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Ancient Aliens: A Reasonable Hypothesis Supported By Facts

Here’s my outline of why the concept of ‘ancient aliens’ or ‘ancient astronauts’ isn’t one that should be readily dismissed by scholars and academics without due consideration to the following.

REASONABLE HYPOTHESIS: There exist technologically advanced extraterrestrial civilizations well in advance of human civilization with the ways and means to boldly go. Whether it is ten or ten thousand such ET civilizations is of no consequence for the scenario that follows.

FACT: There is nothing in the laws, principles and relationships of physics that could prevent boldly going interstellar space travel.

FACT: The time it would take any one technologically advanced ET civilization to explore, even colonize, the Milky Way Galaxy (our galaxy) at subluminal velocities is but a small fraction of the age of our galaxy.

REASONABLE HYPOTHESIS: Artificially intelligent probes can be the trail-blazers reporting back to their biological masters (assuming the biological ET entities are in fact still the masters and not the post-biological evolution handover to AI).

REASONABLE HYPOTHESIS: It is far easier to boldly go if you are a mind-in-the-machine than if you have to drag your biological body along for the ride which requires extensive and expensive life supporting infrastructure.

REASONABLE HYPOTHESIS: The Third Rock from the Sun (Planet Earth) has been noted, logged, cataloged, and examined (perhaps on an ongoing basis) by one or more of these boldly going technologically advanced ET civilizations.

REASONABLE HYPOTHESIS: That we are highly unlikely to have been the (lucky) generation living during the time of the very first discovery of Planet Earth by ET. Probability dictates that such a first discovery happened a long time ago, perhaps in our distant, even prehistoric past, if not even way before that, but from that moment, however far back it was, ET might have then maintained an ongoing presence in our cosmic neck of the woods.

REASONABLE HYPOTHESIS: Planet Earth would hold a special interest to an ETI since 1) Planet Earth has a biosphere – a cosmic rarity, and 2) the inklings of indigenous intelligent life stirring.

EarthSPECULATIVE HYPOTHESIS: Planet Earth may have been viewed by ET as a gigantic natural Petri dish and presented ET with a chance to do biological, behavioral and sociological experimentation on a grand scale that centered on at least three aspects:

  1. creating an intelligent species via artificial selection and genetic engineering;
  2. transporting the various species so created into differing environments to test for survival and adaptability and thus relative intelligence; and
  3. augmenting that survival and adaptability test by giving various ‘gifts’ to the evolving species (like fire, agriculture, etc.).

Most species failed their running through the survival and adaptability maze and went extinct; a few did reasonably well, at least for a while (like Homo erectus and the Neanderthals) before going extinct; one species, Homo sapiens is running the maze successfully – at least so far.

FACT: In support of the above speculative hypothesis, we note those oft mentioned lost civilizations and deserted settlements and cities. Deserted or abandoned cities seem to be a frequent theme in archaeology and the reasons are often far from being clear cut and any scholarly explanations usually controversial. There are peoples and cultures and societies who arrive suddenly, seemingly out of nowhere, and end up vanishing into seemingly thin air, if not down a Black Hole, sometime further on down the track. It’s almost as if they had disembarked out of the ether and lifted off again after having established a presence, evidence they left behind. The Olmecs are a case in point.

Ancient human mythologies from around the world have a common theme

FACT: Ancient human mythologies from around the world have a common theme that some of the apparently mythological entities have a humanoid but non-human appearance like the Cyclopes, various winged humanoid beings (like the Greek goddess Nike or the Egyptian goddess Maat), various hybrid beings (like the Birdmen of Easter Island or the winged men of ancient Mesopotamia) plus numerous non-terrestrial appearing life forms that are often hybrids (such as the griffin or the dragon).

FACT: Ancient human mythologies from around the world, all manner of differing societies and cultures, also have a common theme of sky gods, celestial/heavenly beings, star people, and related.

FACT: The critical factor here is that these were not sightings of sky gods and goddesses at a distance, but up close and personal encounters, be it God and Jonah or God and Moses; angels and Abraham; Jesus and his disciples; Zeus and Europa; Paris up against Hera, Aphrodite and Athena; etc. tales of close encounters that have filtered down from all ancient cultures and societies.

FACT: Ancient human mythologies from around the world have a common theme that these entities have really advanced high technologies, like Thor’s hammer; Zeus’s thunderbolts; Poseidon’s trident; Hades’ invisibility helmet; Odin’s spear, Hermes’ winged footwear, the magic wand of Circe, etc. They also possess aerial vehicles as noted in the Bible and in other texts from around the world.

Enigmatic Ancient Structures Around The World

Puma Punku Carving

Puma Punku

FACT: There are no shortages of highly enigmatic ancient structures around the world (excepting Australia) that either have

  1. no apparent rhyme or reason or known purpose for existing (like those often massive stone balls) and/or
  2. would have employed technologies we just don’t/can’t associate with their owners and/or
  3. are even attributed by their owners to non-human sources (like the Cyclopean Walls) and/or
  4. or which were transported by non-human sources and means (like those Easter Island statues that walked by themselves), or in general over-the-top structures that required an extraordinary amount of time and effort, seemingly way out of proportion to the need for them, and thus subtracting from time available for more looking after more basic needs like food (hunting, gathering, tilling the fields), shelter, defense, and making and repairing clothing). I’m thinking here like the pyramids (Egyptian and Mesoamerican); obelisks, Stonehenge (and many other similar megaliths); gigantic statues (Egyptian, Asian, even Easter Island) and other rock carvings; those massive earthen mounds of eastern North America, etc.

