Alien UFO Truth

Disguised as Angels of God

I have to say this. As I have said I have had a lot of experiences with these so called aliens. They came to me, I didn’t try to find them. I was a medium and was talking to spirits from the other side and was talking to a group of spirits called Abraham and was not even thinking about aliens and UFOs. They came as the Arcturians who later said they were Angels of God. This was just a hook to get me to do what they wanted me to do which was to surrender my life and body to them. What better way than to come as the messengers of god? I did exactly what they wanted and I agreed to go with them at night so they did not have to abduct me. I went willingly.

They told me extravagant stories of what I was doing when on these nightly trips. I was on a council directly under the creator. I was being trained to co-pilot the craft with my mind, it was told to me that it has to be two who pilot the ship with a symbiotic relationship to the craft. I know all of this sounds crazy but it is just a thumbnail sketch of what my life was like. They were telling me my DNA was being changed and I was changing. People at work could see what was happening to me. I was getting sick, I was pale as a could be and started taking on a transparent look to my skin.

At first my vibration wasn’t high enough so they took me out of my body to the ship, then after I was “enlightened” and changed enough, they started taking me out in my physical body. I was not allowed to remember these trips and when I asked I was told it would destroy me to remember. Always looking out for me, right? No! They were only taking me farther and farther to the point that they told me it was necessary for me to die so I could be transformed into my light body and so I could be part of the crew on the ship to take people off of earth before a major catastrophe and pole shift occurred. This all sounds good, right? No, not if you were me, they wanted me to die, why is that? So that Lucifer could take me to hell, which is what would have happened if I had died. And believe me when The Lord Jesus Christ pulled me out of this hell I was in, if this would have not happened I would have died.

Interaction with these so called angels was taking a toll on my body. My eyes were doing something strange which was the opposite of being crossed. One eye looked straight and the other one could look else where. I saw double all of the time. I was told to stop eating meat and I did this for a whole year, no supplements, nothing, no flesh of any kind. I ask you, does this sound like they are here for our good?

On with the story and it really gets good here. After being born again and a Christian I still wanted to think they were good. L.A. Marzulli told me they were not good in any way and that I would find out that there are no good intentions with them. So I renounced all contact with them, stopped taking pictures of them and the craft. I started studying the Bible and started waking up paralyzed with arms wrapped all around me holding me down. I would say “by the blood of Jesus” and these horrific experiences would stop immediately. I didn’t really understand what was going on but I knew it was not good and I knew it was the “angels” who I had been communicating with in the last years who were holding me down and paralyzing me. Why would just mentioning the name of Jesus stop these attacks? If they were just beings from somewhere else why were they so effected by this NAME ABOVE ALL NAMES?

The fact is the mask was ripped off of them and I was born again and they could not appear to me as good and friendly anymore. This went on and I continued to plead the Blood of Jesus over and over and with the same results every time. L.A Marzulli had told me I would find out they were not good and benevolent and boy was he right! I would feel them come in the house and the way they used to come in all loving and sweet was replaced by darkness and hate. As they had arms, what seemed like ropes, even a net of some sort, wrapped around me at different times I could feel the hate they had for me for turning against them. What was really happening was my faith was being built in that all of what is stated in the WORD of God is true and Jesus is above everything and over the hosts of hell, and the power and authority over these demonic beings and Lucifer is Jesus, the only begotten son of a living God. Lord of Lords, King of Kings
if you have questions please ask.

You can Google my name with UFOs and you can find interviews I have done. I pray this will help you to see the truth.

In Christ Jesus ~ Lynne Dickie of


Author L.A. Marzulli discussed his research exploring UFO phenomena and contacts with entities, which he’s chronicled in his new eBook The Alien Interviews. Most skeptics ignore data from alien abduction cases, Dr. David Jacobs told Marzulli, who cited a case where a woman was abducted in front of nine other people, and had signs of radiation sickness upon her return. Joe Jordan of the CE4 Research Group has engendered controversy in the UFO community.
He claimed his evidence that abductions can be stopped by reciting the name of Jesus, has been hushed up, said Marzulli.

A pair of witnesses named Matt & Laura revealed to Marzulli they saw a wide diamond-shaped craft with blinding lights doing acrobatic flips in a field, while contactee Lynne Dickie told him entities advised her to take photos of the sky, and later she saw spaceships in the photos. Dr. Lynne Kitei’s description of the “overwhelming” Phoenix Lights shares similarities with Ricky Sorrels’ account of the huge Stephenville craft, he noted.

