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UFO Sighting in Lithuania

Summer, August 21; Location – Eastern Europe / Lithuania / City / Province : Alytus; Time between 18:00 – 12:40 midnight.

The summer I was at my grandparents and the area I was with my friends was near flats because my city had 2 parts of people who live in houses which was the other side of the bridge 2 miles away from the flats that more people lived in. Moving on to the story I was sitting on a bench near the staircase (there are benches near every single entrance of the staircase, near flats.) I was sitting there not alone one of my friend was enthusiastic like me about aliens and every paranormal activity that existed, also there were two girls aged 15-16 and there was my other friend who literally is a skeptic doesn’t believe in anything and as a result of that making fun of us all the time that we believe in such things. Well the evening proved him wrong. While we were sitting on the bench talking about random fun things I turned south direction ( I was facing east in the first place) once I turned I was quiet for a couple of seconds but my friend noticed that strange thing as well.

First it appeared from above the flats like it’s going somewhere, it looked from far away that it would be a signal rocket (sometimes people do that randomly but there are penalties if they are caught letting the signal rockets to fly and eventually vanish), no this wasn’t it as it came closer and closer it started to get a shape it wasn’t a round shape nor a square shape it was kind of shape like mixed up the bottom was square while the top was round like a “saucer” and the in the middle the front or bottom there was a light constantly changing colours first it was orange then red and after light yellow. We all looked at the same direction and started running towards it as, as we approached it further it didn’t have any sound or anything we realized that it was getting higher every time despite that it was already 90 ft above the ground (measuring from the flats) It didn’t have any sound or anything, as we were chasing it along it was getting further and further it started going faster as it went through the corner (surprisingly) it vanished it was an open area we searched around 1 hour for it on the ground maybe it landed somewhere no… there was no clue at all, as we experienced this phenomenon we couldn’t stop thinking of it it looked like it wasn’t control by anything it just went where it wanted, no sound no visual link what it looks like… Could it just be…?

The next story takes place on the same day but just couple hours later… As we were  sitting on the same bench but we were silent with the music playing very silent the song called “the riddle remix” there were only three of us left me, the same type friend like me and the skeptic one. Hilariously by the names I’ve given they saw what I saw nothing differently, we were just looking at the stars facing the east side but directly looking up I was very focused on a plot of stars I was just thinking if there life out there? The music played and played over and over again we didn’t notice when an hour passed through but in sudden my heart just felt something I was looking at the sky and in the stars but read carefully at this point.. Imagine looking into the stars and 3 of them were brighter then the rest making a triangular shape out of them one started to move a mid/fast rate if you can call it, it was just going straight like it was watching us from the very sky and it started to do a zig zag and vanished we were all shocked I just couldn’t say anything besides did you see that? Not after a long period of time the 2 other stars (UFO’s) started doing the exact same thing and vanished also. The skeptic “one” he looked into me and my friend we just couldn’t believe it. We promised ourselves to not tell anyone about this but I was leaving the country for England after a week or less.

I asked my other friend that’s similar to me about that phenomena he says sometimes he looks into the sky once more but he’s just afraid.. I did not ask my other friend what does he think about it but I presume I know what he might say… But don’t let this story end that quick, there was one thing as well, the next 2 days it was silent until around 15:?? PM I noticed a UFO basically moving at the height of where planes fly like a blimp ( NOTE HERE: My country never had a blimp before neither did our neighbour countries) It was at a incredible high distance  I just couldn’t believe it was aliens… It flew away after 5 or 10 minutes further through the clouds ( I meant to say I couldn’t see them through the clouds any more although it was a sunny day it was partly clouded) I was with a neighbour’s kid who was 10 years old he saw that and he was keep asking me wow who was that? I had no answer… One thing in my mind was spinning around this can’t be true… I quickly phoned my friend the skeptic one to come and look he was just 4 floors above the ground ( I was near my flat on the playground) As he came down he said this could be a satellite or a air plane… Hmm so how come after 10 minutes the exact same thing appeared once more and flew in the exact same spot for again the period between 5-10 minutes.. And it appeared once and once more for 5 times it vanished after the 5Th time, I don’t think satellites can fly around the world in 10 minutes can they? I could clearly see that the thing had windows or picture windows around the UFO and it didn’t have a base like a blimp would have It was just like ( American football ) ball I just couldn’t explain it what I saw…

The other part which was around 10 years ago I remember me and my mother lived in UK (before I left back to my country “Lithuania”) It was night time and I woke up I was very shocked I saw A yellow ball or something glowing through the wall window. ( yes I know this sounds very odd but where I lived there was a wall that had a window at the very top near the ceiling, and yes there was a light bulb just across the window but it was more to the right and it wasn’t the light because light’s don’t have big round objects just standing in the middle of the window and nothing else around just complete black, and by the way this wasn’t any reflection because my outside window was facing not the street but a little forest if you can call that. The light wasn’t switched on I asked my mother about it and she said she didn’t turn on any lights at all.. Hmm so what was that yellow thing? Just hovering across the window? I was very scared and as though I looked at it I was filled up with fear I couldn’t explain.. It was just as like you would be attacked by somewhere without notice but just much worse…

Well this was all of the phenomenon I experienced witnessed in my life I just wanted to write an article about it. I couldn’t hold it, I wanted for someone to know about it I’m not making this up at all because I wouldn’t write that much text on my own time I exams coming up and I wouldn’t think a typical 15 year old teenager would write that much.. But thank you people for reading my story.. I want to believe that something’s out there… If someone is interested in this story and want’s more detail about it comment, and also don’t judge my language despite I’m not American or English this is my second language I know I made some mistakes in grammar and sentences so please respect me and the text thank you.

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  1. I believe your story because i’ve read many stories similar to yours. It seems far-fetched to think that we little human beings sitting on planet earth can interact with and have a startling connection with visible stars millions/billions of light years away, yet it is happening and it has everything to do with the open thought process and belief – unbelievable!! yet very true. I suspected this to be a fact and experimented in the presence of my 10 year old daughter with awesome and startling results. What a mysterious world we live in!!!

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