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Gregory submitted this as a comment to The Nazi Bell Craft Reality or Myth? I thought it was very interesting and merited a separate entry:

Dr. Ronald Mallett

Dr. Ronald Mallett

CNN interviewed Dr. Ronald Mallett about his project to create a Time Travel Machine. He made it clear that only “signals,” like say microwaves, or radio waves could travel through his man made faster than light time machine. Just think that only 5 people have access to the machine. The machine and the same 5 people exist here and now, and presumably the future has not happened yet. Leaving the team to broadcast from near or far in the future, back to themselves at many different points of time in the past. I think of time as something like a circular gear with notched teeth, turning some other gear? “Now” doesn’t really exist. There is only the “Now” moving forever backward and forward simultaneously. Eventually the very last “Now” meets the very first “Now.” Sort of like the Alpha and Omega. Getting off of the gear of time would be existing in the eternal and infinite.

If this machine fell into the wrong hands, or someone had a way of picking up those signals right now. They could spy, or be warned ahead of time to preventing any change to their time.

Think about this. For some reason the government grabs the one and only operational machine…, the machine might sit in a warehouse for 40 years, only to be put back into service, and tons of technical information started coming through, we might create something far worse than nuclear bombs…, say biological warfare, or possibly charged particle bombardment weapons. Or things like preventing the birth of homicidal criminals of every sort…, and taking things to an extreme, say killing a specific race of people.

Receiving information from the future could be a very good thing, or it could be messages about the inevitable destruction of our planet, say something like a truly gigantic asteroid colliding with Earth. We might get a message from 100 years in the future, and use those 100 years to prepare for the inevitable.

We might even get “lies” or “misinformation” about details of some catastrophic event. It begins to look like we need to be able to trust whoever is in control of the machine.

Our imagination could lead to very powerful good and evil events. Is it worth the risk? Try to think of this as the beginning of living in a truly 4th dimension…, and could we adjust to all the potential hazards, like possibly cutting through dark matter and producing effects as yet unknown, accidentally creating other permanent man made phenomena.

Now, a little off topic, I’m not sure about the spelling but in Egypt, in the Abydos temple there are some images that are totally out of place…, there are images close together of what looks like a tank and a submarine, a very good rendering of a military helicopter, and some other items common to our time. I can only guess that someone “way back when” was dabbling with divination, to spy on the future. If I’m right, the future is already there, we just can’t interact with it.

All humans educated, and many uneducated understand that nuclear bombs exist in great numbers, prompting us to believe mankind has the power to kill everything in the world…, leaving behind a scorched, dead planet. Even God believes this, as He has indicated when saying He would have to cut the number of days that He is waiting before intervening in man’s history, just to prevent our self inflicted extinction.

Ain’t technology wonderful?

I made one statement earlier where I said the future hasn’t happened yet. That is the opposite of what I meant to say. I mean to suggest the future has already happened and we are presently in the past relative to the hypothetical existence of the future.

Bearing that in mind, it is easy to imagine myriad events changing because man is getting closer to making science fiction a reality.

Gregory Brown, Copyright 2010

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  1. Goodness Gracious! When did God say ‘He would have to cut the number of days He is waiting before intervening in mans history’ and, who did He say it to? What in your view, Gregory Brown is God and where is this Individual if indeed He/She is a person? This is a very serious question? I’m sure many readers would like to know.

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