Marzulli has concluded that UFOs, alien abductions, cattle mutilations, and other phenomena are interrelated. He believes the entities people call aliens are not actually extraterrestrial, but rather interdimensional. They are malevolent, fear-mongering beings, equivalent to the fallen angels of the Bible, and have the ability to shape shift into any appearance, he said.

  1. Lynne Dickie, I am pleasantly surprised that you came to know the truth. I am a Christian as well. I take a great deal of interest in all kinds of events happening in the world. If UFOs started landing on my front yard in broad daylight I would not be deceived, God willing. UFOs have been mentioned in human history for hundreds, maybe thousands of years. They appear in some very old and famous paintings. Oddly enough, I had seen the Mona Lisa for many years growing up, never seeing a small but discernable UFO in the back ground. I kind of doubt they will be landing in my yard…, I’m nobody. For those of you that don’t know, God makes it clear that in the “last days” He will send a strong delusion so convincing that if it were possible even the “elect” might be deceived. I’d take that as an adequate warning. My maternal grandfather used to say, “don’t believe anything you hear, and only half of what you see.” I take that as simply be aware and be very careful.

    Glad to see a happy ending to a potentially disastrous ending. For others, don’t hide your candle under a bushel.

    • Well said, I agree…..I do not believe they are here for our good. We are in the Last days and Hollywood is desensitizing us with all their movies. Clearly, they are trying but if you are born of the spirit of the Living God, then you will know the truth. I too believe that there is coming a strong delusion. Study and show yourself approved unto God people. Time is short.

    • Goodness Gregory, I hope your grandfather didn’t mean it literally. If I didn’t believe half of what I witnessed and heard, I would be the biggest skeptic alive. I think those of us blogging on this site are very aware of the difference between paranormal entities/experiences and natural events pertaining to this physical world. I place religion in the paranormal category because like everything related to this subject, most of the key religious characters are invisible to us in this physical world.

  2. I am in strict agreement with both of you and I appreciate the testimony it is very powerful and true. If you lay some Jesus on these so called “Grey’s” they leave a streak they get out of ther so fast. I think they have been laying this trap for centuries. They control when they are seen and when they are not and it is a way that they can effect groups of people rather than one at the time. The word needs to continue to be spread. I was watching an episode of Paranormal State and an evil entity was bothering this one guy in particular. They tried to say it was an indian spirit mad at them. A forensic artist drew an eyewitness picture of how the entity manifested and it was the spitting image of the common alien .

  3. thank you both for your comments and i agree with all you both said. it is a great delusion and i fell for it but praise be to The Heavenly Father that i didn’t stay there. thanks to Jesus of Nazareth for pulling me out of the hell i was in. too many people are being deceived by these devils and i just pray they see what is going on.
    In Christ Jesus
    lynne dickie

  4. ok the thing is your physical body cant pass to there vibration your physical body cant shift dimensionally and the arcturains follow Jesus very very very very closely the look to him as god above all god because a lot of ets believe in other forms of god as Jesus was god in mans form. they are not evil they just figured you be ok with it if you truly understood. they didn’t force you to do it now did they only you can choose for your self. the forcing you down is because you no were resisting there contact but if you say anything by Jesus they leave in it in his hands because he is there lord as well and they will not go against him. the arctuians are the shepherds of earth and have visited many times before and where believed to be angels thats why they said that because thats how you would identify with them. many ets use what the call screen imaging where you’d see a angel or god or even demons to stop you from struggling or to push fear in you because fear makes you feel like you cant move so then in turn you will stop flailing about when they are doing tests on your body. as for the greys they are humans who are transformed and lost all emotional connection but the ones who abduct you are just androids they don’t have emotion because it would stop them from working and taking dna samples and that. greys have no reproductive system now so they tunnel back to the time where man still can pass offspring thats why so many ppl talk of them taking there babies or having sperm taken.

  5. I believe the greys with the huge black eyes are intelligent robots carrying out orders by their creators who are operating them from a remote area. We are an endless supply of various types of creatures all but locked on this planet Earth, which is their laboratory to experiment on their many creations for whatever reason. The greys’ masters, I believe, are advanced beings who ressemble humans and they are able to manipulate our lives if they so wish without us being aware. It’s like squatting down and closely watching little ants going about their business, they are completely’unaware’of our presence, we can manipulate circumstances affecting them by lifting them and moving them to another spot etc., we don’t do that all the time and neither do the aliens – but they are watching us all the time.

