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Possible Alien Encounters?

My name is Michael and I am 23 years, male and from a family of 9 children. I have always had fantastic and vivid dreams my entire life. Recently I seriously question certain things that have happened to me over the last year or so, on two occasions.

I have been dating another man for over a year now. We are both fantastically in love and have lived together for almost a year now. After a few months of dating my boyfriend had revealed to me the facts that, as a child he believes he had been visited by aliens.

My boyfriend is 30 years old, a French and Spanish teacher at a local middle school and is very intelligent and rational.

He disclosed to me that from the ages of 7 until his early teens he remembers alien encounters in his bedroom. He told me that there would be up to four Aliens at a time standing over him studying him. He told me the aliens would try to distract him by placing a child-like alien at the foot of his bed to help him focus and not be scared.

Now, my boyfriend comes from a wonderful family. He ensured me he was not suppressing any memories of sexual abuse or anything of the sort. He was convinced so much of these alien encounters that he had been sent to therapy for many years after his first encounter. He has suffered a lot of emotional distress and obsessive compulsive behaviors since then that I believe might have stemmed from his convinced alien encounters.

Lastly, I am deeply in love with this man. He is kind, compassionate and tries to be as empathetic towards anyone he encounters. He is an utter joy to be around, yet I see this sense of sadness in him that had been tinged by his encounter. I know that it certainly is on his mind quite frequently. He is edgy at the slightest bit of anyone mentioning aliens or UFOs. Even in jest.

…which is where my encounters come from.

My zodiac is Pisces. I try not to look too far into it, yet my zodiac sign is always described as the most “psychic” of all the other zodiac… so I try to fancy myself as somebody who is more in touch with the “other side”.

I don’t suggest ghosts or the like, but I am just always “in-tune” with people and always attract the most strangest of folk. I’ve always had more spiritual connections with random people and events that make me feel not alone in a lot of situations.

In reference to the man I have been dating for the last year and half. I believe I have had two alien encounters. Both more realistic and vivid than any fantastic dream I have ever experienced.

My first encounter was the very first time my boyfriend had spent the weekend away from me. I had come home late night from a bar, I wasn’t drunk but I had a few drinks in me. It was hot so I stripped naked and crawled under the covers in our air conditioned room. I woke up the next morning in the middle of the bed, my legs spread and my arms over my head, on my back uncovered.

Immediately when I woke up I recalled a male figure at the foot of the bed inspecting my body, leaning over my crotch, lifting and inspecting my penis and testicals. While this was going on I recalled that a female figure was standing to my right and she was holding my upper arm down while caressing my forehead trying to soothe me. Both figures where tall and slender yet cloaked in shadow. Although I could not see either form, I still recognized them as both male and female.

My second encounter happens a few weeks ago while in a remote cabin in New Hampshire.

My boyfriends brother and his brothers 11 year old daughter had met us at the cabin to go hiking the next morning. That night while sleeping I had thought my boyfriend was getting up to use the restroom, and his displacement and movement in the bed had startled me, so when I awoke to make sure he was okay I woke up to be staring at his sleeping and restless face. When I realized he was still sleeping and not moving I glanced over his shoulder and I startled this black figure that looked like it was inspecting us, and it immediately backed into the corner of the room and blended into the shadow.

The next thing I knew, I woke up. Yet I stilled remembered all the details of the encounters.

I have had these two encounters happen to me so far, both times I have told my boyfriend about them. He is so convinced that he was visited as a child that he has made peace with this fact and he just tries to move on with his life and accepts if they choose to come to him again.

So far when I have relayed these encounters to him, he believes they are actually alien encounters and might be checking on me because of his previous encounters.

Also, the night I saw something in our cabin… the following morning his brother was upset with my boyfriend and I because he claimed we had been “fooling around” and making enough noise two wake his 11 year old daughter. We told him we slept the whole time and he still didn’t believe us. Which just enforced my own thoughts on the situation and what I have experienced before.

Thanks for reading this!

Sent in by Michael, Copyright 2010

  1. It is now widely believed due to the much greater amount of research in the last ten years that these so called alien encounters are actually demonic in nature. They have the ability to manifest as the common grey figure but alway very slender with a larger than proportional head and sometimes appear to be black shadows, blacker than the dark itself. There is no actually spacecraft or entry way into the house in these encounters and if they are sexual in nature they are commonly called incubi, a male entity stalking a female person or a succubi, a female entity stalking a male person. In your case I am not sue what it would be called but there are scores of accounts where men have been raped and tormented at the hands of an evil entity. You say, well what else make you think that these accounts are demonic rather than alien, they are terrified of Jesus’ name being mention and flee exactly like evil entities. Even though theuy manifest as aliens their true nature is uncovered when they hear the name of Jesus. Even though you may have zero knowledge about Jesus, next time you have an encounter, say I rebuke you in the name of Jesus. If they react negatively they are more than likely demonic, if there is no reaction then maybe there is such things as aliens. Regardless you and your partner need to know what you are dealing with and now. Let us know the results of your experiment.

