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Puma Punku and the Ancient Alien Theory

There are mysterious structures in many parts of the world that have caused mankind to wonder if aliens interacted with or guided human beings. One such place is Puma Punku. How did the ancients produce such work? Amazing precision and a deep understanding of mathematics are obvious but what about the tools that were used? How could they have had the technology and knowledge to manipulate stone like this?

Ancient alien theorists believe that extraterrestrials interacted with humanity to one degree or another and that they were responsible for many of the mysterious ancient structures such as Puma Punku.

Puma Punka Mystery of Bolivia

Puma Punku

Puma Punku

The Andes mountains are a majestic sight to behold, covering seven countries on the western coast of South America. The mountains spread into the country of Bolivia where, 12,500 feet above sea level, exists the ruins of the ancient city Tiahuanacu, or more commonly known as Tiwanaku. Among these ruins are the remains of a structure known simply as Puma Punku. This site has generated much controversy and debate almost from the time it was first stumbled upon by Spanish conquistadors in the 16th century.

Puma Punku, or “The Door of the Cougar” is a large part of a complex set of structures in the Tiwanaku site located in the South American country of Bolivia. The eastern court has a wall that remains standing, however the west court is unwalled. There is a stretch of open ground that is level on this otherwise slanted terrain along with a mound that makes a platform, sometimes called the Plataforma Litica. This platform is loomed over by a massive stone structure that is the largest on this particular site. Even at a first glance, it seems as though something cataclysmic struck this area, crushing through the massive stones. It stands there, a silent monument to a time long past with little clues as to how it came to be.

Puma Punku

Puma Punku

The design of the structure shows a great deal of precision in cutting. The walls that remain standing are made of diorite, one of the hardest stones in the world to cut. How was this done with no evidence of tools in the area? How were the joints fitted so precisely that nothing can slip through the cracks? It has been speculated that only diamond tipped tools could have cut through the unforgiving diorite, however that subject also has much debate. Regardless, once again, there is a massive structure, appearing to be a temple of sorts for a people that we know very little about with nothing remaining to show how it was conceived or built.

Puma Punku Andean Sky God Carving

Puma Punku Andean Sky God

The drawings and carvings on the ruins are fascinating as well, indicating at least a belief in gods of the sky. The Andean Sky God is represented here, as it is in another archaeological wonder, the Nazca lines in Peru. Many believe in the possibility of this “sky god” actually being a leading force in a race of extraterrestrials.

There are many theories about Puma Punku, the most controversial being that it predates the Stone Age.  Carbon dating tests have claimed to irrefutably put the age of this structure at around 500 AD with the collapse of the city of Tiahuanacu happening around 1000 AD. There are those who say that it has been there much longer, often quoting the extensive studies done by Professor Arthur Posnansky (1873-1946). Posnansky spent more than half of his life studying the ruins of Puma Punku and came to some very controversial conclusions. He was convinced that the structure was intended to match certain astronomical points which he detailed in his final book, published in 1943: Tihuanacu, the Cradle of American Man.

Puma Punku

Puma Punku

The problem was… they didn’t match any points at that time. However, the Earth shifts on its axis in phases, and Posnasnky theorized these shifts were taking place thousands of years ago. By applying the “obliquity of the ecliptic” (the angle between the plane of the earth’s orbit and that of the equator), he carefully studied how the earth’s axis could have been at different points at one time. Presently the earth is tilted at approximately 23°27′, however this varies constantly. By astronomically stepping backward in time, Posnansky determined that the structures lined up to what the angle of the Earth would have been at that time in relation to the stars.  Using this methodology, Posnansky was convinced that Puma Punku, along with the rest of the ancient city, were more than 10,000 years old.

It is important to note that the methods used by Posnansky were before carbon dating. Carbon dating is a way of measuring the age of something by how much of the radioisotope carbon-14 remains in samples of the area close to or underneath a structure. Carbon-14 has a half life of around 5700 years, and the accepted school of thought is that the age of something can be measured by how much carbon-14 remains in the samples. By this method, Posnansky’s theories have in essence been thrown out by a majority of the present day scientific and archaeological groups. Quite simply, carbon dating tests indicate this structure is no more than 1500 years old. If this is true, it places the time of this city’s habitation between 400 and 500 AD with the city being abandoned in 1000.

