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Alien Implants and Face to Face Extraterrestrial Encounter

When I was a very young boy I received an implant on the right side of my right leg. Many years passed, during those in between years I wondered about the small scar on my leg sometimes manipulating the site with fingers whereby I felt something inside the flesh having a triangular shape to it. One day curiosity got the better of me to wit I cut the object out of my leg.

The object was surrounded by a grayish colored biological mass, the object itself was circular in shape and also gray in color having a pitted surface throughout its entirety. Anyway, it wasn’t a year later when I developed the initial symptoms of joint failure in both knee joints. The best I can figure is that the implant was set into place to prevent the knee problems I experienced, unknowingly so I did myself a great disservice by removing this extraterrestrial gift and I’m truly ashamed about what I did because I should have known better, in other words I knew the object was an alien implant long before I removed it yet I removed the object anyway.

Today my knees are completely worn out to wit I’m now scheduled for knee replacement surgery which is another blessing of sorts but not nearly as beneficial compared to the implant. Apparently, the mother and fatherly like, aliens tested my biological makeup and could tell I would have serious knee problems in the future so they gave me a special type of implant to keep my knees healthy until I came along and removed their gift.

I have a second implant that I’m aware of which is located in and about my lower jaw. The object has the ability to move which makes it difficult to secure in one place for observation. I have no plans to remove the second object because I know its there to help me in some unknown manner.

I’ve also experienced a face to face encounter with two grays while living in Inverness, California. During the encounter I was ashamed about what I had done which I could detect by the expression on one of the gray’s faces, he seemed mad at me. It was a very upsetting experience. I have every intention of setting straight, after my knee replacement surgery I will return to the place of contact to hopefully make amends and to say I’m sorry for removing their gift that caused me such great distress during my adult life. I shall go unarmed and take whatever they decide to dish out. I can only hope I will be permitted to return back to my family but if I can’t I’ll at least have some idea as to why – there’s actually more to this picture than I’m willing to discuss, believe me, I really wish I could but I just plain can’t.

Sent in by Steve, Copyright 2011

  1. I have heard before of people taking out implants and then having worse health issues, so maybe in some cases thats exactly why the implants were placed in the first place – or were they placed for another reason and the act of removing them caused the problems? Thats something that will be hard to confirm.

    But its interesting to think that when we go against what ‘they’ may want that they cut off contact or show disapproval. As i mentioned in my report of the Blue Room, when things got to the point that I agreed to go public (in a book others were writing) I was ‘told’ not to and so backed out, but after that the contacts greatly diminished, almost as punishment, though at the time i looked at that as a blessing, so intense were the visitations.

    I personally havent looked hard for implants; on one hand, would be ok to find them, if there, but on the other, i would probably be too afraid to remove them, again because i have heard a number of negative stories from those that have done just that, in some cases i have heard of people getting life threatening diseases soon after removing implants.

  2. Greetings Stevie,

    After removing the implant was soon followed by years of suffering – something I immensely regret, knee replacement surgery is currently scheduled, the implant was superior medical technology, had I only know better nevertheless curiosity managed to do me in thus I removed the implant given and placed in the right knee, the scar remains.
    I received the implant ‘gift’ as a child of 7 years, I have partial recall of the actual experience yet much is still vague, taken out a window to an unknown type of medical room presumably in space vehicle judging by the appearance of the very frightening looking being looking at me straight into my eyes, itself having immense eyes that seemed to stare into my very soul, it scared me nearly to death. Apparently those whom conduct the implants have the means of reestablishing contact despite the whereabouts of their query, I suspect the Grays in this instance can identify brainwave patterns or some unknown type of transference/telepathy their science is able to interpret to wit is unique unto specific individuals they had prior contact with no matter how long ago the initiation was made.

  3. Just looking at the other possibilities since yours is the first story that I have ever read where you think the implant was there to help you rather than to track and possibly control. I would venture to say based on other eyewitness encounters and implanted people that it could very well be punishment for taking it out rather than stopping some genetic disease that they somehow foretold that you had. I don’t mean to be a downer and I am glad that you take a very optimistic look at the situation. However I am inclined to disagree that they have any beneficial intentions other than to deceive and manipulate. But, to each his own.

