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Is this a UFO in the UK?



This one of my best submissions to date! Also one of, if not THE most interesting photo I have ever taken.

I have recently written to telling of my unusual experiences with police/military helicopter activity in my hometown, Wordsley.

Only yesterday (20th August 2010) at 13:51 we were once again disturbed by choppers screaming around the sky, except this time it was directly above our home! This may sound crazy but I’m beginning to wonder if they’re observing me. I was feeding our baby son Kayden in our house when from nowhere we heard the roar of helicopters (again!). I walked outside and there were two black and yellow choppers about two streets away from our estate. I went to get my camera to take a few pictures, to see what may occur.

At one point I actually panicked because after taking several shots the chopper descended approx. 100 feet over our house! I had the feeling they had seen me taking photos and were trying to intimidate me. I went back inside and after about 10 minutes the helicopter faded into silence.

Later on I downloaded the snaps to my PC, in many of them I found ‘unexplainable’ items, but one photo (attached here) I found something that blew me away! Right above our home where the helicopter had been in previous shots, there is a white ‘morphing’ anomaly. I think that I have captured something moving so rapid that instead of a blur, I have caught it in several stages of transit. Please let me know what you think of this picture.

Thanks, Col Foster.

Is this a UFO in the UK?

Is this a UFO in the UK?

  1. Hi people, im the guy who submitted this amazing photo! Has anyone got anything to comment? I hope someone will have some answers, cheers, Col.

  2. It looks like a white cloud to me. I often see little clouds like that. Do you have more shots of the thing?

  3. looks like a bird to me but . . .. if you have a clearer picture that will be fine too

  4. How far above your home is that ‘thing?’
    If it’s a bird, then it’s a big bird, and I’m sure you would have seen it flapping about.
    I don’t know, you said it was moving. If it wasn’t too high, it couldn’t have been a cloud, either.
    How far up was it in the sky?

  5. At first glance it looks like a small dense cloud but when you look at the surrounding clouds which are spaced out and lighter, it’s quite obviously a huge object much closer to the ground than the clouds. Most definitely an unexplained UFO.

  6. Hi again people, i estimate it to be about 50 to 75 feet above the ground! So maybe 40 feet above my house. I dont have any more photos of this ‘subject’ im afraid. I only wish i did. If only id had my camera set to photo burst (you know when you can take 4 to 7 photos at once). Trust me this is no cloud! In such a clear sky i would have instantly noticed a distinct ‘weird’ cloud formation as this. Its no bird either or bug, no bird i know (and im an amateur ornotholigist)can move rapid enough to produce such an image. I kindly challenge anyone to show me a bird identical to this UFO. I dont know if im allowed to leave my email address, for anyone interested in asking me more questions, il find out if i can, and maybe leave my email addy if anybodys asks me to. Polite regards, Col Foster. P.S would it be possible to add an option (here) for people to leave a reply personally to another person? Like a reply option under each message? Thanks

  7. Well, if it’s that close to your house, then it very well could be a UFO morphing. I wouldn’t be surprised because if they have technology to go between galaxies, then I’m sure they can have a ‘cloaking device.’

    I’ve seen two definite UFO’s, a couple not too sure. So it really quite possibly could be one! I’d be a little nervous it’s above my home, though! 🙂

    • Sunny, you are quite right about a cloaking device which these beings use to obscure vision of their craft. and, I believe they can disappear instantly through whatever technological means at their disposal. The cloud or misty cloak which they use has been reported in many personal stories and books which are written about so-called UFO, these vehicles are able to generate a cloudy mist around themselves giving an appearance of a cloud in the sky (what a perfect cloak of concealment). I once read, if you see one isolated dense little cloud in a totally blue sky on a perfect warm day, chances are it is a UFO using its shield. Food for thought!

      • Hello Pat. That is very intereting. I take my camera everywhere w/ me, so next time i see such an isolated cloud i will be snapping away. Heres food for thought.. you know when you see those (normally black & yellow) helicopters hovering in the sky? We tend to think they are chasing criminals, i know different. In many cases they are military ‘helis chasing away/intimidating UFOs. You think im crazy? The next time you see this happening be sure to take as many photos as possible of the chopper. Dont zoom in too close, you need to have plenty of sky surrounding the heli. When u load all these photos to your PC, be sure to be thorough with your screen searching. You may well be pleasantly surprised with what you find! Go on, what you got to lose? Col

    • Hi Sunny: Yeah, it is a little nerving to think that ‘these things’ are so close! However i believe ‘they’ are monitoring us constantly, except they are normally cloaked. My camera actually captured this one!

  8. Col:
    Is there anyway you can post the pictures of the helicopters and surrounding areas?
    Next time I see one, I’m going to check all over the sky and see if I see anything.
    Don’t have a cam, though. But I have eyes!

