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Beware the Gray Alien

The gray alien is an enemy for sound reasons. My remote viewing has told me that they do not know what ‘good’ is.

They survive by parasitism through implants. I recently found hundreds of these implants in me and researched ways to remove them. They distort and harass straight energy channels through the chakras and body channels.

The gray alien implant is fundamentally shaped like a T or |- and can come in rows of T’s. They hijack cell energy routing mechanisms to give energy to the T. They are false ‘silvers’ or spacers for facets of a quantum. Silver is like love. They steal love from the victims they implant it on.

A quantum is like a gold marble which contains trigger signals that cascade events into being. The quantum is covered in silver facets, which are components of the quantum being triggered or not. The rolling of the quantum is what time is. We are continually looking directly at the gold quantum as it rolls around based on the facets or on our attention and energy in facetless areas. The quantum is a male event. The facet is a female condition.

A quantum is also a question. Quantum computing makes use of Diamonds, which solve quantums. The Very First Thing in physics, older than any quantum, is a Diamond with four 90* corners and four *perfectly* flat sides, leading to decisions of Yes, No, True, and False. The world is entirely made up of these questions moving our facets and resources in vibrating organizations. A facet of a quantum is also a thing, like this keyboard. A facet that you’re not directly facing on the quantum is ‘interdimensional’. It is not currently active. You cannot see it or touch it [right now]. Gray aliens’ false implants avoid being accessed, so they remain inaccessible even when you’re directly at their location. They vibrate like your hand waving too fast to see and that vibration has no physical access point. But they cannot be 360* perfectly inaccessible, as nothing can be. These interdimensional implants, like their interdimensional ships, which can disappear, can be found. Gray aliens implant false facets on our healthy human quantums to try to replace real facets and to try to siphon quantum energy from us. They have no births, as they are made in laboratories, so they begin with no special bubble-quantum and no ability to be part of a quantum question-answer.

They are beings without love or real loving purpose. They try to make up for this by being social. But their false promises and false social energies are not love. Love is measurable on a special spectrograph. I suspect they do not make stable sources of love like many humans can.

Beware the gray alien and their treacherous gifts.

Written by William Bunker, Copyright 2010

William Bunker for US House of Representatives 2012 –

  1. Goodness Gracious Great Balls of fire!!! Can I ask a few questions please?
    Where did you get all that info from?
    Who are the manufacturers of these Grays?
    Where do they normally insert these implants and for what purpose – to keep track of or draw love out of their victims?
    Why are they drawing out ‘love’ from their victims?
    If you found hundreds of these implants in your body and you imply they are some sort of parasite, could these impants depict perhaps the number of lives you’ve lived, hence the number of parasitical implants for the duration of your reincarnations? Just a thought.
    You say they a manufactured beings without love or purpose – surely their manufacturers had a purpose for them – there is always a purpose for any creations from what I understand?

  2. Hi, i too have a few questions. My main ‘head-ache’ which always gets me, is how do these beings walk through solid walls?! How do they transfer abductees through walls? If they are artificial, can we class them as actual ‘Beings’? I have heard before, Greys have no emotion, they dont care whether they hurt us, they have a job to do and if we get harmed or stressed thats just too bad. They have a master plan that must be fullfilled.

    • I don’t think they are robots in the sense that we on earth understand robots. They could be an advanced varied made for purpose type which we have difficulty understanding.

      They have common features of a robot in that:-
      – They are bereft of emotion
      – asexual or genderless
      – Rather fearfully ugly with large oval black eyes/pupils (which could be some form CCTV camera)
      – They carry out their work with precision
      – They do not talk – however have communicated telepathically – perhaps a medium for the creator.
      – They are purpose built – small, child-like and uniform in appearance with claw-like fingers which ressemble operating forcepts.
      I read an abduction case some years back whereby, the agressive abductee who claims he was in a circular room and on a sort of operating table, pushed one of these greys – claiming it fell back and seemed kind of hollow. He claims he threatened to physically hurt one whilst the other three stood by. He saw what looked like mobile ‘greys’ bodies lying stacked on shelves and, telepathically he was told they couldn’t be hurt as such, because they were able to discard a damaged body and easily replace with one from the shelf. Now if this is in fact true (and we only have the say so of a supposed abductee), then it’s a clear indication that the greys are some sort of robot. Are we humans not some sort of robot whereby our physical bodies can easily be discarded when it decays, survived by our conscious remote self which re-enters another body in birth (re-incarnation). Why couldn’t these greys be designed in the same way as we are designed? What do you think?

    • Touchdwon! That’s a really cool way of putting it!

  3. Hi Col,

    I suspect these greys being a specific creation to carry out specific tasks could be both esoteric and physical, which means they would have been designed to be able to manipulate the universal energies with the help of their creators to transport and convert what is physical through walls – I understand one way to achieve this is through very high/intense vibrations combined with the universal thought process which would render our dense physical body – which in real terms is dense energy to a very different energy perhaps more sparce and able to penetrate solid objects like walls, after all everything in this universe is energy in varied forms.

    It reminds me of a story I read quite recently, where an Australian school boy claims he took his place in the classroom at his desk to sit an exam with the rest of his class mates only he was invisible to everyone. He watched them phone his home enquiring why he hadn’t made an appearance and was quite puzzled by it – unbeknown to him, he was invisible to all present. He sat and took the exam like all the other students and half way through the exam he became visible. He has no idea why this happened. They had taken a photograph of the students present in the classroom and Lo and behold! his image was in the photograph but slightly transparent. This apparently is a true story. LOL

  4. Hi Pat, very interesting and thought provoking. You have answered my questions satisfactory, many thanks. The story of the invisible boy is new to me and im intrigued. Where could i read a longer more in-depth version of this, and how do you explain the invisibilty? Regards Col*

    • Hi Col, personal account is titled “Temporary Invisibility” by Renn.
      I also wish to add that if the ufo occupants are able to materialize and de-materialize at will, surely they would have the ability to cloak one of us in whatever they do in order to transport us through solid walls. I also wondered if the Aussi lad would have been able to walk through a solid wall whilst he was invisible to those in the classroom?

  5. Thanks again Pat, you make more interesting questions? I wonder if he COULD walk through solid mass while invisible?? I also wonder if he had just been ‘returned’ from an abduction experience (hence the invisibility). I will check out your link now, cheers. Col

  6. It’s all matter

    • Thanks Pat, that link to the ‘invisible boy’ was overwhelming! We liked it, very interesting. I forwarded it to many friends who (mostly) hadnt heard of it. Thanks again, Col

  7. Hi Alien Star Child 14:

    That was a very brief message, i have the feeling you know so much more! I hope you visit here more often to help us a little with things you know. Cheers Col

  8. When I was a very young boy I received an implant on the right side of my right leg… Comment has been published as a seperate entry at Alien Implants and Face to Face Extraterrestrial Encounter

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