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Extraterrestrial Contact or Over Active Imagination?

I’ve found myself drawn to the paranormal since I was in third grade. However, I feel my relationship to it has lasted much longer. I have a memory that has never left me from when I was three that makes me wonder if it was the root of it all.

I remember waking up suspended in the air. I do not remember being carried by any entities, or simply suspended without anything actually holding me. I was in my room, and I remember being able to see light out the window (it was late at night). I was able to jump down from whatever it was that was holding me, and I ran into my parents’ room. I laid there, looking down the hall waiting for something to walk out of my room before finally falling asleep.

This memory has stuck with me since, and has made me wonder about another incident that occurred in my life when I was 14. I had walked outside around 8 at night and noticed a light in the sky where I had never noticed one before. Two hours later I went outside to feed my dog, and I noticed the light again. However, this time, it started to move. Before I knew it, it was above me. It was just a single light, a bit larger than the stars, but clearly high up in the air. For some reason, I completely freaked out. I lost five minutes or so (Not from abduction, but from some form of panic attack). When I came to, I was sitting in the utility room of my parents’ house with mud all over the floor that I must have tracked in during my “fit”. It was after this point that I found myself unable to sleep in my bed. Instead, I would put blankets on the floor next to my bed and sleep there. This lasted for several months, but finally I was able to sleep in my bed once again. During the aftermath of this situation, my parents took me to a psychiatrist, where I was subjected to numerous tests. I also had to undergo an MRI, drug test, and some test that is done to detect epilepsy. They all came back fine.

A year or so later, I was staying at my dad’s house in the country. I was sitting on his truck’s tailgate at night, and, for some reason, felt the need to try and “contact” other “beings” with my mind. I remember closing my eyes, attempting to visualize an entity in some form of spacecraft, and “summoning” them to me. I admit it’s odd, and I’m not really sure why I chose to do this. However, after about fifteen minutes of concentration, I opened my eyes and noticed it seemed a bit brighter. I looked up to see a huge light above me, much bigger than the light I had previously seen. I once again freaked out, and another round of sleeping on the floor began.

I have since moved away from my parents’ home and live alone in an apartment in a mid-size Texas town (as opposed to the country where both my mom and dad have their homes). I have had no odd occurrences except for seeing a UFO that was seen by many, many people.

I’m not sure what was going on when I was younger, and I’m not sure what will happen when I’m older. However, I felt the need to share my story and hear the thoughts of others. Thank you for your time.

Sent in by James Monroe, Copyright 2011

  1. sounds like in your bed you did see something. you possibly thought about it with your mind because something was already there in your room. These things pop in and out of our dimension. so the both houses had something going on. also the community seeing the ufos shows that there was something in that area. these things or entities, alien, demons what ever you call them come in and out of our world. they are in another dimension. Something in that area, or community and where your parents reside is a gateway or way that they are coming into our world. kinda like a haunted house there are portals where spirits pop in and out of this world, from another dimension. The UFOs do the same thing.

  2. I believe you may have been chosen for clandestine observation by ‘them’. If your recollection when you were three years old was not imagined, who knows, they may have implanted a homing device somewhere on your person OR you may have been selected to spread the word. There’s no doubt in my mind, ‘they’ are able to blend into our minds – that is, if you are selected.

  3. I have also had strange memories and situations that make me feel I have had contact before. I have a massive amount of trauma and have always been interested in the phenomenon. A couple of months ago I had a dream that I was with them and I started crying, I was finally admitting to someone that I had been abducted as a child, I was crying without being able to stop, it felt good to cry, to finally have it out in the open, it felt like a huge weight off my shoulders, then I woke up. I have had dozens of “dreams” where I interact with different alien species. I don’t think it’s just my imagination, there is something going on, and I’m curious and also frightened to know more, but I keep searching for answers.

    • Well Viv, you are still with us-unhurt. Just as a matter of interest, do you read or watch science fiction movies with different types of aliens or do you spend much time thinking about the alien possibilites? If so, that could be the reason why you dream about them alot and why not – they seem to have the ability to enter and manipulate our minds at will. What does it all mean? Some people claim to have spoken to them (ETs) and been advised on this, that and everything else. The big question is – do we ‘really’ believe these people? There is always a big question mark in our minds and strangely even when credible people collectively claim to have witnessed a spectacular UFO display, for some reason or another, there is always a measure of doubt – Why do we find it difficult to fully embrace the real possibility of their existence?

      • Pat – I do find myself doing “research” on the phenomenon. But I started the research in an attempt to find answers about my experiences, not the other way around. Obviously imagination probably plays I big role here, I am not dismissing that. But I can’t completely deny the validity of my experiences either. That would be like denying that I am writing to you right now. I don’t understand it, and that’s OK. I think our egos are so afraid to see a bigger reality that we do all we can to ignore all of the “proof” out there. Have you had any experiences ET/OBE/ESP, etc that give you the feeling that there might be a bigger truth out there than what appears?

        • Hi Viv,
          Can I say categorically that I witnessed ETs? – the answer is no. Have I had realistic “dreams” of them – the answer is yes and have to say I do read up on this topic alot and that could account for the dreams.

          Have I had OBE? – not sure and if so, not intentionally as once again the ‘dream’ word seems to play some part and poses a ‘?’.

          ESP is all about heightened awareness and have to say without a doubt, this aspect has been a part of me from very young and has intensified once I realised it was there. The concept still intrigues me.

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