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Crop Circles and UFOs?

I am always interested to see what the latest crop circles look like, if for nothing more than the artistic and very technical details.

We’ve seen people take credit for creating crop circles, and there have even been competitions where college students tried creating the most complex formations.

I’ve heard reports saying that small white spheres were seen during the formation of a crop circle.

And, even if there was a UFO making crop circles, I must admit that these “aliens” have chosen a very difficult way to communicate with humans.

The other thing that bothers me is, why would anyone intelligent go to so much trouble to get here, and then leave crop circles as some form of communication. I suppose they have never heard of the KISS principal: Keep It Simple Stupid.

Instead of establishing a clear line of communication, about all they have done is proven they are pretty good at creating crop circles. I’m not really that impressed with their achievement as far as communication is concerned. I’ve seen ancient cave paintings that have clearer meaning.

On the other hand, these crop circles might be some kind of signs for another sort of being that shares our planet. Or, think of the crop circles as “alien billboards” for other beings that have not yet arrived on our planet.  That in itself might be a little disconcerting.

In closing,

I once followed hand painted road signs posted on telephone poles in order to arrive at a special yard sale. After nearly an hour, I was in another state.  I determined this was a wild goose chase. As I turned around to head back home, I stopped at each and every posted sign and tore them down, so any others following the signs wouldn’t waste their time.

Written by Gregory Brown, Copyright 2010

  1. I’ll keep it short. Is there any decipherable meaning in any of the crop circles? Maybe, but from where I’m standing it is apparently not for us. Maybe some beings already here make these for others that have not yet arrived. That’s all speculation.

    When I think about it, it seems more like one of the tricks a magician uses…, distraction. Focus attention on one spot so activity in another spot goes un-noticed. Then the “prestige” concludes the illusion. Everyone feels pleased and surprised, knowing it is a trick but uncertain how it was done. We all applaud, and then go home.

  2. It’s very difficult to determine the reason why these crop circles are made and they have been made in many parts of the world. Yes, some individuals have claimed responsibility but, from what one can see, the designs are very complex, intricate, mathematical, geometrical and, simply stunning and in most cases are created over-night. It is simply impossible for us earthlings to create some of these intricate beautifully designed diagrams in the dark of the night and in limited time and without being detected, because some of these crop circles are so large with such complex designs, it would need an army of people trampling about the vegetation and the ground and there’s no evidence of any human activity on the ground. Is there an invisible intelligence sending messages via this media and what does it all mean? Do we understand these diagrams? There are groups who are seriously trying to decipher these crop circles and perhaps we will understand in the near future what this all about because all of these crop circles have been archived and can be accessed on line. Perhaps ‘they'(and we know they are there even though we can’t see them)are just showing us their wonderful ability which we lack presently. We have heard of people being contacted, whether true or made up, the point is, because most people (including most scientists) do not accept the existence of another intelligence and therefore ridicule such stories,(most people don’t believe and couldn’t care two hoots, they are too engrossed in their little worlds) these beings may be making themselves known meaningfully through crop circles which is very widely publicised and, having fun at the same time observing our reactions. We can speculate all we want, time will tell what it all means.

    • On the other hand, these crop circles could be designed and made via satallite laser beams by some artistic scientists sitting in an office in USA, or China or Russia. This cannot be discounted especially when one knows about the close aerial view of the earth through satellites and we don’t really know how far these earthly super powers have advanced with their laser beams and for that matter what is going on with the USA ‘space war project’. Technology is progressing so rapidly especially relating to space and what is being done on these space stations – they could be having a ball doing crop circles, that’s why there’s no real delving into this phenomenon by the ‘earthly powers that be’.

      • It’s official, on BBC1 TV, Friday 1 Oct, 2010 on QI with Stephen Fry, 100s of crop circles were made by a gentleman and his team sitting amongst the audience, apparently one needs a plank with string, surveyors tape and a programme and of course knowledge of mathematics. To prove his case, he produced a picture of a key which was made in a corn field – very impressive, although quite simple compared to most crop circles listed and displayed on the crop circle websites. Perhaps we should ask him to create a more complex design and have the TV cameras focused on him and his team until the crop circle is complete. If the gentleman concerned (sorry I didn’t get his name) reads these comments, could he please take up this challenge and perhaps then, many of us would be convinced.

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