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Crop Circles ~ Hoax or Alien Art

While the interest in crop circles did not gain popularity with the general public until 1989, there have been occasional academic reports of this phenomena made as far back as the eighteenth century. Reports of circles and simple designs made by an area of flattened plants in the middle of a field have been made from twenty nine countries thus far although the greatest concentration of these enigmatic designs have occurred in the English countryside.

Admittedly, some of the designs have been created by human agencies using guide ropes and wooden planks. There have been professional hoaxers who will create a “circle” pattern to specifications. However, why have hoaxers if there was not an existing idea for them to mimic?

Extensive research into these patterns have demonstrated some unique properties in the “genuine” crop circles that cannot be duplicated by the hand of man. The hoaxer’s plank will break the stalks of the plant it pushes down and cause irreparable damage to the crop. The trampled plants will appear mashed together “like uncombed hair” as one researcher put it.

Stalks Of Plants in “Genuine” Crop Circles

Plant stalks from crop circle

Plant stalks from crop circle

Those patterns that have been deemed real have an unusual physical characteristic which quickly sets them apart. The stalks and stems of these plants appear woven together, often to the depth of five layers deep. Under analysis the bending of the plant has been shown that the bend usually takes place some inches above the ground and could only have been caused by a brief but intense burst of heat. Laboratory testing has shown that this can be achieved by a nanosecond’s burst of ultrasound in the 5.2 megahertz range that creates a flash of heat up to 1,500 degrees Celsius. The very structure of the stems is altered by this heat and when the plant stem re-hardens, it will continue to grow at this newly created angle.

Walkers Hill Crop Circle

Walkers Hill Crop Circles

It is not only the plants which are affected by the formation of genuine crop circles. The soil around the area demonstrates a crystallization of the minerals in the ground and the creation of up to four non naturally occurring isotopes that will fade after a few hours. The magnetic field around crop circles becomes distorted as well. Compasses will no longer be able to locate magnetic north and electrical batteries will drain their power in seconds.

Crop Circles Associated With Light Energy

Numerous reports from witnesses say that previous to finding a newly made crop circle there are often glowing balls of light hovering or circling the field. Even some daylight witnesses describe beams of intense light “like a cookie cutter” piercing a cloud layer over the soon to be marked field.

There have been eyewitnesses to the emergence of some crop circles. They report the design will begin to appear and be fully formed within fifteen seconds from the onset of the phenomena. They report a fog or mist raising over the newly marked field afterwards which is most likely caused by steam rising from the quick heating of the stalks that allow them to be bent and shaped without killing the plant.

Written by Wm. Douglas Mefford

Douglas writes for The Greenwoods Village

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  1. Whilst I do believe there have been crop circle hoaxes made rather crudely with a wooden plank and string and one only has to see the result to be able to make a rational conclusion, however, the intricacies of the more recent crop circles have been more sophisticated and quite mind boggling, more in line with a computerized assisted artwork and with, as yet, in some instances a hidden meaning – presently not understood by most of lay people. It’s not only the perfect symmetry of the varied aspects of these circles and geometric designs etc. nor the intricacies nor scientific findings of the chemical changes in the plant, nor the untold radiation detected on the spot nor the hand full of rational human beings who have reportedly witnessed the actual event of a crop circle being created by some laser means or light beam or orb, but the SPEED at which many of these intricate, complicated, beautiful and mind-boggling crop circles are made.

    It would seem, the more technologically advanced and the more mathematically astute we and scientists have become in line with this development, the sophistication in design improves to match. We have a space station way up there with people experimenting on all sorts, plus numerous controlled satellites zooming about orbiting our planet in line with the increasing sophistication of the more recent crop circles. We are able to deposit and control a computerised vehicle on planet Mars plus monitor a vehicle sent years ago into outer space, plus our laser beam advanced technology with their capabilities and numerous other nano etc etc technologies is unknown to most of us. My bet is – if these intricately designed crop circles are not created by extraterrestrial beings in hyperspace displaying their abilities to us, then it has to be human beings probably sitting in an office in USA or Russia or China or UK or Europe or ? ? or those up in the space station remotely creating this phenomenon to confuse/baffle and create a conundrum and some amusement and why not? Our capabilities are incredible and still advancing, it brings to mind some words taken from Genesis in the Old Testament – it goes something like this – ‘henceforward, nothing he (mankind) has a mind to do, will be beyond him’.

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