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The Phoenix Lights UFO Incident

UFO Mystery in the Southwestern U.S. Skies

Phoenix Lights UFO Mystery

Phoenix Lights

UFO sightings have been many in number. It seems the Roswell Incident of 1947 sparked everyone’s interest in looking toward the heavens for evidence of life outside the Earth they knew. Most have been one or two witnesses… possibly a few more. In March of 1997 however, numerous people throughout the states of Nevada, Arizona, and possibly New Mexico saw the same thing… strange, inexplicable lights in the sky. These lights seemed to be covering an aircraft of some kind… but it was unlike any aircraft known on this planet. Although it was seen over the span of several cities, the lights hovered longest (around four to five minutes from reports) in the Phoenix, Arizona area and it became known as “The Phoenix Lights Incident”.

On March 13, 1997 around the time of 7:30 P.M reports of strange lights in the sky began to trickle in from anxious eyewitnesses in Arizona and Nevada. Lights that seemed to be surrounding aircraft of some kind. By 9:30 that evening, thousands of reports had come in. The lights were described as either a circular or V shape. The descriptions of the craft were hazy in specifics but universal in the perception of how large it appeared to be. Many witnesses took pictures and video. These pictures show an undeniable light pattern that can make either a circular or V shape, depending on what side the lights are being photographed from. The calls continued to come in about the lights being sighted up until around 2:00 A.M. on the fourteenth of March.

Phoenix Lights UFO Mystery

Phoenix Lights UFO Mystery

The lights continued to travel southeast from Nevada into Arizona where they passed over Prescott. Many eyewitnesses saw the lights continue south toward Phoenix with many other towns in between reporting the same thing. There were also a second set of lights seen in Phoenix around this time. These were the lights that shone brightly, then inexplicably they went out one at a time. These particular lights were explained by the United States Air Force as flares dropped by aircrafts during training.

What could it have been? Is it possible that all of these people saw a UFO, or could it have been a V formation of airplanes? Could it have been two separate events, one in the Nevada area and one in Arizona? What about the lights illuminating and then extinguishing, one by one? Did the lights change colors and velocity as they moved through the area? Most importantly, what explanation are we supposed to believe? There are so many questions in this incident, and not nearly enough answers. It can be argued that there are inconsistencies in the reports… and there is really no evidence in photographs that shows an actual spacecraft… although plenty of photographic records of the lights themselves are available.
It is important to note that the number of witnesses, along with their clear and cognizant reports certainly show that there was something flying overhead, and it did not look like planes or flares, which have been possible explanations. The planes could have appeared to have been moving as one object through an optical illusion known as “illusory contours,” but again, why would unidentified planes be flying overhead in that formation?

A majority of the eyewitness accounts concur that the lights hovered in one place for several minutes right over Phoenix, Arizona. This is when many of the still photographs were taken. Sure enough, there is a formation of several lights that appear to be surrounding a craft of some kind. The craft itself cannot be seen in the photographs, but the lights appear attached to something. This “something” according to the reports of people who insist they saw it was big enough to land a large airplane and still have room.

Fife Symington III

Fife Symington

As it continued to move out of the area, people were still calling local authorities reporting the odd lights as they headed west. A notable witness to the event was Fife Symington III, who was governor of Arizona at the time. Although he held a press conference shortly after the sightings, he did not go public with what he saw until 2007. He did confirm that no official he ever spoke with had an answer for the V formation of lights… and the explanation for the second set of lights as being flares didn’t ring true for the former officer of the Air Force.

One thing is for sure… the people in Nevada and Arizona know that what they saw that March evening was not something they had ever seen before. They took pictures of the event, so people would believe them when they had their tale to tell… and those pictures continue to get explained away as planes or military training exercises.

When similar lights appeared in February of 2007, a local news station filmed them, and they appeared to have the same formation as the ones nearly ten years before. Another event the following year was proved to be a hoax… a man was setting off helium flares from his backyard. It is indeed possible that the original lights were a hoax as well… but there has not been any evidence to prove that in more than a dozen years. 

Whatever happened that night it was an event that anyone who saw it will never forget and for a good many of them, no earthly explanation will suffice.

