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I don’t really have any experiences other than a couple odd things here and there that make me wonder and then after some time passes I just completely blow off as nothing.

I do have a memory of when I was a kid maybe 8 or 9 years old sitting at home by myself and somehow I knew that there was a time lapse or that I was missing a short period of time but other than that nothing BIG has ever happened. I had some serious bedtime anxiety issues for a LONG time but not so much anymore.

I have experienced a couple of sleep paralysis issues in my late teens and early 20s. One time as I was falling asleep I had felt static feeling over come my body once and then what I only describe is some type of suction and it felt like it was attempting to pull me out. I was very aware of what was happening but My body would not move and it was terrifying. All I could do was fight to stay inside myself with every ounce of will power that I could get. Eventually what seemed like eternity I could feel the suction weaken and die off and I was able to wake up. I was afraid to go back to sleep for a few days!

To be fair… most of these things have happened during a very stressful time period in my life though. I have once or twice thought I have seen odd things in the sky that don’t make much sense but I always just figure that I’m sure it can be explained.

I constantly second guess myself. Sometimes I don’t know if these are just medical or mental type issues or something more. Every now and then I like to do some reading or watching documentaries on both on UFO/Aliens and psychology. I find them both fascinating.

I am also interested in some of Pat’s theories that I have read in here.


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  1. I have had a out of body experience at 19. I saw static also when that happened. I Felt something pull my body out. You were having a OBE. I felt and saw static. I have had that happen and also UFO experiences. The OBE was really scary and I could not will body to stay inside me. It terrified me. Something I did triggered it I think. I was sinning . a Teen I as sleeping with my bf and smoking pot on occasion. After the OBE about 1 week later my 17 year old brother died in a car accident. I think the OBE showed me their was life after death. The OBE was scary and I was propelling up on the ceiling all night. I looked down and saw my body below me. I could not command my soul to go back into my body. I screamed and my bf did not hear me. My soul floated and I saw the room below me. I floated all night and The light of day. My soul finally went back into my body.

  2. LOL Carri, I’m not surprised at your experience after smoking pot, I understand it’s mind blowing obiously – these drugs are meant to take you to places (in your mind), where most of the sane couldn’t envisage – *flying with the fairies*. It was probably an OBE induced by the drug and only brought you down to earth as it wore off. Lol – hopefully, that should teach you a lesson to keep away from these drugs.

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