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Alien Implants Are Extraterrestrials Abducting and Implanting Humans?

Imagine what it must be like for someone that truly believes they have encountered an extraterrestrial or been abducted. It isn’t like this is something that can be talked about with friends over coffee or shared at the work water cooler.

Worse yet, imagine having an X-ray done for some unexplained discomfort only to discover there is something inside the body that should not be there. Implanted by aliens… the stuff of science fiction novels and conspiracy theorists? Or is there something more to it?

The idea of extraterrestrials kidnapping human beings really does sound like something that is saved for an “X-files” episode or another form of entertainment and not to be taken seriously at all. Yet, there are those who have taken the time to study and work with those who believe they were abducted and objects – actual, tangible pieces of debris – have been removed from some who claim these encounters. Others have no memory of any encounter, but have had X-rays turn up objects embedded in the body with no apparent explanation.

Supposedly this X-Ray shows an alien implant that was later removed from a mans spine.

Most of modern science and the public in general take these claims with much skepticism. After all, pieces of debris can land in the body for a multitude of reasons. What has made these particular pieces so interesting is the alloys and metals they are made up of. Trace elements such as palladium, rhodium, and germanium have been found in these pieces of debris, and most interesting of all – the implants are said to resemble carbon nanotubes, or cylindrical molecules of carbon that are very useful in making electronic and technological equipment.

But seriously… implants? Kidnapped by a race of extraterrestrials?

To the skeptical ear, it sounds like something from the pulp fiction publication “Amazing Stories”. In fact, to some degree, it was.

Amazing Stories 1943 I Remember Lemuria

A man by the name of Richard Sharpe Shaver sent a letter to “Amazing Stories” in 1943 that captured the interest of the editor, a man named Ray Palmer. In this letter, Shaver claimed to have discovered a secret race that lived underneath the earth that had been abandoned when civilization had relocated to another planet millions of years ago. These creatures came complete with a mysterious language and an evil intent. Their purpose was to kidnap humans to torture and ultimately consume.

In the meantime, they were projecting their own evil thoughts and intentions by way of an electronic ray that would attack the brains of unsuspecting people. Many of the aspects of Shaver’s accounts were fantastic tales of the impossible, however he swore to Palmer that they were all true. It is doubtful Palmer believed him, but he certainly knew a gold mine when he saw it. He rewrote Shaver’s 10,000 word essay (titled “A Warning to Future Man) into a novella retitled “I Remember Lemuria!” and published it in the magazine in 1945. For the next four years, people would write in to the magazine swearing that Shaver’s story sounded familiar – because they also knew it to be true.

Mass Hysteria?

Mass hysteria motivated by the power of suggestion? It is certainly possible, however the interest in this phenomenon did not stop with Shaver’s story.

The concept of alien abduction was certainly taken seriously by some greatly respected scholars and even one Pulitzer-prize winning author and Harvard professor by the name of John Edward Mack, MD. Dr. Mack initially believed that people who were speaking at an Abduction Study Conference that he co-chaired at MIT in 1992 were suffering from mental incapacitation. However, after further research, he noticed that in all other aspects of their lives, these people were completely normal and functioning. It warranted enough of his attention that he would form the Program for Extraordinary Experience Research (PEER) in 1993.

An author of many scholarly pieces as well as several books, the crux of his extra-terrestrial research was published in the book “Passport To The Cosmos: Human Transformation and Alien Encounters” (November, 1999). Until his death at the age of 74 by a drunk driver, Dr. Mack was an important and respected voice in the field of extra-terrestrial research.

Dr. Roger Leir Removes More Than a Dozen Implants

Another doctor who started out as a California podiatrist is thought by some to be a forerunner in the removal of objects from human beings that appear to literally be “out of this world”. Dr. Roger Leir first became acquainted with the concept of implants inside human beings when he met Derrel Sims, an extra-terrestrial researcher, at a UFO convention.

Dr. Roger Leir

Skeptical at first, Dr. Leir quickly became a convert to the belief in alien implants because he saw them first hand when he removed one from a client of Sims. To date, he has removed more than a dozen of these objects.

He and Sims founded F.I.R.S.T. (Fund for Interactive Research in Space Technology) in 1996, however Leir has since stepped down as Medical Director and is now heading his own research team. He has authored several books, his most well known being “The Alien and the Scalpel“.

