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Sleep Paralysis and Encounter

Early this morning (December 21, 2010) we had a lunar eclipse that took place around 1:30 am Eastern Time. I live in NYC so the moon was a crimson red. I wasn’t present when the actual eclipse took place because I was sleeping, but at exactly 2:00 am I was awoken by a strange vibration going through my body and a slight ringing sound in my ear or head. This lasted for approximately 15 minutes. I can tell you right now it wasn’t Sleep Paralysis because I was able to move my body. I have experienced Sleep Paralysis a few times and the most recent one was about a week ago and it was a very scary experience, more on that subject later. What I really want to know is, was my experience caused by the eclipse?

Now for my encounter, a few months ago around June I woke up in the middle of the night paralyzed. I was able to move my eyes and hear my surroundings, but could not for the life of me move my body. I heard commotion on my left side of the bedroom and as I turned my eyes towards that direction, I saw two small gray creatures communicating to each other. I couldn’t believe what I was looking at; I started to panic when a third smaller gray came through my window (my window was safely closed) with what seem to have a mask on its hand. I began to scream but no sound came out of my mouth, it was as if I was screaming in my head. As the gray approached me with the mask I had a ringing/siren noise in my head. I honestly don’t remember if I passed out when they approached me because as quick as they showed up, was as quick as they left and I was able to freely move my body.

Since than I haven’t been able to sleep well through the night and I have experienced three Sleep Paralysis event. My most recent one was last Saturday and it was the worst experience ever. Although it lasted for a minute, I know that what ever presence was around me was just not friendly. Can anyone tell me if they have ever experienced something like this before?  I would really like some feedback and know that I’m not the only one because I truly feel like I’m going crazy and this has caused me sleepless nights.

Thank you.

Sent in by Kyana, Copyright 2010


  2. Hi Kyana
    If I may contribute to this subject – Not so long ago I viewed a programme on one of the BBC TV channels and also listened to discussions on this very topic on BBC radio where psychologist and scientist who claim to be clued up on the subject of ‘sleep paralysis’ and related phenomenon, claimed it is some sort of natural chemical bodily process in the brain which occurs at a particular point of sleep and experienced by many people. The notion that this phenomenon is caused by some sort of paranormal visitation was ridiculed by these ‘supposed’ experts. One would then ask oneself a) does sleep paralyses occur as a natural phenomenon which affects some people OR b) in certain cases is this phenomenon induced by nocturnal ‘alien’ or even ‘spiritual entity’ visitations? I’m inclined to believe both scenarios and would add, human beings are generally sceptical about the paranormal and will not believe stories about strange occurences unless they themselves have witnessed or experienced the phenomenon. I find it a bit odd that these ‘experts’ who themselves have not experienced sleep paralysis nor do they believe in the paranormal, can definitively claim what many people have seen and experienced is nonsense.

    I have had many of these nocturnal visitations years ago which seem almost dream-like yet one knows without a doubt that it is a very real experience, their presence has a paralytic affect. One becomes aware of figures moving about the room though not clearly defined in the dark and movement is not possible because of the paralysis, nor is one able to let out a sound from one’s lips until the beings have removed themselves. I had never associated those experiences with ‘aliens’, instead I believed they were spiritual beings because of their ability to enter through closed windows. However, what I do know is that people who have experienced what you, others and myself have, seem to be interested in the paranorma, that’s why we are today on this site discussing issues relating to ufos, aliens, religion etc. I believe there is a definite connection between de-materializing/materializing ufos, their occupants and most of ‘sleep paralysis’ experiences.

    • I have the experiences often! If it’s just sleep paralysis then why I’m I very afraid everytime this happens? I have never seen anything due to the fact I can’t move, now sometimes I can move alittle bit but not enough to turn my head to look where I almost know something is standing there watching me. I feel it wouldn’t be a pasted on soul because it feels totally unnatural or unearthy. I am not afraid of any ghost I also have many family members that has passed on. I guess there will ever be away to prove that what’s happening is some sort of alien encounter. I keep a firearm arms length from me at night I guess all we can do is hope the grey that’s in charge of paralyzing the subject(me) messes up then I guess we’ll have proof. Oppps had to resend for email comments update.

      • Hi Jay, I had an experience of so-called Sleep paralyses about four days ago. This is the first I’ve had in well over 2 decades and while it was happening, I had a problem breathing probably because of the panic which gripped me – not being able to move or speak and certainly being aware of a presence which was responsible for my situation even though in a partial sleep/awake state. I’d almost forgotten that feeling. I think jk may be pleased to hear whilst in the grip of that state, I had the presence of mind to evoke the name and help of Jesus and, as I thought the words -‘please help me Jesus’ – I was aware those words were forced through my lips and even my voice burst through quite loudly – that ended the bad experience. Now I’ve tried this for myself and it seemed to work yet, why am I still so skeptical – thus believing it was psychological?

