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The Nazi Bell Craft Reality or Myth?

Did Adolph Hitler Create “UFO” Type Craft?

Adolph Hitler sought out the best scientists and engineers he could find.

Hitler wanted the best scientists and engineers at his disposal… always looking for the next most sophisticated weapon in his quest for absolute power. One craft in particular was thought to have harnessed the power of time/space manipulation… although any records or proof of this craft have yet to be found.

It’s name, according to Igor Witkowski, a Polish journalist and historian of military and aerospace technology… the “Die Glocke” or “The Bell“… for the bell-shape of the craft itself. It was first spoken of in his book, “Prawda O Wunderwaffe” in 2000, which translates to “the truth of the secret weapon”.

German Vril Flying Saucer

German Flying Saucer

Did the SS scientists, while housed in the large building known as “Der Reise” (literally meaning, “the giant”) come up with a craft that could have possibly defied gravity and been able to manipulate time and space?  While there is no hard core evidence that this device was a reality, Witowski insists that this craft was indeed created here.

In his claims, Witowski has stated his source must be kept confidential… that this person showed him transcripts of information obtained by SS General Jakob Sporrenberg during apparent questioning by the KGB.

General Sporrenberg was a chief organizer in the horror that was to become known as Aktion Erntefest, or Operation Harvest Festival, a mass killing of Jewish prisoners that was ordered out of fear of an uprising.

Witowski said he received this information in 1997… and while there is no actual proof it is true, it certainly gives the mind something to think about.

According to this source, Sporrenberg gave information to officials during his imprisonment in Poland that Die Glocke did exist… and that it was part of a secret program involving scientists, engineers, military experts… all looking for the perfect weapon.

The Bell apparently not only had the power as a radiation device… when filled with a mercury like substance it would produce radiation so intense that scientists and test subjects such as animals were said to have died… but it is also thought to have mastered how to manipulate time and space… perhaps even time travel itself. If functional, it could defy gravity and manipulate time to where the enemy wouldn’t even see the attack coming. A weapon that could hide behind the shield of time… was it even possible, let alone probable?

Did Hitler Get Extraterrestrial Help?

With human technology… something like this would take years, if not centuries to perfect… if indeed ever.  What some have claimed however is that Hitler and his Third Reich may have had outside help… possibly from out of this world. One society in particular, founded on a concept in Edward Bulwer-Lytton’s 1871 novel, “The Coming Race“, called the Vril, were said to have been instrumental in aiding with Nazi warcraft… and the reason that this technology seemed so advanced was because Hitler and his entire philosophy were instruments of another race… from another world.

German Flying Saucer

German Flying Saucer

In this book, Bulwer-Lytton describes a superior race of beings known as the Vril… much as Hitler pushed for his perfect Aryan race.

The leaders of this race were said to be dwelling in the “hollow earth,” and it is thought that Hitler had many operations going on underground… including escape routes to Antarctica. Even if the Vril didn’t exist, it’s not beyond possibility for Hitler to have read this text… and taken it upon himself to engineer this master race.

The technology of the Nazi weapons was highly advanced… many have said it was very ahead of its time. Could it be possible that the reason it was so advanced was because it was a result of cooperation between the SS and the Vril-ya or the Secret Chiefs of this race of being? Were there plans for a craft that never came to light because the war ended?

Operation Paperclip – Nazi Scientists Come to the U.S.

Nazi technology extended far further than has generally been acknowledged, in fact to almost unfathomable levels.

This book provides a glimpse into German research.

It contains reports of structured bombs of nipolit, N-stoff bombs, cold bombs, oxygen bombs which could destroy all life, atomic bombs and rumours of the mysterious molecular bomb.

That is something that is up for speculation… again, there is no proof. There usually isn’t when there is any reason to hide the truth. Example… Operation Paperclip. After the war, President Truman made a deal to take in many of the scientists and engineers that had been working in Germany… with the stipulation that there have been no active participation in Nazi war crimes. However, there were several members of the Nazi party who had been very active in the atrocities… and their entire histories were changed to pass inspection.  Again… why hide the truth? Is it possible that the experiments continued here?

In Henry Stevens book “Hitler’s Suppressed and Still-Secret Weapons, Science and Technology“, he speaks of a very interesting conversation between the father of a friend of his and German scientist who had been part of Operation Paperclip named Otto Cemy. While Cemy wasn’t specific at first, he did show a rough example of a plan for a device used to look into the past and witness things as they happened. According to this book, Cemy said that it was only possible to look backward and not forward with this device. Considering the fate of the Nazi regime… that’s just a bit ironic.