Leir has come under criticism by many, including the famed debunkers Penn and Teller, for having an elevated view of himself and his medical expertise. His supporters however vocally support his efforts and research.

One of the things he has noted about the debris he has removed is the radio frequencies produced while still in the body. The objects have varied in shape, some being as small as a seed and others having a T shape or a ball bearing shape. They appear to be surrounded with material designed to prevent the body from rejecting it, and upon removal can only be preserved by containing the debris in a vial of the patient’s own blood.

It is certainly a lot to take in – the concept that extra-terrestrials would implant human beings with objects. The skeptical views are that there are too many ways that objects can embed themselves in our bodies, and the body does develop tissue around foreign material to adapt. Some of the patients have jobs that put them in the path of metals every day, increasing their chances of having objects embed themselves. Metals will give off EMF, and transmit radio signals, so that in and of itself is not unusual. The random areas of the body (such as the foot and leg) where the debris has been found leave question as to their purpose. If tracking devices were indeed being implanted in human beings, wouldn’t it make more sense for these objects to be in the central nervous system or the brain?

For those who believe, the material removed is further evidence that life exists outside Earth. There is of course no solid proof that these objects are extra-terrestrial in nature, but it has given enough question to continue the research. If nothing else, it can’t be argued that some kind of debris has been removed from these people, and a lot of time and research has gone into something that “might” exist.

Written by Angela Sangster, Copyright 2012

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  1. These aliens are demons. that is why they lied to you. beware my father communicated with them. he was a German engineer. these demon aliens tricked him. they tormented him for years. they caused my mother to become bipolar and see things. they caused my father to become violent. he contacted these so called alien beings. My father had a genius iq. he told me caused by these aliens. I could see things move in the air with my mother. she could control the weather at times. She was in and out of mental institutions. my father was an engineer. When he died my sister heard thousands of whispering voices I think he went to Hell. now these aliens are following my child. she can see space ships outside my house in the sky at night. they are tormenting her. she has been to the mental wards to get rid of them. they will not leave our family alone.

  2. I can understand some of the problem here. For 15 years I taught on Deliverance for a major Christian Bible College and had the opportunity to study many cases of oppression, depression, and possession. I am of the opinion that the Mark of the Beast (666) may still be in experimental stage. This would explain why so many alien abductions are transmitting information to someone or something out of this world. If the DNA of man could be crossed with the Bnee Elohiym (Fallen angelic beings) it would doom mankind. This amalgamation (angelic and human) was the reason God repented he had made man. Only Noah and a few souls were salvaged. This amalgamation produced giants (Nephilim) the skeletons are on display today. If people try to communicate with fallen angelic beings (aliens) they open themselves up to serious consequence. Exorcisms and deliverance have been successful in many cases.

    • Hello Andrew,
      Was Noah not also the product of a ‘Fallen Angel’? If so, why was he and family saved?
      *Why are/were these beings regarded as ‘fallen angels’?
      *What was the real reason ‘god’ regretted creating human beings, especially as it is/was within his means to destroy them as and whenever he wanted to?
      *So the ‘Nephalim’ were giants in stature (if that is what was meant by the word giant), so what? *Why would the size of a human/nephalim be problematic, surely this planet is able to accommodate larger people, it did accommodate the extinct dinasaurs once?
      *What do you think of the rather popular view today, that the ‘fallen angels’ along with the biblical ‘god’ who created mankind, were in fact ancient advanced humanlike beings/astronauts who colonised the Earth some 500 000 years ago?
      *What did you mean when you said you think the mark of the beast ‘666’ could still be in the experimental state? And what exactly is the mark of the beast?
      *I’ve always wondered why mankind was allowed to increase and multiply to the level it’s at presently, especially with all the untold poverty, obscene richess, decadence, cruelty etc, because in the end, if the bible (end days)is to be believed, there are more people to destroy and it make no sense at all.

      • Thank you for showing interest in my comments. I do have answers to your questions but before I engage I would like to know your answers to your own questions. Some of my answers can be validated, others simply my opinion based on my experience. I would like to know your valid answers and the ones that are your opinion. If you can respond I will certainly try to respond. Your questions are good ones.

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