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Lake Serene UFOs

In the late 1990s, my good friend purchased a home in the country, about 45 miles outside of the city of Birmingham, Alabama. This area was way off the beaten path, a few homes and farms dotted the landscape along the side of a winding and hilly two lane black-top road, in some sections there was only forest. The home was located on a dead-end road, on the shore of a small lake, called Lake Serene. A few other homes were built around the lake, not so many that they were close together, but a few.

She moved out there in the Fall of the year, so the first Winter, when I visited, we spent time indoors. I helped her unpack, paint rooms, decorate, etc. By Spring we were happy to move our improvement making time to the outdoors; planting, weeding, and such. The home was two stories, as it was built on the side of a hill, it looked like one story from the front, in back it was two. There was a patio on the lower level, off the basement den, above the patio, across the entire back of the house was a deck, accessed by sliding doors from either the dining area or the upstairs den.

During the day in the Summer we would make use of the lower patio to stay out of the sun. At night, we would turn out the lights, to keep the mosquitoes and other night insects away, and sit on the deck. Not that there was very much to observe, an occasional splash in the lake of a fish or a frog, or the neighbors across the lake. Mostly we would just sit, chat and look at the night sky. As it was so very dark out there, with hardly any lights from homes or street lighting, the stars were very bright.

Our vantage point gave us a view that was of a great distance. Not only were we on a second level deck, we were on the top of a small mountain, and could see above the top of the treeline on the horizon below us. We had been sitting out there over several weekends, when we decided that an object that we had been watching was not a planet or a star. We decided that it was not a satellite, or a plane or a helicopter, or a weather balloon. We watched planes, both large and small, as they passed over us and under the “thing”. We were located between three airports, one large and two small ones, so we had a variety of planes to compare to the “thing”. It seemed that the “thing” was basically staying in the same place in the sky. As we watched it we could see that it was a spinning orb shaped object and had what looked like multi-color lights encircling its middle. The lights ranged from pinks,to blue,to green, to gold and white.

We watched and we watched. During the week we spoke on the phone and she would check on the “thing” and give me a status report. The “thing” was still there. Then one weekend while we were watching the “thing” it started to move about. It would move up, then down, then side to side, all about, then move back to it’s previous location in the sky.

“Whoa!” we said to each other. “Do you think that “it” knows we are watching “it”?” The last thing, either of us wanted, was to become someone on a talk show describing how; “I have been the victim of an alien abduction”, to an audience of dis-believers or believers, for that matter. We went inside a couple of times, but, had to go back out and watch the “thing” because we were so amazed and curious.

As we watched the “thing” “dancing” around, we were really surprised when we saw another one coming to join it. At first we thought the second one was our imaginations running wild.  It was really a second one, smaller than the original “thing”, but, the same orb shape with multi-color rings around the center. Then we see another one. Then another one. Then another. Until there were Five small orbs and one “Mother Ship”. They all danced about in the sky; up, down, right, left. When all at once, the small ones made a formation, and ZIP, ZIP, ZIP – all FIVE went aboard the “Mother Ship”! And it shot straight up into the air, to vanish in less than an instant! POOF! GONE!…

“WHOA!” We were amazed! Oh, my gosh! Had we really just seen that? Then a voice came out of the darkness, “You Girls see that?” Scared us to death! We had been so intent in our earnest discussion, we had not heard Mr. Armstrong, her neighbor, climbing the long stretch of wooden steps that brought him to the deck where we were.

“Oh, my goodness! Mr. Armstrong, you just about scared us to death!”

“Were you all watching that?” he asked, pointing to where it had just been.

“Yes! We saw it, we have been watching it. We can’t believe what we just saw. It had to be a UFO! Did you see it, too?”

“Oh, yes” he replied,” I saw it, I’ve been watchin’ it come and go, for YEARS.”

“FOR YEARS?!” we asked, “Really?”

“Oh, yes,” he assured us, “I have been sittin’ outside and watchin’ it for years. It has been comin’ and goin’ just like that for about as long as I have lived here; and that’s goin’ on about thirty years. Oh, well, I just wondered if you two saw it.” He chatted with us for a little longer and bade us good night. We were then nervous wrecks.

Time passed; days, weeks, then one day “It” was back! Shortly after that my friend sold her home and moved back into the city.

An interesting note; if you sit outside at night and gaze into the sky toward the west, where she used to live, you can still catch a glimpse of the “Thing” making a visit from time to time! I have noticed that researchers and observers have noted this type of UFO sighting at other locations. I am sure that there is more than one of these UFO’s studying us here on our planet.

