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Robot Like Creatures at Farmhouse?

I read a story some years ago which was featured in many books about a family who were farmers in the USA. One night their dogs were barking frantically and later they saw these creatures which resembled robots peering at them through their closed windows. They were petrified and proceeded to shoot at them chasing them away, they then ran after them and one of them climbed up a tree and fell off the tree when a bullet struck it yet it managed to dust itself over and escape.

These beings / robots were silver / grey in colour and when they were hit by the shot gun bullets, they heard sounds of metal and as the bullets struck them, there was also static on contact.

The family then returned to the farm house and locked themselves in and called the police. The police and farmers scouted around in the dark but could find nothing, the police then departed. No sooner had the police gone, when the beings returned and cheekily continued to peep at them through their windows. The people were hysterical and shot holes through their windows at these creatures (which they claimed looked like robots) attempting to scare the beings away, they finally succeeded and once again called the police.

This apparently happened in the 50?s or 60?s.

Has anyone heard this story?

By pat, Copyright 2010

  1. Do you know the location of this encounter?

  2. Sounds like the Macpherson incident

    • Hi Connor, this really happened my friend.

  3. Well, I’m thinking logical here. Maybe that’s just some story they made up to keep people from trespassing on their land. That is if they are claiming this story is true.

    • Grant had sent you an agenda’ of quoeitsns for you he only asked you one! Sooo how are you planning to disclose the real identity of Falcon?I love to hear interviews with Grant. He’s the reason I’m obsessed with Wilbert Smith; somehow we need to convince Dan Aykroyd to produce a movie about his life and his dealings with the UFO mystery during the golden age of the Contactees.He also has made me re-evaluate my ideas about Disclosure. Something I recently discussed with Robbie Graham on his blog when he mentioned the online petition Stephen Basset is promoting through the new We the People’ section of the White House website I *did* sign the damn thing anyway PS: What’s that Grant kept mentioning about the crystal ? Is this the story about the aliens using a crystal to communicate with Truman (or Eisenhower) and show them scenes from Earth’s history, which was part of the movie Roswell?

  4. Hello again Connor. You know when dealing with this subject ‘UFOlogy’ sometimes i have learned to think illogical. As opposed to straight logical thinking. Maybe by being too logical and thinking in the box we leave ourselves ‘blind’. As Sunny said we need to try think outside the box. Theres nothing wrong with being a little sceptical, some people just need to see something to believe it. I have seen, so i DO believe.

  5. This sounds like the 1955-The Kelly, Kentucky Alien Invasion that took place in Sutton County. Here is a link:

    • Hi Kyana, thats the one i meant, i got mixed up with the Mcpherson incident. Thanks for the link. I will check it out now

    • Well done Kyana, that is the story, seems a bit odd as suggested, that the incident was made up. That is possible – yet somehow I will keep an open mind.

      • I cant see why these people would start firing guns at their windows just to make up a cock and bull story, wrecking their home. Im sure this alien encounter really happened.

        • could it be the following case? :

          Location. St. Cyrille de Wendover Quebec Canada
          Date: June 25 1974 Time: 0115A
          Mr. & Mrs L. had just returned from a vacation; hearing a “bum-bum-bum” noise, Mr. L looked outside their trailer home and saw a reddish UFO hovering just above the ground; he went to wake his wife and on hearing a buzzing, saw a humanoid being about 15 feet from the window. Both went into the living room, where they saw outside 3 more ‘stiff moving” beings, 6’ tall like ‘robots,” examining an unoccupied nearby trailer. During the next 3 hours, the couple saw at one time as many as 15 of these entities, lined up parallel to an adjacent creek; they held this formation more than 5 minutes, then all moved at once. The object was domed, with red and white lights at the top, and encircled about the base with orange lights; it cast yellow beams of light onto the ground. The figures were described as having brightly red glowing horizontal bars, like toasters elements, across their torsos, and displayed no visible facial features. They appeared to “float” above the ground rather than walk; no footprints were later found, but investigators discovered and photographed 3 sets of tripod imprints, presumably left by the UFO, on the far side of the creek. Grass in these areas was swept in “nest” fashion; after mowing, this grass was said to grow twice as high as grass nearby. Several flat pieces of a “strange substance of white color” similar to plastic were found where the “robots” had been seen.

          Humcat 1974-29
          Source: Wido Hoville, Jean Roy, Marc LeDuc & P Blaquiere Type: C

          • Hi Albert,
            The answer to your question is no, your story took place in Canada, whereas the other incident took place in USA. If my memory serves me well the robotic type ET’s in the USA story were smaller in stature than those in the Canadian incident.
            Your Canadian account is very interesting, fancy using humanoid-type robots which float. I wonder if these robots were geological detectors with in-build cameras photographing and scanning the surrounding area for minerals etc. and in the process scanning the interior of the house with the humans? Obviously, the controllers who were in the hovering craft didn’t know what to expect so they must have been new to this planet? Most intriguing!

          • Thinking about the flat pieces of ‘strange substance of white colour’ similar to plastic found where the robots had been, did anyone think to collect these samples and have them properly tested and analysed – if so – what were their findings? I also wondered if this substances could have been like what is termed ‘silver hair'(?) which has been emitted from ufo disc objects, this stuff has been known to evaporate even when being cupped in one’s hands.

            Thanks for this story, I was able to access many other ufo stories as a result – see link herewith.

          • One of the most interesting and believable accounts of ufo’s and ETs is the story about ‘The Janos People’ which is contained in a book which I read many years ago. I was surprised and delighted to find this particular story in it’s entirety can be read on the net, and, I’m sure even UFO/ET sceptics would scratch their heads in confusion. See the link to story :-

  6. Hello Pat, I am ALbert Rosales, the author of the humanoid reports summaries in UFOINFO…..there are several interesting cases (in my updated files) that I would like to post here in the future. I have read the Janos people encounter, different from the ‘typical gray’ reports, but an abduction nonetheless


    • Hi Albert, that’s terrific, I look forward to reading your updated posts on ufos, am presently reading the accounts in the ufoinfo link, the stories are short and to the point which makes reading quick/easy and pleasurable.

      One of the accounts in ‘ufoinfo’ about the tall blond haired men wearing monk-like habits triggered a switch in my mind re-The Janos People, I recall when the disaster occurred and the nuclear plants were badly damaged thus polluting the atmosphere with radiation, the men were fair haired (Janos People) who were engaged in helping those who were exposed to radiation, wore monk-like habits for protection. I wondered if they could have been members of the Janos People?

      • These links need to be sent to everyone. The maesss are unaware. Why not send this out to 10 people on your mailing list and so on Our world does not need to continue it’s path O where’s the CHANGE? I’ll start it.

        • Hi Mark, im glad you agree, do you have any more info on this incident? Has anyone here ever read the Serpo report? Very interesting. Please check the link. This is link 12, after reading 12 you cant proceed (at the top of the page) to 13a and so on. Enjoy

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