    • All I can say in rebuttal is the fact there’s been no noticeable indications of ‘deception or that of manipulation’ – as far as I’m aware of. By no means do I take your kindly reply as a ‘downer’, you might be perfectly correct in your presumption, all I know for sure is the removal of the implant was the direct cause of my knee joints to ‘revert back to a debilitating condition’. The effect wasn’t immediate yet within ‘one year’ the indications were quite clear I was developing symptoms of knee joint problems in both knees. Interestingly enough the surgeon that’s accepted my medical case for knee replacement surgery pointedly indicated to me as we were reviewing the x-rays, he was on the opinion that ‘my knee condition’ was caused by my genetic makeup and further implied, ‘God seems to have shorted you some of your genes’. So, this would make sense to the extent of the ‘presumed therapeutic or correctional nature of the implant’ was a means of ‘supplying the necessary genes’ to prevent deformation/genetic breakdown of the healthy knees.
      How such actually functions is beyond me, I can only offer you a guess as to what I believe ‘may have happened’. Being there’s not any empirical evidence such as the knee implant only opinions remain, nevertheless I honestly believe the depiction I have made is a very accurate testimony by an individual that has enough ‘life experience’ to know the difference between ‘wishful thinking verses pragmatic processes’ of which the latter has undergone ‘extensive self examination’ to best advert any inaccurate assessments of the overall experience, a witness unto my own behalf’ as it were, to best assure the most probable interpretations for the sake of optimal correctness since I have no interest in make believe nonsense most especially when it comes to my personal health and well being – of course.
      The implant was spherical in shape but it did not feel this way to ones touching it through the skin whereby it felt flat and seemingly triangular in shape, which turned out to be incorrect. After the removal process ‘which I actually question my sanity about as to the pretty foolish reason I had at the time for removing such {non problematic object} i.e, mere curiosity’. Anyway, the mass removed was grayish in color and resisted being removed because the gelatinous fibers of the object were intimately entwined with the local biological medium of the immediate area. After the object was finally removed further observation and dexterous manipulation of the object revealed an inner core to the surrounding {and slippery} biological mass that eventuated a ‘BB’ sized object the surround mass was ‘part of and or strongly connected to’. After difficult scrapping of the biological medium a pitted appearance of the implant was clearly revealed. My ventured guess is that the object was designed to be large enough to last a human lifetime and little more if at all beyond this span of time. Presumably the object convects or otherwise releases ‘something’ into the human DNA genetic code that maintains ‘normal Karyotype’ thus prevention abnormalities or errors – “vague sure but I’m not a geneticist”, I’m just casting out general ideas as to something vastly more complicated that I have little knowledge about – okay. As far as ‘sizes of these types of things go’ it’s definitely clear that the smallest of nature’s vast wonders are able to perform ‘miracles’ – for lack of a better definition. This being said, it’s actually not so unbelievable that a much more ‘medically advanced civilization’ has long since mastered the artificial manipulation {via biological implants} of DNA and gene sequencing that humankind holds in evidence as ‘alien implants’ of an undefined and highly mysterious nature yet to be understood. The notion the ‘Grays’ or any other visitors types are manipulative or behave against the better interests of humankind is subjective at best, it’s all too obvious that these ‘creature beings’ with their advanced technology {could be} far more damaging if they had any such desire. Fear of the unknown does cause morbid fear and being that we’re coping with a ‘fearful appearing and nearly – wholly unknown about intelligences’ defining their presence as ‘a bad thing’ is truly jumping the gun, further material evidence is required before we make such a grand leap in such profound judgment.
      At any rate I believe the above is within the range of the most likely probability but then again I could be completely wrong whereby your opinion may hold the greater truth – altogether it beats the hell out of me.
      Good hearing from you by the way.

      Take care JK,

    • Just a thought – implants inserted by these advanced beings could be for various purposes. Most of the accounts made by abductees who claim they inherited an implant as a result, believe these implants were tracking devices yet they could have a multi-purpose.

      Your story is quite fascinating and, all the extraodinary detail of this implant – its benefits and then the deterioration of the function of your knees after removing this device is in my opinion self explanatory and not punishment for your ingratitude. One would’ve hoped as there was no explanation how this foreign body invaded you body, there was no way a mere earthling without this advanced genetic knowledge would have known that to remove it, would be detrimental.