We are not alone! We are not the only intelligent life forces! That, I am sure of. What about you?

Written by Camille Love, Copyright 2009

  1. Hey. I do not believe this at all. it sounds compleltly bogus. if this is true then why didnt you call the cops or researchers or someone. or go rent an expensive camera and take a few snap shots of it. Gosh.

  2. During the 30 years did they video it or take pictures something to have proof incase some day they will needed it. Did you take any pictures or videos on it to later look at it? It is sure incredible but hard to believe if you don’t see any proof or see it yourself. Not trying to say you did not see it but only you can tell. It would of been nice to have taken pictures and for us to see and make our own conclusion. Let me know if anything else happens. Do you see it every night? Does something changes and do they just do the same thing every night?

  3. Frankly, I don’t have any reason to “make-up” stories.Honestly now, this happened before regular people could afford the type of recording equipment one would need to record an image this small in the sky.
    Mr. Armstrong and his wife are simple country people who don’t have any “Tech”
    knowledge or experience. My friend and I were watching the sky for things like constellations and falling stars ,not UFOs, so, we were not sitting out with video eqipment. Neither of us even owns a video recorder. A still camera would not have captured this. Until the night that this incident occured we were not even sure what
    what we were watching.
    If you look at the clip on this site of ” The Greatest UFO Story Ever Denied”
    you would see why it is not that unusual of a tale.
    In fact my UFO story is so run of the mill, I was surprized that the site published it!
    Good Luck in broadening your horizens.

  4. I’ll have to go with “lizard” on this. If I knew I was going to see something like that more than once I’d have Fox news,Cnn,newspapers, definetly all of the ufo networks and anyone else I could think of out there with me, and If my friend didn’t like it, TOUGH! I’d go to the neighbor who saw it next door or anywhere close with the same site line and bring everyone, plus the best zoom cameras ever made. The kind that could see dust on a mites a** at that distance.

  5. I agree with Tony. It would of made history and stay recorded in history; at least you would of had some kind of evidence that something was out there.

  6. You should check out the little documentary under “Aliens” on this site
    called “The Greatest UFO Story Ever Denied”.
    You are welcome to pack up your super camera equipment and come on down.
    Tannehill State Park has a public camping ground; from there just point your cameras
    to the west.

  7. Are there any military bases in the area?

  8. Wow, you people call yourselves intelligent. it’s sad really, I believe you Camille. Is it really so hard to believe that life and intelligence can only appear in human form? And only here on Earth? And to be honest, if you had recorded this event people would still find some reason to down play it or pass it off as merely swap gas or some other rediculous natural phenomenon. Seriously, how dumb does our own government think we are? But in any case Camille, don’t let anyone make you believe your expeirences are nothing more than a frabication. We are not alone and never have been. I just wish that these beings would stop interfering in our affairs for their own benefits. You keep hearing they follow some false universial code of non-interference, but in truth that is not the case. Take care Camille!!

  9. years ago i saw a thing similar to what you described do the same movements your thing did and poof it zipped out of sight. that must have been a eye opening event for you and your friend, i know what i saw just glued me to the spot as i watched!! thanks so much for another kind of paranormal sighting!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Thank you, Tommy and TrollDoll!
    I appreciate your belief in my story. As I tried to explain, we were not “looking for
    UFOs” or even thinking that the “thing” was really a UFO.
    So, Yes, It was a surprize to us! Yes, we now both believe that there are really UFOs.
    I had already thought that there was too much information from credible souces to
    not believe that there are other life forms in the universe.
    I am surprized that the people who want to believe there are “unexplained” happenings
    like, ghosts, EVPs, etc. would have such a hard time believing my little story.
    And, yes, there are three municiple airports in a 100 mile radius of the area; there are
    multiple small private airports; and several military installations.
    But, are these not the institutions that are first to deny that their equipment has picked
    up an “unknown blip” on their screens? Yes!
    These institutions and the government are first in line to keep the public in the dark
    regarding this issue. After all, they don’t want an incident like in the early 1940s when Orson Wells’ radio play, of H.G. Wells “War of the Worlds”, caused almost all of New Jersey residents to think that the US was under attack by invaders from Mars, now do they? They would not want to cause a “panic” for the population in general would they? Or at least, that is the type of excuses they have for keeping the public “in the dark” about what actually goes on in the sky above the earth.
    There is just too much material to read on the subject of UFOs, from all over the world,
    from all kinds of witnesses and sources, to believe that we are the chosen only race
    of beings in the universe.
    My goodness, was it not just a couple of years ago that almost the entire population
    of Arizona reported seeing UFOs? Including the Govenor of the State? I believe he
    called the military at the Pentagon and the White House to ask the President to
    disclose what the military and NASA had to have already reported being in the sky
    over his state.
    Good Grief! Some people do need to “think” a little harder, read a little bit more,
    educate themselves and go out to the dark countyside on summer nights for weeks on
    end, study the same spot in the sky, and see what you will.
    Open your eyes and Open your minds to truth.

