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Reptilian on Wright Stuff in the UK?

Hello everyone! Is it possible that a reptilian was caught on live television? Recently I received a message with some strange images and a video clip. I don’t know what is going on with this “person’s” eyes but I am very interested to see your comments and thoughts.

Below is the message as I received it:

Hi. I was watching the Wright stuff on TV (in England) when I noticed a guy from the audience who was speaking about the war in Afghanistan I think, he had very strange eyes.

Reptilian Eyes?

I scrambled about for my camera and after a minute or so I found it, I began filming this male speaking and recorded only about 9 seconds, shame I missed the first minute! However the few seconds I did manage to capture are intriguing.

He appears to have very distinct slit pupils like a cat or a lizard. If ive already sent you this email im sorry but im suffering from sleep deprivation (with the twins).

On a more serious note please let me know what you think of this, because I believe I may have captured something here. Link below to video.

Thanks Col

Reptilian Eyes?

Here is the video:

  1. I would think that they were contacts you now get them to make your eyes look like cats or lizard like eyes every color you can think of even fire red and ones that will glow in the dark When he blinked it was a normal blink and his eyes dilated like normal just as a humans does so with out a doubt it was just contact lens

    • Hi Ladykiller:

      I know these contact lenses you mean, ive seen children wear them to play games and ive seen young adults (19 years old to maybe 25) wear them at parties or raves, but i cant for one second agree with you that a man who appears to be in his 50’s or 60’s would put ‘cat eye’ lenses in to go on live national TV!

      Also his face is far from someone playing a prank with funny lenses, this guy is as serious as can be! There is no doubt in my mind, or my friends minds that we are seeing his real eyes, and there is some type of ‘morphing’ taking place. Also his teeth seem to be sharp and even slightly change shape, are they lizards teeth?

      Ive researched many Reptilian shape-shifters on youtube, and apparantly during their morphing stage their ”eye area” changes colour, this males eyes turn grey!! Is this an alien grey in human form?

      I believe this episode of the Wright stuff was August 5th 2011. Can anyone find the original and put the link here? Thanks Col

      • Greys in human form ? What a horrid possibility….
        Let me think about, for when child I had seen some people behaving and sensing in a non very human way. I remember myself saying gravily: the evil, I have seen the ‘evil’!!! Strange…..

  2. his eyes also seems red like they are irritated or some thing contacts makes you blink allot as well

  3. Hi Ladykiller:

    I know these contact lenses you mean, ive seen children wear them to play games and ive seen young adults (19 years old to maybe 25) wear them at parties or raves, but i cant for one second agree with you that a man who appears to be in his 50’s or 60’s would put ‘cat eye’ lenses in to go on live national TV!

    This male is far too serious to play a prank, even his teeth appear to sharpen at times. Also the area around the eyes goes grey!

    I have no doubt that these are his real eyes and we are possibly wittnessing a reptilian morph here!

  4. Ohhh man, the moment I saw this man talking I immediately got butterflies in my stomach and a horrible sense of fear! I think you may have captured something unexplainable!!

  5. The behavour of that man scares me,i work as a crime scene cleaner and see allot. My spirit guide tells me its real the sense of anger in his body languch is those of a unhuman like figure, If theres still people thinking that we are the only living creatures out there please wake up.

    • Hello roelien, (unusual name)……. Im glad you see it too! A few people are trying to convince me that the guy is wearing contact lenses(lol,why)

      If you are a crime scene cleaner then you are well versed in all things strange, unusual and sometimes unexplainable, so if you cant explain this i think its fair to say this footage is highly phenomenal! Even your spirit guide knows it. Any intrepid paranormal investigator will know that Malevolent ‘Offworlders” (ET’s) revel in Human negativity, thus gaining off our bad vibes, its like a drug to them. Yes i agree his/its body language is very non-Human. Looks like we all mostly agree that we ”ARE NOT ALONE”

  6. …Also notice his/its eye area blatantly turns greyish in colour at 00:08 seconds, thats a classic give away

    • col, i’ve seen some f up stuff in my days but this ones angry,people thinking that we’re alone must grow up.they can change bodys but the eyes a dead giveaway.and yes why put in contact lences if you are going on national tv.there’s a way about that man that unexplaneble (why ?)he’s not from here

  7. i watched it a few times, and he seems angry, and his movements also seem unnatural. my husband and i have had conversations about shape shifters, and i must admit, i am a skeptic. i don’t believe most things until i see them. i’m on the fence about a lot of things. but this man is very creepy, unnatural, and his eyes, OMG. i’m going to show my husband this video. thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Mal, sorry about the delay in replying ,ive been to a festival this weekend. Anyway back to business, i agree with what you say, there is something unnatural with this ‘beings’ characteristics and all around composure!
      Please let me know what your husband think about the vid, thanks Col

  8. you also got a great close up at 6 seconds. those don’t look like contacts to me.