  6. My step father would describe the events like you have said in your short essay here. My stepfather Richard was a scientist. He would talk about out of body experiences and ufo encounters with the craft and aliens. He had a lot of these type of encounters in 2001 right before he died especially the OBE ones. I hope he wasn’t being mislead by the enemy because he died right after he had a lot of these encounters. Right after he died my sister heard thousands of whispering voices hovering around his dead body. Gina my sister discovered him in his bed dead from a heart attack. I remember Richard telling me he would contact me after he died. Well he did. About a week after the funeral. Me, My friend Lorin and my daughter Autumn saw 3 orbs flying around the room. In fact the orbs woke me up in my bed. Lorin came running up the stairs along with Autumn. They both saw the orbs flying through my bedroom. Autumn my daughter who was 8 saw one of the orbs with hands waving at us. Autumn was absolutely terrified. Well I published the stories on True Ghost One is A thousand Whispering voices the day my stepfather Richard died. The other one is about my step son practicing witch craft in my house in Harvard around that time we saw the orbs.

  7. There is a difference between ‘so called aliens’, ‘orbs’ or spiritual entities, angels, demons and the super creative intelligence we call God.

    The aliens I believe, are advanced universal beings who have mastered the science of manipulating the universal energies through thought. They can materialize and de-materialize at will, dipping into our material world and into other dimensions as well. They must be the so called ‘watchers’

    Who through thought, manipulate our progress without our knowledge whilst simultaneously tampering with our genetics (both animal & plant life). Why? I believe it’s part of moving us onto the next step of advancement and we are powerless to stop it despite the denials of their existence by scientists and the majority of humanity. Orbs I believe are the living indestructive energies of people who have passed on into another realm having shed their physical bodies. They retain within their essence all their earthly experiences & still recognize those loved one’s on the physical plane.

    Angels & demons are a different cattle of fish, they are creations apart from humans. Angels can also materialize at times if summoned by us for assistance and can take the form of humans and ‘light beings’, they play the role of watchful protectors. Believe me, if they allowed you to see them as ‘light beings’, you would know instantly who they were without question – it is an awesome sight – the white glowing light is unlike anything we’ve encountered on earth. Demons are evil beings which also roam this earth and can dip in and out of this and other dimensions and instill fear in people. Just as angels can assist us in this material world, demons can harm us and believe me, if you encountered one, you would know immediately in whatever shape or form.

    Ah! Now God is the Universal architect, the all and the nothing, the beginning and the end if there is an end. Look around you – every living organism, every tangible object, the wind, rain, rivers, oceans, the sun and everything visible object in this universe including gravity, quantum physics and all that is and all that is not, all that is visible and all that is invisible – dark matter, dark energy, you name it – it’s all part of the WHOLE – GOD and without God – nothing is possible. God is in the core and part of everything in this universe, that is why GOD SEES AND KNOWS ALL THINGS EVEN OUR MOST SECRET THOUGHTS, and if anyone knows that from experience and not because one is told this by any religious organization, I do. Sit quietly and know this to be a fact.

  8. Google ‘The Janos People’ and take the time to read the contents of this factual book which is fully publicised on the website for the world to see. It’s an eye opener for those with open minds and most definitely not an illusion about fallen angels, Lucifer etc. This world is not for the squimish and piety should not play a part in our lives.

  9. To Carri & JK, what I’ve gleaned from your contribution to this blog is an unhealthy focus on works of the bible where obviously your interpretation of these writings is not disimilar to interpretations by the Jehovahs Witnesses. What (people untainted by religion) report as UFOs or aliens, you deam as demons, fallen angels, Lucifer etc. Perhaps if you would log into certain websites which record serious UFO activities such as ‘’or even ‘’, click on the various related links and view the UTube footage, I would be very surprised if you would continue to believe what you do. Things are happening out there and it’s not to do with demons etc. I believe they (the ufo occupents) are becoming bolder in their interaction with us humans.

    • its not that they are getting bolder its that more people are awake aware and they are help push for disclosed info to be released because a lot of people in religious groups and government groups are done with the games they think now is an ok time.. but because of stories like this they havnt released it because to many people would want to kill them self or would die out of the fear.. I my self have had contact for many years and yet they purposely impose fear to me to hide things from me till its time to know what i have been doing all i know from channels and guides is that my work with them has a large part to do with what i am talking about. just keep believing that we are already aware and open and have contact then you will help make that vibration a reality.