And what of Operation Paperclip? What technology did these scientists possess that made them indispensable?

Could many of the UFO sightings since the late 1940’s actually be originating from our planet?

It is certainly another way to look at what some of this spacecraft might be… and inspire questions as to what this craft is for.

Weapons for the next war… or communication with other worlds?

There is no doubt that the Third Reich was one of the darkest marks on the history of mankind. The world now sees Hitler as an insane, delusional dictator who, just when his people needed a leader the most… when the wolves were at the door… took the coward’s way out and committed suicide. And perhaps it is a way to cop out… to literally say that he wasn’t human and was part of a plan to turn the world into a playground for another race of being.

However, the concept itself could have been very real to a number of people in power… and the power of belief is an incredible thing.

If nothing else, that belief could have been instrumental in many of the sadistic decisions made by the leaders of this administration.

Any thoughts or possibilities presented in this article are in no way to “explain away” the horror of the Nazi regime. From this world or any other… the idea of a superior race is one of intolerance.

The Third Reich. Those of all ages, but especially anyone who was affected by the many atrocities, understandably have very strong emotions when hearing those three words.

From 1933 until 1945, this monstrous regime led by Adolf Hitler exterminated those who they felt were useless.

Hitler believed those of the Hebrew faith were the biggest threat to his plan for a perfect race of people… the Aryan race.

More than six million Jewish men, women, and children lost their lives because of the madness of this administration… along with anyone who helped them.

Written by Angela Sangster, Copyright 2010

Vril, The Power of the Coming Race

Vril, The Power of the Coming Race tells the story of a young American man, who discovers the thriving world of a highly advanced race, living deep beneath the earth.

This extraordinary classic is considered to be one of the first Science Fiction novels, and is required reading for fans of the genre.

It is also believed, by an entirely separate group of avid readers, to be a non-fiction manuscript that contains truthful and accurate information about the past, the present, and a dread future yet to come.

“If you want to know (Or maybe Lytton already knew) where all our “Missing time”, Nordic UFO pilots, Atlantis survivors, and vril energy comes from in today’s alien abduction cases come from…… you go.” Christopher B. Robinson

  1. It’s possible Hitler communicated with aliens. Not sure if the technolgy was advanced enough to hide in Anartica or in another planet. but could be possible. Maybe some of our world leaders and scientists hide technology discoveries, mathmatics and science from the general public.

    Look at Divinci drawing pictures of Aircrafts. These detailed drawings of aircraft and planes were ahead of time. Could divinci commucated with aliens also? He was ahead of his time.

    Divinci did mathmatics, paintings, literature, and science. No man alive has had such a diverse ability to know literature, science, math, and art at a genius level.

    The Wright brothers copied Divinci’s ideas of aircraft and put them into mechanical motion.

    • The working aircraft that the Wright Brothers finally developed was not copied from Leonardo Davinci or anyone else. When the Wright Brothers started learning to fly at the ages of 9 and 7, they observed birds wings. They also got their first big boost in propeller design from the one that their mother carved for them. To say that the Wright Brothers process was something so simple is like saying that the entire Universe was created by one big bang. It is much more complicated than that. The Wright Brothers were predestined; they were in the right place, at the right time, with the right parents, they were celibate and only had each other to talk to, they were both geniuses, they were scientists and mathematicians, they were machinists, they did research all of the previous airship inventors and their calculations of which Davinci was a minute contributor by any standard. The Wright Brothers not only invented powered flight, they revolutionized Engineering itself and the Scientific Method! They are truly a marvel in the history of the worlds great inventions. I have so much information on the Wright Brothers and I have such profound respect for them. I have even traced their footsteps in various places in Dayton, Ohio and in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. What they accomplished was beyond amazing.

  2. Two thumbs up!

  3. lol, thank you Andraste! And I agree, Carri…there was a lot of technology that seemed to come way ahead of its time…and I remember DaVinci’s picture of the armored car and the flying machine…so it’s certainly a lot to think about.

  4. Great article, I don’t think he communicated with aliens , I think that was just another of his ideas, but this was really informative, something I didn”t know. Thanks for sharing that!

  5. Isis, over the years I’ve repeatedly seen drawings that were very similar to the picture of the Nazi Bell craft shown here. (The photo of the craft shown here is much better than others I’ve seen else where.)

