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Strange Flying Craft Seen Near Greeley Colorado

This happened a very, very long time ago, and I am just only now coming out to report it. I have told only a few people, but I still wonder to this day exactly what I saw. I would love to hear any explanations, for I am not sure if this is just a normal aircraft or a true UFO.

My story goes like this: In 2008, my dad was driving me home from girl scouts in Greeley, Colorado. It was in the early fall, while everything was still green. I was looking out of my window from the passenger’s seat, and something caught my eye.

It was a large object with a rectangular base with a dome on top. It had rectangular “windows” around the base, and a soft green light spun around them. On top of the dome was an odd, flickering light, a color that I can’t quite describe.

What was even more odd was that it was quite close to the ground, just above the tree line, and it emitted no sound. It also moved in a peculiar manor; it was quick, but very, very smooth.

It was gone from my sight in only a few short seconds, and my dad, who was leaving a message on his cellphone, unfortunately, missed this amazing event.

I still have no idea what this was. One of my friends said it was a type of military airplane, but I have yet to come across something like this on the internet while researching. I would love an explanation, for it still haunts me to this day to think of it.

Sent in by Bryn, Copyright 2011

  1. Thus far I’ve never heard of any man-made soundless aircraft – military or other-wise which is rectangular in shape with a dome above and most importantly which has the capability to disappear at a blink of an eye. My guess is – it might have been an alien inter-dimensional or inter-galactic space craft or the watchers/angels posing or labelled as aliens. There seems to be so many varied shapes described by witnesses and all unmatched with modern human conventional aircraft.

  2. It sounds pretty amazing, what you witnessed.

    • Sorry to say but my wife and I saw the same thing in Slidell,Louisiana right outside new Orleans. NASA is housed right here. Somehow nothing was said about it. There some wicked things happening and our government knows what’s going on. Stay prayerful GOD is real. These demons are amongst us.

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