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UFO Sightings Illuminating Lights and Migraines

I first saw these reddish orange orb like lights in the sky that I thought were odd, but they were high in the sky. But then a falling star came down in between those orbs and they immediately moved out …

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Alien Abduction in Arizona

Hello. I used to live in Phoenix, Arizona a few years back and had at least 4 episodes of seeing UFO’s. One episode followed missing time for about 6 hours, and another time I awoke with my hair a huge …

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The Phoenix Lights UFO Incident

UFO Mystery in the Southwestern U.S. Skies

UFO sightings have been many in number. It seems the Roswell Incident of 1947 sparked everyone’s interest in looking toward the heavens for evidence of life outside the Earth they knew. Most have …

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