  9. I feel this mans eye’s are real as I have a friend with one eye like that. Thank’s for sharing!

  10. This isn’t anything paranormal at all…

    • Hi Alana, thats interesting you say that with such strength and certainty, im extremly interested in seeing your proof and foundation to what you say. By the way, what and where is this certain proof that nothing paranormal is occuring here? Please post it asap, Col

  11. That is for sure not a human being.His gesture and mimic is strange,and the eyes…this has giving me the creeps.Once I pressed the play button,I felt like I need to put it on stop.Something in the back of my head screamed danger!
    I know what I am saying maybe a little nit of. But that’s because somehow I got this ability in sensing people’s emotions and practically no one can lie to me,cause I know right away when am I lied.And this inner intuition or as some people say”your an empath” crosses every line,even the virtual one! Be blessed!

    • Hello Alexiel, thanks for showing such interest. Im glad you’re one of the positive ones, as some people think this guy is wearing weird lenses on national TV, which really makes no sense to me, but they’re entitled to their opinion. However i strongly feel there is something very paranormal occuring here. Thanks Col

  12. I have to agree with LadyKiller. They look like special contact lens. The problem with still pictures is it is very easy to “photoshop” them. Photos presented as evidence are no longer considered reliable, with the advent of personal computing and digital cameras. Look at the eyes of the speaker. The pupils look like very solid black, and they almost appear as a slit at one point.


    • Good point but this isnt a picture it is a video. The picture above is nothing more than a screen capture from the video. AND Hello Jeff glad to see you man, I hope everything is going well.

    • Hey Jeff, i totally agree with what you say about photoshop, technology these days is phenomenal. However i can assure you that these pictures are 100% genuine and never were photoshopped or altered in any way, shape or form. Also, as Alien UFO Truth Seeker says, these stills were taken from the raw video footage. Thanks Col

  13. I’m not really sure, but the photo ID that appears on one’s drivers license would be a good way to get a good picture. The people at the bureau of motor vehicles require that one look straight into the camera. I’m sure someone could check this possiblilty out. Peace.

  14. Hi All,

    I’ve looked at the film clip a number of times and he is certainly an angry or agitated man, however I’m not convinced he is an ‘alien’, certainly not from looking at the photo or the film clip. His teeth seem perfectly normal to me, I would need more to convince me.

    • Hi Pat, i agree. He looks very annoyed and upset about something. Im not claiming hes an alien but ive never seen eyes on any human like this in my life!

      It makes me wonder though if some people/beings could be reptilian without even knowing it, hmmm food for thought.

      • Hi Col,

        Did you take the photograph and film clip of this man personally or, did you pick this up from one of those websites which doctors photos and film clips then presents them to gullable and unsuspecting naive people with similar questions, mainly to guage reactions from a cross-section of people?

        This is a serious question Col – without sarcasm 🙂 , I’m sure you’ve visited some of them!!!! 🙂

      • Hi Col,

        🙂 🙂 You must’ve seen too ooo oooo many alien films on the reptilian sort to come to that conclusion. 🙂 🙂

  15. I used to work for a company called Igel, who specialised in contact lenses for both TV and the film industry – worldwide. They could be good quality lenses.

    Just because the guy ain’t no spring chicken, it doens’t mean that he’s not into the Wierd Punk scene. Some of these peeps do some really strange stuff to their bodies. This chap may have had cosmetic surgery to his eyes to make them like that, perminantly.

    That said, I have a friend who has got a damaged iris in her left eye – the pupil in the right eye is perfectly normal, but the left has a small second circle coming off the main pupil – presumably because of a tear, damage, or genetic irregularity. That does not make her alien though … just slightly deformed in the right eye.

    Or, it could all have been a trick of the light ……

    • A J Ryder

      Hmmmm..i dont know about a trick of the light, after all why would the light only play tricks on this one guy?? I watched the entire show before, during and after this weird part and no-one else in the studio was affected by ”a trick of the light”. I believe there is something very sinister happening here. Col

  16. the way he talks and the way he says “afghanistan” is just so creepy … cant describe it, but theres something strange about him, whatever it is, it is there…

    • Hi Melana:
      yes i agree, this is very odd, i cant agree with people who say its contact lenses, that just dont add up, this man (thing) looks FAR too serious for that. But, people are welcome to their opinion so ‘live & let live’, Have a happy Christmas everyone :o)

  17. These aren’t contact lenses. My eyes are slanted just like his at times. I’m not a reptilian as far as I know. I don’t eat humans. I can’t shapeshift as of yet. You shouldn’t be afraid of something so petty. We’re humans too you know.

  18. @ Anon……
    …..have you ever read the Lacerta files? or/and Serpo? You must read this …peace :o)

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