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Strange Object in Fowey England Sky

Here is an interesting photo we received from Col Foster. The image file that I received was over 5 megabytes and 4000×3000 pixels. I have resized the images for the purpose of having them fit within the borders of this site. The third picture was not resized at all but was cropped from the original image file.

About the photo from Col:

The date was September 15th 2010. I was in Fowey, England, it was 11:41 AM, there was a plane that had been circling for around 40 minutes so I thought as it was a clear blue sky I may just take a few photos of it. I thought no more of it until I loaded the days pictures to my PC, that’s when I noticed a squiggly apparition above the plane and to the right. Its not a kite or anything that I recognize, the strange thing is I zoomed into the plane and didn’t notice anything at the time, yet the camera captured it. I have no idea what it is. I thought I would share it with Alien UFO Truth viewers in the hope some people may be able to shed some light.

Thanks Col Foster

Strange Object in Fowey England Sky

Strange Object in Fowey England Sky

Strange Object in Fowey England Sky

Strange Object in Fowey England Sky

UFO in Fowey England?

UFO in Fowey England?

  1. I don’t believe in this..It might be some military automobile.

  2. Ihave no idea!,Maybe a Bird Flying HIGH or a Small Bug?..Walt!

    • A bird or bug? Look at the third picture again. Does it really look like a bug or a bird?

  3. Light bulbs

    • Light bulbs? Ha ha did you actually read this and look at the pictures? Of course there are light bulbs in the pic, but that isnt what we are looking at here….

      • Isn’t it a bit of a coincidence that the betetr our technology/artistry has become, so too has the appearance of the UFOs that we record ? The old 1950s UFOs look like lampshades/plant pots, whereas now they are all type of crazy, slim-line shapes. That suggests to me that the hoaxers’ technology/imagination has become more creative with time. There are so many UFO hoaxes now, that any genuine footage will be? dismissed anyway.

        • Hi Hashish,

          We on this Earth are advancing technologically are we not? Think back to 1950 – that is 64 years ago and compare the slick looking vehicles today compared to those at that time.
          **Compare computerized modern machinery today with those heavy mechanical of yesteryear.
          **What about telephones then and today?
          **Need I go through the whole gamut of technological changes today.

          Why wouldn’t the occupants of the bell-shaped/sombrero shaped ufos have advanced the shape and technology of their vehicles as well.

          Nothing stands still – we are all creators, even the occupants of the ufos.

  4. Thanks James, i also have a video from the same time, of A fast flying UFO. I will send it to AlientUFOtruth. Regards, Col Foster

  5. Hi guys, i noticed another anomaly in these photo’s, its a weird half ring shape, i will try to forward to you. (Caretaker sent you these on my behalf. How do i forward you the rest? Thanks again to Caretaker)

  6. it looks like a bird or possibly a jet aeroplane – see the smoke trail!!!

  7. Hi people, i sent the Fowey ‘unknown’ in. I also have a video here from the same time but just up the road in Looe. Please let me know what you think, Col.

  8. Couldn’t see anything unusual. A boat, sea gulls, relatively calm weather conditions on a beautiful day, did I miss something?

    • Hi Pat, i can understand you missing the ‘fast UFO’ in the original, but its darn near IMPOSSIBLE to miss it with the slo-down version (above). Try again mate, it is there, Col.

  9. In fact, if we look to the far left of the ‘slow’ video (above) we can see the ‘still’ of the UFO, thanks

    • Hi Col Foster, looking at the still photograph, I see an object in the sky to the left of the picture, of course – because of the distance it isn’t clearly defined and ressembles numerous photographs seen in books on UFOs. As far as I’m concerned it could be a chopper, or light aircraft, so strictly speaking because it isn’t identifyable it is a ufo but doesn’t really excite me. Viewing the slow version of the film clip once again – sorry I cannot see anything which I would call an ufo.

  10. That thing was going FAST!!! In the video

    • Hi Anonymous, yes this thing is using Hyperdrive capabilities!! It appears from over the horizon and covers many miles in the blink of an eye!! The truth is out there

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