      • Hi Jay, i her what your saying, but if you did manage to shoot and kill one of these grays, im quite sure you would be punished and the injured or dead gray would be taken back on board their craft

  3. If you’ve been astral projecting, its a possbility your hallcinations we’re real. Aliens live in the astral plane but in the 3D dimensional plane and if you enter the 3D plane and keep your vibration levels at that level and travel one of the planets there is no doubt you’ll see them. Some people call them devils other people think the goverment made deals with them and kept them a secret. Other people think that these aliens and another life form called the mobians(encounter in space also) are working together to create a new world order. You can encounter these aliens on the astral world and please know they experiment on people’s souls and use programming chips or whatever unknown stuff to see your reactions. These aliens are extremely dangers when encountered and should be avoided. Mabians are shadow like aliens who look hollographic is almost impossible to know if one is in your precence. They usually just look at you and manifest traps as much as they can to trick you. And can teleport instatnly to avoid you, along with telekinesis. They are slightly more powerful then the greys and less hostile. While greys are less hostile to if you stare into one’s eye you’ll hear a buzzing sound that is surely a tell-tale sign you’ve encountered one. Just leave them alone and walk pass and they won’t do anything or say anything to you. They also use telekinesis and try to posess your mind so you can do bad things. But it isn’t there fault if you listen to them. Unlike demons they suggest and make it sound convincing as much as they can for you to do it. These beings are much easier to fight then mobians. Careful Trips!

  4. Why we’re they in your room? Experimenting on you if they we’re talking to each other they could have been convincing one another to stop expiermenting on you. If your in the physical plane you only encounter them in sleep paralysis and both greys and mobians can use there mind to substain you longer. But don’t fear them, they are highly unlike to kill you are to harm they’re both weak at strength but highly quick. Just respect, but do not make friends with them, they will decieve you and convince you as much as possible for them to make expierments on you and harm other people. How do you get rid of them? Don’t worry if you stop listening to them and ignore them they will go away. Or that might be your only encounter with them, it highly depends on what you do to there race. Fighting them will draw them to curosity how you don’t fear them and how humans work. And you may just be the worhty human beings. If you are futher afraid just pray to god for protection and they won’t come back. They’re not as stubron as demons and like I said should be avoided. There other alien life forms you can befriend. I forgot the other races names but be careful with all life forms females. You might run into the race’s name I forgot and they can be extrmely violent and can “rape” you. It might seem funny to you but its been a problem on there planet, don’t avoid them but don’t flirt with them or try to have sex with them only if your asked and if you want to. They go crazy and strong and insane, they almost look like humans and don’t look disgusting at all in my opinion.

    • Hi Lee, you know so much. That was very interesting reading. Id like to hear more, ive never heard of Mobians. Surely these negative entities cant just go around doing what ever they want, isnt there some universal law protecting us? I myself have woken up with strange markings on my body, one time i had 3 red dots in a triangle shape on my ankle, other times i have woke up in the morning with my clothes inside out. I dont recall any visitations but i do wonder if i have been abducted.

      • I seen when while astral projecting and I just heard a buzzing sound, that’s all. When I looked into’s its eye. I know this because I heard its thoughts. If your having harm to your physical it is possible you’ve been abducted. However, they cannot abuduct you physically but spritual. And they manfiest those spritual harms into physical harm when you get back to your body and it shows you marks. Now, they do have they’re bondaries. As you know they have souls too. At least I heard they have limitations to their powers and they’re much like human. I’ve never heard of mobians abudcting humans because they have no interest in beings like us, who have not even possessed the power public of telekineis. Weather we can astral project or not. But if you want to draw back to where they came pray to god to protect a energy field around you and visualize it. You should be fine. However, since manifesting resulting into physical harm is rare because like I said they have limitations and could be something causing you harm around your physical plane. Like knifes your bed springs etc. You might want to check that, since people who get abducted usually have some recallation when they’re abuducted. But being abuducted frequently barely and probaly will never happen. Humans don’t possess enough like span for frequent expierment and so they move on to not kill the human for their own reasons. Not for us. Those reasons are unknown.

    • There seem to be a commond belief that we are abducted by aliens for cross breeding because their species is dieing out. Remember stories of female abducties being shown half breed babies? If a race is smart enough to travel the the planets, I think they are smart enough not to go extinc. I heard of another reason for abductions. They “CAN’T ASTRAL PROJECT”. This means they don’t have a soul (God?) Are they abducting us to try to learn???

      • Weather they have a soul or not i’m assuming they do. They possess much more powers than humans. Just because they can’t astral project does not mean they’re physical appearence is already spritual. Like I said they’re unknown stuff. They probaly can see spirits in a person form and know if its a sprit or a physical body you have to overlook and stop look at human limitations as we are not talking about humans.

      • Hi Mike, may I ask – what is a soul, what does it do and how does it manifest itself?

  5. Hey Kyana I don’t think it is anything to lose sleep over. First of I have had sleep paralysis and during these episodes I have felt like I was being lifted out of my bed and then being placed back in it again weightlessly. One other time I actually felt that some things were carrying out a investigation on my leg and I felt distressed but whatever they were made me feel that I wasn’t going to be harmed and then I blanked. This was of course a vivid dream and I was projecting these events in my mind and actually thought they were happening. The best advice for sleep paralysis when it happens is to go with it and remember its just a dream like state. Everyone has had a dream that has felt entirely real to them at some point in their life but they just know it is a dream. Sleep paralysis obviously causes the mind to doubt states of consciousness. Thats my guess. I could be wrong. I don’t sleep paralysis anymore which I am glad of.

