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Aliens Robots and Nephilim

Reading Lynne Dickie’s account of her periodic abductions and treatment by aliens ( Disguised as Angels of God ), one wouldn’t like to discount her words, however much of her story has an element of an unstable mental state. A question one would like to ask is: Had she been reading too much about UFOs, aliens, alien abductions and stories relating to this phenomenon whilst having a very fragile mind?

Typical "Gray" Alien

Typical "Gray" Alien

Although most of us have not seen or experienced this UFO phenomenon and I include myself, I have an open mind and do believe there is something out there – as there are many very credible and prominent people out there who have actually seen these various shaped vehicles which move at incredible speeds, they disappear and re-appear at will and have incredible maneuverability and, in some instances, their occupants have been observed as well. In some cases, the occupants resembled very good looking human beings, whereas others are child-like in statue with rather large black eyes commonly referred to as ‘the grays’. There’s a connection between ‘the grays’ and the good looking aliens as they have been seen together. One is inclined to say as the grays are all ‘uniform’ in appearance, obviously very light in weight because of their stature, genderless and without emotion because of the nature of work they have to carry out, they are dispensable intelligent and unique robots (quite unlike those created by us earthlings) serving the requirements of the good looking human-like aliens. One has to ask – why do they need to use robots? One can only deduce from reading about this phenomenon that in years gone by – before the robots were created, the good looking aliens did in fact do their own laboratory work but because mankind who are aggressive by nature and, (they have all knowledge about us gleaned over centuries) have become territorial and are technologically advanced weapon-wise, therefore it is unsafe for them as they themselves have an adaptable physical aspect to their bodies. Even though they have the technology to repel attacks by us, it is safer creating numerous intelligent look-alike robots to do their laboratory work while they observe and pull the strings from where ever they are.

It’s interesting to hear the name of biblical Enoch mentioned, particularly as it is claimed in the historical book of the Christian bible that he walked with God and was taken away body and soul with God.

According to the bible, he was one of the descendants of Adam and Eve (who were brought to Earth by ‘God’) and, the great grandfather of Noah (remember Noah and the ark). Interestingly too, it was during the life of Noah that the ‘the sons of the gods who came to this earth saw that the daughters of men were beautiful, so they took for themselves such women as they chose. They had intercourse with the daughters of men and got children by them called the Nephilim – They were heroes of old – men of renown’ (genesis ch.6 vs.1-4). What does all of this mean? It’s quite obvious for those of us who have clear and logical minds. The old testament of the bible is a book of history and we are told it is a book of truth.

Obviously, the sons of the gods (who came from the heavens above) were in fact very human-like and could interact in this way with the earthlings. Why are we being so reverential when we talk about biblical characters when it’s obvious we have been genetically engineered and still are by these ‘gods’. They are still there having a ball – manipulating our genetics and our lives for their own ends however, using the genderless robots to carryout their work as there’s no likelihood that these robots will have intercourse with the humans. What’s all this pious nonsense about Jesus, Lucifer and illusion? Lynne Dickie either was imagining or dreaming, which means it was all an illusion or, she did indeed experience what she said she experienced, in which case it is no illusion.

I would be very interested to hear the views of others and what they think of my above opinions. Lets get it out in the open and have a sensible discussion on all these paranormal happenings.

Sent in by Lynn T, Copyright 2010

  1. I agree with you. I have never seen aliens or ufos but I really do believe they exist. What about the Dover Demon this creature looks like an alien. I do believe some of these paranormal creatures are indeed demons. Also there may be some other creatures from other planets. my stepfather would tell me stories about ufos and bigfoot in Gordon Wisconsin and Dairy Land Wisconsin near Duluth. This area is near Canada. I do believe he saw those things. He lived in a remote area. He became an engineer later in life. As in the story I wrote “Astral Body Projection and Encounters with Aliens.” my stepfather took me to these remote areas. I was afraid even as an adult. Most of the time the sun was blocked out by the trees. Another story I wrote was about paranoramal encounter in Gorden Wisconsin. “A Trip to My Evil Step Grandmother Sally’s Grave.” some unusual stuff happens in those remote locations. I also believe the Medium lady who said they came as Angels of God. I guess I believe both conclusions

  2. I believe somewhere,maybe area 51 or where ever they as in humans and aliens are tring to make the prefect man and this will be the anti-christ.He will rule this world to destrucsion. When this happen,s God will appear and do the things he said he will do……This anti-christ will look just like one of us and very well could be out there today.I believe the end is very close.I pray for the ones that are tring to stay strong,God be to every one,Amen…

