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UFO or UBE in Kinver Staffordshire

Here are some photos I took on Sunday October 10, 2010, it was 13:53 PM. As I have said before I take my camera everywhere with me.

We were enjoying a traditional Sunday lunch in a small rural village called Kinver in Staffordshire. We were eating alfresco, the weather was clear, sunny with a low to no wind. Kinver is very historical with many ancient buildings. I took many photos of old structures, in this one particular picture of a canal-side boat house I have captured a UFO or UBE (unidentified biological entity), I never saw it with my eyes.

The weirdest thing here is although my eyes didn’t notice it, it immediately appeared in my camera view-finder! There was no wind to blow anything in the air, if that had happened I would have seen it. It really has mystified us.

The first photo is of the boat-house which shows no UFO. In the next picture is where the unknown is, to the top right of the frame. I can assure all it is NO kite or anything I can acquaint it to. It was not visible to the naked eye.

The Boat-House

The Boat-House

The Boat-House

The Boat-House

Unknown Object in Kinver Staffordshire

Unknown Object in Kinver Staffordshire

Many thanks Col Foster, Wordsley, Copyright 2010

  1. Most odd! Don’t know what to make of it.

    • It’s a bird…

    • What about that paper aircraft designed by some amateurs which was shown and discussed on BBC tv the other night – it looked very similar whilst in the sky.

      • Hi Pat, i have only just read these comments. I wasnt alerted in my inbox. It is no paper plane i can 100% assure you. I would have seen it, this ‘thing’ wasnt visible, however it immediately appeared in my camera view-finder! I simply cant explain it, i guess there are so many things that we will never be able to explain. Somethings are meant to remain unknown.

  2. This looks more like a bird flapping it’s wings rather than a UFO…but then again…a clearer attribute of the picture would be more preferable.

    • That’s definitely NOT a bird. LOL

      • I agree! I dont know what that is but it certainly does not look in any way like a bird

        • I get the impression that it has a body, biological or mechanical, and 3 rotating arms. Im still at a loss for a rational explanation though.

    • To Ashuran:
      Hi, this is no bird, it wasnt visible. Also i have NEVER seen a bird like this! In fact i would love it if someone could somehow find a bird in this position. If anyone can find that and send a picture in i for one would be intrigued to see it. Thanks Col

  3. Hi Col – It’s definitely a large solid air-borne object of some sort – obviously not the usual disc, cigar, oval, bell, sphere shape we normally hear of where ufos are concerned. My thoughts are on the lines that these evasive beings are most certainly aware of our thoughts and deeds and, in your case they are cunjering up objects to be captured on your camera to see what answers you and the bloggers can come up with. That is a possibility – LOL.

  4. Hi Pat, its funny you should say that, because a few people have been perplexed as to how many UFOs i have captured on film over the years. Unfortunately ive also had a lot of negative responses, which with this subject is to be expected. Some people though have been kind like yourself, and even asked me if i felt i was a contactee. I wont go into that. I have also been asked if maybe i could be an ‘Ambassador’ to these ‘visitors’. In other words similar to what you say, i am unwittingly been giving regular opportunities to capture these airbourne anomalies on camera and share them with the public to see what feedback i get! It does make sense, Regards Col

  5. The object in the picture is merely a projectile launched by a human, from Earth. The likelihood that ” how many UFOs i have captured on film over the years” can be explained the same way, is great.
    I think i will staple a happy meal toy to a frizbee and with a shiny paper patch keep throwin until that perfect horizontal angle is captured, I’ll copyright it and sit back enjoying peach melbas by the fire…..
    remote projection viewing personified.

  6. Hi Skeets, i sense negativity in your comment :o)
    you say it was a human from Earth, well correct me if im wrong but isnt that where all Humans come from? If not, surely they would be ET ,not Human.
    I see you talking about ‘perfect horizontal angles’, in my experience most unidentified ariel phenomena are far from ‘perfectly horizontal’, they are ’tilted’, due to magnetic pulls! So you go and enjoy your peach melba’s by that fire and il wait for less juvenile comments from people who are more serious about this incredible ‘topic’. P.S im sorry for the delay in responding but ive only just finished completing stapling my happy meal to a frizbee & with a shiny paper patch :oD

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