      • Hi Matt,

        What do you mean ‘your work with them (the aliens) has a large part to do with what you are talking about’? Please share with us in more detail your experiences and any knowledge you have on the subject of these beings. I’m sure everyone on this forum would like to know about your work with these beings.

  10. Hello, some people on my post wanted me to meet you. They say you’ve “been down this road that I am on” with the aliens. I can’t imagine my aliens to suddenly become violent towards me though. You can read my story called “Alien Abduction in Arizona” on this site.

    • Hi Jennifer , let me read your story and i will get back with you , also is there anyway we can correspond on facebook of email?

      • Lynne – apologies but public posting of contact info is not allowed. This is a policy that is for the safety and privacy of our visitors.

        • my aplogies about that to the admin.

          • No problem at all 🙂

          • i think it is possible for them to exist. i think that biofogt can exist. biofogt also has lots of family like the yeti, skunk ape, yowie, and the biggest gorilla in history.(i forgot the name though). i think the most famous monsters are springheeled jack, mothman, owlman, goatman, and the loch ness monster

  11. I’m sorry but I don’t buy any of this. I have had contact with aliens/UFO’s, missing time episodes, and other physical proofs of an encounter. But I’m no medium, etc..and was even a newly born Christian when I was most visited. This doesn’t even remotely sound anything like my experiences. I think this is bologna.

  12. Jennifer , what is it that you dont buy? when i was into all that i was in , i didnt buy certain things either, mainly that the light beings i was communicating with and channeling was bad. i could not believe this because i had no bad experiences with them. lets look at my own experiences.

    they come with a message that is all happy and all about loving one another. it sounds real good if you want your ears tickled. they preach about how god is in us and how we are gods only we have not reached godhood. they say they created us and that earth was an experiment that went horribly awry. there are stories of how they have tried to help us but in the end we will destroy ourselves. that’s where they come in, they are here to SAVE US!!! these light beings told me great stories about how important i was. they do this and i see this over and over , they tell the contactee that they are on councils like they did me, they told another woman that she was out with them each night making crop circles.i have heard many people say that they were told they are part of the crew on the ships and it always has to do with this ascension that we are supposedly going through. more lies, they said i set on the
    INTERGALACTIC COUNCIL OF THE CONFEDERATION OF MAN. and that there is a being from every planet including earth that is on this council.they said that this coucil is directly under the creator. i was told that i had not been home to arcturius for thousands of years. i was not the representative for earth , i was the rep. for Arcturius. thelies get bigger and bigger and they will play on your ego BIGTIME!! they really try to make you feel important. i see this all over the net. i see person after person thinking they are a conduit for this information to come through from the star beings. they are a conduit all right, a conduit for the wiles of lucifer!!!
    if these E.T.s are so advanced and have come here with the message of love, why do they continually try to discredit Jesus of Nazareth? they say Jesus is just another ascended master and that there were many Christs, budah , Mohammad, etc. they call Jesus -Sananda.
    it just makes no logical sense that beings travel literally light years to get to earth , and what do they do ? they dont give us technology to help us , they attack the Son of God , the redeemer and Saviour of the world, Jesus The Christ!! has anyone else ever wondered about this?

    now let me show some of the actual channleing that i did. note- i am a Born again , totally sold out servant to THE LORD JESUS CHRIST and in no way believe any of this that i wrote down, im just trying to give you a picture of how deep this deception goes.

    2-6-06 channeling from nebu
    As we come to this important place in the transition of earth into light we must completely remove all of the negativive blocks that hinder humans from being who their soul longs to be . as you decided to come to earth for the human experience your greatest gift was taken from you. This is your soul journey to find this gift and perfect it and to make it yours. Everyone on the journey has different truths and we must not judge ones if their truths don’t coincide with others. All is as it shouod be and there are no coincidences in this life. If a certain person crosses your path it is meant to be so pay close attention because it will not be clear who is there to benefit who. Also please do not judge yourself because all experiences shed light onto you and yoy will grow irregardless of the circumstances at hand.

    these decievers tell people that we all set down with god before we are going to incarnate here on earth and we write out our experiences and everything that will happen to us on this time around. also they will say that if you did a wrong to a certain person like kill them then the next life they will do the same to us. now get this, we supposedly have no knowledge of any of this and we will not know about these scenarios till we leave our physical bodies and we go to set down with god and look over what happened in our lives and if we are able to advance. i know all of this is crazy but just look around on the new age sites and you will find these ideas. they deceive us into believing we can become gods. just like the original lie the serpent told Adam and eve in the garden of Eden. no different just fancy ideas for the time we live in.
    now i know these things that i channeled are crazy , but keep in mind, i was communicating with deceiving and lying entities and each thing they told me was a carrot held out in front of me to draw me to the next place. also , please dont say something like that the physics is all wrong etc, i know its all a bunch of bunk and worthless dribble , but people all over are getting messages like these and are presenting them as facts to the world. I AM NOT DOING THAT, I WANT TO SHOW WHAT THESE SO CALLED LIGHT BEINGS ACTUALLY SAID TO ME .

