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I am sure that most of you have seen the movie Men In Black, but did you know that there really is such a thing as the Men In Black? It is true! the first time that the term was used was in 1953.

Of course The MIB movie isn’t really based upon true facts (or is it?), but the creators of the movies did get their ideas from reality.

During the 1950s and 1960s there were many reports of people who were visited by the Men In Black. These mysterious MIB often paid visits to people who had reported UFO or alien sightings. The witnesses were urged (intimidated) to stop talking about their experiences.

Why would a group of “men” all dressed the same visit someone who had seen a UFO or encountered an alien and warn them not to talk about their experiences? What were they afraid of?

There has been a lot of speculation that these MIB were not even humans, but were instead aliens in disguise. Others have supposed that the MIB were government agents bent on quieting any witnesses.

We will probably never know exactly who the Men In black were (or are), but we can be sure that they did exist (and may still exist).

Read the full story about the MIB written by a good friend and used here with permission:

The Real Men In Black

For decades now, the reporting of an unidentified flying object or alien encounter has often lead to a visit from a couple of mysterious visitors, dressed all in black, which threaten dire consequences if the person persists in talking about their experience.

Several features seem to be synonymous with these unwelcome visits. The men all dress alike, have very similar, often oriental features, use stilted language reminiscent of old gangster films, wear dark sunglasses regardless of weather conditions, supposedly to hide the “glowing eyes” they are reported to have, and disappear quickly in a huge black limousine.

The first recorded visit by the MIB, men in black, as they are more popularly referred to was in 1953 by the founder of the “International Flying Saucer Bureau (IFSB). To the shock and suprise of his fellow members and readers of the organization’s subscribers to the “Space Review” magazine he edited, Albert K. Bender suspended the organization and magazine after a visit from what he described as three men, all in dark suits, who revealed reasons to discontinue studying the UFO phenomena amid threats toward anyone in his group that persisted. His final issue of “Space Review” ended with the enigmatic warning, “We advise those engaged in saucer work to please be very cautious.”

While Mr. Bender’s story was at first an attempt to cover up the fact that the organization was loosing money and could not continue financially, by 1963 there had been enough other sightings and visits by the MIB that they began to take on their own mythos in the “conspiracy theory” cult of ufology. Often these strange visitors will produce what, at a glance, appear to be credentials from such diverse branches of government as the CIA, FBI and NORAD. Some have described the identification cards as having “strange symbols” on them. The huge black cars they have been seen driving also have been reported to harbor a variety of designs and logos, none of which seem to be positively identified later.

Many people who report being visited by the MIB have described being subsequently inflicted with headaches, nausea, memory lapses and strange, unidentifiable odors following them around.

There is speculation that the MIB’s are not even human. The possibility of mental manipulation by alien psychic power has long been a controversial but potentially possible reality. While the descriptions of these visitors are usually general and hard to pinpoint, several times when people have been interviewed about the men in black, children present have given a conflicting description.

One case in particular, when the father had reported the “man” as being of average height, red headed and wearing sunglasses, his preteen daughter described the entity as over seven foot tall, stick thin with greenish skin and huge black eyes. Other accounts have had people describe humans recognizable to them that have visited as one of the men in black, but subsequent research has placed the person recognized as being in a distant, known location at the time of the “visit”.

Since the threats the men in black make seldom seem to come to any further effect than the disquiet they present at the encounter, it is not likely that a sinister government agency bent on secrecy is behind this phenomena. That some alien agency, not wholly understanding the psychology of threats and intimidation, is trying to confuse the issue and decrease the credibility of witnesses can be equally argued.

Whether these mysterious visitors are human or alien remains unproven but a visit from them has never been described as pleasant.

Written by Wm. Douglas Mefford

Doug writes for

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The Real Men In Black: Evidence, Famous Cases, and True Stories of These Mysterious Men and their Connection to UFO Phenomena

This is a review about a new book fro Nick Redfern

The “Men in Black” became a commonly known ‘phenomenon’ with the release of the movie Men in Black in 1997. I had heard stories about the Men in Black long before the movie Men in Black was released. The movie, of course, is fictional but the idea that “Men in Black” really exist is not so easily brushed away. There have been many reports and cases of these mysterious visitors since at least in the 1950s.

The Men in Black have been reported to have spoken to certain UFO witnesses/contactees to ‘encourage’ them to remain silent about what they saw and experienced. Are they a secret branch of the government whose task it is to keep the public quiet about extraterrestrials? Are these mysterious ‘men in black’ actually aliens themselves?

The Real Men In Black

The Real Men In Black

Nick Redfern digs into the nature and origins of the real Men in Black in this fascinating book. The author digs into the history of the Men in Black and discusses classic cases as well as the different theories that have been cited as explaining what ‘really’ happened.