    • JK did you know that the decision to elevate the status of Jesus Christ as the Son of God was decided by Roman Catholic bishops and elders in the first four Ecumenical Council meetings between the years 325 and 451 AD after much debate about His status because throughout the bible, there is mention of sons of God or sons of the gods. The question was -is Jesus Christ a figuritive son like the other biblical sons of God. There is also speculation in some circles that his mother Mary may have been artificially inseminated by aliens making him a direct son of ‘the gods'(aliens). I would like to draw your attention to accounts in genesis where mention is made of the sons of the gods who found that the women on Earth were beautiful and had intercourse with them bearing children which were called the nephillim. It would appear we are tainted with the genes of the gods(aliens) and, my question is why would a demon fear the name of Jesus Christ if his status as God was decided by the Roman Catholic church.

      • By the way, I am a baptised Roman Catholic and schooled in a Roman Catholic boarding school for 10 years, so any thoughts that I have undue and discriminate prejudice against the Roman Catholic teachings can be ruled out, I am only questioning the validity – in the real scheme of things – about man-made tenets and their belief systems which have been peddled about for centuries.

  2. Read three or four stories down in this blog and it is call Disguised as Angels of God and you will see exactly what I was trying to explain in my last note to you. I just happened to read yours first because it was first.

  3. They are demons manifesting as aliens. They are there because your boyfriend has accepted them as just aliens. They have him right where they want him and soon they will have you. You arer not going to like the one and only answer and that is Jesus Christ. Shout His name next time they are near and watch them screamand run away. If you want them to stay away you will probably have to change the way you are living since it is an abomination to Jesus to live in sin. Read the post just below yours for proof. It is called Disguised as Angels. It will only get worse, you cannot ignore it.

  4. Administrator please do not delete this post, this dude and his boyfriend are in real trouble. Don’y delete something that can save their lives. Sometimes the right cure is a bitter pill but still the only cure. Don’t make a life and death decision for these guys just because you don’t like the answer and this is the only answer, like it or not.

    • jk I never delete comments based upon whether or not I like them. As long as the rules are followed and the comments are relevant they will be approved. Thanks for coming to the AlienUFOTruth!

  5. Well maybe the aliens are confused why two males were being sexual and they thought we were a weird race of people, and maybe they were studying your genitals to see if one of you had the capability of reproducing in another manner other than the male-female manner.

  6. Try to say I rebut you Satan in the name of Jesus Christ and see what happens. try to put on a cross. they are trying to take your soul. Please be on alert. pray to god and Jesus. These things will try to invade your dreams. They can destroy you mentally and physically. They are demons disguised as aliens. Demons are very cunning. they will change their form to get your attention. read in the bible. Satan disguised himself as a serpent in the Garden of Eden. Demons can change their form. Satan was one of the most beautiful angels in the bible. So take caution. Talk to a Catholic priest. These things can destroy you, get some help..

  7. Surely aliens or demons call them what you will, know about the long standing existence of homosexuality without having to inspect reproductive organs of the victims. Besides there are millions of homosexuals in this world presently and they existed even at the time of the biblical story of the destruction of Sodom and Gommorha(sic). Hermaphrodites also were quite common during the early biblical times. Why these ‘shadow figures’ should take a special interest in this couple smacks perhaps of a different sort of alien (and from my understanding, there are varied sorts). I would like to know what the demons would do to harm Michael and why they would harm him especially as his orientation is natural to him. If he was to be harmed at any time, surely no one in the physical/material realm on earth can stop it and Michael would’ve been harmed by now as the relationship is a year long.

  8. Hope you and your partner are in good mental health after witnessing those accounts.I have seen odd aircraft over the years and even had one follow me down a pitch black road.

  9. there is no such thing as aleins people

    • Nope there isnt but there are aliens though. 🙂

      OK joking aside – how do you know? What makes you so sure?

      • Lol thanks for picking awesome spelling. Well if thier seriously was in this day and age why is all we can come up with is blurred photos and no evidence that does on fact prove thier exsistence? I like used to believe in them but after some research in to the evidence out there and the first lots of encouters during it just does not seem real

        • We probably don’t have much hard evidence due to the government. Also if you look back on some old drawings of jesus there are UFO’s in the background.

          • We don’t have evidence because these are demonic manifestations, vision created by them to deceive and confuse. If they are fallen angels then they are angels and have retained all of the powers that God created them with. They are beings of spirit and pure light and can manifest as a space ship, aliens, or Giligan if they so choose. Even if our government has physical evidence, they came about in the way these entities wanted them to. They have been around for thousands if not hundreds of thousands of years and have used this deception to control entire civilizations. Ever wonderr why the Incas and Aztecs just disappeared from the most advanced societies in our hemisphere. They are stepping up their efforts to become more and more familiar to the world in order to soften the blow when official contact happens which is probably within the next year or two. This time they will not be happy with just one small civilization or country, they are coming to get it all. If you really want to see what is going to happen, get a Bible, if you are not a Bible reader, there is one called the Message that is written in today’s language and easy to read. I am not joking, it is full of what we would classify as alien and UFO’s and it makes perfect sense and fits perfectly. You may not be a Christian but it would be a great time for you to look into it. The Bible has not missed a beat on what has transpired over history, especially in the last 60 years. Read it and you will see. I am not preaching just saying if you are concerned about what is going on, all the ansers are there. Nobody is forcing you to do it, but if you truly want answers od what is going on in the world today and the near future, get The Message.

          • Just think if? they Just think if? they didn’t keep this from us we all could have been seen the universe! That’s why they made mveios like star wars? They know it’s possible! Hmm bad government! Was this answer helpful?

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