    I have asked nebu if it possible for them to become solid matter with in our atmosphere. He said that because of the composite of the material that the lightships are that they would have to take in negative ions to become solid and be seen. This is very difficult to do. The propulsion system of the craft comprised magnetism and the use of crystals, this together with the vacuum of space allows them to slid on the atoms of space at a very extreme rate of speed, it is almost like telepathically using mind power to be at a certain location and in a flash you arrive. If you could see their craft make this journey it would look to the human organ the eye like the craft blinked on in one place and blinked on in another. In reality it didn’t blink, it just traveled that far that fast
    Anytime I captured a scout or the master, or searcher lightships they had to first prepare by taking on negative ions to become solid matter here in our atmosphere. In 3 different pictures I captured scout lightships around the roof of my house. These lightships were solid matter because they throw a shadow of themselves onto the eve of the house. Because they can be any shape they need, these appeared as a ball. , oblong, and sometimes even very strange shapes to our human minds. I have thought about this and asked nebu if he can explain this to me. Because humans have all types of shapes and objects in their experience here on earth to compare against each other, we chose some familiar shapes that Lynne would recognize. She can then pass these images of our illuminals; this is the true name of the scouts. To humanity. Just think about what shape of a car you would create if you had no definite shape or description to go by. These ships are created with the group mind or one mind and their connection to the creator- God.
    As I said the illuminals (scouts) can be any size or shape needed. I say needed because the arcturians have no wants or desires or greed and they need not create elaborate ships to travel in. they create only what is needed for the particular mission. No more no less.
    Aerodynamics doesn’t come into play but there is a back and front of the illuminals. There are places on the back of the ships where energy comes out, this doesn’t propel them through space it serves as an outlet for the tremendous energy that is created.

    Healing experiences
    When I first got permission from Abraham and nebu to be able to actually channel healing e.t. Energy from nebu to a recipient it was a surprise and my roommate had been working on the reiki room, she is very creative and has the knack to turn a normal room into a place of Zen and spiritual healing. We placed certain crystals in precise places so that the portal or vortex in the corner of my bedroom was integrated into the healing room. The energy that nebu and Abraham was trying to achieve would be very powerful and needed to be life changing for the ones that would find their way there. The chakras as well as the auras, and biofields would be cleaned of negativity. Nebu would direct the ones that were in need of the E.T. energy and I like others am just a tool for God to utilize as he channels the light through nebu to me then to his children. Nebu told me that they created me so that they could transfer this high vibration E.T. energy to other e.t.souls presently residing in human vessels so that the codes that are deep within will be unlocked and the DNA transformation will proceed as planned for the christed ones. The first thing they had to do was to make sure Linda was one step higher on the vibational ladder so that she could channel the high vibration energy to me. When my light body level was sufficient Abraham in turn would have me channel energy to Linda, this is how they kept her one step above me. At one particular session they were working on Linda’s merkaba, hers was spinning but not at the velocity needed for the work she would be doing, they were channeling a huge column of pure white light straight through her crown chakra. This energy was very intense for me and the way that I can tell that the energy is very high vibration is that I will start to lean forward and back, I can’t control it, and I can’t stop it. Many times when a person that I am channeling healing energy to has some sort of illness or disease process I will start to lean forward then backwards at the moment my hands are over the place on the body that needs the healing. Sometimes I will go out of body while I am channeling E.T. energy and when I come back I realize that I am leaning so far over that had I been totally in a conscious state I would fall forward.