      You mention in your account, you will be returning to the place where original contact was made with hopes of putting things right with them, did you go there and what was the result of your visit?

      Just so you know Steven, I do believe your story because something rather strange happened to me many years ago, obviously not as dramatic as your experience, nevertheless – ‘out of this world’ and I can therefore empathize with you.

  4. Hey Steve,
    One thing i also wonder about is whether ‘interupting’ their intentions by , for example, removing the implant, angers them as they had some other plan in mind.
    I know for many many years i had terrible probes during alot of my encounters, and that part of things only really stopped for the most part AFTER i had a hystorectomy.
    Its almost like i had thwarted them by doing so, and now i stand back and look at the timeline, the probing part, whilst always there, wasnt, dare i say as overwhelming as it was until i first had my tubes tied, then it was like ‘they’ went into overdrive doing something to me with the probing becoming soooo frequent, then as i said once i took the final step some years later and had the hysto, it was truly as if i had forced them to stop whatever they were doing.
    Yes i still get encounters, both my husband and i do, but the probing has really cut off since i had the op, like i wasnt of any use in ….. certain ways any more. May be the same as when you took out your implant. Just my .02 worth 🙂

  5. Hello Stevie it’s good to hear from you,

    You’re correct, ‘interpreting’ their intentions is a nebulous inference at best. It’s obvious they’re not interested in human technology aside from highly destructive technology such as nuclear weapons that apparently interferes with their mission. Keeping planet Earth intact would be in their best interest which is an obvious no-brainer for both visitors and humans alike. That being said little more is left whereby their prime interest seems wholly ‘biological’ in nature to wit the so called plague of their invasive methods, implants, the associated fear & terror and so forth.

    In the context, ‘if we were in their shoes doing the things they do on a multifaceted biologically oriented mission’ far out in the heavens our behaviors would predominantly resemble theirs more-so than not. We humans brand cattle, implant identification tags & tracking chips in our pets, surgically implant our high technology into our own human biology along with numerous other procedures that to someone living on another planet surely wouldn’t like being done to them, in short we would terrify them just as the visitors frighten us.

    Humankind needs to get over itself, being we’re stuck on terra firma this makes for a rather ridiculous comparison to the extent the visitors have obviously been around for God only knows how long, tens of thousands of years or millions nobody knows whereby to humankind such things are well outside human experience nearly impossible to fathom to any applicable worthwhile extent as to what’s presumably and or inherently necessary in supporting such space borne endeavors over a long period of time. It’s quite probable judging from the diversity of ‘alien spacecraft seen’ the visitors have little or no necessity of relying on their original home world for natural resources. This would be indicative of a large spacecraft fleet comprised of very large space vehicles and so on down the line necessary for very long duration missions in the vastness of space. Earth is likely a biological oasis of sorts brought about by the visitors or otherwise cared for by the same like doctors care for hospital patients I guess. The overall inertness of spacial physicality would make habitable planets prime real estate and prime habitat for whatever they do with human biology and the rest of the bio diversity lot.

    Be it the Grays or whatever who else if it were possible to replace the daunting looks of the array of alien visitors with human faces and human bodies things would seem ‘almost normal’. Implanting hardware that effects biological functions certainly isn’t anything new to modern science so the question begs, “why are we so damn afraid and concerned that aliens are involved in the same basic practices?’ Likely because we haven’t given them permission to probe and mess around with our bodies in the dark of the night scaring the goose feathers out of us in the process defines the main issue I think.

    There’s one thing I do know, I much rather be abducted and butt skewered by alien technology compared to having a crazy human nut bust open my front door and kidnap my family at the point of a gun. I do realize this may serve as small consolation because I’ve stood directly in front of a mean looking Gray myself not three feet away from my person in the middle of the night completely vulnerable to whatever it may have had in mind so I keenly appreciate the apprehension and heart stopping fear involved when subjected to such a terrifying unknown but this doesn’t mean I’m going to jump to unsustainable conclusions due to the seeming nature of the encounter or just because it’s really-really weird either. People are influenced by any numbers of things that precipitates undo call in the defense of self preservation including being overly objectionable about things they have next to no understanding about which denotes being ‘somewhat unreasonable’ i.e. overly inventive or imaginative during an encounter that’s nearly impossible to gauge as either a benevolent or malevolent experience most especially if one has been taught rigid thinking, predominantly religions or other dictum holding narrow perspectives.

