Alien UFO Truth

Flying Saucer In Sioux City Iowa

One night November 1997 at 409 Fawcett St. in Sioux City, Iowa my friend his girl friend and I came out of the house and started to get in the car when we all noticed some thing right directly above the house. Three feet above a one story house plain as day a flying saucer. We were all shocked and amazed.

It hovered for enough time to just stare at and realize what we were looking at. Then all of a sudden it maneuvered a couple feet in one direction then another direction very fast like zip this way and zip that way. Then it took off not up but away.

So we all jumped in the car and chased after it until we came to a cliff and couldn’t go any further. We got out and looked into the sky. But no trace of the saucer.

We went back to the house to tell of our encounter but no one believed and laughed… but it was real and ever since then I wish to have another Encounter and I believe and seek knowledge about everything unknown.

Point me in the right direction.

Thank you for letting me share


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