    • And just because you “don’t sleep paralysis” anymore does not mean you can’t sleep paralysis. It’s a normal human trait. Weather you want to or not you are going to do it again eventually. To avoid hallcinations in sleep paralysis after astral projection turn the lights on. It will stop it in some way. Darkness tricks eyes into seeing what humanity has taught us now and we manifest that into the possibilties of what can happen. If you leave the lights on you probaly won’t see anything. When I was a child I had horrible hallcinations when not in sleep paralysis. I didn’t fear and attacked the mosnter or demonic hallcinations head on and it went away. Of course I didn’t hit whatever it was because it was hallcinations but showing no fear destroys the hallcinations. It’s just a normal thing. The only times I have hallcinations are sleep paralysis is when i’m astral projecting. If you want tips on overcoming astral projection fears let me know. Don’t accept that fact demonic and evil enities can’t do anything to you. It’s possible if you intend to or panic. Some may trick you into believing they possessed your body so you could accept the fact and say its too late since they possessed your body. And you might just say go head because you think all hope is lost. Then bam they possesss you like that, ignore them and show know fear. You can manifest a light sword to draw them away in astral, even kill them. But before astral projection PLEASE CONTROL YOUR THOUGTS. Thiking about a demon hard enough could manifest them or draw them which will make your projecting a nightmare. THinking about stuff like that hard enough draws them. And they feed of your energy which is leaking out of fear. But usually if you get too frighten you get drawn back to your body. Getting too excited will draw you back to your body. Just thinking about your body will bring you there instantly. Those of you who are afraid of sleep paralysis shouldn’t astral project. Staying on the lower planes prevents sleep paralysis but all demons and evil sprits operate there and being on the middle planes gives you sleep paralysis but shortly. Going to high will keep in you in sleep paralysis talking about 30 seconds to five minutes depending on how high you are. The higher you get the higher your concious get and the harder it is for your brain to maintatin the upper planes from entering your physical plane. That’s what sleep paralysis is for. To seperate the astral from the physical so you don’t act out the astral world you might see some glimpses and animals of the astral walking around if you weren’t in sleep paralysis. Does this prove it is a dream? No it does not. I believe there are plently of sprits good or normal roaming houses. But I don’t believe they stay they just roam but even if they did stay they haven’t been bothering you. Do not panic if you see one in your house. It’s normal, you notice them they notice you they say nothing or try not to interact with you while in physical. This is a benevolent sprit or a normal sprit minding his or own buisness. While in astral you might want to tell its dead or tell them to get back where they belong and they will if your frigten about the idea of them. Telling them they’re dead might mean they don’t don’t know weather they’re dead or not. Just tell them to go to the light, if they say I know i’m dead ignore them or tell them to get out. If they refuse its a sprit who lived in the house before you. Say nothing if you want to befriend is up to you. They may feel a little annoyed seeing as they never bothered you they lived in the house before you and you’re telling them to get out. They won’t attack or throw a pottergeist tantrum if they are benevolent.

  6. I have no doubt that there are many various forms of aliens, and various ranks of power within the demonic realm. I have had to deal with the demonic, seen several space crafts, some at night and 2 years ago 2 manifested in broad day light. I have never encountered an alien being and I don’t think they are remotely interested in me or would waste their time on me. I know this also for a fact, that there are other dimensions we are exploring (Cern has new discoveries in physics yet to be released to the public) and I am a firm believer that the big foot creature is another anomaly that ties in with these mysterious
    manifestations. I never would have even believed the whole big foot ordeal until last spring when a very frightening event happened on my property.
    We are not alone and apparently things are happening because it is TIME.

    • I believe in big foot I just believe such a creature is exint or a underdeveloped human being who just was born ape from other apes. Seeing that humans where born from apes we’re transformed into cave men. The difference between a caveman and a human is that a caveman still has the brain of a ape and have matured ape specialties such as big giant fur, intense strength clinging to branch to branch to branch and jumping high with little fatigue. Just my belief. I doubt big foots would harm people that we’re like it. But hell if you want to learn about big foot astral project and find him.

      • i have read some of your messages. but first off, i am a christian and i believe in Jesus. if you believe in Jesus, (which i am guessing since you said to pray to God to get rid of the aliens) then why do you believe in evolution. i don’t believe in that crap. the bible says God created the earth in 7 days. (7 if you count the day He rested) it does not say anywhere in there that each day equals 1,000,000 years or something. He said He made man in His image. are you saying God is an ape?

        God is not an ape. we are not apes. we have never been apes. you can’t believe one part of the bible and then not believe other parts. you either believe all of it or none of it. i believe all of it. please don’t teach people about that evolution crap because it’s not true and you are going against God when you say that.

        when you die, and God judges you, do you want to take that chance of wondering how God will respond to you after you tell many people about evolution? i am not trying to start an argument. i just hate it when people say they are christians and then they tell everyone about evolution. it’s white or black. heaven or hell. no in between.
        and i do believe aliens are real. i have an open mind but when it comes to Jesus, i already have all of thoughts and beliefs firm.