    However, when they started talking about having a machine that can look into the past, that could be very dangerous for the entire planet. How do I know whether or not someone can or can not take a gun, aim at someone in the past and kill them. Wow! Think about the possibilities! We could assassinate Adolph Hitler. We could prevent the assassination of John F. Kennedy. We could even “kill” disco in the 70s!!! Ha Ha Ha! I don’t think anybody but possibly the Bee Gees would care. I can’t recall the name of the scientist right now, but he has been working on a device that will be capable of receiving transmissions of information from the future. I’ve seen the prototype…, he means business!

    The people that are existing in the here and now, will also be the same people existing in the future, provided no one dies after the machine is started up for the first time. This means the “future people” know there is a machine running in the past (they should know, they started it), and they can send information created in the future back to themselves in the past. As long as the original machine keeps running, we have a conduit that we can use to keep changing the past that will subsequently change the future, AGAIN & AGAIN & AGAIN.

    I love time paradoxes. There was one episode of Star Trek Voyager that focused on time paradoxes, and how to respond to them. In theory you can conceive SOME of the possibilities, but not necessarily ALL of the possibilities. Especially when there are multiple people in the present who are all the same person…, kind of makes you want to brand a permanent timestamp in their forehead before they start popping in and out of history. I am only half kidding.

  6. Very nice. Everyone bowed their head, and they all said Amen.

  7. I loved your response, Gregory! As far as being able to go back…I’ve always wondered about that. If we go back and change even one aspect of history, don’t we change the whole picture? And would that necessarily be a good thing? It’s difficult, because as a human being, I would want to stop evil from happening…but maybe stopping one aspect of it simply frees up another to take its place.

    Oh, but if there were a way to eliminate disco from having happened…I’m there!

    • I was reading about time tracking events. we all would like to change the events what may had happen. but what happen for we would see would never change the way history was made in the present time of the event like jfk. the one that drove the car had some thing to do with jfk. death” we can not change for the way the past was planed. things happen for a reason of a event. polotics changes the way history is. like if you told the person that was your future grandmother that she was going be struck and killed. she had may still walk that day even though you had told her what will happen. for that was for example.”

      What we can do to day in our present time can be a difference what we can do in our future. to change the history what other people followed in the past.

  8. Wow scary, only just checked this link out and was surprised to read this, never heard of this before. Thanks for sharing with us, it’s something else to look into.
    Great article!

  9. I have a statement that God made about men. I have a question about the possibility that God would have to intervene.
    I paraphrase, “God said that whatever man can imagine, he can do.” My question is, “just because we can do it, will God allow it.”

    If I was the Creator, would I allow my creation (man) to use his free will to build whatever they imagine?

    I believe God has intervened in the past, and on that basis, He could intervene again. Who could stop Him?

    Very recently I ran across an article regarding the Hadron collider, and how these scientist are being thwarted in their search for the “God particle.” In print, one scientist stated, “there is someone in the future that is interfering with our attempts to discover the “God particle.” “IN THE FUTURE?” I don’t believe I’ve ever heard ANY scientist make a statement like that before. Soooooo, what’s next?

    Please accept my apologies for not having saved the article so I could post it here…, I’ll look for it again. I read so much that it would be a full time job, and I’d have to have a personal server to manage the information. I only commit critical elements of a story to my memory, which isn’t great in the first place.

    One more thing. I’ve been aware for many years that our visible, tangible world is home to other intelligent life forms that come and go as they please. And, they spend a great deal of time to influence human beings. There may be life on other planets, but I’m talking about those that have been here for ages.

    When another lifeform can change its appearance, what means to we have to positively identify them? What is the significance of, or consequences of making a mistake like that?

    • That’s an interesting question Gregory Brown, my thoughts on a lifeform changing its appearance has a profound significance in that the entity has the power to manipulate our perception of visibility of its appearance. OR it is an entity which has the power to change its appearance so that there’s no way of knowing what it’s original form is and perhaps it doesn’t have a static form but its very nature is that of variables, so you can’t make a mistake – it is what it is when it changes its form.

    • To Gregory Brown,

      Have you seen a life form which changed its appearance whilst you were looking at it? I ask this question in answer to your question as to how we can positively identify something which has changed its form.

      I’ve read books were people who sighted UFOs claim they changed their appearance from cigar-shaped, to elliptical, to triangular, to saucer and to oval, in essence it is still a UFO.

