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I wanted to share an experience I had last night that really has me questioning whether or not my bedroom has some sort of a portal. This will be my second entry to this site and you can find my story titled Sleep Paralysis and Encounter.

All day yesterday I had a really bad headache, I didn’t take any medication because for some reason nothing seems to help me. The pain kept me up all night until around 2:00 am when I was finally starting to feel drowsy, I heard a ringing/siren sound in my head and I couldn’t move my whole body. Small hands grabbed my legs and another set of hands were over my face. I opened my eyes and saw a “grey” or the description of one because the color of the being was a slight Brown/Orange. It had the same huge head and eyes, the eyes blinked but not like a human would. The only way I could explain it is like a reptile (no eyelids). Believe it or not I wasn’t frightened, for some reason I heard in my head that they were trying to ease the pain I had all day.

They shined this weird instrument into my eyes; the light was extremely bright and silvery and caused my whole head to vibrate. Once they were done, one disappeared into the wall and the other into the ground. My body was released and I sat up in bed blinking and seeing slight bright silver light. I also want to tell you that the pain I had all day was completely gone.

I don’t know what to make of this, I know that some scientist define Sleep Paralysis as still being in a dream state. I cannot come to terms with that, I mean seriously all my experiences were so detailed and I was fully conscious and aware of my surroundings. I also believe they have a way of freezing time, because my boyfriend was sleeping right next to me and he didn’t move a muscle when there was noise being made.

Has anyone had the same experience?

Sent in by K, Copyright 2011

  1. Interesting. Once again, one feels there is a big question mark against scientists claim about sleep paralysis.

  2. sounds like demons to me.

  3. What immediately struck me ws how you also found your partner to be so deeply asleep that he wasnt awoken even by the sound. Whoever the visitors are, this is what ‘they’ usually do, it seems like you cant wake your partner no matter what, which is why these experiences arent often witnessed by others who are there at the same time. I still dont know who ‘they’ are, where they come from, and just how they come into our homes etc so easily, but one thing I have learned over the years is that scientists, with all due respect to them, most certainly do NOT have all the answers, and especially on the subject of encounters and what we experience during what so many of them dismiss as simply sleep paralysis.

  4. Evil can take on many different forms. Many people are starting to beleive that these little greys or browns and all other types of beings that have been labeled as ET are actually ID or interdimensional. We have gone through several long discussions on this site about the uncanny likenesses between ETs and the demonic most notably ETs being fallen angels. When 1/3 of the angels fell from Heaven they retained the angelic powers given to them by God. They are beings of spirit and have tremendous powers of light and capabilities to cause people to have vivd visions so detailed that they would swear that they were real, just like Paul went through with the angel of God when t showed him what he would write in Revelations, very detailed and out of this world stuff, even more detailed and out of this world that most abductions are. When God created the angels and then man, God put the angels in charge to watch over us as His prized possessions and He loves us with a love that does not end. Many angels felt shorted having to be our babysitters per se when they had been with God so long. The fallen angels hatred for manis as deep as God’s angels love for us. The end all in all this is what Jesus did for us on the cross. There are many document cases of alien abduction that have been ended abruptly by calling on the name of Jesus, might I say in all my reading experience it has been the only solution to end abductions and if one continues to seek Jesus they do not continue once the person has made a definitive commitment to follow Him. I don’t want to cause any arguments just stating what I have read over the last 5 years almost daily. If I were a betting man, my money is on aliens being none other than the fallen angels and their minions.

    • Hello jk,
      Have just read your input/comments of 7 March and am still unconvinced of this malarkey that Jesus sacrificed his life for all past/present and future sins of mankind in order that we can have eternal life after death with God the Father. This is all so ridiculous! Who concocted these reasons for Christ’s implantation on this Earth and eventual death? Let us look at the activities of Jesus as stated in the gospels and clinically assess the real reasons why He was killed. According to Josephus (a scribe during the period in question), Jesus was a political activist and agitator resulting in periodic mob violence which had to be quelled by the Roman authorities and, the perpetrators – Jesus and his apostles had always escaped the clutches of the authorities, leaving the stirred unruly mob to face the consequences. All of these activities were deliberately omitted in the New Testament by the authors – Matthew, Mark, Luke and John obviously for reasons best known to themselves and, I suspect gather millions of people into the Christian fold so they could be controlled. Did Jesus say the reason I was born into this world was to antagonise the authorities, get myself arrested and violently killed because that is the only way all sinful mankind will be saved. What a load of boloney! Sorry jk, I am not convinced at all.

      • I have to agree with you here. Another point I wanted to address to JK is if (and I use the word loosely as I don’t believe it to have an ounce of truth) these beings are demons, why in the world would they take away her pain? Wouldn’t they enjoy the suffering she was going through?

        • Because they believe in order to win you over, demons will deceive you in any way possible and, probably relieving your suffering would fall in the category of deception. I agree with you Diana – I don’t buy that view, I would call it spiritual healing in the true sense of the word.

        • I somehow feel compelled to give an account of an experience I had many years ago. I have no explanation as to who/what was responsible for what happened, yet I still marvell and am to this day in awe.

          I developed a toothache which was so excruciating at times that for weeks I was unable to effectively carry out my duties at work. I had made an appointment with my dentist and, closer to the date of the appointment – three days before, I found I couldn’t sleep at all as no pain killers taken had the slightest affect on the pain – resulting in a throbing ear ache, swollen right cheek and neck glands. As I lay in bed – wide awake not having slept at all (the time being 2.30am) and knowing it wasn’t possible to fall asleep, I decided come 8.00a.m., I would head straight to the dentist as an emergency patient instead of going to work. Having made that decision, I lay in bed, wide awake, in the dark, when I became aware of the sound of footsteps outside walking along the dark lane at the back of the building. I thought at that time of night – in a dark lane, it had to be an opportunist thief. I listened to the sound of the footsteps getting louder as this person was approaching and to my utter shock, the footsteps continued through the wall and into the bedroom, the footsteps were most definitely that of a man. He walked around my room mate’s bed (she was fast asleep) and, I was so shocked and frightened that I shut my eyes tightly as I didn’t want to see anything. He proceeded to walk around the foot of her bed and in between our two beds and stopped at my bedside. I held my breath wishing I had pulled the bed-clothes over my head when I realised what was happening. Within seconds of him being at my bedside, I felt a circle of heat only around my head and I remember thinking – OMG what is he doing to me?

          In the morning whilst brushing my teeth, I realised for the first time in weeks, I didn’t have a toothache, then remembered what had happened in the very early hours of that morning. I knew whatever this ‘being’ had done to me had put me to sleep instantly and also eradicated the awful toothache for the next three days until my dental appointment. My dentist found I had an absess and proceeded to extract my tooth. He said to me ‘you must have been in agony’, I replied – “not for the past three days” and he looked visibly shocked, but I didn’t tell him what happened as he most definitely would’ve thought I was cookoo.

          Just think about this incident, I was a random person in Africa amongst billions of people living on this Earth and, yet some ‘being’ (which had the ability to go through a solid wall), was aware I was in such pain and felt the need to visit little me and help me. This incident along with many others which i’ve had, have convinced me there are all knowing/unseen entities/ forces around, which do help/intervene in our lives. Why I was selected is a mystery as there are millions of people who are in pain and yet haven’t received this sort of intervention.

          Does anyone have an idea what this means or who/what this being is/was?

        • At last, someone comes up with the “right” aenswr!

  5. I used to get migraines after sightings in Arizona.

    • Mm m m – not good – perhaps negative after-effect.

  6. All I can say is that I used to get migraines after sightings routinely in Arizona.

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