        • Hi Jessica,

          We have a very interesting Sunday morning programme on BBC1 on UK TV called ‘The Big Questions’, where all manner of thought provoking questions are posed. There is a mixed audience and panel in the TV studio comprising church officials from different Christian religious denominations, along with those from other religions ie. Islam, Budism, Hinduism etc. etc. and atheists, pagans et all. This Sunday past, a highly knowledgable and intellectual Christian Priest/minister wearing his dog collar, acknowledged without question the evolutionary aspect of development on this planet and said categorically, there is no conflict between creationism and evolution. He believed both points of view should be taught in schools.

          • ….and that is ONE person’s point of view. and he is wrong. when God made the earth, he said he made it in 6 days and on the seventh day he rested. He did not say anywhere in the Bible that it took billions of years. there is no such thing as evolution. you can believe that if you want, but i don’t. it’s white or black, heaven or hell. i’m choosing heaven. i’m not gonna take that chance.
            evolution should NOT be taught in schools. i’m home-schooled this year for the first year. the other kin- 9th grd. the schools taught only evolution every single year in every class. science doesn’t prove everything. there was many more animals back then that maybe looked half like us and half like humans. there were many more animals and many didn’t make it but their bones are still preserved. and by the way, radio-carbon dating doesn’t prove anything. i know how it works and the whole method is stupid. Jesus loves you! 🙂

          • Jesica, no offense but do you think everything written in the Bible means exactly what it says? How can you be so sure that those 7 “days” were periods of 24 hours? The Bible is full of symbolism and analogies.

          • I do not believe there is a real conflict between evolution and creationism. One problem is that when many people hear the word “evolution” they assume that it means humans evolved from apes when that is not the case at all. Evolution is a fact and can be proven over and over and is why we have different breeds of dogs, cats, horses, and why we have all those specialty vegetables and fruits. In those cases humans helped push evolution artificially yet it is still the same process. Darwin, nor any other evolutionist ever claimed that man evolved from apes yet that is the common perception. The reason for that was the “church” pushed that propaganda in the early days to discredit Darwin and his ideas.

            I do NOT believe for a second that life on Earth sprang out of nothing and single celled organisms changed until they became human beings. All of that stuff is theory and conjecture and there is no proof of it. Not only that but there are numerous schools of thought on how it all occurred and they all have “proof” that the other philosophies are wrong 🙂

            Question – what if a “God” created life with the inherent ability to adapt and survive? Now, if there were a God who was capable of creating life in some manner wouldn’t that be the logical way to do it? If not then most of the life would eventually die out and could never last.

            As for the Bible I believe that there is an undeterminable time gap between the first two verses of genesis.

            Just my thoughts and opinions on the matter

          • the Bible does mean what it says. there are MANY analogies the Bible uses to help us better understand though…like the many parables. why would God tell us it took 6 days if it “really” took 6 million years? He wouldn’t do that. there’d be no point. if God can answer your prayers in a matter of seconds, what makes you think that it took God 6 million years to create the earth? are you saying that God does not have the power to create the world in 6 days? He is God. He has the power to do anything, whenever He wants, however long He wants. 🙂

          • I never said anything of the sort Jessica. Do you mean that it is possible for a man to pass through the eye of a needle? If not then why does the Bible say that? I could sit here and list many many other things in the Bible that do NOT mean exactly what they say. That is exactly what a metaphor, parable and analogy are – they do NOT mean exactly what they say but are used to illustrate a point or idea

          • and also, the reason why we don’t just “die out” is because God is watching over us. He is not A God. He is THE God. He is the only God. 🙂 the reason we have so many varieties of everything is the same reason why we have varieties of people. if we all looked the same, that would be boring. if all fruit tasted the same, that’d be boring. if every single animal was a hippo, that’d be boring. God gave humans variety. God made us in His image. God is NOT an ape obiously. lol. 🙂 if evolution is true, then why is it when black people come to america (different amount of sunlight and air ) they don’t turn white? why don’t we turn black when we go aver there? even many, many generations that live there, still remain the color that they were came from.

          • The reason we have all the varieties of dogs, horses, cats, fruit and veggies is because man created them by cross breading hybridizing etc they are not here naturally 🙂

            There you go with the ape thing…. Did you read what I said about that? And did you read what I wrote about evolution? So please dont try to argue the ape thing with me when I already said quite clearly that I didnt believe it

            Also I didnt say that humans would die out I said “Most life” so if you want to challenge what I say challenge what I say and not what I did not 🙂 AND it is OK if we disagree, we dont have to agree to get along and I mean no offense to you or your beliefs at all and am just sharing my own

          • What are you afraid of Jessica? White or black, heaven or hell, right or wrong, as you say, you are a fresh-minded student and haven’t experienced life as yet. You’ll find on your path through life – much of it is grey – up in the air, and we are tasked to make our way through that grey haze and not bury our heads in the sand like an ostrich – as the saying goes. The bible is a book written and edited by man, much has been omitted to suit the authors and editors – AND THAT IS THE TRUTH. What is unacceptable today, will surely be acceptable tomorrow – NOTHING STAYS THE SAME IN THIS WORLD, yet one must be true to oneself.

