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Is Remote Viewing Plausible?

Firstly I want to say that I am not in favor of the mainstream culture of Psychics and Telepathy etc., but I do believe that there is the possibility that some sort of phenomena or unknown science exists in the field of neuroscience and the conscious.

I will be talking about Remote Viewing and why it is possible that it could be a genuine thing. It all starts with Ingo Swann who is a self proclaimed psychic and a “Conscious Researcher”, During the 70s Swann and some other developed and experimented with early forms of Remote viewing at the Stanford Research Institute which prompted an interest from the CIA.

Project Star Gate

From 1978 to 1995 the CIA and US Army experimented and developed more advanced Remote Viewing methods under a program called the “Star Gate Project“.

During this time Ingo Swann conducted a number of Intelligence and Remote viewing missions involving viewing locations in outer space and on Earth.

Some tests or sessions did show negative results but strangely some did show plausible and positive results.

Before Stargate In 1973 6 Years before the NASA Pioneer 10 discovered that Jupiter had a ring in 1979, Swann had been given the task to Remote View Jupiter, during his session he described that he observed a ring around the planet as well as other anomalies, although some of the sessions observations were not entirely correct Swann managed to accurately describe and observe the ring which could just be mere coincidence or a genuine success.

The data was published and recorded by Stanford in order to show that it was conducted before a NASA discovery in case the observations were to be true.

During the Stargate Program itself a number of alleged successful missions during the cold war were said to have been conducted involving observing the location of a crashed Soviet Bomber in Zaire, Infiltration of the Soviet Security Counsel and the observation of a Soviet Typhoon submarine but these are not entirely confirmed.

Remote Viewing is a Discipline and a Process

Remote Viewing

Remote Viewing was simply not a process in which was completely fabricated by Swann and his team but is a discipline and process put together with studies conducted on the brain activity of legitimate subjects that show some form of credible psychic abilities, The remote viewing procedure is seen to have a number of methods and techniques involving controls and variables in order to purify and recieve credible scientific results.

The God Helmet Experiments

Other Conscious researchers such as Dr Michael Persinger (A neuroscientist and creator of the God Helmet) showed interest in Remote viewing and Ingo Swann in which he actually conducted an experiment with, the experiment monitored the brain activity of Swann which did show bipolar like switches in electric activity within Swanns brain, specifically around the temporal lobes, the same area that is stimulated to produce altered states of consciousness during the God Helmet experiments.

Skeptics and Remote Viewing

For a skeptic they might point out that Remote Viewing is not credible in this case as the Stargate Program was terminated in 1995 due to the reasons that it did not produce any major intelligence successes but just think that it would be strange for a Government organisation to run such a program for up to nearly 20 years if it did not show any potential or credible results which would be clear to see due to the paranormal nature of the program. Also logically if they did have successes with this sort of groundbreaking phenomena I doubt they would admit it for their own intelligence reasons.

Also the funny thing is that the use of Remote Viewing in the US Army did not end in 1995 as it was again used in the Iraq and Afghan wars in order to locate Targets, Osama Bin Laden included.

According to Major Ed Dames, a thrice decorated military intelligence officer and member of Stargate and the US Army RV program, A town in which Osama Bin Laden was temporarily located on the Afghan/Pakistan border in 2007 was remote viewed and was genuinely found to have contained Osama after the observation had been dismissed and doubted, Ed Dames said that it was never acted upon as command doubted its legitimacy or did not act in order to prolong the war.

Even though Stargate was terminated in 1995 the US Army and Government continued to show interest and activity in Remote Viewing which is interesting.

Remote Viewing and Astral Projection

Also other forms of Remote Viewing induced through Astral Projection have been experimented with and have shown credible results even with the presence of successful replication experiments.

The experiments I am talking about involved an image on top of a shelf in a pitch black room in which a subject would sleep in and perform an astral projection in order to accurately observe and describe the photo the next morning.

Both tests were successful and all aspects of discrepancies such as standing on the bed in the night to look at the photo or sneaking in a collapsible mirror and light in order to see the image were ruled out with controls.

As of now I cant remember the name of the scientists or experiments but when I find them I will edit them into the post.

Paranormal is More than Ghosts and Spirits

Unfortunately the area of Paranormal Sciences, Metaphysics and Psychic abilities has been greatly misrepresented by frauds looking to make money or entirely irrational New Age Concepts that repel genuine scientific acknowledgement and exploration within the subjects as well as fuel skeptics and collective negative outlooks on these topics.

I personally believe that there are many things to do with the mind that we are yet to understand or be aware of, As some would say we are still decoding the mind and the mind is the Final Frontier.

Nikola Tesla

I believe the field of Remote Viewing is not confirmed but is plausible with its fair amount of genuine evidence and could be looked into deeper in order to come to a final conclusion.

As Nikola Tesla once said

“The day science begins to study Non Physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all previous centuries of its existence”

which I extremely agree with. People tend to think that Paranormal is exclusive to ghosts and spirits which is entirely wrong as it is just something that has not been discovered or explained with our current scientific fields as of yet.

And the paranormal doesn’t always have to refer to some sort of supernatural religious power that cannot be understood or controlled as I believe that everything can be explained through scientific means, it is just down to how much faith and commitment we put into it in order to achieve it as we will never learn anything about the rational metaphysical concepts if we dismiss and never explore them scientifically at all.

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  1. One gets the impression ‘Remote Viewing’ as is cited in this article is done via the astral travel mode. I have read many books on the subject and for those who are on board with the spiritual aspect of human beings, this idea could/would be plausible even though they have not had the actual ‘remote viewing’ experience.

    With reference to Osama Bin Laden in Afghanistan/Pakistan, I understand remote viewing was done via satellite tracking – by zooming in on sites and individuals which/who were identified as Obama associates – via ground intelligence.

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