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The New Models ~ Non Classic UFO Types

We have all become familiar with the traditional “flying saucer” and the rocket shaped cylinder flying craft. The speedy, high flying spheres and even the bell shaped UFO’s have been reported occasionally throughout the past. But in the last fifteen years there have been several very striking new models appearing in the skies over our planet and especially the United States.

The black triangular craft have been spotted repeatedly as hovering over and following along the Interstate Highway System and near large well populated cities. When seen cruising at a low altitude it is apparent they are fairly large objects, usually estimated at one hundred or so feet long.

The triangles seem to issue no sound other than a few reports of an extremely low frequency hum. They have been witnessed as not only hovering but demonstrating the ability to put on a great deal of speed and altitude at a moment’s notice.

With the frequency these giant craft are being spotted along the roadways of America, it lends some credibility to the “conspiracy theory” that these UFO’s are in fact an undisclosed aircraft type developed by the government or military and being used to monitor the citizenry.

There is existing technology to account for much of the triangles’ behavior patterns, except for the ability to shoot straight up vertically and rise out of sight at a second’s notice. By utilizing such vehicles at night it would help keep the details more guarded When caught on film in a rare daylight sighting, the delta craft shows a more natural “airplane” coloration.

Whether these are alien aircraft or a product of a secretive human agency remains to be disclosed. That they are usually only seen at night and recognized when low to the ground does not rule out the possibility that some of the extra slow or extra fast light seen in the night skies could well be this type of vehicle displaying a different pattern of running lights at altitude.

Taking in a Mountain View

Only within the past few years have there been a few sightings of this unusual type of slow floating and hovering craft. First spotted over the Daniel Boone National Forest in Fleming County, these enigmatic objects have been seen passing slowly over the tops of trees in other heavily wooded areas of the nation.

One person managed to get some perfectly focused pictures of this odd looking vehicle. As it passed over the area they were camping in, they reported no sound emanated from the object. It slowly passed overhead and then on across the tree line and out of sight. Several of the photographs reveal strange writing on the “wings” and body of the UFO. What is more interesting is to compare these possible alien writings with the letter forms of some of the earliest human cultures.

It seems that the unidentifiable craft are setting records for the amount of sightings in this beginning of the twenty first century. Does that mean they are being less concerned about hiding now that the concept of “alien life” is no longer such a ridiculed possibility? Or does this reflect a more insidious potential that a power bent on domination is setting the stage for a “fake” alien takeover. Whatever the truth is, it is obvious that some new strategy about being observed has gone into effect. It is almost as if these strange objects are being shown to us intentionally.

Written by Wm. Douglas Mefford

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