    • Hi Sunny, my laptop is being repaired. Using a spare one now. When i get my other one back i will try and find the heli’s & surrounding areas for you. You really need to get a camera. Mine is a Samsung PL100 12.2 mega pixel. The reason you NEED a camera is because when the helicopters appear and start hovering, you will obviously see the Heli’s BUT you wont be a able to see the UFOs (because they will be in stealth/ cloaked/ invisible to naked eye). However if you have a decent digi camera (7 mega pixel or more) your camera will pick up many unknows, often CLEAR UFOs! You will struggle to see them in the camera view finder (too small). So when you upload the photos to your laptop, you slowly search the screen. You maybe very, very pleasantly surprised at what you find. Good luck, Col*

      • Only recently I read a story recounted by a gentleman who was fishing with a number of friends in the sea. He claims his companions had been casting their fishing rods on the right hand side of the boat but caught no fish at all, whereas he decided to cast his rod on the left hand side of the boat and pulled out dozens of good size fish. He claims he cast his hook which went about 20feet up in the air and some distance away when his hook hit something metallic 20 feet up in the air making a loud clanging sound and fell straight down. The air space was clear with no visible object whatsoever, whatever his hook struck 20 feet up in the air was invisible to them all and was heard by all of those present. It’s as you say, we’re being observed by beings who are able to shield themselves from us.


    Hi Pat, thats a very interesting report. Any chance you could send me the link to this story? I would appreciate it. This may, in turn be of interest to you. Just click the link above. Cheers Col*

    • Hi Col Foster, I read so many stories on the paranormal on a daily basis and don’t always save the link and, sorry on this particular story I didn’t think to save the link, it reminded me about another story which was recounted by a man somewhere in the U.S. who, after a hard days work sat on a deck chair on his verandah relaxing and having a smoke. He flicked his cigarette stub in front of him and was shocked when it struck something invisible about 3 to 4 feet away from him and fell straight down on the floor vertically.

  10. Are you having me on Lol, the film clip of the ball being kicked is perfectly normal – nothing unusual Ha Ha Ha!

    • Hi Pat, really look, I didn’t see it for quite a while, but when you really look, when the ball is high it comes down at a kind of weird angle. I thought it was bullocks at first, but I kept replaying it, then went on the youtube version, and someone pointed it out that it seems to hit something and come down at a non-gravitational angle from whence it came.

      If I was sitting somewhere and threw my cig and it bounced back, I’ll probably *%@Z!!! But you know what, I’va had things “move” around my house, and also things appearing that I have no idea where it comes from. Could they be doing that, too? But the real question, WHY?

      • Hi Anonymous, had another look at the football film clip and still cannot see anything spectacularly unusual and I say that because skilled footballers are able to kick a ball in such a way where it dips suddenly, it has always facsinated me to see these skills.

        • Hello Pat, im not sure if these lads qualify as ‘skilled football stars’, theyr’e only in some weak very low division. I dont think ive EVER seen a footy player posses skills this dramatic. It appears to me that the ball does hit something invisible and blatantly deflect at a sharp degree downwards. This may be one of those times where we just have to ”agree to disagree”. Col*

  11. Did you hear about the bizzare story in China? The Qinling Mountain village with its inhabitants disappeared overnight 2 days ago on 13 October 2010 at approx 4am. after a number of UFOs were seen above with rotating lights. Apparently, a large number of chinese troops have sealed off the area. There are reports that this story may have been leaked by fengchuan network which may be a hoax.

  12. Hi Pat, that story of the guy flicking his cigarette stub, that bounced off an invisible object is intiguing! Can you tell me where i can read the full report? It just goes to show doesnt it, that these beings are literally right under our noses watching our moves. I guess they’re studying & monitoring us, the way we monitor animal species.

    • Hi Col Foster, You’re in luck the story about the four friends in the North Sea fishing for mackerel can be found on the paranormal website ‘Your True Tales – September 2010’ The title of that particular story is ‘Invisible barrier at Sea’. And I think the story about the cigarette stub would be on the same website either August, September or October 2010. This website is quite facsinating, people from all over the world submit their true extraordinary paranormal stories and every month one is able to read dozens of new stories. If one has the time, one can go back 10 years and read these true personal stories some of which involve ufos.

  13. Hi:
    Think about the stuff that has happened to you in the past, the weird stuff that you kind of put in the back of your mind. . . You know, you’ll come up with some pretty strange stuff that you might wonder, what was that about!!! But after a while you just, like I said, put it in the back of your mind.

    And, you know, if you think about it, you do go on whether or not this strange stuff happens, As they say, life goes on.
    Just food for thought.

  14. Let’s be serious, it looks like a kite. I can’t believe anyone would even think this is a UFO.

  15. Hi Connor. Its no kite. Im not here to waste my time or anyone elses time my friend. This thing was not visible to the naked eye, yet it appeared in the camera view-finder. Maybe it was in another dimension, i am not intellectual enough to understand. I dont know what else to say. This ‘thing’ was somehow there. Thanks Col

    • I wouldn’t go as far by saying it’s from another dimension. That idea just sounds crazy, no offence, It’s shaped like a kite. Can you not see?