        • the Bible says that, because He is using ANALOGIES. He would not use an analogy about how long it took to create the world. don’t doubt God. He can create this whole world in whatever time amount He wants and He can end it in a split second.

          • first of all, o wasn’t arguing with you about the ape-thing. i was stating how stupid it sounds. second of all, how can you believe one part of evolution, but not the other? (the ape-thing) either you believe it all or none….like with the Bbile. yes, many are not here naturally. but, that doesn’t make them evolutionized!!! if a poodle and a german shepard breed, they’ll make a poodle-german shepard(i don’t know what that would be called.) their DNA is completely different now. just like when a white mother and black father makes a baby. the baby is not black or white….it’s mixed…both. it’s still human though! the two dogs even though they are different doesn’t mean that the puppy will be a cat! that’s not evolution. i think you are not understanding what evolution is. evolution is when an organism changes based on its surroundings and air and environment. 1. like i said earlier, a black person doesn;t turn white if they movie to america. and vise-versa. 2. a dog doesn’t turn to a cat if it mate with another breed of dog…it’s still a dog! 3. our skin won’t start turning blue if the sky turns really blue. 4. a fish won’t turn into a frog if it lives in a tad-pole “nest”.

          • I dont think you understand – NO ONE SAY THAT MAN EVOLVED FROM APES that is a myth and evolutionists do not believe that. Actually what they say is that we had common ancestors but I dont believe that either. AND yes I agree that it is a stupid idea to say humans evolved from single cell globs out of nothingness. I think it is you who are not understanding what evolution is. I understand it very very well. “either you believe it all or none” that isnt even logical. The ideas and therories of evolution are very different. That is there are many different conflicting theories about it. Saying that is like saying you cant like one TV show without liking them all……

            Most theories of evolution are not based upon “changes based on its surroundings and air and environment” it is based upon life forms adapting and changing due to mutations which help the thing to survive hence the phrase “survival of the fittest”

          • no, you took that out of context. you are either a Christian or not. (evolution-believer) you can’t pick out the parts you choose to believe. like the Bible, you either believe all or none. you CAN’T say, “okay, i believe, Exodus and Numbers and half of John.” please quit arguing with me about this. you will not change my decision. i can’t change your decision. i’m just stating what i believe. and you stated yours. i get it…i’m a christian, and you pick and choose parts of everything. i have work to do. you’re arguing with a high-schooler and i need to finish my work. 🙂 i’m keeping my beliefs and you can keep all of yours. JESUS STILL LOVES YOU! 🙂

          • No you do not get it and you are judging me. You arent supposed to be doing that are you?

            I did enjoy the discussion and I think it is great when people can disagree and discuss without anger. I appreciate that and I wish you the best.

            I have sort of a trick question for you (yeah I shouldt let you know it is a trick question before I ask.. ) Do you believe every word in the Bible is the truth?



          • I warned you that it was a trick question 🙂 In Matthew chapter 12 it is stated that Jesus casted out demons with the power of Beelzebub…. In another place it is written that Jesus was a liar…. OK so I do not believe that either one of those are true statements but they are written in the Bible so no everything in the Bible is not the truth.

            Not everything stated in the Bible is from God there are also quotes and things which were spoken by non believers, idolaters and worse in the Bible. Now, that is just a technicality… I mean those statements are not true but yes it is true that they were said. Anyway, just a little “trick question” and no harm or offense meant at all.


          • Hi there UFO Truth Seeker and Jessica,

            🙂 🙂 That was a hard hitting and very stimulating verbal bout, it really got my heart racing very much like it used between jk and Jennifer, except of course one was Christian and the other atheist.

            And to Jessica I say, I’m inclined to agree with you on the ability of the universal God to create all things out of ‘what we human beings perceive to be’ NOTHING. Only last night, I watched a science TV programme titled “Everything and Nothing” which involved scientific exploration of the science behind ‘NOTHINGNESS’ and the deepest mysteries of the universe.

            Sadly, I fell asleep and didn’t see the end BUT, I suspect it is all a big illusion – All of it and, we are players in this magnificent illusion – WHY – as entertainment for the Powers that Be. And ofcourse illusions amount to ‘nothing’, just click your fingers Hoodini and it’s all gone. 🙁

    • Hi Roxanne. Years ago, I read a book on the subject of ufo’s as this subject really facsinates me and, in one of the stories, witnesses claimed they saw a greyish/silver disc-shaped flying object hovering some feet above the ground and witnessed a large ginger haired yeti-like creature being pushed out of this craft & onto the ground in a cold mountainous region. This creature then ran into the woods. In another story about the yeti/bigfoot, some woodsmen encountered one such creature and shot at it, according to their account, the bullets recocheted off the creature’s body and simultanously static was seen on bullet impact. They’ve been known to peer at people through windows (usually in remote areas) and attempt to open wooden chalet doors in the woods.
      Yes – very mysterious!

