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Disc Shaped Object with Red and White Lights

I have posted on this site many times and I am very glad that it is here and that I have never been kicked out of the site which I appreciate. I have never posted my particular encounter that was extremely short, did not think much about it afterward but I do think about it from time to time.

You see, I was very young when it happened and going through a great deal of family distress. I was 6 years old at the time so around 1970 and I will not go into the domestic upheaval but to say the least, I did not always feel the safest that my parents could have made me feel.

Being the youngest of 3 kids I was the quintessential baby of the family. Even though I slept in the same room with my older brother and sister I could not go to sleep without my mother sleeping beside me. I can remember that I literally made her turn her face towards me or I could not close my eyes and rest. I would open my eyes and catch her with her head down and I remember grabbing her under the chin and moving her face towards me. I never knew why I was so scared at night, even with my older brother and sister right next to me in their beds. I woke up every morning and nothing had happened. At 6 though, I could not put that all together.

Now for my brief encounter if you could call it that. Maybe someone will read this and have a similar encounter. As a background, I grew up on a tobacco farm owned by my grandfather and at age 6 I was already working on the farm in the summers and many afternoons. You had to leave the highway onto a 1 mile dirt road that led into the center of our farm to get to our house. Our small FHA brick house sat on an acre yard just off the dirt road.

My bed is on the backside of the small house but if I sat up in my bed and looked out of my bedroom door I could see directly across the den, out the front window and out onto the dirt road. One of many nights my mom laid down with me on the bed and I quickly fell asleep. She would normally get up and go to bed with my dad after I had fallen asleep and rarely did I wake up until daylight the next morning. This night was much different and I just don’t know if it was real or a dream.

Some time during the morning, I set bolt up in the bed. Mind you, I did not struggle to sit up, nor did I rub the sleep from my eyes, nor did I look around my room to see what was going on with my siblings. I automatically sat up and was instantly staring out the bedroom door, through the den, out the front window and out on the dirt road, wide eyed and alert. I sat there not really sure what was going on and it felt like I stared at the dirt road for about 30 seconds when all of the sudden as clear as day I saw what appeared to be a disc shaped object with red and white lights rotating counter clockwise around the middle of this whatever it was.

I remember it very clearly 41 years later. I had time to see this object and it was maybe 5 feet above the middle of the dirt road and traveling slowly by my house. It seem to travel slowly forward, maybe 5 or 10 feet and I was able to see the lights rotate all the way around the craft about 3 sequences. Then, in the blink of an eye, a sheet (from my bed I guess I did not really know) was thrown completely over my head from behind me and I was grabbed (not violently) and held tightly around my arms.

My first, and really only, thought at the time was that it was my mother trying to protect me from something that she did not want me to see. I don’t know if it was from tiredness, excitement, or the comforting thought that my mom was now in control, but, surprisingly to me now, I immediately fell asleep and did not awake until the usual time the next morning. Also very out of character for me, I was not really afraid, I do not remember asking my mom the next day about what happened, she did not mention it either, and I never did ask her until I was in college. As far as she could remember she said that it never happened and she is a very honest person and she was sincere that she did not recall it. I thought to myself, surely if I can remember it an adult would remember it, especially having to throw a sheet over your child’s head and rock me to sleep (in total silence I might add).

So many years later and after researching for the last 8 years or so in the paranormal and all, did I just really start to question was that my mother that threw the sheet over my head and grabbed me or was it something else. I never had another encounter and shortly after this I surrendered my heart to Jesus and still to this day, with all that I have been through, I am convinced that Christ is the reason that I never had another encounter and I am eternally thankful to Him because I have not interest to witness it again.

Has anyone had a similar experience or have you heard a similar story to mine. Let me know and thanks.

Sent in by jk, Copyright 2011

  1. It sounds like a demonic encounter. These demons mess with small children. because they are weak. they come into our world from another dimension. My story deals with some of your issues. “Astral Projection and Communication with Aliens.” it is on Alien UfO truth. For, many years I did not understand these sightings and paranormal events. I know now as Christian all these things Ufos, and paranormal events are the enemies way to trick us. I am no way trying to promote my stories. I am simply trying to warn humans of the dangers of these paranormal events.

    • Hi Carr
      I disagree – not all paranormal events are necessarilly demonic and occur to trick human beings. The mere fact jk was able to remember an incident which might have occurred when she was six years old, only implies something extraordinary could have happened at the time and, the nature of this event has left an indelible rememberance mark mentally – like so many others with an experience of ufos. Perhaps jk was chosen like so many others for a specific reason. That’s my view point.

  2. carr, you know I did not make that connection back then and as I stated in my post, I gave my heart to Jesus a short time afterwords. I did not put the together until recently when through research and study, I discovered that there were extremely strong correllations between so called ETs and fallen angels. When I look back on it now it could be why God sent His Holy Spirit to prompt me at that early age because I never had another incident like this, paranormal or interdimensional. He calls us according to His purpose and you better believe that He has a purpose for you. Keep on telling your story. One day man of us including our children are going to have to stand up for Jesus and not be moved.

  3. Carri, I read your story, pretty awesome but I think that was more a story about Richard. Have you done AP or had experience. What brought you to the awesome saving grace of Christ and His love. That wwould be a great story to tell and could help hundreds if not thousands of people. Did you find out too that these entities would disappeear at the mere mention of Jesus’ name, that is more than just a coincidence. Tell us your story, please. JK

    • Yes Jk I have done AP. Only had the experience on January 1984. It was a week before my brother Sean died in a car accident. I was 19 and he was 17 when he died. The story is also on the internet. It is in the Sun Times ghost forum. It is called “The teen haunting in Woodstock.” I also wrote about OBE in the story as follows. “My brother was killed and then haunted me.” This story is in True Ghost These stories are true events that have changed my life. With the AP experience I was propelled into another world. In no way am I trying to promote my writing. I am simply trying to warn individuals of these dangerous experiences.

    • In 1984 I had a OBE I was haunted after that. The story is called “The teen haunting in Woodstock.” The other story is “My brother was killed and then haunted me.” In 1984 after the AP and my brother died brought me to Jesus.

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