Written by Angela Sangster, Copyright 2009

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  1. I saw a show where they said that these lights are in fact flares dropped by military helicopters…..Over Pheonix?? I doubt that, but if they are how disappointing, the first time I saw the footage on the news I was pretty freaked , because when I look at the footage it looks more to me like one HUGE object with little lights rather than several smaller craft.

  2. I know, CMF…that’s what I was thinking too. I don’t know if I buy the “illusory contours” explanation either. The more I read about it..the more I wonder what might be out there and what is trying to get covered up.

  3. Angela Sangster, I must apologize, I haven’t yet read your entire story, but I will when I get a chance.

    CMF and scarygirl67, I think I mentioned the event labeled “The Lubbock Lights,” which happened in 1951 or possibly 1952. This was a significant event, because these lights were flying in a “V” formation, not unlike the Phoenix Lights. There are black and white pictures showing this. I’d attach these pictures, and a couple of pages of text that appeared in a news paper, or some other publication. However, this is my first time on this site and I have not yet found any means to send these attachments. Comments? If someone can tell me how to send attachments, I’ll send them ASAP. I’ve read more than a few stories that mentioned these lights as spheres that glow orange…, and I mean old accounts and new accounts as well.

    Hello? I happened to notice the time stamp on my last message posted. It indicates 5:18 AM. Are we in the same hemisphere? My clock says 12:23 AM. FYI

    • Gregory – I have updated the time stamp on the site, thanks. Also, I have sent you an email regarding the photos, please watch for it.

      • I’ll look for those photos tommorow. I’m a digital pack rat, I don’t throw anything away. It just builds up, and I dump the information on a DVD.


  4. I remember this, but wasn’t in Arizona at the time of the event. I fully believe it to be alien aircraft. I’ve had too many experiences myself in that state to disbelieve anything that people have to say about UFO’s in Arizona. I think aliens really like the ladnscape in the Southwest, and particularly Az. I think there is also something about Arizona residents that attract them.

  5. Little green men’, is a figure of speceh, it comes up in movies and such as you say- apparently the little green men are grey! And according to many UFOers, and especially in the U.S. that is just a fact. I get my facts by the way, just from the crap I see on the net. Non of it is my ideas! Take a look at many of the comments here on U tube and you will see that there is a range from mild interest and curiosity, to some almost religious like statements. Take a look.

    • Adrian,
      Why should I believe you? Because you live in Phoenix? That is not enough.

  6. Of course the military is going to try to rationalize and lie. Just like the government it is their job. It wasn’t a series of flares nor was It a series of small crafts. It was a secret military experiment that wasn’t even on radar. Either Skunkworks or some other Lockheed project. Possibly weather control or time traveling experiments. The people will continue to be lied to. Only the enlightened will know the truth. It’s a project, like HAARP. Believe me, please believe me. I live here in Phoenix. They have underground bases and manipulate peoples minds and opinions. It’s not aliens. It’s the higher authority. They’re laughing wild eyed now.

  7. Adrian,

    Where is your evidence of this? Those are hard to believe claims too. You could be right. I don’t know. All I know is that I’ve had lots of unexplained experiences. I just don’t know anymore.

  8. I do not believe they can control the weather, ok? That would be impossible to hide.

  9. Jennifer,

    Weather control is almost factual. Do you remember the Olympics in Bejing? It is a fact that they used weather control to stop the rain. They can make earthquakes, hurricanes, and even storms or tornadoes. It is easy for them to do. They can do so much. They can manipulate the entire world. Almost like the Anti-Christ…if you believe in that.

  10. Jennifer, have you heard about the sacred geometry and vortexes of Sedona? It might in fact be aliens, but the government is in fact working with them, sort of like a truce.

  11. Adrian, believe what you want. I’m not convinced. If that were true…NASA wouldn’t be wasting the money looking for life on other planets. There are too many highly skilled and intelligent scientists in the world who would have picked up on those abilities by now. What you are suggesting is not rational.


  12. Spending money that doesn’t belong to them is easy. We are being manipulated. I want people to open their eyes.

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