    • Hi Roxanne,
      If you willing, I would love to hear about your frightening experience you had with big foot that happened on your property.
      and i agree with you, We are defiantly not alone in this world…

  7. When one talks about ufo’s/aliens, abductions, demons, angels, religion etc., one cannot separate these topics from other paranormal phenomena, they are all linked because they are strange and mysterious to humankind, these experiences are not witnessed by or not familiar to millions of people who rightfully are skeptical. My question is why are some human beings able to experience/see what others are not able to see, and, why is it that these real experiences are very difficult to prove. Is it because we live in a totally material tangible world and the beings in question are ‘spiritual entities’ gadding about in intangible vehicles. What I do know is ‘those’ human witnesses are definitely selected for these experiences – but why?

    • Because if there is a god he sent us out here to do what we can do. Being physic is a reason why you are out there everyone has there own destines when they look for it. Scum, crimnals, I believe they we’re born on this earth to decieve us and for us to learn or they we’re born on the earth for a another good reason but messed it up because of there mistakes. For those who die without any purpose may have a purpose in the spritual existance while in the physical plane. For example, one could be born to send a message to a loved one or to spy on the human race for god so he could see what we are doing. No one even knows if god is watching us. I really do think he is but i’m just saying it is a possbiltity, you never know about the unknown until is known. You have to dodge all limitations and what humanity has taught us to interact with the “impossible”. Just because all of humanity have not seen anyone fly before does not make it immpossible. Just because scientist have no evidence does not make it impossible. Science can’t prove everything, science was created by man, and man isn’t the best species out there evidently. Like I said look beyond “reality” as they say and look into the impossible.

      • Hello Lee,

        You seem to be very well informed in matters of astral travel and the intangible entities which can be encountered on an astral route and, as nocturnal visitors. However, your remark that God does not watch our every move is debatable. Firstly, we have to establish in our minds what we perceive God’s nature to be OR what this universal God is. Do we really understand? Is God an invisible old bearded man in some remote region of the universe observing us (like fish in bowl)? I think not. Or is God a complex living entity/energy within all of us, within all that is and that is not throughout the universe, in essence, are we and God one and part of the Whole – like a backing board with countless and varied mosaic tiles attached to it so that if one tile falls away, the backing board feels an empty space. If that is the case (and I believe it is the case), God knows, feels and sees all things even our most secret thoughts. Quite un-nerving! Without a doubt we are being monitored, nurtured, protected throughout our earthly existance and our earthly brains cannot begin to perceive the magnitude of God’s nature.

    • Hi Pat, happy new year, i dont know the scientific answer to that, but my ‘gut’ feeling has always told me that skeptics will only see/believe what they choose to. Believers have a much more open mind , hence the reason they understand that fact is stranger than fiction. Maybe these ‘Visitors’ have less interest in the logical thinkers (some of whom still think the Earth is flat), and they (Visitors)concentrate on the ‘ones who think out the box”. Just a thought. (p.s has everyone here read the Serpo report? I read it a couple of years ago but it still blows my mind. Theres something in the Astronaughts ‘diary’ that just rings true to me. Il post the link just incase there are still people out here who havnt read it. Peace

      • Thank you Col* and all the best to you and our fellow posters for this new year. Thank you for the link to the Serpo report, I don’t believe that i’ve read it but will do so and make my comments.

  8. I also spoke to a co-worker of mine who had similar experience and truly feels that I encountered an evil entity. She isn’t religious but very spiritual. I am spiritual as well, but I always keep an open mind to anything. I 100% believe in other dimensions and life in other planets, but I don’t think my experience had anything to do with an evil entity. I must admit that my apartment or should I say bedroom gives me an awful feeling every time I’m in it and what’s crazy is that its only the bedroom; in a particular spot of the wall always draws my attention. Everywhere else in the apartment doesn’t have that heavy or nauseating feel to it. Would you say that maybe there is an open portal in my bedroom?

    • Hi Kyana, i dont know about the portal, possibly though. I wondered if you have been ‘taken’ through that particular point in the wall by ”our friends”. Have you tried hypnotic regression? Some people dont believe its a reliable way of extracting forgotten memories, however many many people do think its very effective. :o)

  9. I had a traumatic experience, A few months ago I was awaken out of my sleep but could not open my eyes. I felt something was in the room with me. I was so scared I wanted to open my eyes at one point but couldnt. I felt something lay on top of me, I could feel the pressure so heavy i was having trouble breathing. It lasted maybe a minute, then released. I open my eyes and sit up in bed immediately when I was released and there was no one in the room. I had such a helpless feeling. I knew there was absolutely nothing I could do about it.

    • Hi Dawn, sounds like an ‘attempted’ abduction. Maybe your strong will deterred ‘them’, or maybe they were disturbed. You should set up CCTV at your home and see what you record, you may be VERY surprised. Peace

  10. Hi peeps, as i promised heres the Serpo link(s). If you havnt yet read this then get ready for a rivetting education. There are 30+ pages. Enjoy

    (Astronaughts diary,scroll down to day 1):

    • Why insult me for hiavng a perfectly valid stance on the situation? You only make yourself look unintelligent and, as a consequence, one of the fanatics’ that tarnish the image of true UFO theorists. This shit is real! proof? Have you been contacted personally by an extra terrestrial?No, thought not.You are predicating on conjecture. You have absolutely *NO* proof that any of the phenomena witnessed in these videos are of extra terrestrial origin.Good day.

