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Ancient Knowledge ~ Alien Legacy?

Ancient man knew a great deal about the workings of science and the universe around him. The modern “official” history of the rise of our civilization and the scientific discoveries that have brought it about are taught in every school and university in the land and trumpets science over the “superstition” of the ancient world. The classic approach is that before the medieval age and the industrial revolution the people and cultures of our world were basically ignorant of most scientific principles. Modern academic scholars refuse to accept any different viewpoint from the one taught “officially” even when evidence to the contrary is brought right out in the open to refute their worldview.

Time and again our “history” declares the discovery of some new scientific principle that had originally been known in the ancient world but for many reasons had been “forgotten” and often refuted. Let us examine a few of the “truths” taught in our schools and compare them to discoveries that do not get mentioned in our regular classrooms.

milkywayWe all know that the 17th century Italian physicist, astronomer and mathematician Galileo Galilie supposedly was a leading figure in the scientific revolution. He is credited with having first viewed the four largest moons of the planet Jupiter and that they bear the title of the “Galilean” moons. Our schools teach that he was the first to prove that the moon was illuminated by reflected sunlight and that the Milky Way was in fact a cloud of many stars.

astronomer priest babylonHowever, it is not often whispered in our classrooms that four thousand years ago the astronomer priests of Babylon knew of not only the moons of Jupiter but the satellites of Saturn as well. They accurately described the phases of the planet Venus and why it went through the same sort of phases as our own moon.

Even the historian Plutarch writing in the first century A.D. passed along the knowledge from tablets many hundreds of years old even in his time describing the true cause of moonlight.

Five hundred years before the common era, the works of Democritus described the pinwheel shape of the mass of stars that comprise our galaxy that we see as a bright band in the sky.

Even in the books of the prophet Enoch there were detailed descriptions of the lunar orbit around our Earth and the orbits of the planets around the Sun. However, his scientific knowledge was expunged from the “Official” Bible that was created by the Catholic Church of Rome in favor of an Earth centric viewpoint that was still the “official” knowledge during Galileo’s time and lead to his arrest and forced renunciation of the “truth” he had rediscovered.

The discovery of penicillin as a medicine is officially credited to Sir Alexander Fleming in 1928 although its effects had been previously published in 1875 by the Royal Society of London. While this extremely effective antibacterial medicine has saved countless lives in the past hundred years, one must wonder why such a useful item had been lost over the ages.

Four thousand year old medical texts from ancient Egypt describe penicillin and its use in fighting off bacteriological infections.

Christopher ColumbusAs the evidence mounts, Christopher Columbus has slowly lost his claim to the discovery of North America in 1492. Too many facts have emerged that place Viking Norsemen on the North American continent hundreds of years previous to his visits. However, two thousand years ago, the Hindu holy books of the Vishnu Purana described in detail a vast land west of Greenland and Iceland that was shaped somewhat like a bow and was divided into two parts. Fifteen hundred years before Columbus, both North and South America were known to the people of India even though they had no ocean going vessels themselves in which to have made such discoveries.

In our modern world, atomic warfare and the resultant radiation sickness that comes of it is a discovery of the mid twentieth century. However, the ancient texts of the Sumerian culture describe both the mushroom cloud of destruction and the subsequent “death wind” that spread desolation for many hundreds of miles downwind after one of their “gods” Nergal, had unleashed a device from his orbiting “war bird”. Archaeologists in the Middle East have no quick explanation for the layer of ash four thousand years old that exhibits all the telltale signs of being atomic fallout. Nor can they explain why the ancient Sumerian texts describe in detail an ailment that was not seen again on this planet until 1945.

The lists of these ancient knowledges that were given the “official” stamp of discovery to persons of the modern era go on and on. Einstein’s Theory of Relativity was first described by Heraclitus and Zeno of Elea in the fifth century B.C. and Volta’s electric battery designed in early nineteenth century was mysteriously similar to the metal and lemon juice filled clay jugs the ancient Babylonians used to electroplate gold four thousand years earlier.

1MfOIThere have been many discoveries of ancient marvels and objects that show the “official” story to be incomplete and occasionally even fabricated to hold up their views. Hundreds of out of place objects and artifacts that have been sent to the Smithsonian Institute for analysis and safekeeping have mysteriously vanished from those “hallowed” halls of science.

There are the rumors, substantiated at least by the disclosures of crewmen on board the ships that participated, of a vast haul of these ancient artifacts that were secretly removed.

These awkward artifacts were then allegedly taken to the middle of the ocean and dropped overboard to prevent such “proofs” from destroying the “official” story of our culture.

The ancient Sumerians explained that their “gods” the alien Annunaki that came down to the Earth from another planet set up human civilization and taught them the arts and sciences to further humanities existence. This also mirrors the ancient Hebraic tales that the arts and sciences were given to man by “fallen angels“.

Whether given to us by demon or alien, ancient man knew a great deal about the workings of science and the universe around him. While much was forgotten or possibly even hidden by subsequent ages of power hungry men for their own use, it is evident that we are not taught the whole story of our origins. Could this be because we ourselves originated somewhere outside this planet we call home? What would be the repercussions if we were to be given definitive proof that we are truly the children of an ancient alien crossing?

Written by Wm. Douglas Mefford

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