    Nebu has said all extraterrestrials are lightbeings and they function in the astrsal body as well as the physical bodies only if they come here on earth or somewhere else alien to them do they use their physical vessels. The protection of a physical body shields the lightbody or functional soul of the Arcturian from man made electromagnetic fields such as electricity This vessel also protects them from humans negativity that we have created over the many many years of human existence. Energy can never be created or destroyed it can only change form. This is the most important idea and it is the basis of creation Every thought negative or positive that every human has had is still here on earth whether it was 10,000 years,10,000 minutes, 10,000 seconds ago..This explains why the earth is in the process of purging all of the negativity she has taken on and she will do this with earthquakes,volcanos,tsunamis,in other words the” rath of mother nature” is unfolding before our very eyes. The earth must do this to cleanse and be renewed. Negative energy doesn’t just effect star visitors, mother earth, it also effects humans too. At first it will effect the body energetically and clog the chakras. Later if it isn’t removed by Reiki or acupuncture or some other holistic way, it manifests itself physically into disease processes and then finally cancer.

    The arcturian physical vessel is neither male or female, it is both, all at once. So the male and female chromosomes are taken from the defective vessel this goes into a device called a duplicator, the cells are infused with white light through sophisticated deliverance, what we might call tubes. Also carbondioxide and crystals- he gave me the name howlite but I am not sure if it the same howlite we know. Then more chromosomes are added. The shell has to go through the process and it is formed and grows. For every 6 hours , this is approximate for my sake to compare to our time, there is no time anywhere except here on earth. After this 6 hrs earth time, the being is the approx-10years old. For every hour after that 10 years is added till the right size is duplicated. To match the size of the arcturian vessel needed. Then there is a soul or lightbody extraction from the old vessel to the newly duplicated vessel. We would call this cloneing however humans have no natural right from God or permission to do this because we don’t have the technology or the hgher vibration needed to transfer the soul.

    The difference in the Arcturians and for example the zeti-reticula (grays) is the vibration.
    The arcturians have been around longer and have evolved further than the the beginning nebu said that the arcturains had organs but they have evolved into a higher vibrational frequency. The higher the vibration of the being, the closer to God. Also beings that have agendas and are self serving cannot evolve into a higher vibration because these characteristics are negative , nd negativity is darkness. Also the arcturians are only positive beings and only serve others and not themselves. Actually they serve God as the angels do. They have no wants or desires and no ego unlike the other species

    of extraterrestrials. Some feel they are cold because they have no emotion, they are the most loving beings and when I am in their presence I feel total unconditional love like people experience, if given the chance to have an experience with one from the angelic realm.

    LOOK – at comment above , i said that when im in their presence i feel total unconditional love from them , man was i deceived and when i was saved by The Lord Jesus Christ and turned against these deceptive beings , then i saw who they really were, they could no longer come to me all loving and sweet. they pinned me down and paralyzed me , tortured me , etc etc. does that sound like loving beings to you ?
    one time they ripped me out of my body so hard and fast it was crazy , and with such hate , i felt pure evil, no good in them , none , and they slammed me on my face on the ground, i was out of body, just making that clear, then i cried out to Jesus to help me in my mind , and it all stopped,

    Jennifer, i cant make you believe these things and i cant make you believe these beings are not here for our good. i can only pray that God will have mercy and show you this just like He did for me , and countless others. i would suggest checking out Nick Redferns interviews about his book , final Event
    in Christ Jesus
    lynne Dickie

    • OH, please, these beings are tricksters. They are extremely intelligent and have no empathy. Please wake up before it is too late. I am an INFP and had a direct communication from God/Creator not to deal with them.

  13. Lynn, I’m sorry, but you sound like a hallucinating schizophrenic.

    • thats why i posted this, i wanted you to see what kind of info they gave me and how deep i was into communication with them. none of that is me now, i was a stark raving lunatic and anyone who continues to communicate and commune with these so called E.Ts will get the same. just turn against them and see what happens. i pray that God will show you just who they are, but that is not in my hands , its in Gods.

  14. everyone please check out this video series. its very interesting , it shows what it takes for beings from other planets to get here and the laws of physics. the question is who are these aliens or star visitors?

    Aliens, UFOs and the Bible

    • I must admit that my experiences with UFO’s and aliens didn’t start until I became a passionate new born Christian.

    • I’ve played all the film clips on your link and wasn’t surprised at the answers given as regards speculation of the alien/demon/ angel labels as he is a Christian preacher and would certainly quote from the bible where there are references of these phenomena. SO WHAT IS THE ANSWER? Do we really know or are we clinging onto our own conclusions?

  15. Hello 🙂 ,
    Is anybody there? We seem to have come to a dead end, ultimately this ufo/alien/angel subject was inevitably going to drift towards religion because we really have no tangible proof of aliens – have we? The answers appear to have been written in bible a long time ago – Amazing!

