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Is An Alien Presence Entering My Head?

For most of my life now I’ve known this realm not to be quite what it seems… Or perhaps I’m the one who’s not quite right?

I’ve had many ghostly?/physic/alien?/telepathic experiences.

The last few years I’ve been really researching the whole web relating to all this sort of stuff, and it’s pretty much all I think about for obvious reasons.

Anyways, it’s not been until fairly recent (few years) that I’ve been noticing something odd.

Basically it seems as if some ‘presence’ is entering my head & reading my thoughts.

I believe it to be from ships flying around above me. I can ‘feel’/hear them.

My most recent ‘scans’ were scary. In one morning they must have scanned my mind on 4 different occasions.

They fly over scan me, fly away, then return an hour/45 mins later and do it again.

It feels to me as if they know I know what they are up to. (As I have learnt to fight it). (I try to think numb repeating so thoughts). That seems to make them go away quicker…(stay puff marshmallow man, stay puff marshmallow man etc, etc)

They do this and fly away, then if I think of alien faces/whatever they seem to clock it straight away and return for more ‘conditioning’.

It’s getting to the stage where it’s every time they are about…..(Clear skies some nights).

But who or what do I do about this… I don’t imagine it. It’s almost as if they have my card marked and they return time and time again.

I don’t feel heat or notice any beams… Nor feet to head. I feel ‘their’ presence’ arrive then they enter my mind.

Anyone? Help?


  1. Be very careful that this doesn’t become an obsession because it could feed your mind in a way which you become weird and spend much time in another world instead of spending time on earth’s ground. If you spend much of your time focusing on this phenomanon, you kinda isolate yourself from reality. Perhaps you should involve yourself in physical activities and more interaction with people who have their feet on the ground.

  2. There are so many possibilities as to the intention set forth. I have had 4 different aliens visit to not only observe my human experience but to let me know they are here and have helped me heal my mental thoughts from ego. I have so many thoughts as to what is taking place that I feel I’ve gone crazy. What I find to be true can be completely different to the next person in their personal experiences. However, if you ever feel unsafe then you should protect yourself! Let them know they are not welcomed to visit and to leave. I strongly believe that we are met with what we are ready to encounter, and yet there are still always going to be ones trying that we do not wish to. hope this helps!

  3. just prayer over this . in case of a possession. Be gone unclean spirit in the blood of Jesus Christ. these beings are advanced forms of demons.

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