    • Hello anonymous, what do you mean by ‘the perfect man’? If you look around at what is happening in this world in every avenue, the earthlings do not need a ‘perfect man’ to destroy this planet, we are all doing it ourselves in different ways. As for God appearing to sort out our mess, I still ask the question – who/what is this ‘God’? What does this ‘God’ look like? This is not a ridiculous question, I want to understand what you are talking about. If you read the bible particularly the Old Testament, reference is made of the ‘Lord’ countless times,(who I assume is the God you mention) and, He is the God of the Israelites and very often graced certain chosen people with His presence on Earth. He spoke to Adam and Eve and cast them out of the garden of eden for taking an apple from a forbidden tree (isn’t that silly ?) and, rebuked Cain for slaughtering his brother Abel yet in the later chronicles of the old testament, the Lord/God egged on the Israelites to massacre their enemies, whole tribal families with their animals were slaughtered – village after village and from what I gather, it was purely and simply for land. This Lord/God often hid behind a mist or cloud (UFOs are known for that phenomenon) and spoke to the leader of the peoples of Israel. Let us think logically about all this without any manufactured piety – especially as we know the sons of the gods mated with earth women some years before. Clear you mind of all religious nonsense and ask yourself as I ask you – Who/what is this biblical God of whom you speak in the light of what we now know about UFOs and their occupants?

  3. Hi

    I commend people who are willing to tell their full story. It does allow others to take a look for possible alternative non-ETH explanations. In recent times I have been looking at information relating to migraine auras and prodromes; hypnagogic imagery on the boundry between wake and sleep; the fantasy-prone personality, and sleep paralysis and trying to see any relevance to UFO abductions.

    • Hi Pauline,

      What one finds is, the ‘supposed’ experts who are scientists in their own right, have psychological, medical and scientific explanations for very personal experiences which people have. One isn’t for one minute saying their findings are totally false. However, there are so many mysterious and intriguing things about this world and humanity which they do not understand or refuse to acknowledge because they themselves haven’t experienced or don’t have the where-with-all to measure ‘unknown’ aspect of these phenomena. It is easy for them to label or explain away certain experiences which people have as ‘fantasy prone’, hypnagogic imagery, migraine auras & prodomes, sleep paralysis etc etc.

      You will most likely find the authors of this line of thinking would snigger at sightings of ufos seen by credible people, in addition they would deny the existence of or, the reality of activity by unseen entities. If one is a confirmed skeptic, there is no way to convince them otherwise, they need to experience these things for themselves before they will be convinced of the paranormal. And I fully understand this position. In biblical terms, they would be labelled a ‘Doubting Thomas’. I was once one. Ignorance is bliss!

  4. Here is what I believe, take it or leave it. Aliens and demons are not the same. If you study the books like the Book of Enoch, the Dead Sea Scrolls, Jasher, The Book of Jubilees, etc….you will see that our universe is trapped in ‘time’ (like a bubble which can be penetrated) and that there are other dimensions. It is a very hard thing for most people to comprehend or grasp but not for some of us Native Americans. If one would quit trying to figure this out with their heads and open themselves up to understanding the spiritual truths then the Law of physics would become more abc.
    I have no reason to doubt that Biblical prophecy is about to be fulfilled while all along Hollywood makes a mockery of paranormal anomalies and aliens. In fact, if one has even one eye open you can see how they are making all this stuff kid friendly. A new movie will be released soon and it’s called “Mars Needs Moms”.
    This movie is about aliens abducting moms (women) to produce hybrid babies and raise the babies. Talk about desensitizing our children and anyone for that matter!! I believe we are headed into a very dangerous time and we are not being told the truth.
    As I said, demons and aliens are not the same just as there are many kinds of aliens, there are more than likely many hybrid beings amongst us already. They have had plenty of time to create their idea of the perfect hybrid, that I am greatly convicted of. Demons are disembodied spirits with various ranks of powers. Aliens have actual bodies and are indeed very real. I think it’s a matter of time (nearer than we think) and both of these anomalies while be manifesting for all to see. I also warn, that I believe it will be a very dark and terrible time. Don’t believe for a minute that they come for our good. They all lie. If you don’t believe in God, Our heavenly father, the bible, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit then all I can say is what I have just shared will have very little value to you. Unless you change your mind. I’m speaking from my own experience and not anyone else’s account. I do hope this will help someone out there.

