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Strange Sighting Near Moraga California

I have to ask if anyone has seen what I did? It was around 1990 and I had just finished working in Moraga, Ca. around 9pm. It was already dark for some time and I was driving down Ivy Dr. A very windy road and in Moraga there are very few street lights. It was dark as possible. None where I was.

I was in a new small pick up and myself and two others in the cab and one man riding in the back with the equipment. Right from the time we left, the man in the back began hitting my back window hard. He stopped and started again every few minutes till it got so bad the window was going to break and I had to pull over. At this time the man in back jumped out and ran into the dark. I insisted the two up front with me get out and go find him. When they got out they stood by their door staring over my roof and saying, what is that. They said for me to get out and see this.

When I stepped out, they were looking above me and said, Dave, turn around and look up. What I saw was a illumines, mass of swaying,I guess cloud or fog with a total aura around it with different color light particles about 8ft above me. It was about 5 ft tall and 3 ft wide and had no real form but it definitely had a mind of its own because right when I seen it I ducked down and said whoo. It was too close for me and it reacted as I did.

It stopped moving completely and at that moment it left at an angle straight to space and in a straight line. It left no light trail and I know how far Pluto is away so to speak and it would of been there before I could say, what was that.

It was not a drone or machine of any kind and had its own being by what little actions I made according to mine. I have three witnesses that agree it was not of this earth. It was like a free energy that possessed thought on its own and moved literally the speed of light.187000 miles per second is as close as I put it. A free mass of energy able to spend a good 20 minutes approaching the man in back and pulling away and even going behind a mountain a good 10 miles away and right back to his face in less than a second.

The man said at that point, he was trying to kick in my window to get away. He gave much more detail. This is the short version.

Has any one ever seen this or is it just us. I have lots of theories like,1st, an alien able to travel at will any where in the universe without a protective covering. Just a soul but very solid in its own. Second would be a soul that had just passed and was leaving earthly boundaries, right to possible fallen angels or shape shifters.

Please give me any input possible. Thank you, David Conway.

  1. Yes I have seen a craft in Rockford Illinois and it traveled at the speed of light real fast. i saw it blinking light red, blue , white and green. light. silver craft. Like you see in the movies. It was high above me on Springfield road. Lights flashing up in the sky. going so fast, faster than anything on earth or space I have ever seen.

  2. I saw a craft in Rockford Illinois. Silver craft like you see in the movies. I saw lights flashing red, green, blue and white. it traveled at the speed of light. I was silver craft like int the movie war of the worlds. only it had flashing colored lights.

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