    • I happen to know that God exists at all times simultaneously. In other words, he is not bound by time as we are. He is all the way back in the past (at the beginning) and he is right now, and he is all the way in the future (at the end of the age). God is at all of these times all at the same time. That is why God said, “I am Who am.” Because past and future tense have no meaning in God time – every time exists at the present time for Him. Therefore, anyone from the future that is interfering with your machine is not God.

      And to answer your question, would God let his creation do this or that, and even to create. The answer is “yes.” I happen to know that God created Adam and Eve and he bestowed upon them the power to create, along with their free will. Adam and Eve created their offspring, their children. The offspring were created by a sperm and an egg, and their soul was created by the Holy Spirit (God) at the moment of unification or conception. In this way, each human being coming after Adam and Eve, was created by three persons: their father, their mother, and God the Holy Spirit. There is a lot more that I could tell you, but there is not enough time or space on the internet.

      • Hi Chris,

        Your belief system of God is very similar to mine in some respects, however, the creation of Adam and Eve is another story and I believe they were created by beings from outer space with the appropriate knowledge and technology through a Godly Universal process or Universal living God/particle which is unseen by us humans.

        If I may, I could give a rather puny example of what I mean.

        As we are creators with varying levels of intelligence and knowledge, we/I, can, with what I know is unseen yet available to me and others with the knowledge, to create a life ‘in a fashion’. I could bury a seed in the ground and nurture it with the limited knowledge I have that a living plant will emerge after a few days. And, in certain cases, with some plants I could and have done on numerous occasions produced another plant life by severing a piece of that living plant and propagating it and once again nurturing it to form another plant life – thus I have created a living thing with the limited knowledge I have.

        My point is this, there is a Universal invisible God particle/facilitator which enables those with the appropriate knowledge to clone or create life or fuse life with matter in varied forms and that is how the Adam/mankind was created by those physical knowledgable ‘gods’ from other worlds, who were regular visitors to this planet and still are though in a clandestine manner these days. They fashioned/created mankind with some of their dna for their own selfish purposes at the time and, ofcourse like every living thing in this physical/ material world, we are able to reproduce and be replicated not only via ‘sperm and egg or by three persons’ but by the knowledge we have and the means to do so.

        Please feel free to comment on my thoughts.

        • Pat, you are wrong on many counts. For one I do not have a BELIEF SYSTEM about God. Just as you exist and I exist and the world exists, these are known historical FACTS. In exactly the same way the WILL and FORCE by which EVERYTHING exists, is also a known fact. And that WILL and FORCE and POWER is as a historical FACT known as GOD. Don’t make up crazy stories to try to convince yourself that reality is NOT REALITY. As I TOLD YOU, I do in FACT actually KNOW GOD!!!! And for your information, I am not the first person to have actually known God. Did you ever hear about Jesus. He was in fact God in our human form, and He actually lived and walked the earth and died and came back to life over 2,000 years ago. This is not a fairy tale or a “belief” or even a religion. It is a Fact just as the Catholic Church is in FACT the Living and Reining Kingdom of God on Earth.

          • Hi Chris,

            🙂 🙂 🙂 Would you believe it if I told you I agree with most of what you’ve said, however, nothing I’ve said is made up. Most of what I said is what I know deep within myself including some of your beliefs, and we must agree to disagree on other differing aspects. There are too many unanswered questions in the Christian belief system, I should know as I was brought up in a deeply Christian environment, and, too many things have been relegated to the dustbin by past religious teachers and it’s OK to disagree and see things through each individual eye.

          • Hello Chris,

            What do think of the cloning of Dolly the sheep and her sibling by scientists? – that is a fact and with the limited knowledge they possess presently.

            According to the Christian bible, Eve was created from a rib from Adam which is akin to taking a cutting from a plant and propogating it to produce another plant. If you know all the in’s and out’s of how things work in this world, one would quite easily see and understand how super intelligent and knowledgable beings who have been around in the universe for much longer than we humans on this Earth, are able to manipulate and create in a manner which is only now being realized and discovered.

            Presently, scientists are being hindered by our narrow mindedness because cloning another human being is regarded as immoral and impinging in God’s territory.

            Remember the words uttered by one of the ‘gods'(creators of the Adam) when mankind attempted to build the Tower of Babel – “Hence forward, nothing they, (mankind) have a mind to do will be beyond their capabilities”.

            Perhaps someone can explain was what meant by those words.

      • Well Chris that fact is self explainable . God mentions things when others seem not to understand about who God is. He created the heavens and the earth . he created such majestic things.