  5. Nephilim are powerful warriors who live and die by the sword (root word: nephil). This bizarre passage leads right into the flood…it is the last straw, as it were.
    They are strong warriors who raped and pillaged in the ancient world. They were perceived as the mighty and powerful, and like “sons of gods.” Imagine a peasant farmer whose village is ransacked by these marauders. There are no aliens or angels…it’s a metaphor.
    Bottom line: These early instances of Patriarchy and Militarism led to the flood. The meaning of these first chapters of Genesis is more important that any historical value: God calls us to live in abundance, there is a huge tension between biblical justice and the values of a patriarchal, militaristic empire.

    • Hello Eric DeBode,

      Yes the Nephs were men of ‘reknown’ – notorious. May I steer your thoughts beyond the existence of these ancient people. As far as I am aware the mention of these beings feature at a particular period in genesis, what does genesis say about the origins of these ‘men’? What are your thoughts about ‘them’ being the offspring of ‘angels’ & ‘sons of the gods’? Were these beings in the flesh and if so what does all this mean? Possible visitations from beings ‘in the flesh’ from the heavens (another world/planet)? What do you think?

  6. This is from a Christian world view from someone formally trained in several biological sciences and electrical engineering. So this is the way I and many other Christians view aliens. God created only two types of intelligent beings angels that are 100% spirit beings to serve and worship Him, and He created man in His Own image, to love and be loved by, to be our God and for us to be His people. He gave man and angels free will to choose to love Him or not. One major difference beside angels being 100% spirit is that man was given an eternal soul and the opportunity to be redeemed through the awesome and final sacrifice of Christ Jesus for all man’s sin and for all time. Angels have no opportunity for redemption. When 1/3rd of the angels followed satan from Heaven it was because of pride and jealousy toward man. So when these angels were cast out of Heaven they remain in the air around us, and there are lots of them. Remember, God only created 2 types of intelligent beings, andgels and mankind. When these angels were cast out of Heaven because of their pride and jealousy they were not stripped of their awesome angelic powers. The powers remain the same but they use them for evil. Thie powers are those that can cause tremendously beautiful lights and music, they can cause a human to have extremely vivid and realist visions that are very real to a human. So we know that aliens are not human, are they fallen angels? I would bet the farm on it. So what is the goal now of these fallen angels. We know that when Jesus died on the Cross He paid for all of our sins but we must accept that sacrifice and follow Christ. In essance, when this happened the devil was already defeated becaus Jesus death burial and ressurrection defeated death, hell and the grave for those who believe in Him and place all of their trust in Him. So what do we mean when we say spiritual warfare. What are these fallen angels and satan fighting for? Every living soul on earth that has not committed in Jesus Christ is still fair game. Satan and the fallen angels know that they are defeated, they just want to confuse and deceive as many people as they can long enough for them to die without making a committment to Christ. So, for myself, I think that aliens are a manifestation of the fallen angels because they are certainly not hmans and that only leaves the fallen angels. They will dissappear at the name of Jesus and even though some encounters start out nice they always end in oppression. If you do not believe in Jesus or the ible this will not make total sense to you but if you seek Jesus and ask for the discernment of the Holy Spirit the pieces of the puzzle will start to fall miraculously into place. If you have and encounter or just see unusal lights in the sky. Jusy say, Jesus rebuke you, and see how fast the encounter ends. They want nothing to do with anyone that knows the truth about them. They opperated soley on deception and confusion. Once you know the truth, it will set you free indeed.

  7. By the way, you asked why would they need robots and where do these nordics and greys and reptilians come from. Remeber, fallen angels still have all the knowledge of the world, technology, etc. The one thing that they do not have is a physical body because they are 100% sprit. They can manifest spiritually and through visions and dreams as anything they want but they do not have physical mass. God is the only One that can create, He created our inticate forms and made us to tic right along without a host per say. Fallen Angels are very smart and powerful but they cannot create as almighty God does. They have to take what God has made and try to build something from that. They know all about DNA and hybrids and have most likey genetically built a fllet of these bodies that they can possess and manipulate in our dimension or world that allows them access to interact with us and our world in order to better deceive us. Humans are hard for them to possess and we are unreliable so for eons they have been working on these biological suits that they can spritually manipulate. All eyewitness reports show that they have never and will never be able to duplicate God’s creations so there is alway something strange or in human about these hybrids. If you think that you have encountered one or are encountering one, simply whisper, “Jesus rebuke you” or just say “Jesus is Lord” and I guarantee if they are hybrids it will be gone in an instant. Please keep your eyes open and do not fall for this reat deception. It has been in the works for millinia.

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