    Being you’re female a stronger sense of aversion to the visitors encounters might be much more intense since your gender seems to be their prime focus – outside Whitley Strieber possibly. Joking aside, it’s unfair to be dismissive about differentiating opinions about the intentions of the visitors “but you and I are discussing the Grays presumably so aren’t we?’ and thus eliminating some portions of the perplexities concerning other extraterrestrial types, or so I hope is the case.
    I have not had as many encounters as you thank God whereupon mine have been exceedingly random but there could be events I’m cognizant of which is pure and supposedly so guesswork. I know a sheriff officer who’s told me about a ‘special detachment of officers’ that solo pilot black triangular shaped craft 30 feet long X however wide that come out at night from an underground hangar albeit on state owned property. I tend to believe this story because there’s ‘three reliable witness’ involved of impeccable character I have conversed with on the matter. Strange isn’t it yet such stories are common in the annals of ‘unidentified flying objects’. . . Keep writing you’re takes are very interesting. I have to go for now Stevie.

    Best Wishes,

    • Hi Steve,
      My thoughts on ET human tracking devices are quite similar to your own. Futhermore, we humans have never asked permission from the animals (nor is it possible to do so), to insert implants/chips on their bodies, obviously we have our own varied reasons for doing so and most importantly, because we are able to – as we have dominion over them just like the ETs appear to have over all creatures on this earth.

      I’ve always believed, from accounts read, these ellusive ETs were more interested in younger, fertile and productive females, as well as younger males but, to a lesser extent.

      I got to thinking, all living creatures and plants on this Earth are – to all intents and purposes – trapped/locked within this beautiful planet with everything we need to survive and florish. The Earth is like a laboratory containing diverse thriving creatures and plants – easy pickings for the ETs, as we are powerless to halt their clandestine operations. As you implied, life on earth may be the final attractive product/basic blueprint to populate other suitable planets in other distant galaxies and universes – Why not – after all we are their creations – are we not?

      Who knows – there could be a thriving inter-planetary/galactic trade of earthly DNA between ETs, we may be a valuable trade asset. What do you think?

    • Hi Steve,
      It really is a pity you aren’t prepared to discuss other issue relating to interaction with the ETs, because I find this most fascinating and am sure others do as well. What did you do with the pitted implant which you removed from your knee?

      It is just a thought, if you plan to return to the place of initial contact with hopes of having an encounter with these ETs, perhaps they wouldn’t entertain the fact you have replaced their technology with that of mankind’s which is perhaps not as effective. Besides, if you already have another on your jaw, surely they are able to keep tabs on you and there’s no need to go looking for them.

      I have a slightly raised circular dark object approx. 2mm in diameter just under my skin – on my right foot – in between my
      second and third toes. I didn’t have it when I was very young, however, I noticed it some 15 years ago. It may have been there a lot longer before I spotted it as it is in an obscure place. I wondered what it was and thought it may be a mole which developed later in my life. Wouldn’t it be something else if it turns out to be a foreign body from space!! 🙂 🙂

  6. Hi again,

    Its interesting that you both, Steve and Pat mention re the animal/us tagging similarity. One of the questions sceptics often ask is why would any alien species want to keep doing experiemnts etc on us for so long; my counter is, why do we humans keep doing experiments on animals?

    I believe that some ET’s see us as no more than cattle. They experiment on us not to make life miserable for us, but because for the same reasons humans do it on animals – though i personally dont see ANY reason to do it on animals, but we wont get into that debate here!

    As for the implants, yes no doubt they are placed purely again for the same reason we do it to our animals – to keep track, for easy retrieval of ‘property’.

    Steve thats a good point and comment re rather facing the Aliens then a crazed home invader – i’m with you on that one, no matter how terrifing the encounters are, the ones with humans tend to be worse, as humans that invade your life do it purely with the purpose to maim and kill, whereas most of the visitaions seem to be with experimenting in mind, or maybe just giving us checkups.

