Alien UFO Truth

Scanned By UFOs Thin Blue Light

First encounter I once seen a UFO flying over my block me and my family seen it. I was still small.

Second encounter probably the scariest thing I’ve experienced, to begin it was 2 o’clock at night.. I was with my friend breezy in my car talking it started by me seeing a light in the sky it was high but you can still see it almost like a star light. We were in the back of my house in the alley there’s the middle alley and the alley straight from my house the light happen to be on top of the alley straight from my house but my car was parked in the middle alley I seen the light and  I was wondering if it was a pain but it didn’t move. It stayed at its same spot for 10 minutes, after 10 minutes I decided to say something and  told breezy if he sees the light and  he responded with a yes as well so from then I knew I wasn’t seeing things, I told him its been there for 10 minutes already and then the light started moving to the right but then change it started moving left but at the speed the no plain or helicopter can do. Back and  forth different directions so we knew it wasn’t normal. We’re in my Honda accord 2004 my friend is in the passenger side and my car had a sun roof.

Later the light/ well honest truth I know it was a UFO started coming towards my car there’s a store one house away from mine. Well it started flying slowly over us were were able to see the light but we were ducking down because we got kinda scared. It flew over us then went over the store and didn’t see it anymore. 15 minutes past and then I don’t know what we seen but it was a big black dark line in the sky more like the side of a big UFO mothership it took blocks and that scared us even more, but you can only see the side of it but it only was in the sky for 3 seconds and  it turn invisible.

20 minutes had past and we then heard all the dogs from every neighborhood started barking even my dogs and all of a sudden we couldn’t believe what we were seeing it was this small object or something far away from us but coming towards us, the closer it got it started getting bigger and  bigger. I felt like it was about to crash into our neighborhood and destroy all of it. I felt like we were about to die I was so shock we were both. and got closer to the point it was at the very end of the middle alley up in the sky but you can actually see what it was and it happened to be three UFO ‘s. Posted for 1 minute and all of a sudden one of the UFOs sent out a blue thin light and it scanned my car and us in it. When that happened I was bugging my teeth so hard had my hands in fist and my heart dropped I never once felt a pressure so hard I just couldn’t believe what was happening. and then it scanned the houses around my block and then after a min the three took off the destination it came from but so quick not even a plain can fly like that.

I later turn my head to my left side and seen another UFO up in the sky but It flew but disappear like it time traveled and I know it did because when it did it did a quick line when it vanished. and it was just over the top of my neighbors house when it vanished. After that me and my friend were scared to leave the car because it lasted up to an hour. We both looked at each other in shock but scared we couldn’t believe what our eyes had just seen. It’s not something I believe the human eyes should not see, the pressure you feel is almost like death.

After that I’ve had some weird things happen that don’t make sense to me like a bright light over my head for two seconds but lighted up everything, once I turned off the kitchen lights and for some reason I felt like I shouldn’t have I got scared but speed walked it up the stairs slammed my door locked it had to catch my breath was scared and my sister was in the room she seen how frighten I wasand I told her.

The other weird thing was during the day time in my room was on my phone when my shoe box moved it was right aside of me on my left side,something smack the lid and it moved up and down just like when you smack something, but the window was clothes and the fan wasn’t on but there was no one in the room, I’m a very strong minded person so I knew not to be scared and simply ignored it wasn’t trying to get scared but did felt annoyed about it happening. I live in riverside and honest truth I don’t know what will happened in the future but just know I have to stay strong. People might not believe what I seen but I know I did see it.

Daisy Vazquez


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  1. Hi Daisy,

    I am wondering, when did these events happen? What years? It seems to me like Southern California get’s quite a bit of UFO/alien experiences.

    • Very interesting Daisy! Did you have this experience recently?

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