I read this book and could hardly lay it down. I feel very sure that once you read this book you will look at the whole “Men in Black” thing much differently. Nick’s book answers many, many questions. It also brings up more. But it leaves very little room for doubt that there is much more than meets the eye going on!

Highlights of The Real Men In Black: Evidence, Famous Cases, and True Stories of These Mysterious Men and their Connection to UFO Phenomena include:

The story of Albert Bender, the first man to claim an encounter with the Men in Black;

The involvement of the MIB in the Mothman saga that dominated the town of Point Pleasant, West Virginia in the 1960s;

Encounters with the MIB at the site of one of the world’s most famous monsters: Loch Ness;

Exclusive interviews with leading researchers of the MIB phenomenon.

The Real Men In Black: Evidence, Famous Cases, and True Stories of These Mysterious Men and their Connection to UFO Phenomena is available from New Page Books or wherever books are sold.

  1. What has happened to the men in black recently? They are no longer talked about or telling/warning UFO witnesses not to discuss their UFO/alien experiences. Was it a ‘phase’ in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s?

  2. All I can disclose about this organization is that they are more complex than you can comprehend.

    • How do you know what we can or cannot comprehend?

  3. I just do, anything you may ask is classified

  4. Ok well firstly, they are not aliens, some are, some aren’t, the whole MIB operation started on another planet and in the 40’s that’s when they started and when we made first contact. I cannot say anything further.

  5. Hello E

    Are you just pretending to be mysterious or do you have classified knowledge? Who are ‘they’ who made contact in the 40’s – aliens or earthlings in league? If you are serious, why can you not impart info about MIB to us? We cannot harm them, all we want is to satisfy our curiosity.

  6. I’ve had an experience that is similar to the men in black encounters. I was knee-deep into my UFO research, even holding classes on it at a local college (a weekend non-credit class). One day at the park a strange man (acted very peculiar) came up to me and my wife while my daughter played on the playground.

    He said, “I thought she’d like to hear the woodpecker.” That’s all he said that I can remember. Then he just turned and walked up the hill to the parking lot, got on his bike, and left. I had never seen him before.

    We lived in that area for 3 years and frequented that park weekly. About a week or two later, while inside my home, I heard something outside beating the heck out of my guttering. Just outside my daughter’s window there was a woodpecker. He was going to town on the guttering. He came back a day or two later and then it stopped. Coincidence?

    During this time I saw a UFO, so it made me believe that it was something out of the ordinary. Not long after these events I pulled myself away from UFO research. It was all-consuming and caused marital problems, which ultimately led to divorce. Until recently, I had little interest in resuming UFO research. Now I am more involved in researching human consciousness, primarily the unconscious mind.

    I can’t put into words what I’ve discovered, which is very little, but I would suggest reading Carl Jung’s work on archetypes and Jacques Vallee’s papers and books. Happy hunting!

  7. This is something that I have extensively studied, and looked into on various parallels across the world. The black fedora shadow figure is not something that is specific to one country nor is it based on any specific folklore or urban legend. In fact, many people (especially children) have seen these beings while they were young – and even continue to see them later in life. Most people that experience this “phenomenon” and I use that term very loosely, do not come forward with their experiences in fear of personal safety and social standing. Every 1 person that comes forward, accounts for about 1 in 1000 or so unspoken experiences.

    There is a very dark and sinister story behind these beings, and the only reason they appear with human characteristics is so we can associate them to a being that belongs amongst the populous. They have been seen in every culture, at every stage of human advancement. They have been recorded ever since writings and records have been kept – therefore it is also safe to say that they predate those records. Their forms have changed, but not their actions or intentions.

    The same fedora hat being, and the “men in black (MiB)” are one in the same. There is no difference between the two other than how and when they present themselves. Both seeking suppression of the truth , through fear and oppression to those that they visit. They are searching, for evidence that the time is at hand, and they are searching for a higher knowledge than they themselves possess. This is also why there is no records which can be found of these individuals. The real “boogyman” was first conceived from this same experience – which later was adopted into many various forms and creatures in hollywood.

    They have no good intent, and are self seeking. Do not kid yourselves into believing they are good in any way.

  8. Is there a way to summon the attention of these beings? Other than going public with a UFO or supernatural sighting? Could they be seen, without one having already seen something out of the ordinary? And if their form does adapt, then what would it be now??

    • I believe the occupants of the ufos themselves decide which of us they wish to be seen by, although I believe there is a measure of mental telepathy but from their perspective/control only. We are at their beck’n call, we cannot summon them.

  9. Their description makes them sound like alien-human hybrids to me. They’ve been making hybrids for a while now, and later stages look more and more human. These sound like the later stage ones, but not the latest, which are basically indistinguishable from humans. Conflicting and strange descriptions could be due to screen memories.

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