    No it doesnt make it any more terrifying looking at it that way, as the unknown always has that effect, but with human invaders…. we unfortunately know what mankind can be capable of, and thats more horrifying than anything else.
    Did you manage to keep your implant? I dont know if they tend to disinegrate upon removal because they arent meant to be removed and open to our air or what. Some people have kept their implants and had them examined and they have been found to be of unknown origin.

    Pat you make a good point re the implants, thinking it may be a mole – going further, i wonder if some of the marks we have on our bodies are made to look like moles to camoflauge what they really are?

    Also i had never thought about the DNA trade possibility – there has to be some sort of reason they do seem so interested in our breeding, taking eggs etc Previously i’d believed like so many that maybe its because they need to create hybrids to keep their own species going, and that may also be it, but also the DNA trading is a very interesting idea. Surely not all ET species are dying out, so….. another area to think about.

  7. these comments appear as if the alien-demons are typing. humans are not chipping and tagging animals these are companies claiming research – humans have to be responsible for their animals and herds, so they collar, tag, or brand due to theft or accidents. humans have a higher intelligence than these alien-demons but many of you are accepting being treated as an animal – you were born to save the earth and the human race from these alien-demons. wake up

    • Hi xfile5678,
      companies cannot tag beasts, human creatures with a higher intelligence than beasts do the tagging on behalf of the companies.

    • I have no fear of the intelligent life forms that I have had the luxury of interacting with, although I have never seen one of the beings, per say. Only in a lucid dream did I. But what I saw in the skies of Arizona were very real. I have never hallucinated in my life, so I don’t see how I could have had these isolated events as mere hallucinations. Perhaps others have had bad experiences with bad aliens, I do not know. But i still maintain the idea that we would probably covertly study an alien life force and/or planet if we were advanced enough to do so, and especially if we were more advanced than they. That makes perfect sense to me. We would be doing the same poking and probing that they allegedly do to us.

      • Jennifer, thus far no country can produce a UFO (alien space craft) or any of its occupants. They flit in and out of world at will, they show themselves and the awesome things they are able to do – there’s no doubt about it. Do we really know what they are, if they are both tangible and spiritual beings and only interact with humankind on this planet because there is no intelligent tangible life elsewhere? What if the bible is 100% correct, that we were created by God as the only intelligent physical beings in our universe and, our ultimate goal and reason d’etre is to expand our wings and explore the vast and infinite world out there?

  8. Do you all think for one minute that WE wouldn’t study at length an alien lifeforce that we’ve encountered, or an alien planet that has life forms that we know nothing about and that is utterly beyond our evolved states at this time? WE would do the exact thing to them if the situation were in reverse and we found them before they had the technology to find us first.

    • Of course we would study at length any alien life forms if we encountered any, the problem is – have we really encountered any tangible aliens? These ufo/ET experiences people seem to have had are verging on the supernatural. Of course claims are UFOs and their occupants are real and one doesn’t dispute this, BUT why are they intangible, materializing and de-materializing. Obviously they know we are aware of their presence because they have made sure we see them yet they are still intangible.

  9. Well Pat, you know the latest hot theory in Physics right now is called String Theory, which involves 11 dimensions. This can make time travel a real possibility, amongst other things.
    What I was trying to say, and perhaps did not make myself clear, is that I believe there is nothing unusual in the way these aliens are allegedly, apparently studying us. I think that is we had found them first and had that advanced technology through the advancement and breakthroughs in String Theory, then we would probably be doing the same kinds of studies on them that they allegedly do to us.
    I do not believe nor will I ever believe that these aliens have any kind of evil intentions. Had they, and if most of the sightings and experiences that people have experienced are real, then they have the power to blow us away if they wanted to! I belive that any studies they have allegedly performed on us are entirely understandable.

    • I know you don’t accept nor believe we may have been genetically engineered by ‘god’ (leader of ‘sons of the gods’) as mentioned in genesis. I suspect we have been cross-bred time and time again for eons, obviously because this planet Earth must be a laboratory of a sort, not only for human beings but beasts and plant life as well. This would explain some of the reasons for ET’s (or whomsoever they are) activities since time immemorial. It’s quite obvious we are being watched by THEM and, I believe we are, OR, can be spiritually connected to them as part of the monitoring process and, I do believe they do interact with and intervene in some of our lives (maybe everyone of us but not sure to what extent), it’s just that some people seem to be totally unaware of anything other than their own earthly lives and surrounding material objects and their friends and family. They are oblivious of ‘invisible’ beings in their midst.