  11. Hi Col*,

    The Serpo report is very very very long and it will take me some time to read all the pages but, read them all – I SHALL. The first 5 pages outlined the gist of the report which blew my mind. I can’t remember a story on the subject of ufos/aliens which had such a profound effect on me (excitement), but when I calmed down, many questions came to mind. The Serpo report first reared its head around 2005/6 according to the article, how is it that such a ground-breaking story on ET eluded me – especially as I read any news related to the subject. Something like this should have had some mention in the press here in the U.K. and I’ve seen nothing at all and neither have friends of mine who are interested in the subject.

    I’m keeping an open mind on this report as many elements including technical aspects on alien equipment etc. in this story are believable yet, I can’t help wondering if it could have been ideas for a book. Who is this ‘Anonymous’ and why has he not released these 16 books of photgraphs of planet Serpo and its inhabitants the ‘Ebens’. I did see 7 photos which are purported to have been taken on this planet – none of them were convincing except that of the dual suns – one being smaller than the other and, even then, photographic technology these days could produce something like this.

    ‘Anonymous’ – (Sylvester McCoglin?) who released this report, it seems has flown the coup and left us all hanging out to dry. LOL – It isn’t ‘Anonymous’ on this forum???? LOL
    NB.(I have copied and pasted my comments from one of the other strands.)

  12. God is perfect, but God didnt write the bible.

  13. People may refer what i just experienced few hours ago as Sleep Paralysis, but believe me, I know the difference between SP and SP-like state during sleep. Ive experienced some SP episodes before in my lifetime. But tonight around 12.43 AM (+7 GMT), I was just trying to sleep, laying on my left side with my blanket covering my body well (bcos usually i have SP when I dont wear my coverlet well) but then suddenly I felt my conscious was slowly dominated by unknown state like when you do on daydreaming. I got very drowsy, but still awake and had my eyes half opened. Very vulnerable condition. I finally closed my eyes. Then my heart beats went faster, I knew that the SP was beginning like the ones i had before. But i thought its strange bcos i wore my blanket well. Then the voices started like a man talking in a strong voice inside my head but i couldnt understand what he’s saying. Along with the man’s voice, there’s other voice like a drum in a war movie and electromagnetic sound. The drum sound was in constant speed, but the electromagnetic sound rose and sunk. I kept listening to the sound. My right hand felt like i was holding someone’s finger, a long finger. My right hand at that time was beneath my left side body so the finger might come from the right side of my bed. I tried to let go of my pointing finger from the unknown finger to prove whether its real or my imagination only. But still, my other fingers could feel it while I was removing my pointing finger. I didnt try to move my body bcos my fast heartbeats prevented me. The strange sound was still there. I started to have a vision of a place, like a room, but only I couldnt make out the complete detail like it’s not fully opened for me to go in. It’s like a bedroom but i cant recognize where it was. I opened my eyes finally, What’s left was the strange sound. the man’s talking had vanished. I stared at my room. Nothings strange, only above my body there’s like subtle waves that distorted my vision. I tried to remember the sound so when I was released I could replicate the sound to find out what that was. I was pretty awake that i could make small movement like moving my finger, toes and my five senses worked out pretty well, but other part of my brain was occupied by unknown state. I gave in myself to the unknown state. My heartbeat still went fast and the strange sound was still there. I began to scare and forced mmyself to wake up. After several attempts, I woke up and got really scared like I wouldnt sleep again, but i work in the morning. I dont mean to be dramatic, like a child crying about a monster in the closet. But this time, if you perceive what I experienced is SP, well, this is the most excruciating SP I’ve ever had. That last about 10 minutes I thought and no change on my body except a headache like you have been exposed by radiation from phone or other machine. Well maybe bcos a friend of mine called me then I got the radiation from my cellphone, Im not sure. I just try to get some logic here.
    Thank you.

  14. i feel you brother.please read this im am no expert on the subject but i am well learned about.ufos ,aliens,diffrent dimensions,fallen angels and more.i have experience on sp my self and was verry shaken.and listen and talk whit people.and i just want to say that i think there i some connction whit maby things from anoyher dimension who only can reach us in some moments in our sleep. i realy dont know. maby aliens existing on a different plane. dimension we can call it. my muslim friend says its evil fallen angels who ffed on fear and try to scare us whit sp.but i cant say its 100% true but you and i know its not an ordinary dream.its something many people experience the same thing.and take my advise .DONT play whit it. try to enter the sp direkt if you can. and i did put a religous item on my bed table.doesent mather if its muslim or kristian. but it have to be something you belive in they cant enter in your mind if you thinking of good thins like god and love. it sound silly but it worked for me,remember they feed on our fear and what we dont please take my adwise.and sorry for my bad english im from sweden.but i know what im saying.its a long story. but .aliens,satan,dreams,ufos,dimension.its all tied toghether its only different names of maby three or two things.peace brother take care

  15. Am I shut out? Why AlienUFOtruth???

    • Hello Pat, why do you say that? You havent been shut out of anything. What is happening?