      • Hi Connor:
        I understand, and I do see the resemblance that it could be a kite.
        I am going on blind faith that it isn’t. I do believe in UFO’s because I have seen them. I sincerely believe & hope that the Colonel isn’t trying to pull a prank on us. If so, then it’s on him.

        But I don’t think so. I have seen them (UFOs) and other strange things. We have to look outside of the box, or we will see nothing but what’s in it.


        • Hello Sunny, you are right to have faith in me, like ive said before i have better things to do than make hoaxes and tell lies. I am a family man with a sincere interest in UFOlogy. I have captured many strange airbourne things on camera that cant be explained. This is one of the best! What have i got to gain by hoaxing? Theres no financial profit or fame. This weird thing was above my house and it freaks me out! I took several photos of the same place and the anomaly was only in this one picture. Its difficult to come on here and share stuff like this, for fear of ridicule.Im glad you (Sunny) believe me. Thanks

        • Hi. I’m not saying Col is a liar at all. I’m just saying what it looks like to me. After all a UFO doesn’t necessarily have to be alien, at least I don’t think.

      • Hi Connor, of course this subject sounds crazy! Its ‘alien’ to us, excuse the punn. It all sounds crazy, animal & human mutilations, abductions, alien craft travelling at unexplainable speeds and going invisible, aliens confronting our astronaughts on the moon and threatening us never to return!! and as far as we know we never did return. Interdimensional beings, it sounds crazy to me too, thats because its hard to believe but that doesnt mean its not true. I can assure you 100% that this wasnt a kite in my photo, i would have seen it. This thing appears to be morphing, like its in several places at once! It wasnt a kite, there had also been a heavy helicopter presence over my house. A little too close for comfort. I know the alien presence is real, its a fact and i believe that i inadvertantly captured a stealth UFO here.

        • Yeah it’s definitely not a kite if you describe it as “morphing”. Anyway, as you seem to have an interest in all this stuff I was wondering if you have heard about this case: It was in the 80’s and the BBC’s signal got jacked by an “alien”. It was warning us about something. Remember this is the 80’s so the technology to jack the BBC’s signal back then I doubt anybody had. You should search it up, it is very weird.

  16. Hi Connor, yes i know the the alien message you refer to, it was Vrillon talking. It was covered up (as usual) as a hoax! I believe and so do many professionals that this was a real alien warning. Heres the link:

  17. Thanks for sharing. I never knew about this. Real or fake, it’s a great message, and so utterly true. As you can see, we’re (the world) not taking it to heart (well, the leaders, who I think are pure evil, aren’t). I have very poor hopes for the world in the next few years, but I do believe we will prevail. The common man doesn’t want war, he wants peace, he wants to be able to live his life without any concerns.
    Sorry for my preaching rant. But I get so frustrated.

    • Hi Sunny, you’re not preaching, you make valid points which i agree with. Did you know that years ago (maybe 60’s or 70’s) a good alien race (human looking) met the US Gov and offered to help them solve ALL Earths problems, global warming, wars, pre warn us of Tsunami’s, earthquakes, volcano erruptions, floods etc, basically make Earth paradise! All they wanted in return was for us to destroy our nuclear weapons and our space programme (they were concerned we were gonna not only destroy Earth but pollute other planets!). The US Gov. refused this ”once in a lifetime’ offer off eternal peace and bliss. The ‘Visitors’ realised it was a waste of time talking to us, they felt we were Brutes & primitive and we were ‘hell-bent’ on war & destruction. They reluctantly left us feeling very sad for our future. As if that wasnt bad enough, another ET race made contact with US Gov. This was the ‘Greys’, they heard about us refusing to destroy our Nukes and the Greys knew we were primitive and immature. They offered us Technology we could only dream of!! In return all they wanted was to abduct 100 humans per year, (they had to ask permition because the Gov. had radar technology to ‘bring down’ the Greys craft!)the abductions were just to perform innocent harmless scientific experiments on us and return us safely. This became known as the ‘GREAT DECEPTION’!! The Greys in fact decieved us, they were abducting 100 humans a week! Also the technology they gave us was incomplete, so we couldnt use it effectively. In other words the ‘ripped us off’. By time the Gov. realised we had been lied to it was to late and we went to war with the Greys, this war continues today!! I think i got this info fairly accurate. I believe William Cooper leaked this top secret info, i will try and post the video. P.S Will Cooper was mysteriously found dead soon after leaking this info. Hope you find this of interest. Col

    • Hi Sunny, i have posted the vids, part 2 includes the alien/human meetings i referred to. Enjoy and happy new year Col

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