    • this is a good post here” far as life forms as I have been reading and I knew this bfore I read only in my mind there were people like us from other places. no one can pick a person out of a place to say are you from another planet” though they may a person who is from here. these people blend in and work in higher places. or look like us enough we can not tell t hem a part from some one else.

      • Hello Edward,

        Have you seen or met another person who claims to be from another planet OR do you know someone who has this knowledge OR like all of us – are you just speculating because it is a logical conclusion?

  10. Very interesting article on The Nazi Bell Craft. I was listening to a discussion about this Nazi invention on BBC4 just the other day and, I have read about this in other books. Looking at the design of the bell- shape craft, I have read many books on UFOs and some of the descriptions and diagrams of the UFOs matched the one in this article. This poses questions for me, were the Nazis wholey successful in their efforts to manufacture these air/space craft and were they in use, if so, what happened to the crafts and their pilots? Or did the authors of these books on UFOs which depict the bell-shaped UFOs have knowledge about the Nazi crafts and wrote fictional tales of aliens using the Nazi design crafts?

    On the question of the device which possibly could see the past but not the future, the article doesn’t say that in being able to see the past, one would be able to change or affect the past in any way. That wouldn’t be possible because the future of the past has already taken place and that is the now. In essence, one couldn’t shoot me when looking at the past2 years ago, because I have already lived in the future of that past 2 years hence.

    I was thinking about the Haydron Collider and Scientists efforts to create the ‘God particle’ or is it ‘dark matter’, is this whole mechanism not physical compact matter already and are they trying to create God (the unseen dark energy/matter) which is the propelling force
    of the universe, that could be why the whole process is elusive. What do you think?

    • yes it was I was trying to say about the past above one who was talking about time travel. what has already done has happen. example like for J.F.K. he would been dead if even if one told him from his past and told him not to go to Texus. for that he would be killed”

  11. Pat, the article I read could be fiction.

    However, CNN interviewed Dr. Ronald Mallett about his project to create a Time Travel Machine. He made it clear that only “signals,” like say microwaves, or radio waves could travel through his man made faster than light time machine. Just think that only 5 people have access to the machine……. Note from admin Read the rest of Gregory’s comment at Thoughts on the Time Travel Machine

  12. pat,

    I failed to mention that each individual interviewed at that Press Release said they would swear to tell their stories as the truth to Congress, given the opportunity.

  13. I think I understand how it works; and its not what you think. The principle is very simple, actually: the cylinders house two extremely powerful opposing magnetic fields, and when rotated very, very rapidly, they create a “pushing out” field which bends the lines of gravity. This creates a bubble of weightlessness around the vehicle. At that time, any slight camber that is introduced will have a magnificent resultant force which will create amazing acceleration. But another interesting characteristic of this weightless field is that there will be no apparent motion detectable inside the vehicle. It will seem as if the vehicle is rock solid motionless. When viewing the outside, the passenger will perceive that the universe is moving by at great speed but the vehicle is motionless.

  14. Nice stuff c capers, the introduction of a pulsed standing charge of a few million kilovolts around the exterior is also helpfull, the sort of speeds reached and the directional shifts can prove very disconcerting to the human brain however, a brain that is used to interacting with its environment through many differing senses. I remember reading a Rand corperation report on ICBMs and their technological development vrs production and in the last four pages of the report references were made to the experimental disc craft and the comment, That while the capability to manufacture said craft is comparative to the missile development the abilities of a human pilot to cope with the stresses of flight has a long way to go. The Rand corperation was set up by T Townsend Brown, a name associated with antigravity research, and an experiment that involved a boat, or should i say ship,

    • yes, a voltage of that magnitude might help to create a gravity bubble. sort of like blowing soap bubbles with a pipe cleaner when we were kids. the pulsing is most likely due to the limitations of physically creating that charge and also avoiding the inability of the physical systems to sustain a constant charge for very long without melting or something else. experiments should be conducted on a small scale to register forces and acceleration experienced by objects inside a very small craft. But if the link or “surface tension” to the gravitational fields that permeate the universe are disconnected on the outside of the ship, then there should be no relative force, acceleration, or motion detectable inside the vehicle. An inhabitant would have to have some means of observing the outside “world” but that would not be possible – even a tiny portal window in the fuselage is not viable or necessary. Making a vehicle with this technology that moves is one thing, but directional capabilities like turning and stopping, is pretty much out of the question. For example, if you turned off the anti-gravity mode, the vehicle would eventually be helplessly hurled into the nearest heavenly body and then crash and burn!