  16. Hmm, first time I’m seeing this site. How do I ever find these sites is beyond me? Maybe I’ll chime in on this a bit. I believe aliens are just dark or light beings or good or evil beings from another dimensions. What is an alien? Is an alien something from another planet? If an alien is from another planet, then which planet are they from? Do those aliens come from outer space and down to earth? If those aliens came from out of space and down to earth, then why can’t any of the many satellites in space detect them?

    Aliens to me are just good or evil beings of energy from different dimensions. Dimensions that we can not see, not dimensions from out of space.

    • Hello Big Chief,
      I suspect there are genuine ET aliens in the physical from other physical worlds(see Recent posts – UFO sightings in Africa) and, other inter-dimensional(?) or as you say energy beings which appear to ressemble those described in the Christian bible. And why shouldn’t there be.

  17. Big Chief,
    I take it you have never had an experience. I think they are fascinating and beautiful and extraordinarily intelligent and loving. So has been my “experiences” with them.

  18. To be honest, I can not believe that the aliens that I’d encountered ( or aliens, in general) are evil spirits from Satan because I don’t believe in the Biblical God or Satan. How can I after I’ve experienced what I’ve experienced?

    • hi Jennifer , i understand what you are saying , if you listen to my testimony i too thought they were good and loving, only when i turned away from them and stopped taking pictures and worshiping them and stopped all communication with them did they get really nasty and the ugliness came out. i believed in reincarnation and didnt believe there was a hell etc, but what really got me was when i asked about Jesus i was told he was an ascsnded master called sananda. they never discredited God, only Jesus . ask them who Jesus is and see what they tell you , want to see who they really are, renounce all activity with them. you dont believe in the biblical God or satan but they do . i cant make you do anything , all i can say is can you afford to be wrong? i couldnt, there is only one way, and that way is the Lord Jesus Christ. not sananda , i know you are searching because in each of us is a measure of faith, you might say no, but i know where you are because i was there. ive been where you are. whether you want me to or not i will be praying for you , i will pray that The God of creation will show you who he is , we have all doubted, i have that is for sure, may you be shown who these so called light beings are.
      2Co 11:14 And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.
      2Co 11:15 Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their works.
      i have had many experiences with them , too many to count, i felt the same as you about them , they would show themselves to me and show up in pictures and show their craft , what i called them were rainbow light ships , because they looked just like that , it is deception and they will show you anything to keep you hooked. its all about keeping humanity away form the savoir of the world , Jesus of Nazareth , he paid the price for all of our sins, Jesus is knocking at your door.

  19. Well, if that is true, then why has it all stopped since I moved away from Arizona? The story I posted here was just a dream.

    • Well Jennifer, they’ve planted the seed for whatever reason, see the different reactions, you impressed by the display yet unmoved in your beliefs, whereas others attach a new meaning and turn to Christianity – very interesting!

  20. Pardon me? Unmoved in my beliefs? My beliefs couldn’t be more definitive.

  21. Jennifer,
    you said you were a Christian yet you said you dont believe in the biblcal God or satan, how is that? just trying to figure out where you stand. i do have one question for all on here that have had paranormal and alien experiences. how many of you have had near death expperiences? it seems that many many who have had experiences and who were sensitive or intuitive as i was most of my life, you know that knowing things, some call psychic etc? well i must say that all of that is gone for me and i dont now who is calling on the phone any more for example because i asked that it all be taken away if its not from my Father in heaven , the only thing that remains is discernment from the holy spirit. one other thing, someone made a comment about the links i posted being Christian men, nick redfern is a secular researcher and not Christian but what he has uncovered about the collins elite and what we really battles against us is not flesh and blood,
    thank you all for continuing this conversation
    the only way to stop abduction is calling on Jesus of Nazareth

    • Hi Lynne
      I thought Jennifer has been flying and waving the flag of atheism which obviously means there’s no place in her belief system for Christianity or God. Be that as it may, I have read your story and I do believe you had a traumatic time, however I do believe you are going overboard by hoping telephone calls are from the Heavenly Father. This Earth has been bestowed upon us by GOD, with provision for us to live abundantly and to not virtually lock ourselves in a Christian corner foresakiing all else. This life is for the living and,I believe the God within us all is rearing to experience this wonderous world without fear. 🙂

  22. lol, that pretty funny, i didnt check what i wrote , but leave it to someone to totally take what i said and turn it around. i meant in prev comment , i used to know things , like who was calling on phone, all of that is gone now, and i dont want anything like these so called abilities, i only want discernment from God!! as i read what i wrote , you just want to make fun , because its clear im not saying getting phone calls from God. shame on you for making fun.

