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Cigar Shaped UFO and Some “Thing” Else

I can’t remember the date exactly, somewhere around the end of August 1974, traveling through the mountains somewhere from Kentucky and Tennessee. I was in the backseat on the passenger side which gave me a good view of the sky looking west. I noticed some sort of air craft which seemed about a mile away. I watched closely but could never see any wings, horizontal or vertical stabilizer. I thought it strange, but continued to watch for several minutes, expecting it would turn in some direction which would reveal its wings. Wrong. It never happened. It seemed to be traveling the same speed as the car I was in…, and I would expect ANY aircraft to stall at 65 or 70 miles per hour.

Well it seemed to turn 90 degrees, and then appeared as a perfectly round “spot” and then it simply disappeared…, apparently traveling west at some super speed. This thing didn’t fade…, it disappeared.

During the nineties I watched something that was brilliantly white on a perfectly clear sunny day. This thing seemed like something more of a serpent or some other life form, because of the way it moved, than any kind of craft/ship. I found that a little disconcerting. Since then I’ve seen other people film objects that were very similar to what I observed.

I am only guessing, but I don’t think these visitors are from some other planet in some other galaxy. I think they’ve been here on this planet for a very very long time. The bottom of the ocean can’t be easily explored, if at all. I’ve read several accounts where people have routinely watched these UFOs come and go from an ocean port…, underwater.

The sky is the limit for our imagination. However, recent memory tells me about UFOs flying slowly in formation over the white house in 1952. Fighter jets were sent to pursue these craft that appeared on radar. They suddenly disappeared. The jets were called back. Then the UFOs appeared again over the White House, the jets were called again, and these craft fled away again…, one paused for a moment as if it was waiting on the jets to catch up, then it suddenly sped away, no longer on radar. Sounds like some intelligence was behind these UFOs. Oh, just a few months ago another UFO passed over the White House.

Since that time, I’ve seen photos and stories that closely parallel the incidents at the White house. It is becoming a world wide spectacle. I expect them to land some time in the near future. I don’t believe it will be for my benefit. This event could practically destroy our paradigm of what we believe to be reality.

Written by Gregory Brown, Copyright 2009

  1. The ufo that you saw disapeared into another dimension. It’s a world that we cannot see. Just like ghosts and spirits only some people can see them. I know because I have had paranormal experiences in another world and have wrote many ghost stories on under my pen name carri. but I also wrote one on this forum. called Astral projection and communication with aliens . check the story out its true. You tapped into sometime parnormal that time you saw the ufo. I really believe they come from another dimension.
    Carri Williams

  2. You cant remember the exact date? Wow, if something like that happened to me, I would easily remeber the date. But I guess you cant remeber because it didnt happen. No photos, film, nothing? Just like the rest of em. And when they have “proof”, it turns out to be fabricated. Pie pan on a string, frisbee, dog food bag flying in the wind.

    • PantyCricket I have read several of your comments here and on TGT – May I ask you why you feel the need to be so rude all the time? Hey, I saw a UFO myself once and guess what? I dont recall what the month was let alone the date! Does that mean I am telling a lie when I describe what I saw that night? Am I obligated to prove anything to you? I didnt have a camera so no pictures. OK, since I cant recall the exact date and I dont have photos does that mean my story in untrue or not worth sharing? NO it does not!

  3. PantyCricket, my older brother was going to his first year in college. Registration and Orientation was during the last couple of weeks in August, because 1st term started before September. I should know, I attended the same college the following year. Tell me something, can you clearly recall something, or anything that happened to you 35 years ago? No need to prove yourself to me, but please be a bit more kind in your comments.

    The focus of the trip was to get my brother to college. I didn’t anticipate the need for a camera. Besides, if a UFO landed in my front yard today, I wouldn’t be surprised. I believe something like 53% of Americans already believe UFOs exist. My story was to draw attention to events that were actually documented…, like news papers, and Life magazine, so readers could check the FACTS for themselves…, except possibly the people who have preconceived ideas or beliefs that make no allowance for anything out of the ordinary. I rarely practice “taking an eye for an eye,” but I believe you have a lot of room for improvement on your spelling. How is that for rude?

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