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Ancient Chinese Alien Theories

It is fascinating to examine the world’s many religions and mythologies. The differences show the diversity of humankind but the similarities say even more. Some believe that all of these ancient stories contain bits and pieces of a whole that no one has been able to understand fully, The common themes in many of the religious scriptures and legends indicate that it is very possible all accounts are telling their particular version of the same beginnings.

We have learned much about ancient civilizations due to the work of dedicated archaeologists and historians who have tirelessly worked to put together the pieces of the puzzle for how we got here. There are still many unanswered questions, including the true meaning behind artifacts, woodcuts, cave drawings and legends that seem to indicate ancient humans had a connection with extraterrestrials ( Ancient Astronauts ~ Alien Influence of Mankind? ).

Much of what is known about ancient history comes from scattered bits of information, which of course gives birth to many theories. None of it gives conclusive proof, and certainly many of the drawings and remains could have another explanation. However, when one considers the oral and written accounts that seem to allude to beings that were not of this world being part of its creation coupled with some interesting data left behind – it is not so far fetched to believe that ancient people at least thought of life beyond this planet.

‘…excavation of which the Chinese government has kept secret from the West. He has unearthed new facts about the mysterious stone disks of Bayan Kara Ula, which some believe tell the story of a forced alien landing 12,000 years ago. And he has discerned, in the prodigious mind-over-matter techniques of the Tibetans, the Chinese and the Japanese, the faintest whispers, still audible over the vast gulf of time, of an awesome encounter which may have taken place on the sacred peak of Mount Meru at the very beginning of man’s time on earth.’

The legends of Ancient China are no exception to the extraterrestrial theories. Some even believe that the emperors of the earliest dynasties were actually from another place in the universe. Looking at some of the wording for the legends, and keeping in mind the many translations over the centuries, there are some interesting bits to consider, and possibly more pieces to the puzzle linking the other planets in the universe to Earth.

Chinese Alien Legends

Yellow Emperor

Yellow Emperor

China has a history reaching back thousands of years, rich in legends and verse of the different dynasties that have ruled its vast region. The “Yellow Emperor” Huang-Di, said to have lived between 2700-2600 BC, is alternately called China’s first emperor or a mythical god.

As with many of the legends of ancient times, there were fantastic accounts of these great leaders leading many scholars to believe they were simply fairy tales. However, other researchers examine the legends a little closer, hoping to find the evidence of extraterrestrials. Huang Di for instance, was said to have come from a giant thunderclap after a huge light came from the heavens described as radiating from the stars.

How do these legends connect to aliens? Some believe that the answer to that lies in the symbolism relayed in the legends, such as the significance of the dragon. Dragons often appear in Chinese literature and ritual, seeming to be deities in and of themselves. However, in many of the legends, the gods or rulers arrived on ‘sky chariots’ with dragons at the helm. This indicates the possibility that the dragons were merely the vehicles for larger than life beings to come to Earth.

The legend of Pangu describes the creation of the world itself as forming from chaos. From this chaos, the egg of yin and yang was created, bringing forth Pangu, who would go on to create the heavens and the earth. Pangu was described as a great being, half human and half dragon. Upon his death, his body became the final touches on the earth. In the description of this particular legend, there are many similarities to what we now call the ‘big bang’ theory. Did this story actually teach the true creation of the universe? And were these ancient gods of China; who were taken to the skies in chariots guided by dragons when there jobs were completed, trying to leave behind their legacy that modern man has been so quick to deem ‘myth’?

Dropas Crash And A Confusing Hoax

Unfortunately, in a true scientists quest for the truth, they must get past the stigma of the hoaxes. One notable case is that of the Dropa stones which first appeared in the late 1970’s in an allegedly factual book, “Sun Gods in Exile: Secrets of the Dzopa of Tibe” by an author going by the name of David Agamon. The book, supposedly taken from documents, tells of an archaeological dig in the area of the China-Tibetan border, in either 1938 or 1947, depending on which version.

According to Agamon, a very interesting discovery was unearthed. Earlier in the expedition, a mass grave had been discovered, and those present observed that the skeletons were unusually thin with enlarged skulls. As they were unearthing the graves, another artifact was found that gave even more question as to the origin of the skeletons. A circular disc, with a finely inscribed message along the rim was discovered, creating even more questions as to who lay within this burial ground. With no way to translate the message, it could not be determined what it was or how it got there.

Dropa Stone

For twenty years, translators attempted to understand what this message in miniscule hieroglyphs was saying, to no avail. The one man who believed he had cracked the code of the message, Dr. Tsum-um-nui, was forbidden for many years to speak of what he discovered. Why was this?

The book indicated it was because what he translated challenged every modern thought of scientific truth. It relayed the story of a group of extraterrestrials who crashed in the region 12,000 years ago… a people whose small bodies were disproportionate to their skulls.

With the author himself admitting the hoax in Fortean Times magazine in 1995 (issue 75, page 57), there is little room to doubt that this is a fabrication. However – there are accounts of the Ham and Dropa pygmy tribes from that area, and the legends going back thousands of years do speak of visitors from the stars. However, with the elaborate hoax that to this day has fooled many, whatever real story may be from this region has been buried even deeper.

Ancient Chinese Alien Legends More Questions Than Answers

The ancient Chinese legends certainly indicate, as many myths of civilizations past do, that there was a concept of outer space and life on other planets. There was the belief among many that extraterrestrials played a part in the creation of Earth. But with all that we have been able to piece together of the past, there is still so much that at least gives one pause to think – are we alone in the universe? If ancient societies were telling stories of the beginning, were they simply giving imagination to something they themselves did not understand, or did they actually see it happen?