It would seem that after such scientifically obtained evidence, the speculation of Puma Punku being a pre-Neolithic monument in a city existing before civilized humankind is settled once and for all. There are still, however, many questions about these mysterious ruins that can’t be wrapped up so neatly. What was it for? Why does it resemble so many other massive stone structures that have no visible means of being built? As with many of these megaliths, there is an indication of things being precisely set to line up with something. If the earth was tilted differently, would we see Posnansky’s vision of the astronomy connection? Recent news of the astrological zodiac being off because of shifts in the Earth’s axis suggest that significant alignments change throughout the course of time. Is it so far fetched that thousands of years ago, these megaliths would match up to exact measurements?

Even considering those possibilities (and it’s important to note, with few written records, there is much conjecture in all of this), that doesn’t change the fact that carbon dating places the construction of these ruins in the not so distant past. They are certainly ancient, but are they prehistoric? None of these tests and theories have given a definitive answer as to why the structure was built in the first place. It has been speculated that the city was a seaport, but it’s location to nearby Lake Titicaca seems to be too high up to be a feasible stopping place. However, there are signs of a cataclysmic flood in the area such as geological shifts and limestone sediments on the artifacts. Is it possible that all real evidence of this structure and its true age were washed away in that flood? Indeed, why does it have the similarities of other ancient monuments throughout the world? Many of these structures such as Stonehenge and Gobekli Tepe have been dated before the dawn of civilization, and there are similarities in the design. Could the city itself have been abandoned long before the people now indigenous to the area arrived?  Carbon dating only tells us the results from samples of organic materials around the site, not the stones themselves.  As effective as it is in determining the age of any organic material, does it show the full answer?

The theories subscribed to by those who study the possibility of extraterrestrials often quote the studies done by Professor Posnansky, even though modern science has dismissed them. For those who believe, the tests done are not convincing enough, and the subject is still a matter of hot debate among experts and laymen alike. Speculations range from the structure being inspired by a belief in extraterrestrials passed down from generations to extraterrestrials themselves being responsible for the design. When looking at sites such as Puma Punku from the sky, as well as the other ancient structures throughout the world, there seems to be a common theme of circular patterns and precise points. What do they indicate?

The absence of tools and building materials along with the hoisting of stones from the nearest quarry (15 miles away and below the ruins) that weigh 130 tons or more have led some to believe that at the very least, an extraterrestrial race may have supplied materials and technology making this possible. Looking at the sites of these ruins from the sky, it seems as though they were built to be seen from above. Were they specifically placed to welcome visitors from outside Earth? Or were they built with a design in mind known only to a race of extraterrestrials? What of our perception of prehistoric human beings? Were they more advanced than we previously thought, and was this advancement lost to the ages? The fact that we cannot see how it could have been done, does not mean that it was impossible. Engineers have spoken up and said that while it would have been difficult and time consuming, it is not beyond possibility, even with the crude instruments of the time.  Even so, that doesn’t explain the absence of any construction materials.

For those who believe, there is not enough evidence to completely discount the interplanetary theories. For those who rely on tried and true scientific data, Puma Punku is simply a ruin of a once thriving city existing within the last 2000 years. The point where all can agree lies in the fact that Puma Punku and the nearby abandoned ruin of Tihuanacu are enigmatic pieces of an archaeological puzzle that is far from being complete.

Written by Angela Sangster, Copyright 2011

  1. Interesting!

  2. billions of stars and planets in billions of galaxies; why would anyone in their right mind question more advanced life out there?

    • Because Mary Magdeline, we are so arrogant and we think we know it all, the truth of the matter is, we are not even a speck of dust in this vast universe, it boggles the mind how we have the temerity to believe we are the beginning and end of all things physical and intangible. LOL

      • Yes and we also have very limited senses and perception. We cannot see or even measure “everything” that exists. We judge the world and life by our human senses and abilities.

  3. As we are only human, we see darkly as if looking through a dark glass. We can only see in part, and we can only know in part. If one thinks this is strange, one only need to get acquainted with a Bible. There are eye witness accounts of men being caught up into the heavens seemingly never to appear again. Incidentally, the eye witnesses were very spiritual, performing unexplainable events/miracles.