      As far as what their intentions are – whether good or evil, I’m certain there must be both in the mix as this world is about positive and negative elements. Your experiences have been positive and awesome from what you say, whereas others like Stevie had negative experiences.

      • Pat, I do accept the notion that we have been genetically altered by some intelligent life force from another planet. That is entriely plausibile. In fact, I am more apt to believe that they implanted life on this Earth in the first place, rather then believing in an inconsistant, bullying, jealous, and petty Judeo Christian god. A God which only begs the never ending question, “Who created the creator?”

        • Jennifer, God is, was and always will be. The concept and nature of the universal God is very difficult for us to grasp because we are limited as human beings in our understanding of the nature of God which is in the spirit (human description). Human beings gauge everything by what they know, experience and understand. Our world and our teachers (scientists included), work on the basis there is a beginning and end of all things visible and tangible(matter) and, all things tangible are created somehow by someone and therefore measurable. God is the intangible life energy in everything that is which includes the visible and invisible. How are we simple earthlings to really know and understand if this invisible Life energy, in whatever form, always was?

          Scientist are able to take us back to what they think was concentrated energy the size of a pea, which exploded bringing forth space, matter and energy seen in the heavens above, YET they aren’t sure if this was the only BIG BANG which formed our universe. Were there other BIG BANGS forming other universes which we are unable to see with our limited knowledge, capacity and technology?

          For heavens sake! We don’t even know exactly what UFOs and their occupants are? We aren’t even sure if we’ll survive death in some form or another. Jennifer we seem to know more about matter but nothing about invisible energy which occupies most of the space around us. How then can we even suppose to know anything about the Creator of all that is and all that is not??

  10. Pat, I certainly can accept that notion. The only thing I argue vehemently against is that these “beings” are Satanic, or are in anyway a part of the “Biblical God’s” plan or design for us. That’s just absurd and an embarrassment to intellectual thought.

    • If they are not part of “Biblical God’s” plan or design for us it would bring up a lot of questions. It would mean the God is not alone “out there” – Just a thought

      • Hi Alien UFO Truth, Ofcourse God is not out there alone that’s perfectly obvious. I believe God is within all of us including all that is unseen, we and all creations of GOD including what we term as ‘fallen’ angels, angels, sons of the gods, demons, ETs and everything else we are unable to name – as the Prime Minister David Cameron has said – ‘We are all in it together’.

    • Jennifer, you are wearing the badge of atheism very loud and clearly and that’s your prerogative, however, those of us who believe and acknowledge the existence of a Universal GOD are certainly not lacking in grey matter and feel no embarrassment in the least. The pronoun ‘HE’ is used, rather than she, it, they – when referring to GOD – it’s a human form of speech. Obviously, some people do regard GOD as a male figure which is symbolic of strength, power, authority and a father figure because GOD is responsible for the creation of “all that is and all that is not”. But I’m sure you know all that as you are ‘very knowledgable and super intelligent’, however, if you didn’t know, I suggest you keep this info tucked away safely where you can get hold of it, as you may need it at some future date. 🙂 And just as an afterthought, I do believe demons exist.

  11. Well, I hate to break this to you but there is far and away more evidence to support that the Biblical God does notexist than that God does exist. Tell tale sign is the fact that we consider God to have a specific sex – a male. Does he have a penis? It’s the classic father figure need that most have – some more than others.

    • I dont understand what you mean by “I hate to break it to you…” and who are you breaking it to? I dont think anyone here said anything about god having a penis or did I miss that? Fact is I dont recall anyone saying that god was a male here either. So who are you trying to convince?

  12. I believe it is generally accepted by most Christians that God is male. Even the Bible identifies “him” as a “father”. All of which implies a certain sex.

  13. Pat, you can certainly believe what you want.

  14. Hey guys,

    wow i havent checked Steves post for a bit, and actually had refrained from posting on my own page because of the sort of thing i see here, and i have to say to you all, after reading some of these later comments here,this is EXACTLY the reason i have for so long hestitated contributing to sites such as this as this very topic often turns into arguements and sometimes even slanging matches.

