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Alien Creature Found In Chile?

In October, 2002 a group of people, who were on vacation in Chile found a very strange looking creature. Is it possible that this creature is a dead alien? There are some interesting questions to be raised here. Do you think this is just some wild animal fetus? That may be a possibility, but if so then why could it not have been easily identified? Why were there no genetic/DNA tests or at least examinations by professionals in the field?

If a baby alien creature was found then where are the ‘parents’? How would an alien baby find it’s way among a group of tourists in Chile in the first place? It seems to be a strange situation whether the thing is from Earth or not. OK, enough of that, let’s just look at the thing.

The creature is just over 7 centimeters long and humanoid in shape having a large head, two arms and legs and distinct fingers.

Rodrigo Ugarte interviewed the Carreño family and was told that one of the young children had found the creature in a bush.

Alien Creature Found In Chile

Alien Creature Found In Chile?

The child, Julio Carreño, stated that the creature was actually alive when it was found, but died about a week later.

The creature was inactive, as though it were dieing, but the child said that it felt warm to the touch and had even opened it’s eyes several times.

He wasn’t sure exactly when it had died, but he knew that it was alive for at least the first seven or eight days.

Was There An Alien Found In Chile?

It is very difficult to be sure just what it is in this photograph. The pictures were taken when the creature was supposed to have been dead for only a few days, but it looks very much like it has been dried out, or even mummified.

Local experts claimed that it was the fetus of some wild animal, such as a cat or a marsupial. No one could say exactly what species of animal this creature could have been. At the time the story was released officials promised to have DNA testing conducted on the creature, but since then I have never seen the results. I have searched the Internet for further information about the DNA testing, or any other testing for that matter, but have found nothing.

Alien Creature Found In Chile

Alien Creature Found In Chile?

In the end it is you, the reader, who must decide – What is that creature in the photograph? Could it be some sort of alien? Or was it a freak of nature that somehow managed to live for a few days? I for one do not know, but I find it odd how cases like this don’t tend to be investigated more thoroughly.

When something this amazing comes along you would expect the ‘establishment’ to be excited with such a possible discovery. Even the critics would be keen on disproving it. However, in this case it seems that the real information has just been put on a shelf somewhere to be forgotten.

“…The first thing that caught the attention of the journalists was the size of the skull in relation to the body. The fingers -located on what appear to be the hands – seem to have quite long fingernails: ‘They seem to be continually growing’, Carreño said.

The slanted-shaped eyes, although closed, can easily be seen. They are located on each side of the head…”

Excerpt from “Tiny Humanoid Creature Found In Chile” by Dr. Virgilio Sanchez-Ocejo –

Dr. Virgilio Sanchez-Ocejo is the author of UFO Abduction From Undersea

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  1. I understand that there are some strange questions about this thing but I really dont believe it is an alien. I would be more likely to believe that it somehow escaped or was otherwise removed from some secret lab where they are experimenting on little monsters than I would that it was an alien.

  2. I’m inclined to agree with Alien UFO Truth Seeker.
    What about a fairy? I understand some people have actually seen them!!??

    • I have no clue as to what it really is. But I think it being a fairy is much more likely than it being an alien.

      • By the way, nice to hear from you again Alien UFO Truth Seeker, did you find and traverse the universe with a sought after alien?? If so, tell us about your journey. 🙂

  3. Thanks Pat! I havent been able to catch up with those aliens as of yet 😉

  4. I don’t know what this weird thing is but I cannot believe that its an alien. Much too small isn’t it?

    I really wonder if this was some sort of fairy tale creature like a imp or gnome or something like that?

  5. most likely a genetic mutation

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