either mentally unstable or under the influence of psychotic drugs. This attitude does not consider the actual condition of those who claim abduction or their lack of discernible mental illness or record of drug use. It is much like the Air Force’s conclusions from “Project Blue Book” where it was claimed in a contradictory way that UFO’s did not exist and that UFO’s did not present a threat to national security.

Early reports from around the turn of the twentieth century, most notably from a Colonel Shaw of Lodi, California, reported that at first these “aliens” tried to physically and forcibly take humans. Col. Shaw reported that on November 25, 1896 he and a companion encountered a hovering “airship” and the two beings that emerged attempted to manhandle them into the ship but were fought off.

In later years, the method reportedly used to subdue victims took a more frightening aspect in that people began being taken from their beds at night in a state of paralysis. Increasingly, reports of “lost time” periods, which the victim can not remember the events of hours or even days of their lives, have surfaced and lead one to wonder if some sort of memory manipulation has been utilized.

gray alien big eyesDespite the several distinct types of “aliens” that have been reported over the centuries, it is usually the thin, large eyed “gray” variety that seems to be the most prominent abductors. It is yet to be figured if they are doing it for themselves or are merely the “workers” for other types as hypnotic regression on many abductees has revealed information that there are often two or three different alien species present in the examining rooms where the victims are taken.

Often those who have reported being victims of these abductions find strange markings and puncture wounds on them after an encounter. Many have later found through x-ray that strange “implants” have been injected under their skin or more often far up into the nasal passages. Of the few of these mysterious small objects that have been removed, the artifacts have been shown to be of an unknown material and function. It has been hypothesized that the devices are “tracking devices” as many reported abductees report they have been done this way many times throughout their lives.

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Routinely, those who claim to have been abducted, report that they are subjected to medical examinations and experiments. In a hauntingly familiar way, these examinations sound just like the procedures our earthly scientists use to track, tag and examine wildlife. Do extraterrestrial biologists collect their specimens in much the same way and for similar reasons?

With over one thousand official reports of “alien abductions” on file and the speculation that many more go unreported, do we dare casually laugh off and ridicule the experiences of these people? If an extraterrestrial culture views us as merely the “wildlife” on this planet, what then are our rights within their purposes. Of all the phenomena surrounding potential visitation from an unknown advanced race of beings, this factor should be the most strenuously investigated, not the most actively ridiculed!

Written by Wm. Douglas Mefford

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  1. The problem arises because scientists methods of research and investigation is confined to the physical dimension. They operate/rely on physical biological proof rather than intangible amorphous type beings or structures which to all intent and purposes are only visible to the experiencer and leave no physical proof to establish authenticity. Until the veil is lifted completely or until we advance in that area, one cannot see any progress.

    We as physical beings have been kept in the dark since time immemorial and confined – to all intent and purposes, on planet Earth which provides us with everything we need for a designated period of time until separation of the physical and spiritual bodies.

    These beings (in ufos) which dip in and out of our physical world are both physical and non physical. Who knows perhaps it has to do with advanced quantam physics – quantam tunnelling of particles, where a solid object with heavy deuterons can be altered to penetrate/infuse/bypass a solid object.

    I believe, in the not too distant future, the non physical world will be understood better. 🙂

  2. The problem with hypnotic regression techniques, which are used in almost all alien abduction investigations, is the well documented “false memory syndrome” associated with the method.

    Which makes it difficult if not impossible to distinguish between a genuine recovered memory and a manufactured event.

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