    I would hate to see this site go the way of soooo many others simply because restraint and respect wasnt shown; after all, NO-ONE has all the answers, no one knows where all these visitations come from, and if someone wants to – or not- believe in God or another higher power, thats their right. Please, PLEASE realise, and this is to the mod too, that what may appear as spirited disgussion to some has DEF come across as the sort of fighting that makes many others, including myself, to stay away from most sites, as if we cant respect each others beliefs etc then how can we expect others to believe and respect our own, especially in this field that is already so controversial.

    I wasnt going to even write this, and am having second thoughts but damn people, as someone who has had good discussions on this site after taking the plunge and talking about my one of my own episodes, when i read all these comments, which lets point out are on someone elses topic page, i was shocked at the animosity coming through. You may not see it that way, but believe me as someone not involved its come across that way and filled me with disappointment.

    May i make a suggestion, to keep peoples topic pages ON the topic they have written about, how about you guys seperately do your OWN topic page on this site. We are all trying to find ideas and answers to our experiences, and whats happening here is most def not that.

    Just my .02 worth, an no i wont be drawn into any theological/supernatural or not discussion unless i go to YOUR own topic page – lets respect Steves and others pages and leave it at that.

    • Right on Pat, I agree with you. There are a lot of comments posted that never see the light of day because they are deleted. I try to keep the arguing and insulting out of here but sometimes it isnt any easy task.

      Adults should be able to exchange and share their ideas and opinions and even completely disagree with one another WITHOUT being insulting or getting angry. I will never understand why so many people can’t seem to do that.

      I am also in agreement with the “keep it on topic” point and I always try to encourage that.

    • Hi Stevie,
      During the time I’ve contributed to these pages, I found the moderator has done a sterling job as moderator. Yes, there’s been angry verbal exchanges which bordered on the offensive, yet I haven’t seen out and out insults, profanities etc. unlike other websites. People have very strong opinions and are forthright about them so there’s bound to be feathers ruffled here and there and, the good thing is – we can’t see or touch one another – so can’t strangle each other 🙂 . That’s what I find most interesting and I hope the moderator doesn’t curb this aspect of debate. Of course there will always be individuals who steer off the topic – so what – it’s not difficult to get back on track. 🙂 .

  15. I don’t know why these topics always seem to turn into a Theological discussion. I’ve been trying to sway people away from that, which has nothing to do with the posts. I never came here to discuss Theology. I only want to talk about people’s experiences, and not their theological interpretations of these experiences. This is the only site where I have seen this happening, over and over again.

    • Hi Jennifer,
      I believe the reason why some of our contributors put a religious spin on the subject of ufos and ETs, is because the bible does, in fact talk about phenomenon which models on ufos, ETs and the paranormal – hence the big question – WERE ETs POSING AS ANGELS? We attempted to debate this aspect of UFOs and ETs, so people made their passionate theological contributions legitimately from their points of view, whereas others equally and passionately rejected them. All very interesting in my opinion. 🙂

      • Hi Jennifer,
        Your question as to why these topics (ufos) always seem to turn into a theological discussion would be amplier explained by the link – – provided on April 13 – input by Alien UFO Truth Seeker’s. This article demonstrates very clearly the link with the bible and Christian theology.

  16. I think this may be on interest to some readers here Alien Implants Extraterrestrials Abducting & Implanting Humans?

    • Thank you for the link Alien UFO Truth Seeker,
      On the issue of implanted tracking devices re -(article The Alien & UFO Factor), my view is, we do not embed tracking devices in the brains or nervous systems of animals/beasts, surely if we did, it would affect the normal functioning of these systems. Why then, would implanting these devices in the brain and nervous systems of human beings be a good idea – after all we are animals twice removed? That’s a ridiculous idea especially if these aliens have technologies which can invade our entire bodily systems once they have selected you as a victim for their clandestine activities.