China was once referred to as the “Celestial Empire”. Was that simply a fanciful name, a mistranslation, or was it an indication of how the world began? Theories abound, but truthfully, we are a long way from discovering where our true origins come from. One thing is for certain… all one has to do is look at the mythologies of not only China, but all of Asia to see that there was at least the thought of other life in the universe. The questions continue, but for those who seek the truth – the answers are out there.

Written by Angela Sangster, Copyright 2012

  1. Well those that be in currant powers had better come clean because when “They” return there will be no retraction…only punishment!

  2. I think ” they ” have already found out through ” their” own appearances from time to time and without slowing down, parking in a field somewhere, sending out a signal that they are peaceful inhabitants of this very large and mysterious system from which we come. ” They” have observed War, fighting, killing, beating, stabbing,bombing all the destruction most of us have witnessed in our life time and “They ” don’t want to be shot at, captured, tortured,most likely disected alive. ” They ” will have to see a Btter Dsplay of humanity, respect for other’s and stop raising little boys to go to War and get shot at because the ones that send the little boys are cowards and some have never experienced what ” the little boys ” from the last conflicts that left them maimed, crippled, no hands , no legs, no sight, no face, no arms, or worse yet, had to come back to Andrews in a body bag cold to the bone dead.

    If the powers that be had any sense at all, they should be beconing to ” them ” to obtain as much information in a peaceful way to unite or share views and information to aid and assist mankind. They don’t trust Earth yet. They are most likely concerned that ” we” especially the USA or an over zealous Redneck Sheriff blow them out of a corn field somewhere.. because, ” By God they tried to attack me “…. so now you got an ashen pale sheriff that has just totally filled his britches with #2 , a blown up or disabled ” Aliens Space Craft, 4 dead Aliens and a couple
    empty gun barrels..

    Would you want to come here in a light loaded vehichle that flies.zips in zips out,hovers and you hear nothing or nothing but a HUM???

  3. China and India both have civilizations that are thousands of years old. Indian sages and saints will tell you that the earth is much older than what scientists make it out to be. There is even a story in India that the very first inhabitants of planet earth were not human at all ! We humans were preceded by many different types of human like living forms on planet earth. In days of old, visitors from other planets used to make regular visits to planet earth for purposes of trade and other matters. Thus at the time when the super continent Lemuria was on earth, visitors from Mars and other neighboring planets visited earth almost on a daily basis. The residents of earth then did not even bat an eyelid when they saw a ufo, as these were so common then. The residents of Lemuria were highly spiritual, and could fly in the air like birds ( a gift that humans acquire once they become highly spiritual ).

    Hindus are aware that time is not linear by cyclical, and earth moves in cycles from good times to bad. Also, reincarnation is a fact, but the church has made Christians believe that it is not so in order to keep the people in their power. Earth has just moved out of a very bad period, and is now in the upswing into a good period. The people will now start becoming more spiritual, and aliens from other planets will be readily accepted by everyone. In the past two thousand years, the aliens had to conceal themselves, as the people would not have accepted them readily, being wrongly influenced by religions. As earth is moving to a better period, people are breaking away from formalized religion, and are seeking truth through meditation and contemplation. This will enable people to experience spirituality first hand, and there will be more harmony amongst the various races. The aliens will then mingle with us freely and help us with our spiritual progress.

    The holy books of the Hindus mention of wars where nuclear weapons were used, and time travel was common. There is a passage in a holy book that describes in great detail the effects of radiation poisoning. How did the know about these things ? It was because everything had happened before, and Hindus don’t see ufos and aliens as something new, but something that had existed all the while, but was masked from the general public for a short while as the earth was then moving through a dark period.

    So Eastern cultures will not be excited or terrified when the aliens reveal themselves, as these things have been written about in their ancient texts. On the whole, it would be a very good time for the earth when the aliens reveal themselves, as the earth can then be aided by these beings to reach greater spiritual heights – the only thing that is really important.

    • Hello Pat Nathan,

      Are you saying human beings will be able to fly when they become more spiritual? When will that be? The human race has increased a thousandfold+ and, in my humble opinion are less spiritual than they were in days gone by. There is a core of individuals dotted about the world, who claim to be spiritual – but are they? Mankind, in my opinion have become more materialistic and those who claim to be spiritual are regarded as freaks.

      The new age (spiritual) thinkers echo some of the things you mention, yet all our years of existence on this Earth simply doesn’t make sense. We are told by religious teachers, we were created to love and serve God in this world and, then be happy with him forever in the afterworld. I’m sure, the majority of mankind do not know how ‘nor’ do they know they have to serve God or their fellow men, ‘nor’ do they care – where does that leave us? This is a material world and we are physical beings living out our allocated (and manufactured lives) on this physical plane. The spiritual aspect of our being, in my opinion, is reserved for the afterlife.

      I do believe nuclear weapons were used in ancient times – the destruction of Sodom and Gommorha(sic) – (Christian bible) were without a doubt the handy work of beings who had become disenchanted with these inhabitants. The ancient mythical and legendary stories of gods as reported by the Indians, Greeks, Romans, Egyptians, Incas etc., should not be discounted as fictional, I believe there is more to these stories than meets the eye.

  4. the image u used and referred as the yellow emperor is actually a manchurian emperor who ruled china in the qing dynasty which ended just before the out break of world war one. it is definitely AD, not BC.
    yellow emperor is a chinese mythology, the first ever recorded emperor is qin. that image u use is definitely not the yellow emperor.

    u need better reasearch to back your theory, instead of ripping images off Google image

    • Hi Crystal, thank you for pointing that out! I have replaced the picture for you and all our readers. 🙂

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