    I believe the earth was inhabited by angels long before Man arrived. I’m fairly convinced that UFOs have a strong tie to this planet. Man was instructed by God to subdue the earth, and to multiply, taking ownership of the Earth. Anyone recall the account of the “sons of God” and the daughters of Man? Their off-spring were giants. There are more than a few archeologist who have been digging up the remains of man-like creatures, many standing eight feet tall, all the way up to thirty feet tall. There is a good description of one King mentioned in the Old Testament, and his bed was at least eighteen feet long or so…, and keeping in mind that the Earth was covered by the great flood. The Bible even states that God Himself repented that He ever made Man. That did not mean that God would fail man in working out our own salvation. Have you ever done anything that made you wish you could “take it back?” He had thousands of years to make that decision to flood the Earth. It must have grieved Him greatly to destroy every thing in the Earth.

    Survivors included Noah and his family. I don’t discount the possibility that others survived. God will save who ever He will, whenever and where ever He pleases. He is after all, “gracious” and shows mercy on anyone He pleases. There was a news article released back in the eighties about a huge find of hundreds of unusually tall humanoids, and they appeared not to be human. I’m not sure, but I think it was in South America. So, is it so hard to imagine that giants could have aided in the construction of these temples and other such structures. And modern man seems to have great difficulty in accepting accounts written about in the Bible.

    One last thought. God gave dominion over the heavens above to the “angels that did not leave their first estate.” And, Man was given dominion over the Earth. Don’t forget that angel known as “Satan” is also commonly known as the great deciever. Oh, he is also know by many other names that includes, “the Father of lies.”

    Somewhere in the Old Testament is an account of God putting especially wicked angels far beneath the Earth, chained in darkness until such time that God will release them and they will be judged. I’ve always thought of them as “war criminals.”

    I find that some FICTION written by modern man is actually harder to believe than the Bible. And God Himself said that “what soever Man can imagine, that shall he also do.” Don’t forget, God is not mocked, “for whatsoever a man sows, that shall he also reap.”



    • There are also flood myths in many many different cultures around the world. “Stories” that describe everyone on the Earth being killed by a flood except for a select few. From the Hopi Indians to Asia flood myths are a part of the culture.

    • Hi Jeff,
      You assert ‘god’ chained certain, especially wicked angels and cast them into darkness beneath the earth for judgement later, and, you also assume those who suffered this demise may have been ‘war criminals’ – who were they fighting with? Yet I have a different take on this biblical story. I understand these ‘sons of the gods’, fallen angels, ETs – call them what you will, infuriated their leader (god) because they allowed themselves to have carnel knowledge of the daughters of man thus producing hybrids – which was forbidden. They also shared forbidden knowledge with their offspring and earthlings which influenced negatively the behaviour of the earthlings for may years necessitating their destruction. My question is where was this ‘god’ (leader), while all this was taking place? Why didn’t ‘god’ nip it in the bud if he didn’t approve of this (obviously, long time angel/earthling association). It’s quite obvious, this ‘god’ person was not in the vicinity of Earth for a period of time – allowing the ‘angels/sons of gods’ to co-habit with daughters of man long enough to produce offspring. Please think intelligently/logically and very clearly and without prejudice about these events. This smacks of ETs.

      The other question is – Why would ‘god’ or ‘the lord’, who we are told knows and see all things even our most secret thoughts, have the need to send two human-like angels to the cities of Sodom and Gommorah to check out and confirm first hand, the debauched/ decadent behaviour of the citizens of these two cities? These are very poignant questions in establishing the nature of these biblical charactors.

    • Nice Jeff, nice, but you are just preaching, have not answered any of the eagerly awaited answers about Puma Punku. But than my first question to you is ,do you know where Moses got his material to write Genesis? There were many epics long before Moses’s time in the world by most societies. So just how did Moses picked the one he might have figured to be the actual and reliable story. In details all did vary a great deal.
      Is there any reliable theories to any of these questions that modern men and his science can not even answer, and sure can not verify any of it.While we are so convinced that we are so sophisticated and so knowlegable. Why can not we juts leave it by admitting honestly; we just do NOT know the answer.

  4. We were placed here ages ago…by: Advanced beings! evidence is all about…why question it? we are low-ranking species in the galaxy but soon will get a boost after we kill most of ea. other off…if we keep on with wars, only the smart will survive as did on Mars long ago.

  5. im frequntly a knight owl a do watc and mars and -but- i saw what appeared tbe a star changing course and it fade -bt shit it it changed directin -it mst at least the changed direction at faster than sond!!!!!!

  6. You’ve presented the best evidence supporting this theory “puma punku” (which I find very intriguing) I still think we should be seeing more (maybe not, just my opinion.)If nothing else it’s worthy of further research, and I admit I find it entertaining nonetheless

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