      • Hello wpmasterkey1

        What a relief!! thank you my path has been unblocked. I was unable to participate in discussions for many months, I seemed to have been blocked out and thought I might have offended somebody although I couldn’t see how, particularly as I’m brutally straight forward, hopefully without being offensive. 🙂 🙂

        • Hey Pat, Very glad to see you back. I have no idea what may have happened but I can say for sure that you werent blocked in any way by me – and I am the only one who runs this 🙂

  16. In regard to your paralyses, I’d like to share my experience with you if it helps in any way. Firstly I am a meditator and been meditating for many years. Sometime between December 20th and 25th of 2011 and as I went to bed around 2:30am (I go to bed fairly late because I am steady afternoon shift with my job)and as soon as I turned out the lights, and pull the bed covers over me, I immediately realized something wasn’t quite right. My head couldn’t feel the pillow and my body couldn’t feel the bed. Keep in mind this all happened within seconds of going to bed. As I was going to turn my body on the bed I realized it couldn’t move. It was then that an image opened up in my mind. In this image were 2 orbs on the upper left side of the image (accompanied in a hazy mist) and on the right were 2 aliens. (I later determined that they were definitely Grey aliens). Anyway these 2 aliens were simply looking at me, one was close to me and the other was in the background. My brain quickly assessed what was taking place and knew immediately that these aliens were totally responsible for this experience. They did not speak to me but I got the first and the last word in. In regard to the paralysis I managed to turn my finger from my right hand toward them signifying for them to leave and at the same time I spoke the following words “I don’t appreciate you’re doing something to my brain to have caused this paralysis and I want you to leave immediately and called upon my master of the pure white light of the Christ for assistance”. They turned away and suddenly the image dissolved and my body was released. I sat up on the bed to see if my cat was awakened by any foreign vibrations but he was asleep soundly. In addition, for many weeks prior I had a tremendous amount of ringing in both ears. Around that period the ringing was so loud (while taking a shower)that I something was taking place behind the scenes but didn’t know what it was. afterward I visited an associate 300 miles away who is a Shaman and aura balancer in search of his advice and input. He told me that around those dates the Greys were apparently on their way out (leaving our orbit) and we intercepted each other as in much the same as walking down the street and passing strangers at the same time. He also mentioned that when by (through sheer force of WILL) turned my finger signifying them to leave, they knew that they didn’t have full control over me and this helped for them to leave.

    • I appreciate you sharing the experience, Billy. Seriously, after reading your explanation, that all makes sense.The remained question is, why is it us that experienced the intersectional wave or whatever it’s called that made physical effect on us? For you, you are a meditator.That’s relevant. But me, I’m far from that.. I don’t want to make any justification of my background pertaining the occurence. So, I’m still waiting to get the answer of my curiosity . Thanks 🙂

  17. Hi Atika

    My feeling about these experiences of nocturnal paralyses is – no matter what another has to say, be it the scientific explanation of chemicals in the brain being responsible or spiritual entities or the greys, we simply don’t really know. These experiences are real, I’ve had them many years ago even though I haven’t experienced it for a long time now. I don’t think anybody can truly give you an honest and satisfactory answer.

  18. Ive been experiencing “sleep paralysis” for many years and I’m only 18. I once seen the grim reaper standing over the end of my bed, but the most common I’ve had was of intruders entering. It seemed as though they would always come in from a closed window in my bedroom. They appeared grey ish or black and had long fingers and appeared oddly skinny in shape. Before I realized it was sleep paralysis I was suffering from I always thought they were aliens. Ive never woken up from these “encounters” until the next morning, whereas with most other illusions of my sleep paralysis I’ve woken up a few minutes later. It raises the question in my mind why is it only when I see these certain intruders do I never wake up immediately after the experience? I was wondering if anyone else has seen these particular beings? Though my sight was limited, it seemed as though they may have hard sharp finger nails and their skin was rough looking, kind of like elephants’. I need a better understanding of what I’m seeing and why!

    • Hi Rae,

      Gaining access through a closed window is their normal mode of entry and in the process paralysing their victim. That’s all I’ll say on the subject.

  19. I have had Sleep Paralysis for many years on and off, I’ve seen and felt things that my mind can’t really process, from simple feelings of terror, to dogs, “spirits”, items such as glowing golden books and hovering shapechanging keys, machines attached to me (like i’m in the Matrix), pipes and tubing, shadows, rips/holes in the wall to what looks like an empty, post-apoc classroom) demonic or undead faces and recently I’ve seen the ‘greys’, look at me in an orange/golden hue, overlapping my own vision, i could see it’s eyes clearly move, looking me up and down and frown almost in disgust at me. I have had traumatic experience of probing and rape in some rather unpleasant places, particularly my testicles/anus and inner leg area being pulled painfully or something like tentacles being driven under my skin/inside my body, and one of the most disturbing, i have felt like i have been pulled apart and put back together several times. I have looked up and seen a roofless sky and broken walls with a screaming wind and a constantly crumbling moon with gigantic creatures in the far horizon. Sorry, I don’t believe in god or demons, and although i do believe in aliens i don’t think they are going to the trouble of probing my brain. I consider myself fairly logical and intelligent and scientific, i have a knowledge of science and biology and know about brain biochemistry and psychology, but I don’t know why this happens to me personally but I don’t by that any of it is supernatural. At all.

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