  11. wow, that’s awesomely crazy!! i believe you camille!!

    there’s been so many stories, pictures, and real video documentation of these “ufo’s”.

    i’m sorry, but we are NOT the only beings to exist within this whole entire universe!!!

    to childlike: you can’t believe this story, yet there’s existing proof, but you can believe all that pathetic made-up BS about xavier, the wannabe vampire?!? yeah right! seriously, that’s unbelieveable! oh & vampire’s do exist, they are called “bats”!

    cool story camille!

  12. In the past some people claimed to have seen UFO’s and hove footage of it. Everyone wanted to believe it was true and I was one of them. They send the videos and the pictures take to professionals and it was proved to be fake or other wise but not a ufo and is why I don’t believe it right of way doesn’t mean I don’t believe in UFO’s it’s just hard to prove it. I use to live in Arizona we took footage of what we thought it was a UFO and it turned out it was the Navy testing a new space craft which we later say it with their permission because we did not wanted to believe them since they have hidden stories from all of us before but unfortunately it was what we saw and the lights also. I don’t mean to sound like you have to prove it first but you see I been their and I just want them to make sure of what they are seeing. It can be many other things as well.

  13. I believe you saw it because I say to myself, ‘why the heck make up a story’……and post it! Everyone is jumping on you and they seem to forget that this took place over 10 years ago…..less footage via videos for ‘proof’, cameras, iphones, etc. Even if you knew it might appear, I can undestand the thinking and the way ‘it used to be’. People didn’t automatically run for their cameras/phones, etc. Most seem to be thinking of the here and now and forgetting how far technology has advanced and continues to advance daily. Sheesh! I, for one, NEVER owned a camcorder and all that good stuff when it came out. I am 48 and by no means ‘over the hill’, it’s just that I don’t have to have every gadget that comes out because my upbringing wasn’t as exposed to these ‘goodies’ as our kids/people are today. Most are thinking millenium when this was barely internet saavy days, etc.

    And, I can understand how the ‘old timer’ just let things be. It’s just a different way of thinking and not wanting to be exposed to others who will point the finger and pretty much call one crazy and a liar…..just like some of these comments do.

    You know you saw it and you shared it; thank you for a very interesting story.

  14. child like: i’m sorry but your grammar clearly tells me you do not get the point. i live in az and i remember that also, but, if its a flying object in the sky that can’t be easily identified, and isn’t in the hands of military or nasa, then it’s apparently a UFO. have i seen one? no, but i don’t jump at every light in the night sky. just saying it’s silly to think that in the vast, ever-expanding universe, that we are all that there is, and that we have the best technology in existence. the universe is infinite, there is no way in hell we are alone. i do believe the UFO’s to be just that (unidentified flying objects) but of alien origin? who knows. point is, we are not the only ones ever;)

  15. There are military bases in the area, I beleave it’s possable that what you’re seeing is our air force conductint research or manuvers I’ve been involved with three brances of the military and you’d be suprised at what we have. Just a thought, I never took you to be lying.

  16. I believe you Camille. People are ignorant and scared_ don’t wanna talk about it.. Maybe we can learn something from the aliens, cos why they here? I’ve had a similar experience in 1997, actually we were quite a lot who witnessed a huge-ship-thing in our town, Worcester, South African skies.. And that’s not the only time.. That moment your mind is just too slow to realise of getting a camera or camcorder, or you know you should, but don’t wanna miss a thing and don’t want to scream for your Mom, cos you think you’ll scare it away, maybe it sees you and your fear or amazement (in fact who knew of digital and camcorder when you only Grade 10 that time.. and by the way do you think my Dad who have given me his Nikon what-what camera to take pics of alien ships that he has already seen? – I don’t think so.) So Camille, I hope those who don’t believe will soon tear the peels off their eyes. And another thing.. I’m not a liar.

  17. Christina, you’re so cool. You know excatly what I mean to say.
    Camille don’t you worry about whatever whoever else has to say 🙂

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