FACT: There are numerous and extensive ancient geo-glyphs from around the world that have been apparently designed to be appreciated and seen for what they are from aerial heights. There are also numerous ancient constructions that mirror a fairly limited number of some of the admittedly prominent constellations – The Egyptian trio of pyramids at Giza that mirror Orion’s Belt immediately comes to mind. Is this an ancient form of worshiping the sky gods?

FACT: The sky gods, etc. are usually associated with just a relatively few celestial objects or constellations that are repeated again and again as you go from one ancient culture’s mythology to another. Orion’s Belt, the Pleiades, and Sirius are celestial objects of note.

FACT: In mythologies throughout the ancient world, humans attribute their creation to the sky/celestial/heavenly gods (plural). If there were only one society so saying this, it could probably be dismissed, but separate and apart accounts number in the multi-dozens and then some. Anomaly one is why creation of humanity would be postulated at all by humans, unless of course these ancient cultures were actually informed of this fact by their creators; and anomaly two is that this creation implies some kind of high-tech or advanced form of biotechnologies possessed by these so-called gods.

FACT: Humans are drastically different from all our other primate ancestors and existing cousins in terms of having an advanced culture (art, music, literature, religion, etc.); a minimal amount fur (we’re the ‘naked ape’); a very high IQ and developed brain; a bipedal gait without benefit of a balancing tail; very distinctive facial features; we come in distinct breeds (races); we have a complex written and verbal language that can deal with abstractions; as well as other traits that seemingly set us apart like questionable morals and ethics. Whether these differences makes us an apex of creation is a different matter, but can all of these differences be easily explained by natural selection and Darwinian evolution?

FACT: Universally, ancient human mythologies record that the sky gods gave humankind gifts in the form of fire, agriculture as well as a host of other practical technologies. That this is so is odd in that humans don’t tend to shy away from taking credit for their achievements. I can understand the need to invent the gods in order to explain (what to you is) the unexplainable, like eclipses, comets, supernovae, thunder and lightning, the rainbow, etc. But why invent gods bearing gifts to explain your technologies and culture you already have which presumably you or your clan or your ancestors created for themselves. This makes no sense, unless it were really true of course. If not, something is screwy somewhere.

The Dogon

The Dogon

FACT: Well actually not universally. The Australian aboriginals, despite some 50,000 years (give or take) of Down Under habitation, supplied with abundant natural resources, they never came up with the sorts of gifts other cultures attributed to their gods. They never came up with writing, the bow and arrow, the wheel, mathematics, permanent settlements with houses or other constructions, engineering, metallurgy, agriculture, maritime skills, or anything else even remotely like nearly every other culture had, not even something as basic as pottery. They apparently practiced no astronomical rituals or had any astronomically related constructions. They did have culture (rock art, music, cooking, etc.) and they did have fire, but that’s not surprising since natural bush fires are a common feature of the Australian landscape. So while ancient Mesopotamia, Greece, Rome, India, China, the Vikings, the Incas, the Aztecs, the Maya, even the native North American Indians as well as the Polynesians out colonizing the vast Pacific, were strutting their stuff, the Australian aboriginal continued on and on with just the most basic of hunter-gatherer existence. Even when Australia was ‘discovered’ and settled by white Europeans, the aboriginals were still locked into what archaeologists would term the Stone Age.

SPECULATIVE HYPOTHESIS: Although the Australian aboriginals in their extensive mythologies have numerous references to celestial beings and related, one now wonders if they might not have been the gods’ experimental control group. That just one major society would fail to develop any semblance to the sort of civilization as defined by all these above noted societies is highly anomalous, but what better way to maintain the purity of your control group – let’s see what happens if a society receives no godly gifts – than to have it totally isolated on the island continent.

REASONABLE HYPOTHESIS: If then, then now. It’s not difficult to imagine ET will continue monitoring Planet Earth with an ongoing presence, having done the hard yards to get here, having an ongoing interest in this here 3rd rock even if it’s just a token presence.

FACT: There has been an ongoing UFO (and UFO-related abduction) phenomena that many attribute to an extraterrestrial intelligence (ETI).

FACT: Abductions with a sexual element aren’t confined to today’s Close Encounters of the Fourth Kind (CE4K) but are also a common theme in ancient mythologies. The usual scenario being the gods doing the abducting, and the mortals being the abductees, with the usual result being the births of demigods like Hercules (son of Zeus and Alcmena) or Perseus (son of Zeus and Danae), or in the case of the Bible, those sons of god having their wicked way with the daughters of men resulting in the Nephilim giants, and so on throughout the ancient histories.


By John Prytz Science librarian; retired.

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  1. Interesting, having all these relevant facts of the ancients and their (mythical? gods) listed above. Yet, with all and more of these facts, why then are these beings avoiding up-front contact with modern human-kind when in the distant past, they mingled quite freely with homo sapiens? Their contact seems to be in a clandestine manner and usually under cover of darkness, brazen though quite showy in their displays of super vehicle functions. It is quite obvious, they are avoiding full-on interactive contact with mankind – but why?

    The information on the aboriginals is rather curious, it’s almost as though having assisted in the manipulation of their dna (see many naturally sporting blonde hair), they either were forgotten and left to get on with it, or as was inferred, deliberately isolated perhaps to see how they would progress and for how long – without further infusion of or updating genes for further development. Well, it would seem, the colonization of Australia by the Europeans more recently may have scuppered their plans or perhaps proved a point. What point? There was need for a more sophisticated modern race to interefere in order to lift the aboriginals from their backwardness sooner. These are my thoughts.

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