      • I also wrote the reply on Dec. 17 2010 about the gravity bubble. I did not mean for it to be anonymous, just forgot to add my name. Interesting point: the date December 17th was the day that Wright Brothers accomplished the first sustained powered flight in 1903. Ha ha! (Funny how I am an Mechanical/Aerospace Engineer, from Dayton, Ohio, spent time in Newport News, VA working on new airships in one of the NASA wind tunnels that the Wright Brothers at Langley, was at Kitty Hawk, was in Indiana tracing their steps, visited Wright State University. Its great!)

  15. i think this was taken to area 51 for testing and the nukes were distroyed

  16. i am very facinated with all this but to be honest it was the nazi zombie story by call of duty that got me in to this but iv love this secret history

    • To Hunter; The Nazi Aircraft could have possibly ran by The “Element-115”, Because i have read this story that there really was a meteor that struck down in Japan, and that one scientist quoted; “The rock was so power it could have brought the dead back to life, but that is not the point. the point is that the rock/meteor may have had the power to run the Aircraft, but no one really knows…

  17. also this ufo that the nazis made suposibly ran of of eliment 115 for some more facts

    • I would like to more of the facts on this . every thing from the war seems to occur from this point/ but may I say there was a Alien Space craft t hat crashed into a farm way ba ck in the 1800s where this guy and his wife tried to save this Alien being which-ed died afterwards. this is on ufo hunter

      • Hello Anonymous,

        Have you got more information on this alien space craft crash which occurred in 1800? This is the first i’ve heard of it.

    • Hi Hunter,

      The Nazi bell craft cannot be categorised as a UFO, because it was a known Nazi flying craft – UFO is an acronym for ‘Unidentified Flying Object’ 🙂

  18. I belive the nazi bell was a spy for the nazi’s.

  19. The Nazi bell was able to manipulate gravitational fields and as a result be used to view past or future events, akin to einstiens lens but there is some debate as to weather it was a functioning vehicle with motility, or a power plant. Considering the requirements of the Hanembrau it was more likely a power plant, Implosion energy creation has some interesting side effects and viewing the future is likely to alter it. By the way arguments about belief systems are the biggest argument for an absence of rational thought. You believe what you believe why should anyone else’s beliefs concern you.

    • Visharen, do you feel that your belief system is being attacked as lacking in rational thought? Or that you personally are lacking in rational thought because you have a belief system? Or do you believe that only all who disagree with you lack rational thought?

      By the way, your discussion of time travel has omitted the necessary ingredient of being able to “travel” independent of time. This is possible after we pass from this human earthly life and move on into the actual reality of existence with God. But only those few who are worthy of dwelling in His presence in heaven will have the possibility of gaining an existence which is not subject to the flow of the concept of time. Time which The Creator created in order that Creation might exist.

  20. If Us got any Nazi UFO info from Operation Paperclip why did US Armt & USAF easte so much money in lare 50’s on the Canadian Avrocar??

  21. I do of a similar device its not time space related bell more along the
    line of a faster learning aid and perhaps has the ability to mesmorize.
    It is said that contact can cause death so that is similar and it is believed
    that its effects can travel true a planet. With that in mind it would be possible
    to share effects with two parts of the world if it is on earth but imagine on the moon
    with one voice to rule them all. Imagine what one country on the other side of the planet
    would pay for faster learning skills for its people who knows maybe even up to five billion
    a year. All just science fiction or course. Even heard tail of Isreal having gear that made
    the US and mamebers of the UN side with them for better crops via algie growth. Chitter chat
    is all. Maybe next there will be rumors of an anti gravity room on earth kept in secret.

  22. The Nazis were way ahead of time on some of their projects and they had to have help from advanced beings besides why did the bell disappear and the people that was working on the project after the war. They probably had meetings with aliens just as the USA have had contact with aliens and to this day it is still top secret .The United States was supposed to have dabbled in some sort of project that could make things such as ships disappear and something went wrong with one of their test and that also was kept from the public . I think aliens have been visiting earth from the beginning of time and for some reason their is a restraint for them not to invade us. Who Knows only time will tell .

    • They’ve been there since the year dod well before mankind’s technological advancement, so it’s not a case of needing to invade this planet at all. They obviously have the know-how to do as they wish at any given time, there’s a more sinister reason. We can only speculate as we haven’t an inkling who they are, what they want or what they are engaged in, what we do know is they’ve been there since time immemorial doing what they are doing without disturbing mankind too much and importantly, they are no real threat to us for the moment. These are my thoughts.

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