  17. Pat, Pat you never in you’re answers about UFO’s/aliens cease to a maze me! Wow! For one fellow in England you sure know a lot about every thing! I bet if I was a beting person Scottland Yard and the MI5 or MI6 hasn’t had any contact with you! What about Jerry in the USA oh gee he use to be a Marshal and too police officer, what? You say the FBI and CIA agents have told him numerous things! Why does the aliens implant humans? Simple to MONITOR THEM! TO know where they are! And the list goes on and on! As to the humans being just an animal like dogs and the like yes they have ears, eyes and they eat reproduce and the only reason they go to Heaven some of them have souls. Thus you’re pets go to Heaven when they die to be with you! I feel that humans are more then just animals and too we lived with God long before coming to earth! So, what does this make humans Sons and Daughter of God! A higher creation on earth like some aliens are! Are some aliens jealous of humans of course! Is Pat going to Heaven I’m not his judge but if I was to place a bet on him I’d say yes and like the rest of us he’ll learn alot! Jerry Biddle USA

  18. Why the implants? Good question isn’t it? I have one better why doesn’t the body reject them? I hav some answers on these question. First, why implant? Humans would say it monitors them! Could be? It is to control them? Maybe? But look at it in a different view-point, the implants could be some humans currently do not understand what I mean by this, maybe in the ideas or what they have in mind is another reason. Maybe 40 years from now humans might understand this and they might be doing the same thing (maybe). I had several years ago two implants inside, how they get into the body? I have a idea that maybe some thing we have thought of yet. When we sleep we leave our bodies so we have been told and do astro-projection maybe this might be when the aliens do the implants and other things. I had two implants always had to go the the ER at the hospital because of high fever 102 degrees they’d put me on antibiotics one night over 10 years ago I went over to the Dollar General and bought over the counter sinus medications. They must of worked or the body had enough of those foregen objects so down the thoat two of them the first one measure 1/2 by 1/2 metal object and the other one came down 15 mins later it looked like a rubbery little foot ball it was light color gray. I threw the two of these items away. But the fever and this and that stopped why? Because the body has away of rejecting foregen objects. Seveal friends said why didn’t you save them? I found out last month the answer to this one! Again down the thoat another object came out! It measured 1/4 by 1/4 solid and I threw it on the floor my friend and I went to Church and when I came back to the apartment my friend said it won’t be there! (?) She was right! What happened to it is a good question! (?) Humans put implants on animals as we know especially if you watch England Productions of PBS but they want to know where is this subject at? People in the USA have pets especially dogs and cats implaneted with a chip and if the animal is lost or etc. They can run the device across that animal and know who it belongs to. The medical societies and the governments in general want this same thing done to humans. Why? Oh it would have med info and you can run you’re hand across this reading device thus it would let you draw out money or let you in that building etc. Of course religious groups say this is too much because in the Book of Rev it talks about some thing similar mark of the beast. 666 you wouldn’t beable to buy or sell with out this mark! I would agree with Bible thinking people this is a little too much! Also they have made claim that those devices on pets have caused cancer. I don’t know if this is correct I haven’t heard any thing local on that one only on the Coast to Coast Show. I do have another information to share with you. The lady who made claim her planet was on the other side of our Sun. She told me they (her planet) monitors the Coast to Coast Show and advised me not to believe every thing I heard on this program. When Art Bell still had it I called in and in the conversation I told him this he laughed and indicated he doesn’t be all of it either! And then in a kidding way he talked about her (the gray alien) with those huge big eyes so after talking to me he said: Oh those huge big black eyes yes those big black eyes. As if to say how can we forget them and too hearing this from others and too showing that he felt those huge big eyes were different (weird). I would have to agree why so huge unless the planet they come from isn’t lited like earth! I find those big eyes weird also! The last implant leaving my body (head)I don’t know why? I have a theory on it but right now I could not substantuate it! Some thing I seen on my body and yes I still glow I believe this is for now an on going thing. I know some or (one) of you find this stuff weird! I agree with you and if I said any thing else I would be kidding myself! Maybe one of these day I might find out or figure it out on my own. Why Jerry why not you or (the one) I don’t know? If I knew this I believe I would know a lot more about the UFO/alien situation deal! Jerry Biddle USA

  19. anyone get implants in their pets– I removed one from my cat a couple months ago– from her shoulder– grey/black and roundish/sorta comes to a point at one end— it started out the size of a bb like from a bb gun– and in six months grew to the size of a quarter –no blood or drainage from the site– I still have the object. Please e-mail me– something I’m researching.

  20. I didn’t think this was alien related until I started to talk to ufologist Wilbur Allen– then I also started talking to two other “abductees” by accident and then I put the pieces together– I won’t go into- -but those of you will get my “drift”– Thanks.

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