    • 🙂 🙂 🙂 I’m sure you know Lynne, you don’t need the gadget called a telephone to converse with God as we all have a direct line by our very ‘conscious’ nature with God the ‘ultimate consciousness’.

  23. i would never think that a phone has anything to do with conversing with God . this was a mistunderstanding effected by what i wrote . please give this a rest ,

    • The point I was making without stipulating it, goes deeper than the ‘phone’ issue. In my opinion an intermediary of any sort is superfluous, just being ‘consciously’ alive is the direct link.

  24. your father in heaven is pleased with you Lynne. God bless you.

    • thank you Mike , my Father in Heaven is the only one that i want to please. thank you for your encouragement and kind words.
      God bless you

    • Amen!!!!!!!

  25. Just watching Alien Interviews… and I should tell you as a medical professional, NO medically trained person would approach a living being/animal/alien in respiratory distress the way it shows in the tape. Not an EMT/Nurse/MD/PA/or NP. It’s a fake.

  26. Pat, no I haven’t..what is it about?

    • As you may know, the late Zecharia Sitchin is distinguished from other authors and researchers for his ability to read Sumerian clay tablets and other ancient texts. In the ‘ Lost Book of Enki ‘, he has compiled the complete story of the part played by the Anunnaki’s(ufo occupants) in the creation of modern man and their impact on human civilisation from fragments scattered throughout parts of the Middle East. And from my view point, I found more clarification and acceptance of the story of the creation of mankind particularly, with our present knowledge of scientific advances in genetics, the planetary system in our solar system and other areas.

      This book, though hard reading because translation is in biblical english, should be read by all thinking people who have sought answers of our existence.

      • I wouldn’t pay attention to any of those books if i were you Pat

        • I strongly disagree, I have read some of them and I think they are fascinating

          • Yeah they might be, but they open doors to the demonic. If that’s what you want, go right ahead.

          • They are books. Information. Knowledge and thought. If any doors are opened they are opened to learning and information – not to demons. I don’t think demons have need of books for them to act. But one thing I think they need and what they thrive on is ignorance. I just dont think that closing ones eyes to information and knowledge can lead to any spiritual enlightenment or freedom. Ignorance only leads to darkness. – I am talking in general terms here I am not calling anyone ignorant though all of us are to one extent or the other.

            I have read numerous of Sitchin’s books. I have seen or felt nothing at all demonic in any of it.

  27. I used to research the nephilm, Demons.. the different ranks they are at and i used to get attacked at night at least 4 times a week… As soon as i stopped showing interest in that stuff it stopped. That is my experience.

    • Sitchins books arent about demons. Primarily, they are about the Ancient Sumerians and their legends and beliefs about extraterrestrials as well as other ancient mysteries that seem to indicate an influence upon human beings from extraterrestrials

    • Goodness Gracious Sinner!!
      What did your research find out about the nephilim? The Christian bible is very clear in its naming of them and it certainly isn’t demons. Alien UFO Truth Seeker is quite right – open your mind and try to absorb information which has been well researched for human consumption. I believe some christian sects have manufactured and disseminated information which suits them and that is dangerously mind constricting.

  28. sounds interesting

    • Here is a quick rundown of Zechariah Sitchin and what he thought about it (and what was recorded by the Ancient Sumerians thousands of years ago) –

    • You are obviously interested in the subject, why not extend your knowledge on this very interesting topic by taking another route other than your present and read one (any) of Zechariah Sitchin’s
      books – if you are a reader and seeker of the truth – give it a bash and you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

  29. Not eating meat is necesary for our vibration to rise.. you are wrong.. Gods orignal commandment pre kjv said not to eat meat of any kind.. Abraham was a vegeterian.. Zoroaster was a vegan

    The others parts sound like youre are schizo

    • Hi,
      Initially, early mankind survived on a vegan diet, however, after the fall of mankind, see in Genesus, God told Adam and Eve to eat the flesh of grass eating animals and He even instructed them on how to prepare the meat before consuming cooking and eating the meat. Very important instruction was to drain all the blood out of the animal before cooking and eating it. A well grilled piece of steak or lamb chop not only smell very appetizing, but tastes delicious – however make sure it is well cooked and not rare – pink or still red in the centre as is being served and eaten these days – that is offputting – yhak!

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